Nye Lavalle Fraud Report


It is long and it is detailed and a little over the top in some places, but it has some serious data, cases and other information that experts should use when they say they “relied” upon other information, that lawyer’s should use when crafting the memorandums of law and motions and pleadings, and that Judges should use in fashioning their orders, using the orders of other Judges who have risen to the occasion and realized that there was a nationwide scheme to dupe the judiciary into rubber stamping fraudulent transactions.

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  1. All these stores are going on in this great country,unreall!!! expose the A/Holes!!! — WAMUFRAUD.com

  2. […] Nye Lavalle Fraud Report « Livinglies’s WeblogOur house has already gone through the Trustee’s Sale, and they are moving swiftly with the Unlawful Detainer (which is our 2nd case in which we are now Defendants) and they are trying to evict us from our own property (the hearing is in Mojave courthouse on Sept 9th)! […]

  3. Ruth i can relate…same, duped into trying to get a mod , a couple of scams later loan mod “experts ect, who may or may not mean well but it happened, business plan is get the house (or is it the land they want i wonder since they cant sell the house because of cloud on title….so look at filing Quiet title and your State law ) done thru power of sale worded something like this “by Virtue of the power of sale contained in a certain mortgage ect, well go look at how its worded and your deeds of trust and transfers and where does it say who holds the note, as in at the time of foreclosure notice its all on this site but i have trouble simplifying it and get very confused as someone with no knowledge of this cluster f industry. i could not fight the forcible because i was caught in the middle of changing council…pro se is impossible for a full time nurse doing much overtime , they know this and via LPS directing the attorney for the foreclosure mill (another cluster there) shows up and gets the forcible judgment without prooving up a darn thing, it could be jack the ripper it would be all the same result, stolen home, no rights to the receivable, maybe someone does but not those guys, and they know it.

  4. Neil,

    Thank you for bringing Nye Levalle’s Fraud Report to our attention! I loved it! It brought tears to my eyes because FINALLY there is some real evidence coming to the surface , and that this “thing” we have been fighting is being exposed for what it is! We all know what is happening, but too few in the Judicial system seem to “get it”! It is tragic that so many people have been robbed and many are still fighting off these thieves!

    I am neck-deep in a terrible foreclosure battle! We have 2 cases going on simultaneously: We are Pro Se Plaintiffs in a civil case that we filed against the Loan Servicer that tricked us into default during a “bogus” loan mod…can anyone relate? The bank went ahead despite our civil case being “in litigation” regarding our allegations that terrible fraud has been committed and the parties who are robbing us have no standing to do what they are doing! Our house has already gone through the Trustee’s Sale, and they are moving swiftly with the Unlawful Detainer (which is our 2nd case in which we are now Defendants) and they are trying to evict us from our own property (the hearing is in Mojave courthouse on Sept 9th)! We are planning on bringing up many of the points that Nye talked about in his AWESOME “FRAUD REPORT”! We are going to appeal any unfavorable decision at the UD hearing. We are aiming to win our case, and to go on to help others who are also trying to “hold their ground” and stand firm against the “Bully Banks”! I could go on and on…you know how it is when you get started on speaking of the atrocities being committed against homeowners across America…one could go on and on talking about the horrible wrongs!

    I love your site, Neil! I check my email every day to keep abreast of what is happening around the country on the issues brought up on your site. I love Matt Weidner’s blog, Timothy McCandless’ site, Lisa Epstein’s Foreclosure Hamlet, 4closure Fraud, etc. Please keep up the hard work you ALL are doing on your sites…you are helping people perhaps more than you realize! Again, thank you Neil for posting Nye Levalle’s Fraud Report…and thank you, Nye for all your years of hard work uncovering this horrible fraud! Now lets use what we know and lets start winning some court cases and setting precedents! I am looking forward to seeing all this turning around and forcing the responsible parties to stop their wicked deeds…and to pay restitution to those they defrauded, and pay for their horrible crimes!

    We all need to keep encouraging one another to keep standing for what is right…and exposing the terrible wrongs that are going on in courtrooms all over the nation! Keep up the good fight ALL!

    Again, thank you Nye, and thank you Neil!



  5. I agree with Mr. Lavalle’s report on “Sue first and ask questions later”

    Put them on the defensive, they only a few banks against millions of us. Let us flood the court rooms with our law suits.

  6. This is a great read.

  7. Owner of Home Sold at Auction Sues Bank

    Updated: Wednesday, 25 Aug 2010, 8:28 PM MDT
    Published : Wednesday, 25 Aug 2010, 8:28 PM MDT

    LAKE HAVASU, Ariz. – An Arizona man has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Bank of America. He says the bank told him them would help modify his home loan, but instead sold his million-dollar home at auction for a fraction of what it was worth.

    Joel Williams is accusing the bank of fraud and misrepresentation, saying he was duped. Williams says that while they were working with him to modify his loan, they were foreclosing on his Lake Havasu home at the same time.

    The 2,600-square-foot Spanish-style house was once valued at a million dollars. But Williams fell behind on his mortgage, and turned to Bank of America for a loan modification.

    “I was told I was doing everything the right way,” he says. “I wanted to stay in the house, I wanted to keep the house — I did everything Bank of America told me to do — and one morning I get a call and the house is no longer there.”

    Williams says the bank started working with him in September of last year, and then sold the home without telling him.

    “They sold the property out from under me for $192,000 — a million dollar property.”

    Williams was given one month to move out of the home he and his family had spent 10 years working on. But Williams isn’t going quietly.

    He is suing Bank of America for $100 million to send a message. Wednesday in federal court, the judge ruled the case could go to trial.

    A Bank of America spokesperson said they do not comment on pending lawsuits, but added the bank has helped more than 665,000 homeowners modify their mortgages since January 2008.

  8. Great Report!

    From the deposition of Hultman on April 7th … I also think that Florida (if it can get its act together), is closer to rectifying its land records issues because MERS can’t foreclose there.

    Each county commission needs to pass an ordinance banning MERS or any title company from recording any mortgage or deed of trust with MERS’s name on it from being recorded in their courthouses. That will slow down the number of mortgage loan frauds on the county recorders in the state.

    MERS is the weak link in the chain and MERS obliterates the chain of title when it inserts itself into the equation.

    MERS also has no assets (except the electronic equipment used to store its members information) because it is bankruptcy remote. We now have a new target: MERSCORP, INC. … the stock company with errors & omissions insurance and stockholders that become affected when MERSCORP gets sued. That’s where the deep pockets are now!

  9. virginia court system, lazy, corrupt and unfair.
    it is pro lender no matter how you slice it.

    and the local lawyers do continue perpetatuating the same culture

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