1. “Trust me, I’m your friend.”

  2. “Hi! I want to be your Lender” (pretender lender)

  3. “I’ve got a great deal for you”

  4. “Here is the name of the underwriter of your loan.”

  5. “Here is the appraisal — it came in higher than your deal.”

  6. “You can rely on the appraisal”

  7. “It’s a 30 year loan” (1-6 years actually)

  8. “This is your interest rate”

  9. “This is your APR”

  10. “Prices only go up in housing”

  11. “You’ll be able to refinance in a year and take out more money.”

  12. “Here is the name of your Lender”

  13. “It’s just a formality”

  14. “These are form documents and cannot be changed”

  15. “You don’t need a lawyer”

  16. “This is a straight forward industry standard loan.”

  17. “This is the mortgage broker” (versus several parties undisclosed acting as brokers)

  18. “The settlement statement shows all the fees and commissions.”

  19. “Your payments will be credited to your account.”

  20. “The settlement statement shows the insurance contracts.”

  21. “This is the beneficiary under your deed of trust.”

  22. “This is the mortgagee under your mortgage.”

  23. “This is the balance due on your loan.”

  24. “This is a computer printout of the accounting for all credits and debits on this loan.”

  25. “Your loan is in default.”

  26. “Your loan was assigned.”

  27. “We are the holder of the note.” (have they been receiving payments?)

  28. “This is the original note” (printed on color printer)

  29. “I’m the records custodian.”

  30. “These are the business records.”

  31. “I am familiar with the history of this loan.”

  32. “I’m an officer of MERS.”

  33. “Third party payments are irrelevant.”

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  2. And the real material facts are a SUPRISE


    Here’s another lies, have you heard about deutsche bank national trust company in santa ana, ca? i think this company is a private company that is not a subsidiary of deutsche bank group. i can’t find any business entity under this in SOS of Ca under the name deutsche bank national trust company . we might mistaken this company as DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST CORPORATION (DBTCorp) a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank Group based in germany). this is company with the name” national ” is a private company. who bought defaulted notes secured by deed of trust or mortgages. many houses that has been foreclosed or going to be foreclosed is under this company’s name with “National” trust company. in my case, 2 of my foreclosed house has been under the name of DEUTSCHE BANK NATIONIAL TRUST COMPANY WHEN I SEARCHED IT after june 15, 2010, with MERS Servicer ID, and the alleged secured creditors is different from what mers has disclosed. in MERs, Servicer ID it will tell you who is the investor of your loan. Get you copy of deed of trust with MIN# which has 18 numbers on the front page of you deed of trust, then enter that number. and it will tells you the investors of your loans. and the MERS status if it is active or inactive. my houses who has been foreclosed is Inactive from MERS files, meaning either it was charged off, paid off, transfer to proprietary registry, converted to paper or registration reversal. this is how mers requirement to change the status from Active to INACTIVE. therefore, when the property is already INACTIVE , the loan services no longer has the right to collect any payments unless, the loan servicer paid off the debts in a discounted rate or was charged off from the investors books. so why would this loan servicer try to foreclosed when the debts has been paid off or charged off? is this called double dipping and a violation of IRS tax code? now, i think this Deutsche bank national trust company in santa ana, ca is the the buyer of all junk notes and charge off debts? can a lawyer figure this out?

  4. Niel; Are You going to make the Seminar I am putting on featuring John Stuart and the new doctrine of “Show Me the LOAN” that has developed recently. Please call Me for details or send an email. There are available seats, although We are working on getting a couple of radio and television stories going later today. Mike

  5. Where you in cahoots with Mr. B. cause he told me the same as above. Gee you sound like you were an participant at my “American Whole Sale Lender”, one more
    “Countrywide”, “Bank of New York Mellon” or
    ” Recontrust N.A.” or is it “Bankster’s of America”, OH SHIT I Almost forgot about “Bank of America”. Dammit I I forgot
    TO ADD (MERS)”Mortgage Electronic Registry Service”. SO IT
    MUST BE SPIN THE BOTTLE AND “MERS” can choose the servicer, HOLDER of The NOTE, Chain of Title????
    Still waiting and paying a Great Attorney. I wish I could name names. HANG IN THERE AND FIGHT, AMERICA NEEDS TO KICK ASS ON TO THE PERPETRATOR’S.

  6. Neil

    Thanks as usual for this latest effort!!

    Any chance that the families who created and now maintain the private so-called Federal Reserve fractional reserve ‘money supply’ are doing exactly these same type things to us???

    Best regards and thanks again for your outstanding website.

  7. Kenney conspiracy theory?

    Many (if not all) PSA’s contain this phrase:

    ” …in no event shall the trust created hereby continue beyond the earlier of (a) the expiration of 21 years from the death of the last survivor of the descendants of Joseph P. Kennedy, the late ambassador of the United States to the Court of St. James, living on the date hereof …”

    I have long wondered what that meant. It has to do with the rule against perpetuities (a trust cannot go on forever). See this article:


    Dan Edstrom

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