EDITOR’S NOTE: Here is a very good example of assuming nothing and challenging everything. The pretender lenders are depending upon you and the judge to rely upon initial impressions. These documents look fine from 6 feet away or if you just skim them. But when you start looking at everything you begin to see things in the same way that you solve a puzzle. When you first look at a puzzle you might not know where to begin. But as you examine it clues are revealed.

You can easily see from Laura’s comments below how these documents fall apart upon close scrutinization. For example, six different signatures from the same alleged VP on 20 different documents. Our recent comments directed toward the question of whether these people actually exist becomes increasingly important as we examine these documents. Make sure you look and make sure your Atty. looks closely for these kinds of discrepancies. I would venture to say that in virtually all cases you’ll find the discrepancies.

You must remember that this is not just a matter of finding the discrepancies but demonstrating them to a judge along with an argument based in law that the discrepancies are important enough to stop the pretender lender from going forward with any foreclosure.


Just a quick follow-up…

– Went to Clerk and Recorder’s office, and reviewed every assignment ever filed by Creative Mortgage Funding (initial lender). The signature of the then-vice president of Creative Mortgage Funding is DIFFERENT on most of these – in fact, I see a total of six distinctly different signatures on the 20 assignments that just went to Ohio Savings Bank/Amtrust. Some of them are assigned to MERS, and I suspect the signature of the VP on these is one of the robot-signers out there. The former VP now works as a VP of Sales for a different mortgage company.

– There are only two notaries on all of these assignments. One of whom I know worked for Creative Mortgage Funding (how could she not see that it wasn’t her boss’s signature on some of these assignments?) and is still a registered notary in the State of Colorado (lives just a few blocks from me). The other notary was the owner of the company that prepared the loan documents (Loan Docs, Inc.) and is no longer a registered Notary in Colorado, appears that she now lives in Nebraska and may have a liquor license. Both companies show in the Secretary of State’s office as administratively disbanded in 2006 and 2007 for failure to file annual report and pay annual fees.

As advised by Abby and others, I will be filing a complaint with the Notary division of the Secretary of State’s office before the week is out on both notaries, although I suspect they will only act on the complaint regarding the notary who is still registered.

– Received notice in the mail today, August 2nd, only one day after they became supposed servicer of record, from the alleged new servicer, Residential Credit Solutions, notifying me that they are the new loan servicer. Sent QWR out today, too :)

– Supposedly the NEW “owner” of my note is “Amtrust 2010 NP-SFR” – this is a LLC consisting of a “consortium” of Residential Credit Solutions (a debt collector in Fort Worth, Texas), CarVal of Minnetonka, Minn. (a private portfolio manager of undervalued and credit-intensive assets), and RBS Financial Products Inc. of Stamford, Ct, (a commercial real estate lender that purchases, sells and finances commercial and residential mortgage loans and other financial assets.) Oh, let’s not forget the FDIC, which has a 60% stake in this new LLC. Of course, none of this tells me who “owned” my loan prior to the failure of Amtrust Bank.

– Met with the Investigator on Duty of the Economic Crimes Division of our local District Attorney’s office today, and showed him all the notary fraud/misconduct I found, including 40 other (yes, 40!) assignments that were never signed and/or notarized or both from BAC Home Loan Servicing (Bank of America) – thought maybe if I showed him one of the “big guys” he’d be more interested, than in going after some “little guys” who aren’t even in business technically anymore. Well, he was very polite, spent about 40 minutes with me, asked some good pertinent questions (“but what is the harm TO YOU…”), but ultimately, told me they don’t have the resources to pursue such stuff as this… implied that there really isn’t any “true” harm since people are going to pay their mortgages to someone or are going to lose their houses regardless of who signed what… then actually told me I shouldn’t waste my time and energy worrying about “other people” and “chasing shadows”… in other words, go away little girl. Obviously, he doesn’t know me very well.

Ok, this wasn’t that “quick” of an update… but felt like sharing :)

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  2. Judge Judy?
    Judge Judy Hobbs, of Tyler Texas.
    You did a default judgment without reading the answer, looking at the evidence. You did it on July 22. Your judgment was so canned.

    Defendant didn’t answer — yes I did, you and that other attorney talked at length about it. He didn’t want my Notice of Fraud in my answer, you told him it would remain in the answer even if not admitted as evidence.

    Plaintiff purchased the premises at a foreclosure sale — if you saw the evidence, both the Plaintiff and I, a woman, non-resident alien, knew the Plaintiff didn’t purchase the property. Plaintiff was holding a “Special Warranty Deed”…what makes it special? I’ll tell you..the law firm representing it also represented the ‘supposed purchaser’ who purchased ‘without warranty expressed or implied’, so they make another Deed to put into court that appeared to be warranted and had me dispossessed.

    If you read the Notice, you’d have seen how they took an unknown entity and said they declared a default, and how they took a bad title, that was ‘at purchaser’s peril’ and turned it into a good title in your court.

    Your ‘writ of possession’ is all they needed to clean up that title, nice an pretty, and then there is the wait for the courthouse to destroy that ‘temporary’ Notice of Acceleration and Notice of Substitute Trustee that they filed, so that what’s left is an Appointment of a Substitute Trustee that was not by the Lender of Record in Texas, and that Trustee Deed that ‘fraud’ trustee, gave to the pretender, and added my name to. I wonder if that fraud trustee will ever go back and remove her name so that Trustee’s Deed is straight from me to the pretender.

    Judge Judy Hobbs…me and mine will remember you and your in-equal justice. Your court of incompetence, and how you were so ignorant of the matters of the world, as an officer of the court, you helped an attorney (another officer of the court) steal private property for a bank.

    When people wake up and stop spending that paper as if it’s real, when it’s valued at 5 cents, and they stop borrowing, and they barter and trade, and they ‘unregister’ from your system, we’ll get somewhere.

    I’m unregistered…is that why it was so easy to give my land away? Or should you have known you were moving the private property of a woman out of your system, and thus out of your jurisdiction, and thus the reason behind declaring a capacity as a of non-resident alien?

    July 22, 2010 Taylor, Texas…a day when a judge allowed an unknown entity, not even remotely a beneficiary, to enter into a private (trust deed) contract and dispossessed one who was lawfully siezed of unencumbered property from their premises.

    Judge Judy Hobbs, who by the stroke of a pen, authorized a trespass and went home and ate and slept as if what she’d done mattered to no one. As if she did a great job, dispensing her inequitable justice.

    Judge Judy Hobbs, it did.
    It mattered. It matters.
    How many more will you hurt? You are such a good servant. Now your court should see more business from that law firm, Bryce,Vander Linden, and Wernick – they can give you more fraudulent documents without showing you the Notice was fraud.
    They entered my Deed of Trust as evidence and you didn’t even read it? You assumed since they put it in as evidence, it supported their claim, didn’t you.

    Wow, someone was fooled by the nice law firm, weren’t you?

    If you ever decide to look at the evidence, it’s not too late to reverse your error in fact in both the courtroom and written judgment.

    Yep, your judgment was grossly defective, and you mailed it to me. Proof of the incompetence of your court to hear an eviction case that never should have been filed, and give the canned response from the cases you’ve heard before.

    I told you, we never had a landlord/tenant relationship. We are unknown to each other. You decided to enjoin us together into a contract so you could rule for them and issue a writ of possession against me.

    How easy would it be to steal your home under the same circumstances in your court Judge Judy Hobbs. You’d be all over it and asking the bailiff to arrest the perpetrator.

    Why couldn’t I have gotten something similar? Some Justice?

    There’s no justice, just us.

    Judge Judy Hobbs, Taylor Texas, I’m glad I’m not incompetent in my decisions.

    Light and Love,

    Neil, how can I donate without being monthly?
    Or better yet, how can I donate for so many months and cancel?
    I would have done it by now but I don’t like ‘perpetual contracts’ and don’t expect anyone else would either.

  3. Mike Dillon…

    Thanks so much for your reply, great site you’ve got going…Your contact infomation wasn’t letting me contact you!

    I can be found on or at

    I would love to to hear from you and possibly tie our states together through the reseach we have all done…

    Look forward to hearing from you,

  4. With all due regard I’ve gotten just about the same runaround, I called the police dept., they told me call the sheriff’s dept., they told me either it’s a civil matter or call the DA’s office, they told me its a civil matter. Let’s all face it, local law enforcement is worthless and they’re just getting rich off our backs in taxes and hush money. We have to get rid of them, if necessary by force for the sake of our communities.

    I can think of one way to help THIS IS ALSO A TIP FOR EVERYONE AS WELL. Anyone involved in anyones ‘case’ ie attorneys, notarys, signitories etc… run their names on PACER just first and last to see if they have ever gotten into trouble with the SEC. If everyone does this and posts what they find out with what area they’re in then with team work we’ll all be able to put more of the “PUZZLE” together alot faster to hand over to the FBI. So far I’ve managed to come up with some results, Quality Loan Service’s Attorney Kevin McCarthy (also its CFO) had already been charged for running a similar fake corporate scheme and sentenced to 4 years in prison back in 2002 by the SEC and DOJ. Two notaries that have showed up on deeds involving my house Michelle Nguyen (trustee’s deed) and Lisa Nguyen (grant deed) both also had a case against the by the SEC where they consented to judgment. And here’s another thing I’m not sure if it’s anuniversal connection but both cases involved securities having to do with health care companies.

  5. Does anyone know if, on the Note or Deed Trust, the Vice President’s signature of the “subsidiary lender” needs to be an ACTUAL signature in LA County? What if it’s just a stamped signature and the Assignment or sale of the Note was only stamped with the purchasing bank’s name (no signature. There is no notarized document on behalf our our original lender (a subsidiary of a Federal Savings Bank). The Deed of Trust is still in the name of the subsidiary lender who is now out of business. Any thoughts or knowledge on this in Los Angeles County?

    Thanks for any help that anyone with this knowledge can provide!

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  8. the funny thing is that they are stealing our homes, breaking families, they have created the deepest and most expensive recession ever. They have caused suicides, drug addiction, crime, family violence, they have forged documents, they have abused and violated our privacy, they have taken our money and never applied our payments on our accounts properly, they have violated every single rule in the book but the media, our neighbors, the governments local, statewide and federal spend more time in less important matters but that are more politically effective such as health reform, immigration, etc.

    I was amazed at the amount of people protesting for the Arizona immigration fiasco and theater. I have never seen any one protesting for home owners. I have never seen any politician really getting down an dirty defending our cause.

    When are we going to overcome the shame we think we have to carry with us when in fact we are victims. Just as a rape victim everything we have happening to us was done without our consent y in a very violent, dramatic and humiliating fashion and that is unraveling in front of all of us. When are we going to take our garden tolls and raise our voices in protest.

    Once again I submit to all of you the almost three million people that have visited this blog site and who learn everyday new things about the financial disaster these people in the name of profits have inflicted on all our families.

    When are we going to start calling the police en mass, the FBI en mass, the secret service since most of these illicit profits were shipped overseas in an effort to conceal the earnings and who made the huge fees, this is called money laundering. This financial Armageddon makes the drug war, the Iraq war, the Afghanistan War and all the other war conflicts in the history of man cheap in comparison.

    If we do not take the law in our hands and force the LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES. attorney general, district attorneys, judges, lawyers, and the community as a whole to take this matter seriously, we would have to then blame ourselves. Mr. Garfield and others have contributed a great deal in the effort, however, they are only human and limited in the grand scheme of things.

    These criminals have to pay. We need to keep our homes. They are buying and selling all these toxic assets with manufactured documents, and all we do is pray for things to work for us. No more praying for me.

    What are you waiting for?

    shall we organize a Tea Party like movement that votes, that contributes to these corrupt politician since it is the only language they will understand. The enemies of our families contribute to their campaigns, why don’t we do it as well?

    The corrupt lawyers contribute, the corrupt appraiser do as well, the corrupt foreclosure mills do it as well. What about you?

    When was the last time you wrote to every single judge in your state?, when was the last time you filed grievances with the State Bar Association?, when was the last time you wrote to Mr. Obama?.

    When was the last time you really had a purpose, a cause that really mattered? When was the last time you felt you were worth something?. This debacle has made us weak and frail spiritually, financially, however, we do have the high moral ground. I exhort everyone to start letting your fingers do the walking, let us start a new and highly energized I WANT TO KEEP MY HOME PARTY!

    why worry about immigration when your homes are being stolen with fraud, deceit and corruption. The poor immigrant are coming to work. the banker, the corrupt lawyer, judges, and law enforcement agencies came to steal and to facilitate the thievery.

    They have procured our demise unless we RAISE UP!!!!!

  9. Are there anybody in MD fighting for fraudulent foreclosures? I am trying to find some one, or an attorney who can defend the fraudulent foreclosure case. Originating lender (broker) is Intervale, aggeregator is Decision One, BONY as trustee. Note was endorsed by Intervale to Decision One and Decision One simultaneously assigned (not endorsed) it blank (to some one) . All these went out of business and shut down by OTS for predatory lending. The beneficiary on the Deed is MERS and Intervale is the lender, with no assignments and recordings. I was told that it is almost impossible to win any case in MD. I like to believe all the right causes to fight, but am disappointed to learn that laws don’t matter much. Neil reviewed my documents (title and initial securitization search) and suspected all the documents were forged. I found my signature was forged on the settlement statement and was not informed of interest only two year ARM until the settlement. time and I did not understand what I was signing. Any body knows any body who is fighting foreclosure fraud in MD?

  10. Laura,

    Keep in mind the FBI will NOT do anything to HELP you… they only prosecute the bad-guys. They “might” point you in a direction but that’s it. If they accept the case and that is a VERY BIG IF – it does not help you and once they accept it – they will NOT update you or let you know what is going on with it. It becomes a federal investigation and that’s about the end of it for you…

    They accepted our case – the boneheaded thieving foreclosure mill filed foreclosure against us – using FORGED documents & FORGED notary. The FBI is investigating our case for multiple FRAUDS – MANY FRAUDS – from beginning to end. They took the case 8-months – subpoenaed my files – meet with them for quite-a-few hours – didn’t even get a cool FBI hat – bummer dude – they have taken the case but I’ve not heard a peep from them…

    I then figured well – the punks are attempting to steal our house using forged docs – so, I called the local sheriff’s dept. It took a few times – they listened – took notes… Like you – I have several other properties that these punks have already foreclosed and tossed the families to the streets – so, my intention of sick’n the police on them was to confiscate all their computers – file criminal charges against them, which would royally screw them up for practicing law – and probably get in all kinds of trouble in the end but at least I would disrupted the punks for a while. This foreclosure mill has 4-partners – 24 attorneys – 65 paralegals – 15 managers – and 113 other employees… yep did my homework… A few days later the investigator called me up – he was TOLD TO BACK DOWN and DO NOT GET INVOLVED. He couldn’t go into details – though did a little but I can’t – but suffice to say – he simply said you already have the FBI investigating your case…? Yes, I answered but this freaking foreclosure mill is tossing 40-50 families PER DAY to the streets – by the time the FEDS get their butts in gear – how many thousands of families will LOSE everything they own… He simply said – they have more accountants on it than they have investigators.. don’t rock the boat…

    However, I filed an Attorney Grievance with the Attorney Grievance Commission in our state. We’ve had several exchanges. Here’s the thing – in our state (MD) it is an ethical violation for an attorney to knowingly submit false affidavits… not to mention illegal… but this is an ETHICAL Commission NO legal decision will be made… but per the Attorney’s Ethical Cannon – & – the Judges Cannon – which both include those on the Ethical Panels – if they even KNOW-OF an Ethical/Illegal violation and do NOTHING about it then they are liable. So, in my polite discourses which take forever to exchange in writing – no emails – all snail mail – I promptly reminded them that everything being exchanged they should CONSIDER AS EVIDENCE because I fully intend to have this firm’s attorneys disbarred and anyone who ignores their actions.

    I have downloaded several appellate court cases from our state and copy-pasted their comments towards lying thieving attorneys that submit bs to the courts. I don’t do it rudely – but I DO HIGHLIGHT IT with BOLD TEXT just so they see it… sometimes them old-guys don’t see so well…

    The only thing left is to buy me a used U-Hauler – paint that puppy up with SIGNS – McVeigh’s Customized Explosive Vehicle Coming to a Foreclosure Mill real soon… I’ve been warned by our sheriff’s dept and the FBI that they will arrest my ass if I do… but some times a dude has gots to do what a dude must do…

    Just something to think about – of all the arrests and losses we hear from time to time – how many arrests do you hear in comparison to how many families are being tossed to the streets…

    If the law is NOT going to protect us, sooner or later we need to realize that they aren’t going to… i will never-ever raise a hand to a policeman or anyone of such authority they are not our enemy. These lenders & foreclosure mills are no different than the Terrorist & Insurgent team working together to torrorize and destroy our families. It beomces more & more obvious that our laws are only going to be applied to the us bottom-feeders… it is glaringly obvious the big-dogs that created this mess are under the illusion of being untouchable. That is a very serious mistake… THEY ARE FREE GAME including their families – they are all al qaeda in my book…

  11. Abby – unfortunately, in Colorado, there is no statutory requirement for Notaries to be bonded. But thanks for the tip – I’m going to find out if maybe, even though not required, one or both of these notaries was or is bonded. When a notary quits being a notary, they are required to turn their journal’s into the Secretary of State’s office. Will call them tomorrow to see if it’s possible for me to acquire some copies of the relevant pages – nice tip 🙂 Not sure if it will be of much help though…in Colorado, notaries aren’t required to track in a journal documents that are kept as part of a business’s regular business records. But it’s worth following up on 🙂 Could lead to more evidence to bolster what I’m sure will eventually be a court filing of Show Cause why this assignment shouldn’t be stricken 🙂

    David – Yup, in Colorado, fraudulent/improper notarization can void the original document 🙂 And so far, I’ve not found any time constraints on it either – still researching though 🙂

    Far as I know, forgery is fraud. For sure, it’s a class 5 felony under § 18-5-102(1)(c), 6 C.R.S (1998). Forgery charges tend to go hand-in-hand with criminal impersonation charges – a class 6 felony in Colorado under §18-5-113(1)(d), 6 C.R.S. (1998). Not familiar with Texas statutes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if something along the lines of Colorado’s laws is there. The UCC also addresses forgery, and under § 4-1-201(43) “unauthorized signatures” include signatures made “without actual, implied, or apparent authority, and includes a forgery.”

    For others in Colorado who may be researching what I’m working on: The one statute I’m finding most helpful in Colorado is 38-35-109(3) which states: “Any person who offers to have recorded or filed in the office of the county clerk and recorder any document purporting to convey, encumber, create a lien against, or otherwise affect the title to real property, knowing or having a reason to know that such document is forged or groundless, contains a material misstatement or false claim, or is otherwise invalid, shall be liable to the owner of such real property for the sum of not less than one thousand dollars or for actual damages caused thereby, whichever is greater, together with reasonable attorney fees.”

    Even if I can’t get the assignment voided, I’ve at least got a claim for damages 🙂

  12. Abby:

    In my case the other side has conspired together and used some type of
    technology to remove the thumbprint out of the notary journal.

    Everyone please check out the following link and you will see what I am talking about.

    My attorney called Barkley Court Reporters in Century City and was livid
    that the thumbprint was obliterated.
    The bad actors here are Fidelity National Title Company and
    OneWest Bank.
    I plan to go to the Los Angeles County District Attorney….these guys are
    really playing dirty!

  13. Great Job – exposing the documents…

    I had the same experience with state attorneys office – not interested – to poor to prosecute… I keep thinking then – I should get a copy of the Certificate of Satisfaction – PAID IN FULL – robo-sign the signatures – file with the land records for 40-bucks and simply explain – hey, there really isn’t any true harm is there – the pretender lender was already paid – the servicer had no authority – the Trust sold the damn thing so many times they lost it – so what the hell – at least now “I” know where it is… 

    If those documents were presented and recorded – then used in the courts – they are now evidence as Fraud on the Courts. File an Ethical Complaint against the lawyers – law firm – and especially the notaries. I thought I read somewhere that once FRAUD (forgery is fraud I think) is attached to the documents – they are automatically NULL & VOID. I can’t remember where or if I’m totally correct – but I’m almost sure that once FRAUD is part of the deal – the deal can no longer be trusted – period.

    One thing is FOR-SURE – there needs to be VERY deliberate and legally accurate statement prepared for THAT type of comment from judges & attorneys. It is offensive and they know damn-well it is wrong. No freaking harm done – as long as they are taking OUR property – no harm done. Even though the debt no longer exists – the paperwork no longer exists – they forged the documents are owed no money – but no harm is really done…

    If the signatures are forged but no harm was done – then your signatures were mistaken and THEY OWE YOU A LOT OF MONEY because you accidentally sent them monthly checks… In fact, the signatures stating you OWN the property are correct – it’s just those other signatures that claim you promise to pay – you don’t who signed that thing… maybe it was the same person who signed their affidavits…?

    Just some ramblings…

  14. CEA
    the notary stamp should say the county the notary is regstered in.

    contact that county recorder and ask for a copy of the notary’s bond. I did it…very easy to do.

    bigger problem–in California, once notary is no longer a notary they are supposed to turn in their notarial journal to the county recorder—but my guy did not. It should have the fingerprints of anyone who signed a property related document.

    we are supposed to be able to pay a tiny fee and get a copy of the page of the notarial journal, along with the copy of the fingerprint.

    where oh where is the journal???

  15. Thanks everyone for the tips and suggestions!

    Today’s discovery is that the copy of the appraisal I was given in 2002 directly by the appraiser isn’t the same as the copy that is in my closing documents. The copy I was given directly is $119,000, the copy that is in my closing paperwork states $125,000. Other than the front page and the numbers page, it is otherwise identical to my copy. To be honest, I thought $119,000 was high at the time. Market value now is, at best, $55,000…

    Question: Is there a time limit on claiming TILA violations? I thought you had to claim on them within 3 years but so many of the complaints and cases I’m looking at list TILA violations even though the loan was funded more than 3 years ago… is this just a strategy for time?

    Dave – I called the Denver FBI bureau, and they connected me (and gave me direct number, which kind of surprised me) with an investigator who was out of the office so I’ll try to catch up with him later. I decided against leaving a message for now… my local county clerk & recorder is staffed with people who are so terrified of violating the “don’t give legal advice” mantra that even when you do point out something obvious, all they say is “speak with a lawyer.” It’s the canned answer to just about every question asked. (“Where’s the bathroom? Speak to a lawyer…”) They pretty much will record ANYTHING without even a cursory look at it. Seriously, I probably could hand them a blank sheet of paper and they’d record it. One of the clerks, however, has been discretely helpful when she’s on duty alone… they aren’t all robots.

    Mike – my understanding is RESPA requires the prior servicer/lender to notify you at least 15 days *before* transfer, and the new servicer/lender must notify you within 15 days of transfer becoming effective. Prior servicer and new servicer can use a combined notice prior to effective date, too. I could be wrong about this but it’s how I’m reading it 🙂 FDIC notified me before transfer, RCS notified me day after transfer became effective – and actually called me today (but I played the “She’s not home” game. I’m not prepared to discuss anything with them over the phone – I know better!)

    Kelly – I know what you mean and how you feel, very much so. 45 myself here 🙂 I didn’t learn that defending my rights was my responsibility, not the courts, until a few years ago. Quite the fantasy buster that was… makes it hard to enjoy Law & Order now…

    My email is goinggreyfast at gmail btw


  17. oh and jan van eck. there were jews who helped the Nazis.

    we have a term for them ‘KAPO” WE TOOK CARE OF THEM DONT WORRY.




  18. CEA,

    For Florida the bonding agency is listed in the states weblisting…

  19. KT, drop me a line through my site when you have a moment. It would be nice to be able to compare local notes. While I’m in NH, I’ve got a few friends in ME that are/will be dealing with FC issues soon. Someone with a local feel always comes in handy.







  21. you guys dont get it.

    1 million foreclosures this year is all the proof the judge wants unless the judge is like Pharoah and has a heart that is made of stone.

    to get the point across we need to rally the troops and protest in front of the district attorneys office until he/she gets it.





  22. Jan van Eck: >file a claim against the Notary Bond insurer.

    Brilliant idea!

    With your experience, could you tell us, how one can find out who that is, especially if the notary is from another state?
    Many thanks!

  23. Karen Pooley-
    I thought I could help you with the MERS beneficiary, but I am in FL. Do you know anyone is Wash with a KB home who financed through Countrywide? That’s how MERS ended up on my paperwork. I hope that helps you out some…

  24. Love to hear from anyone with the fraudulent signer and her notary.

    Mary Jo McGowan (vp signer)
    Maria L Gerholdt (notary)

    Both of these ladies have signed, Affidavits, assignments, and satisfactions, for the banks listed below…

    Chase Home Finance
    Chase Manhattan
    Waterfield Mortgage/Union Federal Bank
    as well as vp for MERS, some of these signings have taken place on the same day for different banks and different documents.

    We have also found quite a few variations in Mary Jo McGowan’s signatures, this has all taken place in several counties in FL. and also here in Maine.
    The fraudulent signers on Maine docs are all coming out of Pinellas county Florida…

    Thank-you for your time, much appreciated!!

  25. It just occurred to me today as I was talking with my wife about our case just how deeply Neil’s admonition to “assume nothing/challenge everything” really goes.

    I just realized that I need to challenge whether or not my “servicer” is REALLY my servicer. I have no evidence that they are/were my servicer except their assertion that they were. Maybe they can prove they were/are the servicer, but then again, maybe they can’t.

    The devil really IS in the details. And the “details” start to unravel when you assume nothing–NOTHING, even the most basic “facts” of a case. Because this whole foreclosure/securitization scam is merely an illusion built on assumptions that have been drummed into our heads since before we could talk.

    Now that I think about it, maybe there is one thing you SHOULD assume–that everything the banks/lenders/foreclosers say is untrue.

  26. Karen,
    Good job … it should be easy to “find the crime.”!

  27. To anyone in Washington State:

    I have finally gotten the ear of our Attorney General….I know his wife, found that out at my high school reunion. What I need is any paperwork from MERS signed as the beneficiary. OR any discrepancy of signators on any paperwork!

    I have the ear of the Attorney General, now I have to find the crime.

    Please help.

  28. Correction … Consumer Solutions is the lead Defendant in this action.

  29. Laura …

    The FBI is currently investigating mortgage fraud. This is their current agenda. They’ve been ordered to act in this direction now because of all of the brouhaha connected with Operation Stolen Dream. The bureau in Denver should be able to handle this.

    On another note …

    Consumer Solutions REO LLC is the party in Fort Worth you are seeking. I am working as a paralegal on a civil action filed in Van Zandt County, TX against them. They are the lead plaintiff and several of their personnel are facing grand jury indictments for fraud under Texas Penal Code 37.101. I purposefully used this to ratchet up the case to make it more palatable to settle in lieu of going to trial by jury and grand jury. Once they realize what they are facing, most of their staffers will quit. When they quit, it makes it easier to get their grand jury testimony and their senior staffers and owners then become the targets. If in fact this group is a debt collection agency, I will find out if they have a bond posted with the Secretary of State. If they do not, we will file a complaint with the AG’s office here.

    First American Loss Mitigation Services is another client out of Fort Worth, TX that is also a defendant in this case.
    If anyone else needs service of process on any of this, we have process servers that have already tracked these people down and know where they are.

    As to BSE’s comment … you can’t just go to the DA without assistance. You need your attorney (I ope you understand the jurisdictional requirements for getting one) and the local County Recorder to go with you. They will listed to them if your arguments have merit. This is what we’re doing in our case. There is a sigh clearly posted in the Van Zandt County DA’s office about filing false documents!

    The County Recorder also needs to understand if MERS is involved, which they are in the case in Texas, that their office has been ripped off for millions of dollars, unbeknownst to them, and they need to stand up for what’s right here and get the county’s money back. This will give them impetus because in most jurisdictions, this is an elected post. They will look like a hero (or heroine) to the taxpayer-voters for doing this.

  30. Very interesting! Good work, Laura.

    Neil, I’m wondering about this:

    Any merit do you think? Didn’t mean to hijack this thread, but don’t see where I can send to your e-mail.

  31. Laura,

    Wonderful investigative work. Every homeowner should be motivated to look for the same fraud in their own documents, and to help other homeowners find it in theirs.

    District Attorney’s in every state, law enforcement, and the surprisingly disappointing U.S. Court system can and will be forced to pay attention. I just hope they don’t wait until their own home is stolen out from under them to do the job the U.S. tax paying citizen selected them to do.

    Sometimes things just aren’t important until they happen to you. I know this is true of me. I’m not proud of it. I never knew how much I didn’t know. I’m 48 and I’m just now realizing our Government isn’t peachy. I thought the United States was perfect.

    But I do know one thing for sure. What goes around, comes around. I don’t know how long it takes, I don’t care. I just know it’s true. And that’s all that matters to me.

  32. The reality is that, in some number of cases, the “Officer” that signed the assignments does not have a real, or corporeal, existence. The outfit just made him up.

    The other reality, in Laura’s case, is that the “Notary” knew perfectly well what was going on and was a willing participant in the frauds. I would suggest the notarizations were all signed off “in blank” and later someone else simply filled in a signature. I have seen this happen with the notary signing for a non-existent person (the actual signer remains unknown). Just lovely.

    For those aggrieved, you can file a claim against the Notary Bond insurer. You will only get, at maximum, the value of the bond, set by State Statute (and in Florida is only $7,500.) But some cash from here is better than nothing, and gets you some capital to launch other lawsuits. If enough claims are made against Bonds then the underwriters will stop writing these people and the frauds will, in the future, diminish, so you do a social service by filing the claim.

    Once you can demonstrate that a signature is fraudulent, then you have a “break in the chain of title” and that allows you to attack the Note and the Security. You can also start to file suit(s) against the people in the chain, on the reasonable grounds that they knew perfectly well that the assignments were a fraud, and participated in them nonetheless by their acts of “purchase” at a discount for the Note.

  33. Unless I’m mistaken, Laura, according to Sec. 6 of RESPA that “hello” letter from Res Cred should have arrived a minimum of 15 days prior to the transference of service to them.

  34. The D.A. or other investigators will not do much. I have been down this road. The response will be the same,
    ” Prove your damage complete with any inflections. ” White collar investigators on this level are worthless and only provide a “canned” response.
    They are directed to unknowingly participate in the cover up as it continues.

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