MERS Shell Game Continues –> Genpact

Editor’s Note: The idea here is to further obscure the role of the parties and improve the ability of the pretender lenders to claim plausible deniability for improper, illegal and fraudulent acts in and out of court. It also creates the impression that MERS was a real company with a real purpose instead of fake entity to use as a cover-up for undisclosed transactions, profits and maneuvering for the sole purpose of continuing the process of defrauding the borrowers, investors and the Court system.

The method of operations is identical to the rest of the game. Oh, you want information? We don’t have that, ask Genpact. Ask Genpact? Oh, we don’t have all that information yet. Ask the servicer. Ask the servicer? Oh we sent that information to MERS. etc.



MERS Awards Seven-Year Mortgage Services Contract to Genpact

Genpact to Manage and Improve Business Processes and Member Helpdesk Services

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NEW YORK – August 5, 2010: Genpact Limited (NYSE: G), a global leader in business process and technology management, today announced that it will provide mortgage services support and member-facing helpdesk services for MERSCORP, Inc. (MERS), the mortgage finance industry’s electronic loan registry system. More than 60 percent of all newly-originated mortgages are registered on MERS.

Under this significant seven-year agreement, Genpact will perform business process services in the United States for MERS, including managing the receipt, identification and delivery of mortgage-related correspondence on behalf of MERS 2,500 members while working to improve the quality and accuracy of the underlying business processes. Typical mortgage-related correspondence includes physical and electronic receipt and delivery of recordable documents, notices of foreclosure or bankruptcies and requests for discharge of a mortgage. Genpact will also manage the MERS helpdesk operations and drive improvement in service quality to MERS member companies while lowering costs. Genpact will begin providing the services in December 2010.

“In keeping with our mission, we are constantly looking at ways to further improve the quality of our critical services to members,” said R.K. Arnold, president and CEO, MERS. “Genpact presented us with a compelling solution, and we felt our commitment to service excellence and quality could be heightened by taking advantage of Genpact’s end-to-end process thinking and methodology as well as their recognized mortgage services capabilities.”

“MERS and Genpact have been working on a highly coordinated transition plan and MERS members should expect no disruption in service as a result of the planned migration,” Arnold added.

“MERS has long been recognized as a critical provider to its mortgage industry members” said ‘Tiger’ Tyagarajan ,COO of Genpact. “It has been at the forefront of making the industry more efficient and transparent. We are really excited that we can bring our unique and proprietary framework around processes, Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM), to drive customer service quality up for MERS. Genpact is honored to be MERS’ new outsourcing partner through this critically important engagement.”

MERS was created by the mortgage banking industry to streamline the mortgage process by using electronic commerce to eliminate paper. Its mission is to register every mortgage loan in the United States on the MERS® System. Since 1997, more than 65 million home mortgages have been assigned a MIN and have been registered on the MERS® System.

“Genpact, through its Mortgage Services business, delivers specialized mortgage support to a number of leading industry participants, leveraging its unique Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM)approach that combines process excellence, technology, analytics, re-engineering and insights into one framework to drive the overall effectiveness of its mortgage clients’ critical business processes. For MERS, Genpact will leverage key components of its (SEPSM) approach, including using a proprietary technology solution, mortgage talent sourcing, and quality assurance to improve accuracy and member satisfaction.

About Genpact

Genpact is a global leader in business process and technology management, offering a broad portfolio of enterprise and industry-specific services. The company manages over 3,000 processes for more than 400 clients worldwide. Putting process in the forefront, Genpact couples its deep process knowledge and insights with focused IT capabilities, targeted analytics and pragmatic reengineering to deliver comprehensive solutions for clients. Lean and Six Sigma are an integral part of Genpact’s culture and Genpact views the management of business processes as a science. Genpact has developed Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM), a groundbreaking, rigorously scientific methodology for managing business processes, which focuses on optimizing process effectiveness in addition to efficiency to deliver superior business outcomes. Services are seamlessly delivered from a global network of centers to meet a client’s business objectives, cultural and language needs and cost reduction goals.

About MERS

As the real estate finance industry’s utility, MERS saves lenders time and money by reducing paperwork when trading residential and commercial loans. MERS also operates the MERS® eRegistry, the system of record which identifies the owner and custodian of an eNote. For more information, see

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  1. @Dave Krieger—
    OMG!!! I can’t (or can in this bizarre lack-of-document world) believe it!!!

    It’s just fucking insane.

  2. Here is the reply I just got back:


    At second glance at what you asked below, we cannot answer questions about sensitive client information and client engagements. These questions fall into that category I’m afraid, so we have to pass.


    The response speaks for itself.

  3. Being the investigative journalist that I am … I decided to contact Gail Marold at Genpact. I caught her driving into work (on her cell phone) and she asked that I email her my questions, which I did. She then told me she was going to have to email them to the company’s “mortgage team” who was a lot closer to the deal than she was and would have an answer for me by Wednesday. Here are the questions I posed to her:

    1. Is the MERS help desk as described in your press release going to be headquartered in the U.S. or is it going to be outsourced to India? How much of the operations that are described in your press release are going to be performed in the U.S. versus India?

    2. Does your contract with MERS replace Lender Processing Service’s (LPS) contract when Genpact takes over in December, 2010?

    3. What types of mortgage-related correspondence is Genpact going to handle? Production of assignments, appointments of successor trustees, etc?

    4. Is Genpact going to be working with the networks of foreclosure attorneys across the U.S. in handling foreclosure paperwork processing?

    5. Will MERS be “certifying” your production staff as “assistant secretaries” or “vice presidents” as it customarily does with signing officers?

    6. MERS normally records documents in its databases. Are you taking over that responsibility in December? How many of the employees in MERS’ Virginia operations will be displaced as a result?


    In USA

    Genpact has assumed several accounting processes of Walgreens, the largest drugstore chain in the United States. It has acquired a former Walgreens facility in Danville, Illinois to accommodate these functions.

    Through its wholly owned subsidiary formerly known as Creditek LLC, with facilities in Wilkes Barre, PA, Nashville, TN, and Parsippany, NJ, Genpact provides Finance & Accounting solutions Revenue Cycle Management services in such processes as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay and forecast-to-fulfill.

    Genpact Mortgage Services, formerly MoneyLine Lending Services, provides private-label, outsourced mortgage origination and fulfillment services and complex business process outsourcing for financial institutions and other mortgage lenders from its centers in Irvine, CA, and Salt Lake City, UT.

    enpact (NYSE: G

    ) is a global business process outsourcing company. It was formerly a GE owned company called GE Capital International Services or GECIS. It operates from India, China, Guatemala, Hungary, México, Morocco, the Philippines, Poland, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, South Africa, and the United States. Pramod Bhasin is the President and CEO of Genpact.

    Currently it employs over 41,000 people[1] in various locations providing services in 30 languages on a 24/7 basis.[2]

    Its services cover areas like Financial Services, Sales and Marketing, Analytics, Supply chain, Collections, Customer Services, Information technology, Healthcare and Learning and Content Management.

    Here is there corporate headquarers— IN BERMUDA!!
    Genpact Ltd.
    Canons Court
    22 Victoria Street
    Bermuda – Map
    Phone: 441-295-2244

  5. So when you call the MERS help desk, you’re going to hear Rajneesh say, “Thank you for calling MERS, this is John” …

    Outsourcing may further reduce the transparency, but it will not reduce the number of successful quiet title actions when the creditors can’t prove they own the note and their documents are impeached because they can’t produce credible signing witnesses.

    MERS may have just shot itself in the foot … so to speak. Again, I revert back to 5,000 lawsuits a week filed by homeowners … against MERSCORP … and MERS. Time to see how much E&O they have!

    If you’ll notice the press release on Genpact’s website, you’ll notice their COO saying that they think they can “drive customer service quality up for MERS.”

    Start getting your certified documents from the courthouse ready … it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  6. Going to be interesting when data records and parties executing documents are in India.

    Deposition is going to be a nightmare, unless you can figure out how to force he Plaintiff to produce the person.

    I can’t see a county court holding someone in India in contempt for discovery abuse.

  7. To Maher S. -check out stopforeclosurefraud post of operatiom “dark cloud” 4/25/10 or so, 1 post, read it , it is more of what you speak.

  8. I do have more to add. On Saturday I had several families over for an AMERICAN BBQ to celebrate the holiday. I EDUCATED my friends on this f’ing BS that is going on. If we can do only one thing, EDUCATE your friends…..tell them to do the same!! F these F’ers that are stealing our lives……

    We need to take AMERICA back and thrive!!

    Are you with me?

  9. Sorry to be so short on this post, but I have one thing to say:


    I hope we kick their A$$ in the next few months.


  10. What was wrong with the County Recorders Office??? Oh, yeah, that would mean homeowners could KNOW where their fucking mortgage was.

  11. As disgusting & obvious move by the Banks & MERS this is , then to outsourced this to an Indian based company . What about all those out of work loan officers , mortgage brokers & wall st. guys. I am sure they would like the chance to get back into the game again !

  12. Can anyone spell SPOLIATION? I wonder how many electronic records under legal hold on the MERS System were changed as a result of this? But what does it matter if the company is not real?

  13. Seems as though MERS is just uploading their fraudulent business practices into another entity so they can proclaim their innocence of the whole affair. Ironically, just as the courts are catching on at an ever-quickening pace. Now then, does Genpact become the beneficiary of the lender,originator,mortgagee,by assignment, and who produces that assignment, MERS?

  14. time to “morph” i guess

  15. why do they need to do this i thought MERS was simply a “tracking system” for “members” only

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