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  1. My loan is with GMAC. I have made all of my payments timely in the manner that GMAC told me to do when I appklied for a modification almost two years ago. They contiually tell us that they have not received our financials although they were sent five times-the last by a notary accpetor. This was less than two months ago and they state that they are too old. They have sent us a default letter and have filed with the credit bureau. When I disputed this, they immediately told the credit bureau that we were current. I want from you whatever it akes. I guess I need a forensic like Anita Johnston is waiting for. Do I need anything else?

  2. I meant: I want to look up and read other motions, on other cases. I see the link for these docs. thanks

  3. Can someone tell me how to get copies of these motions? It looks like there is no cost. I’d like to access a few case motions and more.


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