A Person with Resources

I’ll let her tell you what she knows and how she can help you. Those who like to dig a little deeper will find her intriguing at the least.

Kelly L. Hansen
33605 W. 88th Street
De Soto, KS 66018
913-273-1448 Fax
NOTE NEW E-MAIL: wellsfargo.badbank@wellsfargo.com
NOTE NEW E-MAIL: kellylhansen143@yahoo.com

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  1. This is the email that I have for her. ctsmyhon@yahoo.com But she has since said that her computer system has been taken over by a 3rd “entity”. So email at your own risk

    This is her blog.


  2. this Info does not work

  3. Here in WordPress, it’s just a quickie setup from last week — I have big plans for the site!


    Kelly L. Hansen

  4. Yes, I, my mistake, I have WELLS FARGO on the brain, my correct e-mail address is:

    (I have Wells Fargo on the brain, I must admit)


    and if that one doesn’t go anywhere PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!

    I’ve had to change my e-mails constantly this last month because they along with my entire network are being surveilled recorded daily by the U.S. Treasury. I’m sick of it.

    Thanks Neil for the kind words, makes me feel good coming from you!

    Kelly L. Hansen

  5. Neither email worked for me.

    How can this person help?

  6. Someone from Wells Fargo has insight ? This is
    information I must obtain. Angela In Atlanta, GA says the email address is incorrect…ummmmm

  7. A soldier came upon a hill overlooking a valley of which he knew a great battle would be waged. He positioned himself at the crest peering over its edge to look down into the fields. His guns tight in his grasp, all his senses keen.

    Below, he saw the enemy camp. The traitors- that’s what they are. The ones who would take his lands and tear his heart apart, who knew no rules of war, for there are none for such kind as them.

    He knew his job, for all men in war have a job. All men have a commander, or at the very least someone of whom they must finally account to.

    His job was to take life. To be precise in the path of his bullet; to show no mercy. He did not choose this job, and he did not want this job, but it is his job. He had no choice, and he would do his job.

    He gazed into the camp below of the enemy, and he saw they all wore the same colors. The colors of the sides they choose. Some of the men wore these colors by birth, and others by ideals alone, choosing to wage battle on the side of whose words spoke loudest to his ear.

    What the soldier did not know though, was that within this valley camp were his side’s greatest weapons. That among the men below, wearing the colors of the traitors, and doing a traitors job, a daily task, were the men who were the bravest, men who took the greatest risks in war.

    For a man to be walking about in the camp of the enemy and to wear their colors, yet to hold your allegiance to the others, yes, that is a great risk.

    And he saw a sign, a signal devised to alert his eye, and he rested back on his stance, taking comfort that among the traitors below, doing the traitors jobs, the daily tasks, and wearing the colors he fought, were men with the same heart as he, and that in this war they were a better weapon for his cause then his.

  8. Intriguing, but why the incorrect contact information?

    I very much doubt she has a @wellsfargo.com email address.
    The other one goes nowhere…

    mta1053.mail.sp2.yahoo.com #554 delivery error: dd This user doesn’t have a yahoo.com account (kellylhansen143@yahoo.com) [-5] – mta1053.mail.sp2.yahoo.com ##

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