Foreclosure Poetry

From Down River Eye

In Idaho, you lucked up and got to sock it to them good.
Pays to be on your toes when it comes time to fight in court.
I say Yes! We should all stop paying them, join the class action and prepare to fight.
Safety in numbers, united we stand, divided they pick us off one by one.
They are banking on (no pun intended) the majority to keep right on paying or struggling to pay no matter what.
Put the fear of being labeled a deadbeat failure on them, scare them with threats of ruined credit for life.
Make the majority believe they have no choice, no alternative but the streets if they don’t comply. Intimidate them into submission. Shame them into keeping quiet about what is happening to them.
For the rest of us who try to fight back, they’ll bog us down in court, drain our resources in filings and stress us out with constant battles.
Calls at work, at night and all day demanding payments, lie about what to do to get a modification and threaten us if we try to complain.
There are too few lawyers to help and they know we must do much of this ourselves.
It should be illegal for a deal as important as buying a house be allowed with the buyer so ignorant of all the legal ramifications of a mortgage contract.
It’s totally one-sided and geared to benefit the lender and screw the borrower.
I was one of the first to lose to an illegal foreclosure, didn’t know a thing except that my papers weren’t even signed by a judge, they played so many tricks, withheld the summons until after the trial was over, wasn’t notified of a sheriff’s sale, papers unsigned, lies on top of lies, GMAC refused to answer the phone or put you on hold forever.
Since then I have learned a lot, I even trained for a brief time as a mortgage broker. That is what opened my eyes to what was really going on.
The very intent from the beginning is for the lender to sell you a mortgage you will eventually default on! They will repeatedly refinance you into bankruptcy. They will do whatever it takes to get your house after taking all your money.
This was taught to us from the first day of training.
It’s all about the money, every time you refinance, that new note is sold for more than full value. Every time.
They never reveal they are going to bundle the mortgage, never tell you about how they set you up with a servicer who has no authority to do anything but take your money, or that you are now paying for a mortgage they already sold and got paid for. You will never know unless you start checking.
It was a scam from the start and the borrower never had a fair chance of getting out of the trap.
You pay all the fees, deposits, appraisals, over and over again. You pay the note that gets higher and higher, you pay the taxes and all the other costs to a lender who doesn’t even own the loan anymore.
Now they are training their lawyers how to fight us in court, how to get around producing the note, what to do when fraud is charged, when to just pay up and when to push to the limit.

This is like living in the Twilight Zone, it’s all so unreal and incredible. How did so many get so deep that it crashed the whole economy?

One thing I have learned from all this is that you can’t win if the other side is making up the rules and making you play by those rules.

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    Posted on August 13, 2010 by Foreclosureblues
    Bank forecloses on Philly housing director’s home
    Associated Press • August 13, 2010

    Editor’s Note…..I wonder if I can get some free foreclosure counciling from the agency.
    Twitter FarkIt Type Size A A A PHILADELPHIA — A bank has foreclosed on a $615,000 condominium owned by the executive director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority.

    Wells Fargo Bank has foreclosed on Carl Greene’s three-bedroom, 2,100-square-foot home in the upscale Naval Square development in southwest Philadelphia.

    The bank says in a lawsuit filed late last month that the amount in dispute is $386,685.

    The 53-year-old Greene earns more than $300,000 a year as head of the nation’s fourth-largest public housing agency. He bought the home in 2007.

    An authority spokesman, Kirk Dorn, says Greene is “involved in a dispute with his mortgage company” and hopes to deal with the matter privately.

    Greene will have to take part in the city’s mortgage foreclosure program and appear in court next month.


  2. Amen. My loan balance continues to grow and the home value continues to depreciate. I’ve been trying ti work with the servicer gor three years. Then they slapped me with notices of foreclosure while my loan modification request was being reviewed. Then the slapped me with thousands of dollars in fees to get my loan reinstated. They told me to walk away from the home. IRS hard to do after sinking hundreds if thousands into it – money I’ll never recover. We are making them richer and richer. Aurora Loan Services is our servicer and had to be one of the worst.

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