The Infamous Scott Anderson FRAUD Revealed


Remember the Scott Anderson whom NY Judge Shack said seemed to have questionable allegiances to multiple employers? Remember how questions arose about whether Scott Anderson actually signed those thousands of documents? Remember the arrogant responses from Ocwen and others about how borrowers were just trying to get a free house? Fraud on the Court seemed like an out-of-the-box theory designed to delay the inevitable. Maybe not.

Here we are coming into the final lap of 2010 and Ocwen employees and officers and lawyers and others are realizing that they don’t like the prospect of going to jail for perjury so they are telling the truth, in a self-serving way, to be sure, but the truth is they lied and they admit it now. So OK, they admit that Anderson really didn’t sign those documents. We still don’t know if Anderson actually exists, by the way. But they NOW assert that Anderson gave his permission to other people to sign HIS NAME. So it wasn’t his signature — big deal. So it was notarized and witnessed as though he HAD signed it. Isn’t there a law against that?

I know people think I’ve been out on a limb here for all these years — but this dog isn’t even in the hunt. If the person who signed it had the authority to sign it why did they need to sign Anderson’s name, except to conceal who was really signing it? And why would anyone need to be signing any document at all if the original documentation was right to begin with? (oops) And if the original documentation wasn’t right, why didn’t they simply go to the homeowner and say we made a mistake and we want you to approve this document? And if it wasn’t a mistake then but it is a mistake now, whose fault is that? The attempt at rewriting history so they can keep the purse they snatched is unraveling. Now they are scrambling for cover. Soon the ankle-biters will be pointing the fingers at each other. And THAT is the rest of the story as Paul Harvey liked to say.

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  1. to Ian: –
    And I suspect you are right, “Anderson” is a fiction, a name manufactured by Ocwen because it looks legit and can be easily remembered. You may have seen the Lynn Symoniak case on 60 Minutes last Sunday, where several people including one male stated on the air being taped that they were signing as “Linda Green” and the young girl with the Notary Stamp and no brains who was notarizing their signatures! The “servicers” went out and recruited very simple people with Zero Brains and told them to do this, and they were too simple-minded and naive to realize that each signature and each notary stamping was a separate felony. If you are doing 4,000 signings a day at say 5 years each you are racking up 20,000 years in jail per day. Nobody with any brains is going to do that, so no Manager in Ocwen is going to leave any fingerprints back to himself; they hire dummies for this work. In the Symoniak case there actually was a “Linda Green,” but she did not work there any more; nonetheless, remained as a VP for 20 Banks.

    The pond scum behaves like this because they assume that nobody will figure it out and nobody will come looking. So far, they have been right. That is about to change.

  2. idiania-see post from Nov.,several posts back.
    Jan van Eck- you and I went back and forth a bit last year regarding Scott Anderson. Short of calling a friend of mine who is near the top of one of the govt. anti- (guess) agencies, I have been posting in search of Anderson for over a year. I feel confident that he does not exist as a human being, only as a name, forged on “legal” documents

  3. to Idania:
    Your conclusion that “Scott Anderson” actually exists simply because a case has resulted in an Order that he be produced for examination is not persuasive. In the past, Scott Anderson has been Ordered (by Judge Schack in Brooklyn, NY) to produce affidavits of employment. In stead of providing the affidavits, Deutsche Bank simply walked away from the property, abandoning the mortgage claim. Abandoning a claim because a Court issues an Order for a simple affidavit is unsettling. It suggests that a sophisticated institution like Deutsche has more problems producing the Affidavit than it does in walking away from several hundred thousand dollars.

    My hunch is that “Scott Anderson” is not going to show up. My further guess is that the mortgagee of record is going to abandon the attempt to foreclose and walk. that is based on past performances. If Anderson does not show, then the Court will Dismiss the case. So what? Small potatoes for a big bank (that probably does not even have any money in the game anyway).

    I have tracked down one “Scott Anderson” in Florida. So far, he is not found connected to Ocwen. Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t. Anderson has not once presented himself to any Court, so we do not know, one way or the other. But it sure looks suspicious.

  4. for all those who are looking for scott anderson, he does exist. in a forclosure case against deustche bank the judge ordered him to be present at the hearing in a court house in miami.

  5. So what happened? Did anyone track down the real Scott Anderson? I don’t suppose there’s any connection here with A Scott Anderson (Aldon Scott Anderson) the CEO of Zions First National Bank (Salt Lake City, UT)?

  6. Looking for signatures of Darren Bronaugh

  7. Lisa D.- Scott Anderson (ocwen,Option One, DeutscheBank,BNY,etc signer) has not come forth if he in fact does exist as a human being. There are 32 known signature variations, and I believe that there is only one Scott Anderson within an hour or two’s drive of his allleged office in Fla. I do no know if he is still signing documents like today, or last week,etc. There was a deposition? of his lawyers, answering for him in absentia, sort of suspicious I’d say. My gut instinct is that he is nonexistent. He has signed hundreds of thousands of documents, they would be void. Keep digging.

  8. Does anyone know if there has been a full deposition of Ocwens infamous “Scott Anderson”? IF NOT — WHY NOT??? Does he actually exist … is he a ghost?

  9. This has entered the conversation here so I’ll comment from experience.

    Many notary signatures do seem to be forgeries, as well as the individual executing the document. While gathering information, or proof, of the individual executing the document can be difficult, gathering information in re the notary is really pretty easy.

    I contacted the notary “department” of several counties in Minnesota over a year ago and obtained copies of signatures on notary signature cards. As expected the official signature did not even come close to matching my comparison, or comparisons on numerous other documents. There was also wild divergence among my sample comparisons. One has to question how many different people were signing, and all under the same notary seal.

    In terms of “passing around the notary stamp,” which Mr. Van Eck referred to, that isn’t even necessary. Once a sample of the notary seal/stamp has been digitized it is a simple matter of a copy and paste to place it into/onto another document.

    I’ve looked at documents that have the identical “tilt” to the notary seal/stamp. While not conclusive proof of, it is certainly indicative of, a cut and paste.

    If you have issues or questions about a notary signature contact your state notary office/department and ask questions. My experience was that the folks in Minnesota were more than happy to assist me in tracking down the information I eventually obtained.

    Additionally I believe that every notary maintains, and is required to maintain, a notary log. In essence a record of each and every time he/she has affixed a signature and stamp to a document in an official notorial capacity. Given the rate most of here believe forged and fabricated documents were created I expect there to be virtually no way for all of these documents to appear in a notaries log.

    Success using this strategy would probably not represent a beheading. Perhaps a de-limbing. But with enough of those massive blood loss will still occur, and eventually your opponent may just bleed to death.

  10. To Milie Schwartz:
    the entities that your supposed “VP” was a “VP” of are all public companies, so their Officers and Directors are a matter of public record. You should be able to obtain verification of the officer status of an individual by some public filings. As “Specialized Loan Servicing” is a “corporation, its officers are listed with the Business Records Section of the Secretary of State where it is incorporated. You can usually access those records on-line, or by a telephone call.

    If someone is NOT a VP and declares by signature to be a VP, then the act is “Uttering,” the issuance of a false statement upon a written document. Look up “Uttering” in Black’s Law Dictionary to see where this goes.

    If a Document upon which a Court has relied is fabricated, then under equitable rules long established the Court House Doors are “shut in limine” to that actor. Look up “Keystone Driller Co. v. General Excavator Co.,” 290 US 240, to see how the US Supreme Court dealt with this.

    If you can demonstrate uttering, then you have a viable argument on 9 Sept. Just bring in a photocopy of Keystone Driller to the Court and say that by equitable principles the Court cannot grant any relief to the plaintiff, due to their acts in defrauding the Court. Should make for interesting fireworks.

    You already know that he was not a VP, or he would not have been stammering all over the place.

    Here’s another ploy: if you live near to that office, go down there with a camera, barge in there, go to his office and photograph his door nameplate. Does not say VP? Hmmm….

  11. Jan van Eck- that’s the spirit! I have a Scott Anderson signature on my manufactured default (which I paid off,miraculously) from 2007. Sometime in 2009 I got to thinking, “is what they did, or tried to do, legal?” And I somehow found the livinglies site. Now, in retrospect, I am doubly infuriated in that the same things are happening to millions of others, and the servicers are ramping up their hideous con game. I just sent a letter yesterday to our DA, regarding things which I am only now beginning to understand. Do your detective work and keep sharing with the rest of us. Thanks for your efforts.

  12. To Ian –

    I intend to do exactly that – personally. And I can assure you, I am both a tenacious and thorough “detective.”

    Sue the bastards.

  13. Jan van Eck- my gut instinct tells me that you are right about “scott Anderson”. In Mers v.Ocwen, ocwen stated that anderson is the ONLY employee of ocwen authorized to sign foreclosure docs. Judge Schack in NY ordered him 3 times to provide proof of employment via W2s,1099s,and I don’t believe that he ever showed up. When a court demands things of us, we comply, I think. Someone who lives in Fla. should stake out his office,give some secretary a 100 bill and get some answers. Or check the DMV, tax records and find out what the —– is going on.

  14. There is no evidence that I know of that “Scott Anderson” actually exists, in the context of a person working for Ocwen. there is an actual “Scott Anderson” in Florida in the general vicinity of Ocwen’s home County, but no hard evidence that that particular “Scott Anderson” is an actual employee.

    I am of the opinion that “Scott Anderson” is a generic name, that there is no such employee. My reasoning is: if there was, by now he would have stepped forward.

    What Niel Garfield has not touched on, in the above Post, is that the “notary public” who did the recognizance of Anderson has been found, in the instance of “Priscilla Langlois,” to have dozens of utterly different signatures. Looks like the notaries are also not the persons signing – those notary stamps are being passed around like a box of paper clips, for anyone in the office to dip into as needed.

    Travelers Insurance wrote the Performance and Indemnity Bond for Priscilla Langlois; her actual sample signature is on file with the Notary Public section of the State of Florida. When you find the signature does not match that on your Note or Mortgage transfer, file suit against Travelers for your damages. they know perfectly well what she and Ocwen are up to.

  15. Vigilante

    The media is very important – we all know about the fraud – but others still want to blame us, and just want to “clear the market” of the foreclosures. The media is largely to blame for failing to expose all the fraud.

    Foreclosureblues – thank you – think I found the answer (relates to something Tanta wrote) – but if not will call – maybe you can answer.

  16. Sure sounds familiar! The notaries are aware of this fraudulent signing, too! We’ve been trying to trace a fraudulent signer from our case named Darren Bronaugh from Specialized Loan Servicing. I got tired of waiting around, so I just picked up the phone and called him! Of course, I was put through to a voicemail box, and he called back 10 min later from a number that came up on my caller ID that said “No Communication”…which I have never seen before on any other phone call. Who knows if the man on the other end of the line was really him or not. When directly asked if he was the Vice President of SLS, he hesitated, stuttered a bit, then confirmed he ‘was’ the VP. This man also has signed many docs (usually NODs) in many other cases over the past 2 years claiming to be the VP for MERS, US Bank NA, Wachovia Bank, Chevy Chase Bank, and more. If anyone has any info regarding this man, please forward it to me: We REALLY need to prove this man committed fraud (we KNOW he did, just need proof) because the bank (US Bank NA) and other “players” in our case are somehow successfully weaseling their way out of any responsibility in our case. We go to court on Sept 9, 2010 for our “UNLAWFUL” Unlawful Detainer in CA. We are still in our home, but depending on this hearing, we may end up homeless or in a ‘tent park’ by the end of the month! We are going to appeal an unfavorable decision, but that will only buy so much time. We need proof in order to unravel the mess this man started with his phony NOD! Please help us quick if you have any info on Darren Bronaugh of SLS! Thank you so much!

  17. @Anonymous,
    Then what you do if your AG decides that he won’t prosecute, you find a little city paper, we all have them….and get a reporter there to cover the story of why our AG wouldn’t prosecute the bad guy. Once they print, then you send it to the next little city paper, then to another and yet another….until the AG either cooperates and prosecutes, or he’s out.

  18. anon u can get my # on the website

  19. Why start a QWR all over again.. if an entity is purchased in whole then why should anyone have to waste their time unless the dumping is on going with a slight of hand with MERS, Fannie, Freddie and all is on their last leg.

  20. Mr. Krieger –

    Authorities have to cooperate – in order for your theory to work. I have seen little evidence of cooperation.

    Criminal prosecution is up to authorities, we can allege intent – but we cannot prosecute it.

    And, for anyone here who had Homeq Servicing as your servicer – Homeq has been sold to Ocwen. Start your QWRs – all over again.

  21. Dave Krieger,
    You are exactly right … they will role over on their ‘Upper-Management’ with out hesitation. Like Neil said:
    “It was fraud that got us into this mess and it is prosecution of fraud that will get us out.”

  22. And this is why (in my book by the way), I am encouraging everyone who files suit to go after a criminal element and involve their AG or local DA in their quiet title, foreclosure defense, whatever suit they’re filing, to bring the criminal element into this and let the authorities use their “muscle” to root out the fraud and jail those responsible.

    The first time a slew of MERS’ agents and actors end up in prison orange, the rest will start singing like canaries!

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