the funny thing is that they are stealing our homes, breaking families, they have created the deepest and most expensive recession ever. They have caused suicides, drug addiction, crime, family violence, they have forged documents, they have abused and violated our privacy, they have taken our money and never applied our payments on our accounts properly, they have violated every single rule in the book but the media, our neighbors, the governments local, statewide and federal spend more time in less important matters but that are more politically effective such as health reform, immigration, etc.

I was amazed at the amount of people protesting for the Arizona immigration fiasco and theater. I have never seen any one protesting for home owners. I have never seen any politician really getting down an dirty defending our cause.

When are we going to overcome the shame we think we have to carry with us when in fact we are victims. Just as a rape victim everything we have happening to us was done without our consent y in a very violent, dramatic and humiliating fashion and that is unraveling in front of all of us. When are we going to take our garden tolls and raise our voices in protest.

Once again I submit to all of you the almost three million people that have visited this blog site and who learn everyday new things about the financial disaster these people in the name of profits have inflicted on all our families.

When are we going to start calling the police en mass, the FBI en mass, the secret service since most of these illicit profits were shipped overseas in an effort to conceal the earnings and who made the huge fees, this is called money laundering. This financial Armageddon makes the drug war, the Iraq war, the Afghanistan War and all the other war conflicts in the history of man cheap in comparison.

If we do not take the law in our hands and force the LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES. attorney general, district attorneys, judges, lawyers, and the community as a whole to take this matter seriously, we would have to then blame ourselves. Mr. Garfield and others have contributed a great deal in the effort, however, they are only human and limited in the grand scheme of things.

These criminals have to pay. We need to keep our homes. They are buying and selling all these toxic assets with manufactured documents, and all we do is pray for things to work for us. No more praying for me.

What are you waiting for?

shall we organize a Tea Party like movement that votes, that contributes to these corrupt politician since it is the only language they will understand. The enemies of our families contribute to their campaigns, why don’t we do it as well?

The corrupt lawyers contribute, the corrupt appraiser do as well, the corrupt foreclosure mills do it as well. What about you?

When was the last time you wrote to every single judge in your state?, when was the last time you filed grievances with the State Bar Association?, when was the last time you wrote to Mr. Obama?.

When was the last time you really had a purpose, a cause that really mattered? When was the last time you felt you were worth something?. This debacle has made us weak and frail spiritually, financially, however, we do have the high moral ground. I exhort everyone to start letting your fingers do the walking, let us start a new and highly energized I WANT TO KEEP MY HOME PARTY!

why worry about immigration when your homes are being stolen with fraud, deceit and corruption. The poor immigrant are coming to work. the banker, the corrupt lawyer, judges, and law enforcement agencies came to steal and to facilitate the thievery.

They have procured our demise unless we RISE UP!!!!!

54 Responses

  1. @Tom,
    When are you going to stop hiding behind “Tom” and come forward to the investigating parties? When is someone from the INSIDE going to blow the whistle? Wouldn’t it be nice instead of “blowing a gasket,” you actually used your inside information to bring these mother fuckers down???

    DO IT.

  2. I use to work with a Wall Street investment bank… I was actually the guy that did the quantitative analysis (i.e. cash flow analysis) on some of the very early asset-backed securities. There is ALOT of corruption. It never really mattered what the risk analysis said… The bankers (me) wanted the deal so we could earn our commission, the brokers wanted the deal so they could sell the crappy asset to someone so they could earn their fee. The Rating Agency wanted the deal because they only got paid if the deal went through… Shall I go on? It’s not wonder so many people are losing their home now. The theives (Wall Street, Banks, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate professions…) needed people to take out as big and as many mortgages as possible to feed the monster so they could all earn their fees… Better stop before I blow a gasket…

  3. Just would like to commend you on a fantastic site. Keep it up

  4. What I am not happy with is that these banks stole the equity from my homes and then some, and now they insist on collecting from the unpaid credit cards, the equity of my homes, that I was going to pay the credit cards off with, Now, who holds the cards here? now they are just plain out right thief’s




  6. I’m glad you all want to join in…..I sent out feelers and I got TWO of you to send your email addresses.

    Wow, I am underwhelmed.


  8. We need Michael Moore to do a film/documentary that focuses just on the foreclosure crisis alone. Imagine how many households we can reach this way!

  9. I think the organizations name shoud be

    PLE (Pretender Lenders Exposed)

    Sound it out like “Plea”

    That is what we want a pleading that is favorable and we want to expose the Pretender Lenders. There you go.


  10. I will start the organization of email addresses.

    Please send me an email or drop a call:

    Please identify yourselves as Living Lies people, I don’t answer my phone to numbers I don’t know!!!


  11. Thursday 5 August 2010

    While looking at case law, google referred me back to one that appeared in a previous thread on this site, and I am reposting it here because of the richness of info, much of which was posted by Ann:

    A few posts stand out:

    Kim Thomas 16 July 2010:

    Ann 21 June 2010:

    references the USBank v McCleod case on the Weidner blog Great case!

    Ann 8 May 2010:

    Presents a detailed motion for reviewing important aspects in a case.

    This whole thread is worth reviewing for great case sites and information Ann took the time to post.

    Congrats, Ann!!

  12. Thursday 5 August 2010


    Thank you for the updated information. Do let me know if the attorney with whom you are in contact has figures for Illinois.

    I am going to develop a contact with Cook County clerk, one of the largest counties, albeit with a poor reputation for fairness, and spark some interest in this lost fees situation.


  13. It looks like California found a solution to our budget deficit. I found this at


    California is following in the footsteps of Tennessee. Recent Sup. Ct. rulings held that MERS is not the holder in due course (real party in interest) of any property and never was. This can have devastating repercussions for the mortgage industry, not just MERS, because there is no valid chain of title. People who are being foreclosed upon, or have been foreclosed upon, now have an equitable remedy. These people should now be able to win in court and have their mortgage nightmares settled. Some people are able to keep their homes, as banks fear losing far more in class-action suits. Now California is getting in on the action and suing MERS for filing false records in every county in the state since MERS began over 10 years ago. Carrying a possible fine of $5-$10K a pop, this could amount to millions and possibly billions of dollars in penalties against MERS. This is money the counties desperately need. This could mean that anyone with a mortgage may have it immediately settled and the true owner will get the title free and clear due to fraud, which has no statute of limitation. Lawful owners will have recourse to sue for fraudulent foreclosure. Let’s see what happens.

    Read the complaint…

  14. @edgetraderplus

    The attorney Neil reported on that is suing MERS in NV and CA is proceeding with a qui tams lawsuit on behalf of state Attorney Generals in 28 states. The states that have adopted a state version of the False Claims Act. So, they currently ARE suing for back taxes and back filing fees. I am talking to the attorney and he soon told me they can give me numbers on how much each state has been robbed of. This is a subject we can bring up to each state (Washington) that doesn’t have a state False Claims Act. Why not? And who is in charge of enacting it? Tell them how much money is at stake and I think they will sit up and take notice.


  15. Karen,

    I have some good stuff for the AG in Washington State. I may have a group of well informed individuals all fighting, mostly B of A but the WF documents may have what you are looking for including forgery, deception, selling forward, bait/switch, and the list goes on. Maybe my small group can connect with your group/efforts. How do we get in touch with you? please email me at:

  16. I just wanted to post an email that I have sent to all my email contacts. I am going to additionally post it in a note on my FaceBook account. I ask that you all do this as well. Please read below:

    Friends, Family and Associates:
    It looks like I didn’t word the email correctly. I am part of a new grass roots movement. We don’t have a name yet. What we are starting to do as an organization, is get the focus back where it should be in this nation right now. The biggest issue confronting us as a nation is the money grab the banks have done. This has caused unemployment numbers to be where they are. It has caused billions from national government to arrive in private corporations hands. Right now, your friends, family members and communities are being attacked by the largest land grab that you or I will ever witness in our lifetime…..and the media isn’t even shining the light on this issue anymore. This attack will only get bigger. It will continue to affect everyone’s home values. It will continue to cause blight in neighborhoods. It will continue to cause unemployment and further decline.

    As a group, we are asking friends, family members, neighbors to think about discontinuing doing business with big banks. If you are doing business with them, while they are stealing homes in a large, unprecidented land grab, you are continuing giving them power and taking away ours. I would hope you would consider my request or at least think about it. I would hope that you would pass this email on to MORE of your contacts….also asking them to discontinue business with the big banks.

    We are also asking from our family members, friends and family if they can think of any members of the media, or any contact that they may have within local, state or federal government. So, we can take that contact and work it. My organization has people within all 50 states, so we are asking all of you across the country.

    I hope I worded this email better?

    Love, Karen

  17. I mentioned on a recent post of mine that some of my emails and letters have paid off!

    We were contacted by a television station in our county (Bakersfield, CA) called KBAK, Channel 29 Eye Witness News, and their motto is, “We Investigate Stories That Others Won’t!”

    They want to follow our story! We even told them in the interview that we don’t want this story to be only about us…we want it to be on behalf of all the Foreclosure victims, past, present and future. We plan on reiterating that in every segment of our story. We are fighting our battle in hopes of saving our home, and to hopefully set a precedent to open the doors for others to use our victory to help them win their cases. We want to even use the monetary damages we are hoping to recover from our lawsuit to help others fight to save their homes!

    We are fully aware that this battle needs to be fought on many “fronts”…in the courtrooms, in our counties, in our states, and on a national level. It has been difficult thus far to gain any momentum since we all (I am speaking of those who are seriously fighting against the banks and loan servicer/sharks, and the foreclosure mills, etc. We are being stopped short by the judicial system in the courtroom, but we need to find someone in Government who could be the American citizens’ HERO and begin to battle against the big banks on a national level. With the upcoming elections, can’t the candidates see that they won’t need the banks’ backing and funding if they have many millions of the American public supporting them! Someone needs to go against the flow and dare to do things differently and to speak out and DO SOMETHING about the banks and the fraud and the tragedy of Foreclosure! How many million more people rendered homeless is it going to take before someone finally addresses this issue head on? Granted, there are other important issues, too, but this is one that has affected many millions of people and shows no signs of stopping! I know we are all aware of this and we are all outraged! As some of you are talking about doing things “en mass”, I want to help, too. I am just buried in my own battles in the courtroom right now, but I can write and make phone calls. Let me know if I can help!





  19. Wednesday 4 August 2010

    David Krieger:

    Thank you for bringing up the quiet tilte aspect, and your post below. Please keep on making contributions and giving direction on how to proceed to make a difference.

    Last month,I did give the Illinois States Attorney a copy of a California case where they are suing to recover a fortune from lost filing fees, but they simply do not get it, yet. My main point was filing a fraud case against the “lender” of my loan, and the foreclosure mill that filed false assignments.

    The States Attorney informed me my “case” is being held “on file,” aka end of story. any further direction you can bring, bring it on!


  20. Well ain’t that great… the investors and their “servicers” still get to foreclose on the strapped homeowner! In the end SO WHAT! More PR Bullshit from the mainstream media… and how much did Bof A get through the back door bailout from AIG… your paying for it as are the next generation of your family! Get IT?

    “B of A Will Pay $600MM to Settle Countrywide Case
    Bank of America has agreed to pay $600 million to settle several class action lawsuits filed by Countrywide Financial Corp. shareholders over the lender’s subprime program, according to a report in The Los Angeles Times.
    Didn’t hear THAT on the news.”

  21. For you that write good quality expose’ materials; we will take submissions on our ever-growing internet news site:, a worldwide, top 100 freedom newspaper site. If your a compelling writer your submissions will be on the front page.

    Join as a member. Then, click “Be a Reporter” and educate the public. Locally, a decent percentage of the Arizona legislature and several Arizona reporters read our site everyday.

    Spread the word.

  22. 2 Anonymous… interesting statement by the Penny Mac CEO…the problem is that there are no job’s , for better sense of the word , sustainable income to support reinvestment in anything… would think that you agree… and if there are no job’s then there is no taxable income on the people to support the system and the “people that rely on the subsidies” made available through the progress and industry of the “individual”

    “Interviewer asks them -”why would you want to buy non-performing loans??” They answer – “we want to help borrowers with modifications – and give investors new opportunities.” Yeah – right. Foreclosure is much more profitable – especially when you bought the loan at 40-60% discount.”

    This is all about a land grab… for what, I for one can not surmise. Or perhaps find it quite unbearable to contemplate, as I know first hand so many that have been harmed, all who had no skin in the game, no liar loans etc.

    Personally know “little old people” on a fixed income that are having their paid for modest homes sold out from under them for “PROPERTY TAX LIEN’S… based on inflated values, due to a speculator that brought a “tear down” all the while violating with a wink and a nod in-place codes, by the local elected officials, and built a Mc Mansion across the street!

    A speculator gets to bypass code’s and in the process allows a lazy imbedded “elected government” by the people mind you… who never took the time to be invalided in civic matters that concerned them… until the preverbal shit hit the fan.

    Where is the voice for those people, that are not upside down on anything… but are subject to greedy double dipping “LIFER” civil servants at the town, county and state level that have a vested interest in keeping “property assessment” inflated… and to that the courts and their appointee’s across these United States that have a vested interest in satisfying with a wink and a nod fraud upon OUR courts to benefit their self financial interest.

  23. B of A Will Pay $600MM to Settle Countrywide Case

    Bank of America has agreed to pay $600 million to settle several class action lawsuits filed by Countrywide Financial Corp. shareholders over the lender’s subprime program, according to a report in The Los Angeles Times.

    Didn’t hear THAT on the news.

  24. Karen Pooley

    I am from Washington State and house was foreclosed on. How do I get in touch with you? Email me at I have some questions.


    It’s all about greed – making money – and they don’t care at whose expense they make it. No one cares if the homeowners lose their homes for no reason – no one at all!

    It’s not just about homes either, when you think about it. It’s about the morals and ethics on which this country “should be” based. I personally have had enough!


    Saw the interview to PennyMac CEO, Stand Kurland, formerly the CEO of Countrywide. His matter of fact voice and attitude sent chills down my spine.

    I kept asking myself, why are these guys still able to do damage? The homeowner was the one defrauded and the one who bailed out the banks – why aren’t these guys behind bars or at least ostracised from the banking industry?

    The more I watched, the angrier I became. They are arrogant little piss ants who should spend the rest of their lives in homeless shelters.

    I do not believe for one second that they want or will help any homeowner.

  27. $125 Million Dollars in Cash — Proposed settlement for investors in New Century stock!!

    So—here is a company in bankruptcy in Delaware and they have $125 million dollars in CASH to settle just one of their lawsuits—the one from investors.

    This was discussed at this mornings Omnibus hearing in the New Century bankruptcy case.

    The attorneys also stated that the largest claim filed by Morgan Stanley will also be settled.

    Also of note: this case provided plaintiff’s with 38 MILLION pages of discovery from New Century (includes HOME123 Corp) one of the most notorious predatory subprime lenders of all time.

    2.8 million pages of discovery from KPMG (the auditor to New Century) which was also named as a defendant.

    The Lead Plaintiff is the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System (NYSTRS) and Carl Larson and Charles Hooten.

    For full viewing of the proposed settlement go to:

  28. To anon from ANONYMOUS

    Just heard about health care bill rejection for 9/11 volunteers and providers at site. Victims and families are planning a huge protest in Washington. This is something that has not been done by victims of foreclosure fraud. .

    Protests get attention. Many , many stories yet to be told. Just think no one knows how to organize – and victims are widely dispersed across country. Victims do not have the money and means to travel to protests. It is difficult. – but is still feasible. Need to focus on the entire picture – and the national consequence. Need to have parties who have contact with senators – request time to speak in Washington. There are some that are close enough to travel to Washington and speak out. Need the publicity and access. All here that promote a business will benefit by public grandstanding.

    All we need is organization. The atrocities that are happening are of huge public policy importance. Cannot let the powerful continue to control media sentiment. Enough is Enough.

  29. Karen Pooley
    I have somebody in Washington state who wants to connect with you about the state AG.

    How can they reach you?

    email me

  30. A group of “victims” put together a package of about 30 stories and sent it to NBC. After five months, they give it 2 min of air time!

    Nothing is going to change. Nothing!

    Chase sold my home with no notice after I was approved for a loan mod. Where am I now? Still in the home and renting from the new owner until my lawsuit comes to court! Just seems wrong that I should rent from the new owner of my own home!

  31. Karen Pooley, and other readers:

    I am in CA, not WA, but In my case, we have “evidence” of MERS submitting fraudulent docs into the county record, AND they have claimed to be the “beneficiary” right on our foreclosure docs that they filed into the public record in Kern County where I live! MERS is a The fraudulent docs are fraudulent no matter how they are looked at. The FBI is already on it, but perhaps I can send you copies of my own docs, and maybe you could use them. Read on to see how perhaps the AG in WA could possibly talk with the AG in CA and maybe there is something they can do together…

    By the way, I got a personal email from Kevin McCarthy, Congressman for California a few days ago, and he has already notified the Attorney General in CA of the problems I stated to him regarding my own case and the problems in the judicial system pertaining to foreclosure. I was emailing and faxing letters to anyone who would listen, even if they were not the ones, per se, “authorized to deal with the issues” I was mentioning. Sometimes we have to just get our foot in the door somehow, and then we can decide where to go once we get in. Congressman Kevin McCarthy said in his email sent to me on Aug 3, 2010, and I quote exactly as it is written, (the one known grammatical error in his email tells me this is most likely not a computer-generated response) “Thank you for contacting me with your concerns about the California Judicial System. Unfortunately, this is a state judicial issue and the Federal Government does not have jurisdiction. I have forwarded your concerns to the California Attorney General and asked him to ensure the proper individual with the CA Department of Justice review and respond to your concerns. Thanks again for contacting me on issues of importance to you. If you would like additional information on services my office can provide you, my votes and positions of issues facing our nation, and to subscribe to receive periodic “e-newsletters,” please visit my website at …Sincerely, Kevin McCarthy, Member of Congress.”

    I don’t want to wait to see if someone from the AG’s office responds to my concerns, so I am going to call the AG myself, email the office, and write a letter(s) that I will fax and send via snail mail.

    All of you here are doing great things! Keep it up! Someone is bound to take notice of this foreclosure problem and to do something serious about it!

    Here are a few quotes I heard recently, that are worth repeating:
    “This is the biggest Bank Robbery in the history of banking…and it is the Banks who are doing the Robbing!”


    “A void judgment is a nullity, a ‘brutum fulmen’…and is subject to collateral attack and may be stricken at any time. The passage of time cannot make valid that which has always been void” – Ramagli Realty v. Craver, 121 So. 2d. 648.

    I got the 2nd quote from Matt Weidner’s website and blog that I subscribe to in addition to Neil Garfield’s updates on this site. Matt says to commit that quote to memory and to speak it in court, write it in letters, blogs, etc…and I am trying to do just that! That is why I believe even victims of foreclosure that have lost their homes thus far can still go back and fight for monetary damages for the incredible and outrageous fraud that has been perpetrated upon them! My heart goes out to all of the homeowners who are “casualties” of this war!!! This issue is also very cleverly and POWERFULLY stated above in this blog, by J L Semidey ( I hope you don’t mind, J L if I quote you), “I have written complaints to almost every single government agency, but they are too detached and they do not live in our communities for the most part, they tend to see the lender, pretender lender, bankers, foreclosure mills as the necessary evil and they see us a simple collateral damage due to “FRIENDLY FIRE”.

    I agree with J L and am seeing the same thing with whom I am writing! I also am not liking the comments of others elsewhere online that come against the foreclosure victims and are saying it is our fault we are going through foreclosure because we were “irresponsible and defaulted on our loans, thus wreaking havoc on the entire nation’s economy! Wow…are they misinformed! Those of us here, all know that it is the banks, not us, that are causing this! It is all I can do sometimes not to respond to those horrible misguided comments. I have better things to do with my time than to respond to those people. What those people do not realize is that they are not immune to their homes being stolen from them. Perhaps if they had walked even 2 steps in the shoes of a foreclosure victim (not even close to a mile in their shoes), they would eat their words and apologize to us all for their unfair judgement of us!

    I can send anyone copies of the letters I have written to Government officials to give you ideas on what you, too, can write. You can re-word anything I have stated, and use ideas or quotes in your own letters and emails. In several letters recently written to President Obama, I flat-out asked him to “please consider putting a “Moratorium” on all foreclosure action, so that a thorough investigation can be done on all the banks, foreclosure mills, loan servicers, courts, court cases already ruled upon, county recorder offices, etc. My husband laughed at my optimism and said, “Do you really think he is going to listen to you and do that?” to which I replied, “Well, it is worth a try! At least the idea will out there.” Of course, that is only IF he reads my letter. I tend to be very optimistic and believe the sky is the limit in what we can ask for, even if it does not happen, at least I asked for it to be considered. My husband is more down-to-earth and believes in hoping for the best, but being prepared should the worst happen, as it has been for a long time now in millions of foreclosure cases across the nation. We balance each other out. I would encourage all of us in this war (is it anything less than a war being fought with ink written or typed on pleading paper in the courtrooms of America?) What is sad is that many of the “victims” are living in “tent parks”, and to them, it does not matter whether they lost their homes due to war, fire, earthquakes, oil spills, tsunamis…they have lost just as much as those in Haiti and Chile, and in our gulf coast states (not to minimize the loss of those crisis and disaster victims…our hearts go out to you, too). We recently had a fire here where I live in Tehachapi, CA, and the Governor of Ca declared it a state of emergency, and he and Congressman Kevin McCarthy (mentioned above) came here to assess the damage and to provide aid for the rebuilding of homes lost to fire. I am sympathetic to anyone losing their home, but I have to ask, “Is it any LESS traumatic for those who lose their homes to Foreclosure than it is to lose it to Fire?” Foreclosure and Fire victims both lose everything they own, including their homes. the only differences are that fire is much more swift than foreclosure, and then fire victims can re-build their homes with the insurance or with government funding. Why then is our Government not doing MORE to stop the foreclosure problem? Why are new homes not being re-built or provided for foreclosure victims who lost their homes to Fraud, as opposed to Fire? I know these are rhetorical questions, and all of us here are asking the same questions in a wide variety of ways. If our Government rushes to the aid of those other tragic situations and declares a state of emergency… why oh WHY are they not declaring all of America a state of emergency??? There are far more victims of this foreclosure crisis than all of those other crises combined! And this disaster is on-going! Not a one-time incident causing mass casualty in a matter of minutes, hours or days! This crisis has been going on for years, with no end in sight! I am all for helping victims of disaster, foreign or domestic, so long as our Government does not (as it has seemed to) forget its own people being ordered from their homes right here under their noses!

    And J L and others above are SO right when they state that we need to fight this war on many levels [my paraphrase]. I’m in! I am already doing what I can, but if I see more that I can do with my very limited resources, and allthewhile I am fighting my own foreclosure battle for my home, I will do it! My husband and I have decided that “when” we win our case and all the monetary damages we are demanding, we are going to devote the money to helping others fight off these “preditor-creditor banks”, “Bully Banks”, “Banks Behaving Badly”, “Bank Robbers”, etc. We are going to state often on television and online, throughout our case that is going to be followed on KBAK Eye Witness News, that we are not fighting our battle for us alone, but for the rest of those fighting foreclosure as well. Small, individual victories will eventually start to gain momentum and it will become easier and easier for those who follow after to win their cases. We (my husband and I) are not going to quit, give up, back down, roll over…we are in this for the long haul! We have over $130k equity in our home (discounting the loan we tried to modify that started this whole mess), and we are not going to let the bank lie, cheat, steal, nor destroy our lives! Please root for us and we will do the same for all of you!

    ***Please read my blog entry up above, as I explain how an Eye Witness News television station is going to be following my/our foreclosure battle from beginning to end***. Also, email me if you want more information.

    Foreclosure Fighter,


  32. Glad to see that you are talking about getting together and being more vocal. Always thought this is very important.

    In case anyone is interested – (THE A MAN??) – regarding the 600 million dollar Countrywide settlement – former CEO from Countrywide was speaking today about “Penny Mac”. It is the former Countrywide CEOs that established Penny Mac. Interview on CNBC today.

    According to the now CEO of Penny Mac, they purchase “non-performing loans” at 40-60% discount. They accomplish this by purchasing collection rights via the “strip only” “piece” of SPVs (former SPVs – if you will). A “strip only” refers to “a special interest in the trust which is called an “interest only strip” or “first loss piece”. This is the bottom tranche of SPVs – that I have discussed – to which the servicer owns – and is not securitized. It is where all “Bad loans” are eventually subordinated.

    Former Countrywide CEOs – now Penny Mac CEOs – explain that they are trying to resecuritze the non-performing loans (but – this “strip” was never securitized) And, call it a “security” – if you like- but according to SEC -only current assets can be securitized.

    Interviewer asks them -“why would you want to buy non-performing loans??” They answer – “we want to help borrowers with modifications – and give investors new opportunities.” Yeah – right. Foreclosure is much more profitable – especially when you bought the loan at 40-60% discount.

  33. I have been fighting my foreclosure for over 2 years. Indymac gave me a loan mod in 2008 and One West revoked it and placed me in foreclosure. I have been fighting for home ever since. After all of my fighting, all of the evidence I have provided to the Court including the fact that One West Bank (Plaintiff in my case) DOES NOT even own my loan, The Judge has just granted Summary Judgment to One West and I have been sent back to the foreclosure unit. I have executed my 3 year Right of Rescission, filed a counter suite for fraud, spent thousands of dollars in legal fees and presented solid evidence that One West IS NOT the owner of my note and yet the Judge is signing off and granting Summary Judgement.

    I have been manipulated, harassed, embarrassed, lied to, deceived and ignored not only by the bank but also by the Courts, the Government and legal system.

    I am at the end and I have no one else to turn to. I have done all that I can, contacted every elected official, made my plea to the Courts, contacted the FDIC, Department of Banking and every other agency that says they can help. Now I must take my 7 children and walk away from our home of 12 years.

    Sadly, No one can hear the muffled cries of the American homeowners over the RAH RAH cheers of the deceptive Government as they tell the American people everything is getting better. WHAT A CROCK!!! Visit my home and talk to my devastated children, live in my shoes for 1 day or maybe visit the homes of the other 300 million homeowners who are being robbed and raped and then you tell me MR. President…. Is everything OK? HELL NO!

    America Home Of the Homeless!!

  34. let us all go next week to all our local land records offices usually located at the court house, sometimes in the file room area or office. let us all go to the local court clerk and ask how much would an action to quiet title would cost and how would we need to file. In most counties if you have no financial resources, the court house will waive the filing fees.

    Let us all start calling the court house and flood the court houses with lis pendis for action to quiet title. Any one up to posting a sample anonymous complaint?

    I just had a friend kicked out of his house due to the fact that the attorney he hired never filed anything, and had his case overturned. I really get irritated by the incompetence of some of these attorneys. By the way the attorney’s office is located in DC. Be very careful. I big clown. We are preparing a grievance against him and against the attorney for the plaintiff CONDOUR FINANCIAL, crooks that specialize in “DENTED” loans, they serviced and foreclosed without showing any paper work. DC is a non judicial locality. What a shame.



  36. If we want to get on TV soon, let’s do the 8-28 rally. Glenn Beck, where are ya? WE’RE RIGHT HERE!!!

    Pick a place to meet, move in en masse, BE SEEN.


  37. JL and The A Man,

    Great blogs entries! If only there were more people willing to speak up as you are!

    I have received letters in the past 2 weeks from at least 5 Government officials that have sent me non-computer-generated emails, including the President and the Governor of CA. I can send anyone copies of those emails if they wish to see them (see end of this blog for my email address). I have only recently begun to write emails, letters (snail mail and fax), make phone calls, etc, etc…and here is what happened within 2 weeks of beginning to write and make phone calls:

    Last week on July 26, 2010, I got a call in response to an email I sent to a local (Bakersfield, CA) television station called KBAK, Channel 29 Eye Witness News, whose motto is “WE INVESTIGATE STORIES THAT OTHERS WILL NOT!” They asked my husband and I to come in for an interview because they wanted to do a program on our story, that will follow our story from start to finish!!! We went in for the interview, and they said they wanted to ask our permission and to see if we wanted them to ask the court to allow them to take a camera into the courtroom at our initial hearing in our Fraudulent Foreclosure case (in which my husband and I are both Pro Se Plaintiffs)!! We said, “By all means! Please do!” They put in a request at the court house, and we are awaiting an answer. If the judge denies the request, the Investigative Producer says that will not stop them from following our story and putting it on television and on their website! If the judge does allow the camera in court, it will be an interesting account of “What Really Goes On Behind Closed Doors” in court at foreclosure hearings. We are so happy for this opportunity!

    Just a little background on our case: My husband and I are Pro Se litigants in an unlimited civil, fraudulent foreclosure case. We are in the beginning stages of our case, that is less than 2 months old. We have filed a lawsuit against our loan servicer, 2 foreclosure mills, a bank, and a title company (5 defendants). We plan on eventually adding more defendants to our case, including a mysterious “signer” on 4 fraudulent docs filed by the “bullies” in our case into the public record with the County Recorder’s Office (we have been doing some research online and have found his signature on “4 Forclosure Fraud”‘s website to be on a list of the worst “Fraudsters” in America’s Foreclosure crisis!). We have only thus far had an Ex Parte hearing in which we requested a TRO to stop the sale at auction of our home…and I bet you can guess what happened. Yep, the TRO was denied! Our “hearing”,in which no one “heard” anything because we weren’t given due process and did not get to state why we were requesting the TRO because the judge said, ” I have read your complaint prior to this hearing and I have made my decision….” to which he went on to explain why, which were “bogus” reasons, and his gavel slammed down and end of hearing! My husband and I gathered our papers, walked out of the courtroom like stunned, shocked zombies, saying, “Did that just happen??? That is NOT how I thought it would happen!” We are learning to, by experience, to “hope for the best, but be prepared because the worst is most likely what will happen” in our foreclosure battle.

    The bank, already named as a defendant in our civil case, went on ahead to file an Unlawful Detainer action against us in another court in our county. Now we have 2 open cases. We have chosen not to consolidate the 2 cases, due to the fact, if we lose one, we may lose the other part, too. We would like to be able to attack this on two fronts, appealing an unfavorable outcome if that happens. As of August 3, 2010, we are awaiting the Unlawful Detainer hearing. We already filed our answer to the Bank’s complaint that we are living unlawfully in “their property”! Ha! We heard from one of the opposing parties’ attorneys in our civil case that the Bank is planning on filing a Motion for Summary Judgement. We are working on a opposition to that Motion when we are served. We are even planning on an appeal if we get an unfavorable ruling in the UD case as well as in the civil. We are not about to let them take our property and all the equity we have in it! We owned our house outright until we took out a “equity loan” for home improvements/repairs…and trying to modify a “home improvement” loan with our own equity…is why they are trying to steal the entire house and property! We are outraged, yet calmly confident in our claims against the Bully Banks, or Banks Behaving Badly.

    Just after the Ex Parte hearing, we walked in a daze straight to the court clerk’s counter and put in a request for the transcripts so we could appeal. We did not get the transcripts until 3 weeks later. If anyone wants to hear our story and the blatant, shameless fraud in all areas from the get-go until now, and most likely from here on out, that has happened in the less than 2 months since we opened our case, as well as the 10 months since the very start of this loan mod and foreclosure mess, I will tell you via email. My email is This is a nightmare that I hope will one day be over, but for now, my husband and I are down in the “trenches” of this war along-side the “Foreclosure Fighters” of America!


    We want to encourage all of you who are fighting foreclosure to “Keep It Up”!!! And for you homeowners who are engaged in battle in the courtrooms across the nation, to keep on pressing on! Don’t give up or give in! That is what the banks, the opposing counsel, the courts are counting on! They are used to homeowners who don’t know their rights, to lay down, roll over, and let them steam-roll right over and crush you! And for those of you who have already lost the battle of foreclosure in your case, we don’t blame you! You did not know how to fight off the wolves! There may still be something you can do about what was done to you (subject for another time, but start checking into it and doing research in the meantime). For those of you still in the battle, don’t let the Banks get away with bullying you anymore! I encourage you all to start researching on your own, learn the laws, insist the attorneys you have (for those of you who are not fighting Pro Se as I am) to fight like mad, research the cases that are being won here and there, and what their defenses/offenses were/are. Keep on writing letters, emails, making phone calls, making reports…and for you Pro Se litigants, consider requesting a jury trial if you believe it will help your case (FYI, the jury will be comprised primarily of your “peers” who are American citizens who are also outraged at the wide-spread, atrocious, mass fraud and “bank robbery”…the banks are robbing us of our homes, and the jury will be more sympathetic to your plight than most judges are, at this point in time), and keep on “objecting”, and saying, “irrellivant” and “conjecture, your honor”, stating “On and For the Record”, after which the you will have the judge’s attention because you will be giving a “testimony”, and the opposing counsel is not supposed to interrupt a testimony, and if the judge says that you are not giving a testimony, you can respond, “Yes, your honor, I am giving my testimony as to the facts relevant to this case before you now” (or something to that effect) and the court reporter will listen up and your words will be recorded, so when you appeal (you are going to appeal if you get an unfavorable ruling, aren’t you?), you will have an accurate, verbatum account of what was said in court that day…and keep on hammering away on your most important issue(s). And for all Americans, in litigation or not, keep writing all Government officials, ALL FORMS of media (television,radio, newspapers, magazines, websites, etc), every public official, every law enforcement agency, every organization that is sympathetic to foreclosure victims…oh, there are so many more places you can email, write letters to by way of snail-mail, or fax, call, visit in person, and so on and so forth. I do not claim to possess all knowledge about all the many ways this war can be fought, so stay apprised of current issues that are relevant to your case. keep listening to people, such as Niel Garfield, and the wise “bloggers” such as J L and The A Man, who are trying to encourage the rest of us to fight this war! Stay up on what’s going on in the entire Foreclosure War/crisis being fought on American soil, with Millions of American citizens being victimized, and real, live human beings being rendered homeless, many living in “tent parks” across the nation! There is much that can be done to help this cause: encourage, pray, volunteer to help those who have lost their homes and are living in tents, and all the aforementioned ways to speak out.

    Thank you J L and The A Man (above on this blog)! You have shared many ideas above that I had not even considered, and so I am taking your advice and I will be going to counsel meetings, and talking to the county recorder’s office, and finding out who makes the regulations, procedures or laws for them that allows documents to be submitted without so much as demand for proof that the docs are valid authentic, and to prove why they have right to file what they are trying to submit into public record, and much more! If more people begin doing in en masse what the above bloggers suggest and encourage you to do…WE COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE and WE COULD BE HEARD by those who need to hear in order to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! Forgive me for the “all-caps”, I am not necessarily shouting, but trying to emphasize how desperately important this is for American’s fighting foreclosure, whether you be a homeowner, an attorney, a judge, a Government official, a law enforcement officer or agent, public official, media representative, etc, etc…just remember that not all of you are not immune to this attack either! Your homes could be unlawfully robbed from you, too! It can happen very quickly and swiftly, and before you know it, you, too, could end up down in the trenches with us, fighting for your homes and your lives or livelihoods.

    Please, pass this information on this blog, on this entire site, to your relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc, to begin reading blogs such as this, and to begin doing the wise things mentioned. There are far more of US than there are of THEM and we can make a difference! Our voices together can over-power all their lies. We just need to open our mouths and get to writing!

    I have so much more I could say on this subject, but I will save it for another time. My email is: if anyone wants info on our case and the upcoming story on KBAK Eye Witness News (, you can email me for case information, hearing dates and times, etc.

    Very sincerely,
    just another Fellow Foreclosure Fighter,


    (no, I am not afraid to use my real name…the entire nation is going to be hearing of our case before long anyhow by way of Channel 29 Eye Witness News!)

  38. I am with you on this one. I am a victim and it seems noone really cares if I lose my home.

  39. Karen Pooley,
    While I’m not in Washington State I am in neighboring Oregon … maybe we can get the two AG’s talking?

  40. I would file a Quiet Title if I could afford it. The problem is that I don’t have the funds to file a Quiet Title which from what I understand can cost between $2,000 to $5,000 here in California.



    “Know Ye”, That in pursuance of the Act of The General Assembly of that State, entitled” an Act to lay out the Gold Region in the Lands, at present in the occupancy of the Cherokee Indians, into small lots, and dispose of the same by separate Lottery,” passed on the 24th Day of December, 1831, I HAVE GIVEN AND GRANTED; and by these presents DO GIVE AND GRANT, unto Catherine Walsingham who was granted this 40 acre lot of land. That is my first deed in a chain of Title up to 1934. The Cobb County Historical Register for local property is helping me research from 1934 to 1977 when a “Lisa Adams” owned the dwindled land of just slightly less than 2 acres. I purchased this land and home in 1988 and have lived her since. I refinanced this property several times over the years as I added on to this home of around 5000 S/FT. I have made 246 payments and now owe more than I could sell it for if I could sell. I learned yesterday that my pending case has started to move, the Court has ruled against rescission, but has stayed (?) on the non disclosure or misrepresentation, of the Deed (?) I will find out more after speaking to my Attorney tomorrow. Below 172 years ago the “Trail of tears” was marched right out in front of this home place and many other places around the South East.

    WILSON LUMPKIN (1783-1870), Governor of Georgia, Congressman and U.S. Senator, was the son of John Lumpkin, who was the son of George Lumpkin and Mary Cody. Apparently his first name was after John Wilson, a colonel in Virginia during the Revolutionary War who was married to Mary Lumpkin, his father’s sister. Gov. Lumpkin apparently took great pride in his family heritage, for he left several writings on the subject. Gov. Lumpkin’s monument, in Athens, Georgia, reads:

    Born Jan. 14, 1783 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Came to Georgia, 1784
    Died at Athens December 18, 1870
    He served his State as
    Legislator, Congressman, Governor
    Commissioner to Cherokee Indians
    State Agent W&A RR, U.S. Senator
    Trustee of the University of Georgia
    And died full of years and honor.

    Wilson Lumpkin (Gov. of Georgia from 1831-35, and U.S. Senator) had the dubious distinction of advocating and planning for the “removal” of the Cherokee Indians to the Indian Territory in the west. The book THE GOVERNORS OF GEORGIA, which gives short biographies of each governor, under Wilson Lumpkin’s name states “He removed the Cherokees”, and says that he took greater pride in this accomplishment than anything else he did in public service.

    The forced removal of the Cherokee and the four other “civilized tribes” (Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole) from Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and other southern states, to the west of the Mississippi River in Oklahoma (Indian Territory) on the “Trail of Tears,” was a very tragic and shameful episode in our nation’s history. The Cherokee removal took place during the winter of 1838-39, at the same time that the Mormons were being driven from Missouri by the citizens and governor of that state. The Cherokee suffered even worse abuses and injustices, and a much higher percentage of deaths, than the Mormons did. They were a very educated and civilized people, had adopted the whites’ ways, and were peaceful and prosperous farmers. They had a republican form of government, schools, a written alphabet, and a newspaper. Representatives from their tribe had appealed for years to Congress for fair treatment under the law, and for the government to abide by its treaties to them, which recognized them as a sovereign and independent nation. Most of Congress supported their position, and the Supreme Court ruled in their favor, but even though their cause was just and the Cherokee were clearly in the right, in those days state and local governments had more power than the federal, and often “took the law into their own hands”.

    Since the federal government was comparatively weak, and the Supreme Court had no way to enforce their decisions, local citizens frequently banded together to act according to what they felt were their own “best interests”. That often meant violation of the rights of individuals and minorities, oppression, greediness, land-grabbing, and destruction of resources. This basically amounts to mob rule — because of ignorance, suspicion, fear, misinformation, rumors, and prejudice. This happened against both the Mormons and the Cherokees. What to do about the “Mormon problem” and the “Indian problem” were similar issues to those in the majority and in power at that time. They tended to treat these oppressed minorities as “scapegoats,” saying that it was their own fault that their neighbors perpetrated acts of violence and lawlessness against them, and violated their rights. They were “different” and couldn’t live peacefully with their neighbors (because of the NEIGHBORS’ prejudice and aggression, which they were blamed for). Stories and rumors of the minorities “wrongs” or aggressive acts were exaggerated or else completely fabricated, stirring their neighbors up to violence and retaliation in which they felt justified. The governor and other public officials believed that “the voice of the people is the voice of God”, and Governor Lumpkin, apparently, sincerely believed that it would be in the best interest of both the whites and the Indians for them to move beyond the Mississippi. He was very persuasive in arguing his firm stand on this issue. He ignored the U.S. Supreme Court decision, and had the Cherokee land surveyed and distributed out to whites in a “land lottery” even before the forced removal.

    The great majority of the Cherokee were peaceable and co-operative, adopted the whites’ ways, attended schools and churches, wanted to stay and co-exist peaceably with their white neighbors and have their rights and boundaries respected. They were not the aggressors or perpetrators in any of the conflicts or “problems” which arose (because of whites encroaching on their lands). The Cherokees’ rights were completely disregarded and trampled on, and all of the problems were unjustly blamed on them, as was the case with the Mormons. The Cherokees were rounded up by the Army, put into enclosures like cattle, and then had to go on a forced march of a thousand miles in the dead of winter, driven out or “removed” for no other reasons than that they were “different”. The whites looked down on, disliked, and feared them, and coveted their lands, particularly the gold which had been discovered there. The first gold rush in U.S. history was in northern Georgia, on former Cherokee lands. The gold soon ran out, and most of the men who had flocked there seeking a quick fortune, left for California in 1849.

    Governor Lumpkin alone cannot be held personally responsible for the removal of the Cherokees, for he was only one of many who were “ganging up” against them. He was trying to do according to what the majority of the citizens of his state wanted, and to preserve the peace and the rule of law, in the way he thought was best. In a book or article entitled “Removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia,” Governor Lumpkin wrote of his family background:
    “I am a native of Virginia, and was born in Pittsylvania County, January 14, 1783. When I was one year old my father removed to Georgia and settled in that part of the state then known as Wilkes County, now Oglethorpe County. My parents were of English descent on both sides, and (Virginia was) the birthplace of them and their ancestors for several generations past.

    “My father and his father, George Lumpkin, settled on Long Creek (Georgia) in the year 1784.

    This is the Second (Silent Grief) “Trail of Tears” from our homes
    and it must stop.

    I am ready to go to and become part of the movement to educate the people and I can be contacted @ “ I live in the notrh metro and lets ROLL.


    I’d love to see folks pick the above article apart. Its a good read for the laugh factor, at least. And if MERS is so darn “wonderful” why is it being BLASTED in courts across the country?


    Have the Washington State AG pick any case, in reality he will have over 85% chance that it it fraud from the start. He may pick from thee different demographics, Low income, Middle Class, and High Income families. They were all duped.

    I would propose he look into any loan financed by INDYMAC, COUNTRYWIDE, FIRST MAGNUS FINANCIAL, ARGENT, PINNACLE FINANCIAL, etc. There he will find all the stuff a dream case is made off.

    Just for starters, INDYMAC paid their corresponding lenders, mega brokers, brokers in every single state where they did business, granted without a license, additional commissions for every case the steered their way. These commissions were paid thirty days after settlement and the checked were being hand delivered to the brokers. This was their secret weapon, not even the loan officers knew of this additional commission, which was based on the amount of loans, the amount of money generated by the YIELD SPREAD PREMIUMS they earned and by the interest rates charged, points, size, type and number of loans.

    Their account executives were the ones actually underwriting the loans and became the yes or no people for the brokers. They knew very well that a housekeeper did not make $300,000 per year cleaning rooms for Howard Johnson Hotels. They knew that a secretary for a janitorial company could not afford a $1,500,000 home.

    They did not care since by the time the loan was table funded they had already sold it in advance, they had their money and ran.

    MERS, well I have bee to their offices here in Virginia, it is amazing how damage a briefcase company can inflict on all of us.

    Did any one give you a copy of your settlement papers at least 24 hrs before settlement?.

    There are millions of cases, he just need to place an anonymous add on any newspaper in Washington State and I am sure he will get a few people interested in contributing the loan papers and cases.

    He may even post a notice here in Livinglies and I am sure he will get a great deal of people sending him their cases.

  45. Thanks Dave,

    I believe we need to start by taking baby steps and start from there, and getting the ball rolling.

    I do understand that the steps to take may vary depending on the counties, cities and states. However, what would be the logical first step?. A first step that many of us can take and that has a limited risk for us but its impact is felt above and under water.

    I have written complaints to almost every single government agency, but they are too detached and they do not live in our communities for the most part, they tend to see the lender, pretender lender, bankers, foreclosure mills as the necessary evil and they see us a simple collateral damage due to “FRIENDLY FIRE”.

    I even talked to a task force detective from the Treasury Department and he told me they only fish at the bottom because those people have no real resources to defend themselves. If they go after the bankers, the people above them take over the cases and quickly settle them instead of digging deeper.

    I want to start something with simple coordinated steps that any one can take and them start pushing in one direction. Right now we are all divided, we have been atomized, our troubles are too big for us to pull ourselves up from the sewer they have placed us into. I would like to start a discussion of what to do next.

    If we all need to send QWR’s then we all should do it at the same time. If we all need to go next Friday to the court house and to the land records office, then we all should make it a point of doing so, and then keep doing it until they realize how screwed the system is. If I go by myself and you go by yourself in a country as big as ours, we would get lost in the “translation”. However if 1,000,000 of us wake up on Monday and decide to go to the Land Records office in our county make create a line two blocks long and call the media and alert the citizenry that our schools are underfunded, that our police department is underfunded, that our roads are not being fixed because these crooks defrauded the county coffers and forged documents, laundered money, have caused harm and hardship to all of us, then we may start the ball rolling.

    I bring this up in this fashion since we all are so worried about our own case, but we have not seen outside our shell. 4 out of every ten families have difficulty paying their mortgage. 9 out ten mortgages in this country were created with fraud.

    It is not only us as a family unit it is all of us. We need to start looking at this from the collective and how to organize our push for justice. Individually we may feel and believe we are victims, ans that is all fine. However, as a collective, we are stronger and have more impact. We can generate change. The police, the justice system, the politician, the media will be attracted to an organized movement that is focused and that has a clear goal and methods.

    I thank Mr. Garfield and Brian for the unstoppable efforts in teaching us the ropes. I believe it is time to take it to the next level once and for all.

    Our country needs it, our states need it, 45 states are on the verge of bankruptcy, our counties need it, our kids, our families use and require the services and support that right now they have no money to pay them with. Our neighborhoods need this effort, our homes are devaluing, our friends are crying, are depressed, our kids are feeling the pain. We all need it to take our country back, to take our homes back, to generate the rebirth of the AMERICAN DREAM, not a dream created by Madison Avenue, but a dream created and nurtured by ourselves, more solid, more permanent, our own AMERICAN DREAM.

    Let us all start talking not about how to defend individually, which I do understand we need to be aware and ready to fight for what is our, but we need to start talking about our next OFFENSIVE move. We need to set up groups of families that share and understand our plights, groups of professionals that will be willing to provide knowledge, experience and time. We need to start creating an organization that galvanizes our individual efforts into a collective force.

    When that happens, when our real voice is finally heard, the trumpets of the angels will clear up the way for justice and for our final victory.

    As I said before, it is within us, let us all bring it out with a great thunder.

    Who is up to going to the recorders office all over the country and start their learning and enlightening process. Who can generate a script for those going through the motions can look up for information and guidance?

    I am ready to do whatever it takes.

  46. I DO have the ear of our Attorney General. What they want is a case in WASHINGTON state that has violated the law. They want evidence….meaning a case whereby MERS has claimed to be the beneficiary, or evidence of forgery on the documents. What do I take to him?

    I need help. I have the audience, but need solid evidence!!!!





  49. I myself started doing collections in 1994. Initially on credit cards. Then made the move to collections on mobile homes then mortgages.

    In Sept 2001 I accepted employment at NARS-known as National Asset Recovery Services. In this position I was told I could sell mortgage notes on behalf of J.P. Morgan Chase down to as little as $5,000 if I couldn’t get the homeowner to pay.

    After 2.5 yrs on the job I found out they lied about having the right to sell mortgage notes for them. I think I should mention I also collected for Citi at this location right here by one of their main offices here in St. Louis.

    I also know about their drunken sailor nights. You know Client Citi comes to town from Dallas take em out to you know the east side. Mainly strip clubs, prostitutes and bars.

    The way I found out is because of a rogue mortgage investor. Rogue really puts it politely. But she invests only to make money from a homeowner or a bank she can sue. She lies cheats and everything else in between.

    Low and behold I figured out in Dec that the MO Sec of State has the board of directors for this company Nars as Dave Kreisman/Gerald Schapiro. Then started digging. I’ve found several different cases where they time and time again are getting busted. So I say GO FLORIDA GO FLORIDA! I’M SO GLAD I HAVE SOME PEOPLE TO HELP ME KEEP MY SANITY!

    Here’s my newest video:

    My blog covers so much of all the beginnings of what attorney Weidner and Stopa are facing currently. Everything I exactly said and then some. What sucks is that at any level you can’t get business done to make real money regardless of the truth as you may know it…

    I refuse to work for people who can lie lie lie…Here’s my newest video. By the way I found out my great grandfather was one of the first big timers in Hollywood. That my great great grandmothers name is Katie (Howard) Ohara. They’ve have eloquently used her name for years now. Well I’m here I’m a banker whose been trying to be honest and stop their lies. But the judges here in St. Louis are in on their fraud to no end along with the US Attorneys office.

    As far as media their useless. I post on these sites alot to make sure I get the word out. Knowing 1st hand how they operate makes them RECUSE RUN AND STILL STEAL YOUR HOME!!!

  50. Dave K.
    A county clerk in NY tried to stop all MERS mortgages from being filed, they lost on appeal. The courts stated that they had a legal right to file the mortgages in the name of mers as “mortgagee”
    Mers v. Romaine
    So here in NY that didn’t work.







  52. J L …

    When people start filing quiet title actions at the rate of 5,000 a week nationwide, the court system will sit up and take notice.

    Word will spread into the legislatures and the politicians in their “infinite wisdom” will want to know WHY.

    Then the bank lobbyists will again infiltrate the legislatures in an attempt to limit quiet title actions to where they can only be used to attack blatant title defects and not obligations they themselves created.

    This is when the people who sued to quiet title need to show up and start insisting the politicians start acting on behalf of the people and not the banks. Your quiet title action is your proof. If your title was quieted by a court, you did everything reasonably proper within your means. If the majority of the homeowner-borrowers sit by and do nothing, then they deserve the consequences.

    It’s that simple.

    If you’re going to do “tea party” style campaigning, then your suggestion of claiming mortgage fraud and contacting the authorities would probably be a prudent first step.

    I personally would start with the County Recorder’s office. After all, you don’t live in DC do you? The County Recorders are the ones that need to be educated. Once they realize they’ve been ripped off AND you assert that they’re part of the problem and the voters should know about it and that you’re going to organize a campaign to elect a new county clerk that will do something about it, you might enlist their cooperation to go with you to the DA’s office and have the County Recorder initiate a complaint. This is in essence what a qui tam action does, only one county at a time.

    The County Commission can then adopt an ordinance stating that MERS no longer has the right to file any documents in that county. All documents proving title to property, along with their relative security instruments, must be filed. Each document should be required to go through “screening” before it is recorded. The fees that would be hauled in from bring back the original recordation system could be enough to pay a couple of forensic analysts to review all incoming documents for suspected fraud or potential interruption of clear title. If they find this, they don’t record it until a judge looks at it. If they find suspected wrongdoing, then bring in the lab techs to scrutinize the doc for validity. Only those legitimate docs get recorded. The others get prosecuted. This is how you maintain order. It can all be done at the County Level, where YOU make a difference.




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