Federal Agencies Becoming More Helpful: Give them a Call, Give them a Push

Under pressure from the Obama Administration, Federal agencies that turned a deaf ear to consumers, borrowers and debtors, are starting to investigate, prosecute and reveal predatory, deceptive and illegal activities of the entire securitization chain.

Now is the time for us to make sure they get a copy of your qualified written request. And the QWR or DVL should be agency specific. Make sure you state both the category and the facts on each violation. Call them to ask what they are doing about it. You might get a pleasant surprise.

Can’t find your bank’s name or have a banking question? Contact any of the federal bank regulators noted below:

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency at (800) 613-6743

Federal Reserve Board at (888) 851-1920

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation at (877) 275-3342

Office of Thrift Supervision at ( 800) 842-6929

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  1. i think its reasonable to assume no gov agency is to be trusted or relied upon.
    1 dirty hand washes the other…. tyranny • cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control.

  2. Storm

    “Owned” is loosely used – the banks pay the fees to the OCC in order for the OCC to operate. You will rarely find the OCC siding with the consumer. This is why some are pushing for the Consumer Protection Agency – an independent agency – that is what we need,.

  3. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is a bureau of the Treasury Department and is not “owned” by the banks. Banks hate the OCC, because it is the “bank examiners” who come in to shut them down.

    The problem is the federal govt., in general-incompetant!

  4. FHFA turned down my original FOIA request AND my appeal for info on Fannie Mae, saying that FHFA doesn’t keep Fannie’s records. True, but they do have unfettered access to them.

    Screw them–I got my CUSIP and pool # in discovery and found out that the pool my loan was in now has less than half of the loans it had when it started.

    There’s more than one way to skin a cat…

  5. Anonymous is right. OCC just sent me a letter last week after 2 years about my complaint of BOA and they knew everything that was said in my deposition with BOA 1 month ago. OCC told me BOA has followed all regulations. They were closing my case. Do not contact them. Banks own them. I have actually had better luck with State Agencies.

  6. bird, same thing happend to me re: FDIC–won’t give out any information on loan–and, I think they have been listening in on some conversations about foreclosures–just too coincidental that after not answering my emails or phone calls for weeks, day after I mentioned that fact on a national call for foreclosures, got an email and phone call from FDIC to say no information on loan I didn’t already know–

  7. FDIC stopped giving information about your loan if it was from a failed bank. Right after the story was posted about using them, they started denying that they had the information they were mandated by law to have. Before the official quiet took over, they told me they had all the info and were ready to send it to me. Now they don’t know what I am talking about.

  8. Okay – this is what we need. But agencies such as the OCC are “owned” by the banks – the banks pay fees to OCC. We need the Consumer Protection Agency to oversee these government agencies.

    Who regulates Hedge Funds and distressed debt buyers?

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