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To Whom It May Concern (i.e. all of us);

One of the remaining pink elephants in the room for distressed American homeowners is the heretofore successful national narrative that homeowners who endeavor to bring all parties together, before a Judge, in a Court of law, are doing so to gain a free home, not to pursue justice. For most of us, nothing could be further from the truth.

There is a natural, and painfully slow progression of shock, reaction, understanding, enlightenment and response that occurs during and after times of national crisis and disaster. In the initial stage(s) of the crisis, there is societal disorientation and confusion which allows any party(s) that may have been responsible for perpetrating the disaster, free reign to manipulate the national response, the media and therefore the national discussion. The initial societal confusion and disorientation also affords the instigators of the disaster a window of opportunity to profit at the expense of the citizenry and to attempt to put into place, measures to cover their tracks and to attempt to perhaps avoid legal repercussions at a later point in time.

As knowledge, understanding and enlightenment within the citizenry grows, so does the prospect of correcting the destructive path that the crisis-instigators steered us toward. The citizenry is handicapped in many ways. A seemingly insurmountable obstacle for the citizenry, is that the crisis-instigators are unofficial owners, managers and operators of the bulk of the nation’s legal community.

To add insult to injury, common sense suggests that most of the mortgage-crisis-instigators and perpetrators have, and continue to, use citizenry paid tax dollars, via TARP and other stimulus measures, to hold the Courts at bay while they attempt to criminally coerce homeowners, deceive investors, extort property, launder property ownership/title records, make evidence disappear, cover their tracks and generally keep We The People on a path to increase their wealth, and eliminate our own.

The citizenry would be wise to step out in front of the crisis-instigators and to take decisive constructive action to protect ourselves and our country, by beginning to change the substance and tone of the national narrative. We should not waste valuable time and energy focusing upon what has been done. Our time and energy would be better spent learning from the wrongdoing of the past and applying the lessons we’ve learned to what should happen now and what will happen next.

How might we accomplish this?

We might consider making it clear, when we have all of the parties together in a Court of Law, that we do not want a ‘free’ home. Perhaps we make it clear that, if anything, we would want American taxpayers repaid by the servicers/entities that have managed to extort taxpayer dollars (probably) multiple times over, in full, for the same piece of property. Responsible American homeowners not only want justice, relief and remedy for ourselves, we also want justice, relief and remedy for our neighborhoods, our communities, our counties, our states and for our country.

A responsible American homeowner, taxpayer and citizen might consider making it clear to the Court(s), the media, the politicians, our neighbors, anyone who will listen, and each other, that we are fighting against the offending parties, for the privilege to pay fair market value for our homes and to pay that fair market value to the appropriate “Lender”, which, no matter how you want to slice it, IS now the American taxpayer. If, in the process, we are able to expose misconduct and massive fraud, it would behoove each of us to designate all American taxpayers as the beneficiaries of the monetary penalties and awards that may result.

Maybe individually and collectively, we can begin to enlist our local communities, our city councils, our local banks and credit unions in our quest for justice and our attempt to expose the massive fraud that has been perpetrated upon all of us.

Most of the puzzle pieces necessary to begin correcting the pre-meditated mortgage crisis, have now been discovered or are within reach. There is no time like the present, to begin moving those puzzle pieces around, to see which ones fit best where, in efforts to begin the migration of wealth back into the deserving hands of American taxpayers.


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  1. Check out what this non profit organization in Boston is doing to help distressed homeowners!

  2. As always, a great read!

  3. Fight the Fight !
    Die you usurious bastards !
    Never give up !
    Until lambs become lions !

  4. Neil,

    Please send this to all the judges! I couldn’t agree with you more. Hence my opinion…Am I better to make $12-20 the rest of my life or stick up for myself to be heard and make $50m and retire! They shouldn’t OBSTRUCT JUSTICE SO BAD…WANT ME TO PAY MY BILLS GIVE ME A REAL BANKER!!! A NON-THIEVING ONE PERFERABLY…

    As I do know some bankers who aren’t THIEVES and BELIEVE in HONEST BUSINESS if there’s any left to be DONE!

    Keep up the great work!!!


  5. I feel that joining this fight against being a pawn in their sick little game is my civic duty!


  6. amen…to everyone. my home is a jailhouse now as lovely as it is, was my dream home but now its tainted and represents a lot of severe pain and 2 yrs almost of sacrifice, fighting for my due process, otherwise i would have walked in this walk away state a long time ago, but consider, my home was my sactuary, my creation my castle, i pray here i rest here i grow here in what used to be a peaceful place, also im in it because its where i get shelter and i paid a lot of money, infact every dime and asset i had because i was duped.. ( wow, expensive rental!) my retirement plan is gone into those bottomless pit pockets of the undeserving fraudsters.i am not to blame but those WHO KNOW EXACTLY PRECISELY AND EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, the servicers the trustees the insureres the investment bankers not to mention the appraisers the rating agencies the REO real estate pillocks, LPS, oops i nearly forgot the developers, sure some may not have understood the length and depth of the ponzi scheme and got caught up in the feeding frenzy, but overall what they did was dishonest and out of sheer greed and they continue to support their lies (as do their attorneys) that have done untold damage, with no remorse, repackaging, reselling claiming illegal tax relief AND THE GOVERNMENT helps THEM and they have the brass balls to stand in court under oath and lie. However, there are some judges who will not look for an “out” and do their best, as they pledged to do, as will some attorneys.. GOD KNOWS WE NEED MORE GOOD MEN AND WOMEN LIKE THIS, WHO WILL DO THE JOB THEY PROMISED TO DO.and sometimes truth breaks through. I PERSONALLY FEEL DEEP PAIN to i hear that there are people, and believe me i know there are people, who think homeowners are to blame and think they can pull a legal loophole and get a free house, but there are also those that are starting to get it, and i for one spread the word simply because it is truth.i have literally sacrified nearly 2 yrs of my life and most of what i earn on attorney fees and much of that was spent on the wrong attorney after putting in huge amounts of overtime and coming to my jailhouse exausted beyong words. PUT A PRICE ON THAT. free house my ass. its all very well this damage limitation talk, truth, restoration and healing. whats done is done in my case and truth is truth, is there any other way to live i ask you.

  7. Great commentary… have long said that HAMP and every other effort put forth was a time buying scheme by HUD, F &F, WS and all the crooks to abate distressed homeowners while they attempted to cover their tracks.. clear titles and deconstruct so called MBS “trusts”

    In the last few months we have seen the last ditch effort “short sales” which has not worked and the refinance push which the American people have refused to take the bait dumbfounding the “instigators”

  8. Not only am I not looking for a free house, I’m not even trying to get back the one that was foreclosed. But I don’t think the criminals should profit from their crimes, and any money they made off these deals needs to be equitably divided among taxpayers, insurers, investors, borrowers, and other creditors who got stiffed by these crooks.

    That’s going to take, not just litigation, but prosecution, starting on a local level with the fraud and tax evasion perpetrated against the cities, counties, and states.

    I also want the title to be cleared, and for the “lenders” to be stripped of any right they may think they have of collecting a deficiency that does not exist, or sticking me with an income tax bill for debt forgiveness they have no authority to grant or report.

  9. Free ???? are you kidding me.. .I have paid almost 500K in loans for homes that were already paid for…. further the mandatory insurance charged monthly to me reinbursed FURTHER the bank paying for the house AGAIN. THEN there was TARP paying a third time.. I am I counting correctly??

  10. Neal, great piece of writing!

    Mike Maunu

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