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EDITOR’S NOTE: AFTER MUCH FIGHTING WITH MYSELF OVER THIS I’VE DECIDED TO ALLOW POSTINGS FROM LAWYERS LOOKING TO DEFEND HOMEOWNERS. Here is the first one picked at random. I do not know this lawyer. But I think it is important to start allowing people to see what I see. There are many lawyers out there. Some are good, some not so good. Make up your own mind and if you do use one of them, let me know or post a comment on this blog post.

I’m an attorney located in SF Bay Area. After over a decade in a different area of practice, for over a year have been filing wrongful foreclosure complaints – and doing demurrer and unlawful detainer oppositions — in CA state courts. Also doing consumer bankruptcy filings (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13), incl adversary proceedings.

I also do contract work in same areas for another attorney. In our cases, the northern district bankruptcy judges seem to be sending the state law-based void mortgage and civ code 2923.5 and 2924 claims to state court if no state court complaint has been filed before filing the adversary.

I do not provide loan modification, re-financing, short sale, cash-for-keys, etc. services, except to the extent they are offered as litigation settlement options.

In bankruptcy, some secured loans (home and vehicle) can be modified and/or “crammed down” through bankruptcy motions and litigation

For litigation, except in rare factual circumstances, I prefer cases where no trustee sale has been held, loan and note written between 2003-2007, no unlawful detainer judgment (unless client has means to pay statutorily required undertaking). Property must be located in CA and be owner-occupied residence. I am particularly interested in cases that may involve abuse of the elderly or disabled individuals (particularly reverse mortgages). I prefer state court litigation except for bankruptcies, thus i am not the one to come to for primarily TILA/RESPA cases.

I am currently only taking on cases re: homes located in the general SF Bay and Sacramento regions, sorry. But, for all CA clients I can provide at an hourly rate unbundled legal research and writing services for homeowners representing themselves in foreclosure or unlawful detainer defense litigation.

Otherwise, flat fees for Ch 7 and 13 bankruptcy filings; reasonable retainer + hourly fee for state court litigation. In some cases, may request permission to use co-counsel. I’m sorry but right now i cannot take on any more pro bono clients.

To schedule a free initial consultation — in person preferred, if within geographical region described below — please contact or (415) 728-9808.

Jamilla Moore
The Law Office of Jamilla Moore

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  2. I sent you an email Ms. Moore, I’d like to discuss my home foreclosure situation with you.

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  4. Are there any attorney’s in Houston Texas that get its hard to find a really good lawyer here?

  5. He’s from California? He’s no good trust me I lived here my whole life. Just look at up the California BAR on the SOS website to compare the date of incorporation with the date on the California State BAR seal. something very hinky about the legal profe$$ion in Califuckya.

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