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We have a customer who has gone through the title search, securitization search and who has filled out the GTC Registration form on the right hand side of the Blog. Reference #5198002. California Property. Any attorney wishing to offer to provide services to this customer should write to You will receive the completed registration form. No referral fee or co-counsel fee is expected and none will be accepted. Arrangements with client are your own. Expert declarations and other forensic help are available through the blog, the blog store and through anyone else of your choosing. The customer may supply you with title report, securitization report and commentaries if they so wish.

“I am looking for an attorney who will help with a simple and effective quiet title action. No assignments are done at the courthouse, only the original deed of trust. B of A sent me a copy of their note after I requested it. This is a copy with NO ENDORSEMENTS OR ALLONGES, only a scanned copy they received before they went out of business. They totally blew off my QWR I got from this site. A QTA should be pretty straight forward and require very little in regards to representation, I am sure the biggest part will be to use the word ‘objection’ repeatedly when they show their freshly created bogus documents. Please help Obi Wan Kenobi! You’re my only hope!! :)”

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  1. boots,
    Dave is sooo right when said:
    “The only thing MERS understands is lawsuits and the only thing its “assistant secretaries” and “vice presidents” understand is criminal indictments.”

    We need to compare notes … my email is:

  2. diana,
    i spoke to bill hultman last year about the assignment of my deed to aurora, and i asked him how much MERS received for assigning the deed to HSBC as trustee For Value Received, hultman said Mers did not received money for transferring the deed, he said it was just a legal words that they have to use. and confirmed that the one who signed as VP for mers is in fact their MERs employee, but the truth is she was an employee and notary public of GMAC Mortgage, LLC. you cannot get the truth out the fraud. it all about lies, lies because even this people who manufactured the bogus documents doesn’t know who the real parties. all these people is that this is their job and they get paid for doing it without knowing they committed a crime. Cal western is also a debt collector hired by aurora.

  3. Two things …

    (1) as well intentioned as these strategies are in finding legal help … there was enough info given out here to cause serious problems for the client. There is enough info provided on this request to screw the element of surprise. Not good.

    (2) STOP TALKING TO MERS’ AGENTS !! You can’t take phone calls into court. The only thing MERS understands is lawsuits and the only thing its “assistant secretaries” and “vice presidents” understand is criminal indictments.

  4. Bill Hultman, another one who partakes in the cover -up. Should I put him on the list to be tarred and feathered ?

  5. Back in 2-2010 the POTUS, the DOJ & the treasury were sending out SWAT TEAMS to the servicer’s … they were about to get a whoopin… remember… well not much has happened has it they continue to pull the strings, perpertrate fraud and deny the homeowner access to information.

  6. This morning I spoke with Bill Hultman, Sec. of MERS. I had emailed him and asked for several documents including copies of assignments from my lender, The Loan Center. I also wanted to know MERS connection with Aurora Loan Services LLC. His remarks and answers were so watered down that the call was useless. However, he did say that MERS plays a very small part in the whole foreclosure process. He told me the reason I could not find out who the investors were on my note was because it was a part of a big service pool. He gave authority to a Cal Western employee to sign on behalf of MERS. With regard to the WALKER case, he said the attorney did not inform Citibank of the dates and the case would be overturned. He also said that when people post cases on the internet, they are not reading them properly and that all the cases against MERS would be overturned. As far as the documents which I requested, none were available! I would have to contact the servicer for them. I told him the servicer would not provide the note. He said that is because it is part of a service pool. So there you have it – MERS response to my lengthy email to them!!! I told him I thought that MERS, Aurora and Cal Western seemed to have a strange association and a plan to get our homes. To which he responded he was sorry I felt that way!!!

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