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In the secured offices (and network operations center) of this entity is the REAL STORY about the fraud being perpetrated upon the U.S. Court system and every post 2001 borrower, whether they are in distress or not. Here is where the system works its charms — from avoiding actual title reports, relying upon much less expensive credit reports, to the fabrication and probable forgery of thousands of documents in hundreds of thousands of foreclosures.

In law there is a duty to preserve evidence once party is aware of litigation concerning that evidence. If you are filing a fraud count you might want to consider naming LPS as a co-defendant. Either way you definitely want to issue a subpoena for their records concerning your loan.

Contact Kyle Lundstedt
and tell him to stop harassing us.

Lender Processing Services, Inc.

601 Riverside Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32204

General Information: 904.854.5100
Toll-free (U.S. only): 800.991.1274
Fax: 904.854.4124

E-mail: mortgage.marketing@lpsvcs.com

8 Responses

  1. why would anyone not think that LPS is not a fraudulent company when the chairman of the board until recently was Williiam P Foley CEO of Fidelity National Title.
    When Astoria Federal S & L said in a court case re a forged deed, It is Indemnify, Indemnify, Indemnify – we are stepping aside and the title companys are stepping in, Fidelity National Title and Coronet did not want to indemnify the forged deed but wanted to be Intervenors instead and tell the court that time makes a forged deed good., I wrote to Wm P Foley “what went wrong that your NY agent finds himself fighting for a forged deed. Their response to me was “It is proper.”

  2. forgeryrave, I don’t understand?

  3. Leon, didn’t we come across your name in The “Summit” employee newsletter?
    Is your name really Leon?
    Don’t you sign your name like a squiggle mark?
    Why are “VP’s” hanging around on this site?

  4. Never said it was a “secret”, Leon, just not something that I had considered.

    If you think that LPS is using the info gathered for some new and insidious way to illegally foreclose upon people, something more sinister or if LPS is associated in any way with Illuminati or any other group then far be it from me to put words in your mouth or try to talk you out of your beliefs.

  5. Conspiracies everywhere, eh Mike? ” the majority of servicers and big note holders have them…” They do? And what function do these analytics divisions serve?

    What, pray tell, do you think they’re mining for?

    Some new and insidious way to illegally foreclose upon people? Or is it even more sinister than that. Maybe, just maybe, LPS is the illuminatus?

    Criminey…..it’s not a friggin secret that LPS provides data and analytics….

  6. LPS has an analytics division? Isn’t that just wonderful. I know that the majority of servicers and big note holders have them. Never occurred to think that LPS, FNIS or DocX would have that interest but it makes perfect sense. Data mining is data mining and the applications are endless…

    Thanks for the reminder on that Leon…

  7. Far be it from me to defend anyone in the chain, but you do realize that Lundstedt is part of the analytics division at LPS and has absolutely nothing to do with the claims you’re making, right?

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