Specialized Loan Services: “MISTAKE” Costs Elderly Couple Their Home

Editor’s Note: Besides the obvious, there are a number of not-so-obvious things to keep in mind.

  • The reason why they made the “mistake” is probably related to errors in procedure because they receive information from multiple sources. It is possible but unlikely that this was a normal error in posting. In Motion Practice and Discovery you would want to exploit such weaknesses to s how that there are too many “stakeholders” in the pie and that the procedures used to keep track of payments and status are intentionally obtuse to create plausible deniability when something like this happens with such horrendous results.
  • Ask yourself: why are all these players in the marketplace supposedly servicing different aspects of the loan? One for payments from borrower, another for payments from third party credit enhancements, another for federal bailouts, another to “substitute” for the original nominal party named at closing as the lender, another”Substitute” for the trustee, another to handle the delinquency, another to handle the default, another to handle the foreclosure sale etc.
  • Pretender lenders want the courts to handle foreclosures like “business as usual.” But business isn’t usual. When business was usual the bank that loaned the money was the bank that foreclosed on the mortgage or otherwise enforced the note. They should not be allowed to proclaim “business as usual” or standard operating procedure, or business records and affidavits, when business is far from usual.
  • Fabricated documents executed by people with dubious titles and even more dubious authority are being used to foreclose on property. The reason is simple: they don’t own the loan and they are successfully using the courts to steal from both the investors who advanced the money, the taxpayers to covered the money and the homeowners who advanced their home as collateral — all for a debt or obligation that no longer exists in the same form as the one presented at the borrower’s closing.
  • From http://www.themortgageinsider.net we find:

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC (SLS) is a mortgage servicer of residential mortgage loans primarily for other mortgage lenders. We uncovered three phone numbers, their website, and some pretty ugly customer complaints. We found an additional DBA name of The Terwin Group for SLS too.

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC Website and Phone Contacts

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC Website: https://www.sls.net/
Specialized Loan Servicing LLC Phone:
(800) 315-4757
(720) 241-7385
(720) 241-7364
Fax: (720) 241-7218
Address: 8742 Lucent Blvd. #300, Littleton, CO 80129

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC Review

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC services mortgage loans for other lenders and according to past customers, they have an ugly customer service track record.

When I search for complaints against Specialized Loan Servicing LLC, I found the worst complaints a mortgage service can get levied against them. Click here to see all the Specialized Loan Servicing LLC complaints listed in Google.


Senior Couple Being Screwed Royally By Mortgage Servicer – Specialized Loan Servicers

H. Vincent and Theresa Price have lived in their home in Alameda for 32 years.  It’s where they raised their children.  They had always planned to leave it as their legacy.  They’ve NEVER been late on a mortgage payment… to this day! And they never wanted or asked for a loan modification.

Yes, everything was just fine at the Price home… until last September… when their mortgage servicer, Specialized Loan Services, made a mistake in their accounting department.  A simple mistake… they didn’t credit the Prices for having made their August and September mortgage payments, even though they most certainly did, just like they always had, and on time too.  Incredibly, less than five months later they had lost their home to foreclosure.

And today, although Mr. Price lies in a hospital bed with his wife at his side, they are scheduled to be LOCKED OUT by the Pasadena Sheriff’s Department pursuant to an order by the court.  If everything goes as planned by the mortgage servicer, when his doctors discharge him, the couple will be homeless.

How is such a thing possible?  Well, stay with me, because I promise you… this is not a story you’ve heard before.

According to the complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, on August 1, 2008, Mrs. Price made the couple’s mortgage payment as she’s been doing for 32 years.  Certainly nothing remarkable about that.  A month later, when their September statement arrived showing that they owed their September payment, she made their mortgage payment again.  So far, so good, right?

It was right around September 29th that the Prices were notified that Specialized Loan Serivces had not received their August or September payments.  Mrs. Price assured the servicer’s representative that she had made the payments, and on time as always, thank you very much.

The servicer requested proof, so Mrs. Price sent in her bank statement showing that the payments had been made to Specialized Loan Services, and the amounts were deducted from her account on August 3rd and September 4th, respectively.  The Specialized representative called back to say they needed more proof, so she sent them a more detailed transaction report showing the payments having been made.  Still, not enough according to Specialized.  So, Mrs. Price went to her bank and had them print out her account’s record of the payment being made to Specialized and sent that document to the mortgage servicer.

The next call from Specialized came from a different representative of the servicer.  He informed Mrs. Price that they had not yet located her payments, but that her proof was acceptable and that they expected to soon. Meanwhile, he assured her, the servicer was placing a waiver on the October and November payments, a show of good faith, if you will, until the missing payments were found.  After a couple of weeks passed with no further word from Specialized, the Prices called to inquire as to the status of the situation.

They spoke with a woman who said her name was Lynette.  She told the Prices that their account was showing “CURRENT” for August, September, October and November, that they should make their next payment on the first of December, and that a new accounting statement would be sent out.

When no new statement had arrived two weeks later, the Prices called Specialized yet again.  It was November 23, 2008 and this time they spoke with another representative of the mortgage servicer, “Ben”.

They asked Ben about the new statement that was to have been sent out, but Ben had no idea what they were talking about.  He stated that he wasn’t aware of any sort of arrangement regarding the couple’s August and September payments, and further, now that they were four months late, if they did not make the delinquent payments and associated late charges within the next 24 HOURS… Specialized Loan Services WOULD FORECLOSE ON THE PROPERTY.

You can just imagine what happened next.  The Prices began calling the servicer asking to speak with the three representatives that had been speaking with over the last several months… the ones that had told them about the waiver and had been trying to find the missing payments.  They called… and called… and no one answered or returned their calls.  They then called the servicer’s Vice President of Customer Service… and… nothing.  No return call… nothing.

It was January when the Prices received their first piece of written communication from Specialized… it was a Notice of Default and Election to Sell.  Understandably, the couple was speechless.  How could this happen?  How was this possible?

The Prices were referred to a lawyer who said he was also a minister; a man identifying himself as a Mr. Reginald Jones.  Mr. Jones told the Prices that he was highly experienced in these matters and that he would file a lawsuit as soon as possible.  The couple would later learn that Mr. Jones was not an attorney.  What he had done was go into court, appearing as a plaintiff by claiming that he had an interest in the property, and file a frivolous lawsuit, which was later dismissed by the court…. as it might go without saying.

Now, having been defrauded by the so-called lawyer-minister, the Prices were forced to defend an unlawful detainer action in pro per, meaning without an attorney.  Unfortunately, they were not successful as they were told that they could not “litigate title in a summary proceeding,” which as I’m quite sure everyone would agree, they clearly should have known. They were advised that they should file an injunction, which they did, but unfortunately they mistakenly filed their injunction in the “wrong court,” and don’t we all hate it when that happens.

(I’m sorry for the sarcasm, but this is the most outrageous travesty of justice to which I’ve ever been exposed.)

The Prices searched and finally found an attorney they could trust, Zshonette Reed of the firm Lorden Reed in Chatsworth, California, but now it was only days before the Pasadena Sheriff would be locking the Prices out of their home potentially forever.  As quickly as was possible, Ms. Reed prepared the legal documents required for the filing of a Temporary Restraining Order, or TRO, and with her clients at her side, and confident that this horrendous injustice would not be allowed to prevail, she appeared in Superior Court yesterday, September 15, 2009.

The Price home is to be locked up by the Pasadena Sheriff today, although because that office is closed for a special training day today, the event has been moved to tomorrow.

Astonishingly, the judge denied her motion for a TRO, ruling that he had no jurisdiction over the judgment that had been entered against the Prices in the unlawful detainer court.  So, immediately she and her clients proceeded to the unlawful detainer court to ask that judge, in layman’s terms, to put a stop to the madness.

It may be hard for a reader to believe, but that judge also refused to provide the Prices any relief, because he said that the attorney could not litigate title in that court.  It was a classic Catch-22.  Ms. Reed couldn’t get relief from the Superior Court because that court said that it had no jurisdiction over the unlawful detainer court, and the unlawful detainer court wouldn’t provide relief because you can’t litigate title anywhere but in the Superior Court.  Ms. Reed begged the judge, explaining that her client’s home was to be locked up by the sheriff the very next day.  She needed time to prepare to present her client’s case to the appellate court.  The answer was still no.

Ms. Reed and her clients left the courthouse shocked and scared.  Mr. Price was clearly distressed as was his wife, and he was having a hard time breathing so he went to sit down on a stoop.  He went into cardiac arrest right there in front of the courthouse and was rushed to the hospital where he is today with his wife by his side.

Meanwhile, the Pasadena Sheriff is scheduled to lock the couple out of their home today, although that looks like it won’t be until tomorrow due to the department taking today off for special training.

Can you even imagine the horror?  After 32 years living in your home, raising your family, never being late on a mortgage payment… and then this?  It’s unthinkable.

And it cannot be allowed to happen to the Prices or anyone else.

The worst part is that, although this is certainly an extreme case, it is far from being the only example of mortgage servicers and banks disregarding the law, and abusing homeowners.  Why do they do it?  I don’t know… because they can, comes to mind.

How can a homeowner hope to go up against a bank or mortgage servicer?  They can’t.  It would seem that even the President of the United States and the United States Treasury is having trouble getting these companies to behave like human beings.

It’s time that the people of this country come to understand what’s happening here.  Past time.

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  1. James, on March 5, 2014

    Today I called SLS again. After reading this a article a few years ago I thought it would be prudent to do so. SLS sent my bill stating that my mortagage payment was DUE in 1993, instead of 2014. When the “correction” arrived the due date was STILL incorrect (1993). I requested and was told I would receive a printout in the mail of all my payments back to when the mortage was taken out in 1993. We’ll see.

    SLS took over our mortgage a few years ago when First Federal Bank of California went out of business. I retain the loan papers, which SHOULD indicate that SLS is only a servicing agent and that my agreement was made with FFB. It is totally scary if I must go before a judge, with the best attorney I can afford, were I to experience anything approaching what has happened to the Price’s. I believe their mistake was to not retain a competent attorney on contingency with as widespread news coverage on their plight as possible. Publicity, especially the bad kind, does have a way of disinfecting corrupt practices. I do understand that in their advanced age they didn’t have the capability to fight aggressively, and thus were taken advantage of without any sympathy issuing from the courts.

    With situations like have happened in Cyprus (bail-ins) and the corrupt dealings of MF Global stealing from segregated customer accounts at the behest of Jon Corzine (who remains a free man) it seems that we are not dealing with your run of the mill corrupt practices. This is in fact a civil war by the financial industry against the People who have captured the politicians and public servants to do their bidding. This is WORSE than slavery as it spreads to EVERYONE outside the inner circle of the financial elite. But, make no mistake about it, this IS slavery issuing from the financial industry that began in earnest when the Glass-Steagal Act was replaced and TARP was used to recue the mega banks with public money in 2008 when they should have gone bankrupt. It probably goes back even further to when Nixon removed gold backing from the dollar and even before that to when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913.

    If the majority of people don’t care to defend their rights against such oppression, apparently it will continue, as sufficient resistance is absent.

  2. […] Specialized Loan Services: “MISTAKE” Costs Elderly Couple TheirWhen no new statement had arrived two weeks later, the Prices called Specialized yet again.  It was November 23, 2008 and this time they spoke with another representative of the mortgage servicer, “Ben”. […]

  3. We have SLS and they ARE THE MOST HORRIBLE SERVING COMPANIES OUT THERE…WE HAVE BEEN THROUGH THE RINGER WITH THESE ASSHOLES. We were put into a 2/28 ARM back in 2005 when all these banks sold these high risk loans hand over fist to make millions of dollars quick and sell the loan and get out fast. We were told by our Broker “take the loan and we’ll refinance you before the interest goes up” well that never happened…all of a sudden my husbands credit score of nearly 650 at the time was not good enough to refi, so in 2007 our mortgage went up $900 a month putting our mortgage payment total up to $2900 WITHOUT BEING ESCROWED. we needed help fast, we could not pay this amount. We request a loan modification and back then they did them, NOW in 2010-2011 consumers are SCREWED. Loan mod’s are a thing of the past.

    Back in 2007, It took forever to get the damn loan modified and we NEVER EVER missed a payment prior. I had to write the OFIS (Office of Financial Insurance Services) to get help AND MISS A PAYMENT to get those Assholes to budge and keep us in our home. UNREAL.

    Now, 2011, We are in the process soon to take them to court for “not being able to prove our note” or tell us WHO OWNS OUR LOAN. I’ve recently had my mortgage audited by a very reputable mortgage fraud company who found TONS upon TONS of violations and an attorney on our behalf asked SLS for 64 items to produce via the RESPA laws and gave them 30 days. SLS sent myself and the Attorney a BS letter explaining they are “ONLY THE SERVICING AGENCY” and not the “ORIGINATOR OF THE LOAN (which was Lenders Direct Capitol) “. Well……our Loan Originator is OUT OF BUSINESS AND CLOSED IT’S DOORS IN APRIL 2007 (2 yrs the loan was sold) SLS may not be the “original Lenders of the loan” BUT…THEY TOOK THE LOAN AS IF FROM MY ORIGINAL LENDER WHO IS NOT OUT OF BUSINESS…THAT IS NOT MY FAULT…THAT IS THEIR FAULT. I will take these Assholes to court and get a QUITE TITLE ACTION. I WILL WIN! Courts are FINALLY REALIZING that banks for fu**ing the consumers…it’s about time they get what they deserve…..

  4. to mp3r:

    You are in a mess. That said, assuming that you have documents or memoranda that substantiate what you have set forth here, you do have some wiggle room. Since the property was “almost paid off” and you have “equity,” then someone has “unjustly enriched” themselves to your detriment by having taken that equity for themselves. So suit for unjust enrichment naming both the Trustee and the Beneficiary on the Deed of Trust is one step. Since the “servicer” acted in egregious bad faith (assuming you have some documents to support your propositions as you posted here), they are exposed to substantial claims.

    I think you can avoid being evicted if you are under the protection of the bankruptcy court. You can also avoid the Unlawful Detainer action by filing an affirmative defense and claiming both conversion and unjust enrichment as cross-claims. But since you do not have a clear understanding of the legal system in your State you really need to be represented by counsel. Consult with a bankruptcy attorney that handles adversarial proceedings claims, with the intention of filing yourselves under the protection of the BK Court (probably with a personal Chapter 11 petition which places you as debtor-in-possession of the property) and then filing suit against the adverse parties by Adversary Proceedings. By filing suit against both the Trustee and the Beneficiary there is the possibility of vacating the sale. But you have so many issues to deal with now that you really do need to get competent counsel on deck.

    If the equity was large, then you have something to work with. Somebody is “stealing” your equity. Whoever that party is, you should sue them, and ask for treble damages.

  5. Dear Neil,

    We live in CA and also have Specialized Loan Servicing as our loan Servicer.In Sept 2009, we asked SLS to modify our loan to make the payments more affordable.As the Price’s (see above post),we had never missed nor were ever late on a payment up to that point. They told us they could not help us until we were in “default”, but not to worry if we missed a payment or even 2 or 3 while the loan modification was being processed.They assured us many times that we would definitely qualify for the loan mod, and when it was approved,the missed payments would be “rolled onto the end of the loan”, and we would even get a few more months without having to make a payment. We spent the next 3 months going through the frustrating process. We jumped through all their hoops and filed out mountains of paperwork, faxed this info, and that proof, but all to no avail! Then in early January, they notified us that we did not qualify for the loan mod for many different reasons: they said they could not modify a first mortgage (baloney! We found out later that loans CAN be modified on 1st Mortgages!); they said they could not modify because we had too much equity in the house (???), and now we did not qualify because our income was too low because my husband’s hours had been cut at work!!! They said we were now over the 90 day default mark and if we did not pay all the back payments plus all of the late fees (totaling over 6k) that they would have to start the foreclosure process. Really worried by then, we scrambled to get up enough money to “come current” on our loan, but did not have enough money for all of the missed payments and late fees (totaling over $6k). They said if we made at least one payment by the end of January, that would buy us enough time to get the rest of the money together. We made a payment around the 23rd of Jan. We told them we would use our tax return to come current, and to please give us more time. They agreed not to foreclose.. While we filed for our taxes and waited for the money to arrive…they filed the Notice of Default with the county on Feb 19th!!! They did not even give us a chance to get the money to them! We called them and asked them to allow us more time to get the money together and explained our situation again. They then realized they had not even Assigned the Deed of Trust, so they filed that a month later in March (they were supposed to Assign the Trustee PRIOR to Substituting the Trustee, and THEN they could file the Notice of Default! They filed the Substitution of Trustee in April. Then in May, they filed the Notice of Trustee’s Sale set for June 15, 2010). All this time, we were trying to find an attorney who would help us out. We asked them to help us on a “contingency basis”, or even Pro Bono. With no money, lawyers wouldn’t take our case. We were on our own! We did some research online and we filed a lawsuit on June 11, 2010 against SLS, Quality Loan Servicing Corporation (now handling the foreclosure, and newly appointed Trustee), MERS, the nominee to represent the original Lender, TD Service Company (the Title company who had the duty to keep all parties informed of any sales of the original loan and new beneficiaries, trustees,etc), and US Bank National Association, the original Trustee in addition to MERS who had given authority for Quality Loan Servicing Corp to foreclose. It was confusing to figure out how all these companies and banks played a part, and who gave authority to whom to do what (we have since learned that this is the way they want it to be…as a smoke screen!). We tried to get a TRO to stop the sale. We were denied! They house was “sold” the very day after our Ex Party hearing to get a TRO. It was purchased by US Bank National Association, the original Trustee. It is now July 21, and we just received a notice from the court that they filed an Unlawful Detainer and it would be served any time. We will have 5 days after it is served to respond/answer. Then we will have 30 days for a hearing. At best, we will have 35 to 60 days to stay in our home until we will be given notice by the Sheriff to move out. We are doing the best we can, but the court system does not seem to even care! We know what the Price’s (above) went through. We know what is being done is horribly unfair, and the bank that is foreclosing does not care about fairness…only that they want to take our “almost paid off” home, and make a profit by selling it to the next buyer after they have successfully stolen it from us! Any ideas?


  6. Look – I am hearing of “new” buyers coming in and buying homes with less than 3% down – and they really do not qualify. How can this be happening when we – the so-called “bad home buyers” were the cause of everything (according to media and administration, and Congress)???? but all is repeating – to fuel “home buying”?????? This is all to promote home purchases – and the thought is – “who cares about title????” -as long as there is a “glimmer of hope” that home buying is returning??? Yea, returning with fraud – same as we were defrauded – and continue to be defrauded.

    All this is a re- distribution of wealth from current home-owners to “new” (unqualified) home buyers.

    When are we going to get angry enough??? And, act together??? Will not survive alone.

  7. to PJ:

    My post was to the Original Matter of the Price’s having their home sold out from underneath. The Judgment is now perfected by the sale. The attorney is in an Alice-in-Wonderland attempt to derail it. If the house is not “sold” and taken over, then clouding the title will disrupt the re-sale of the property.

    Re-sale to an “innocent purchaser” is fraught with problems to undo. The next purchaser, presumably a retail customer, has to be made aware of competing claims on title and the contestation that the title is disputed. If not, then you will have the devil of a time to undo that purchase and sale (it may not be possible). But if the Buyer has Notice, then he proceeds at his own risk. And you can (in theory) even sue him [the last Buyer]. He becomes a willing party to a sequence that is founded in fraud.

    And the way you make that announcement is to put the Notice of Fraudulent Transfer on the land title records. By itself, it does not derail the future sale. But it gives you grounds to attack it. And grounds to sue the parties to that sale, including the Purchaser. And it makes problems for the Title Insurer, who (if that entity has any brains) will decline to insure the Title. Who is going to buy a property with contested Title? You would have to pay all-cash and take your chances. When you accomplish all that, then you have the foundation to undo the travesty.

    My post was not directed towards any Comment; it was towards the original matter. Trust this clarifies.

  8. 2 Jan Van Eck, what post are you responding to?

  9. Sirina

    There is no decision by the DOJ – did not mean to imply that. However, if you have complaint regarding any collection – your complaint should go to DOJ. You could ask judge to request an opinion from DOJ as to the validity of the real party in interest at foreclosure. Do not know if any judge would grant it – but might be worth a shot. Some state DOJ are actively investigating – depends on your state.

  10. 2 “Not Taking it Anymore”… Thanks’ to this site I was able to assist my friend in writting a QRW to WF.. their reply has set them up for a full blown law suit should WF attempt to pay the taxes again this year.

    As well a letter from a hired attorney has been sent to the receiver of taxes in the town along with the town attorney that they are to notify the owner and hired council immediately if they receive any further communication from WF regarding this property, lack of doing so will hold them accountable.

    Like I said WF took a “shot over the bow” but we were there to help the family however I shutter to think how many others are losing property and equity when hit broad side by these crooks.

    This has yet to get the coverage needed in the media….

  11. When Guaranty Bank pulled this crap on me, the manager openly admitted he knew my payments were current, but he said “There’s nothing you can do about it”

  12. Anonymous, could you elaborate on the Department of Justice decision? Thanks

  13. Another interesting story – read through to bottom regarding Wells Fargo and Homeq.


  14. Then again, placing a “Notice of Fraudulent transfer of title” on the land records might slow things down a bit… File suit against both the servicers and the presumptive lender, demand $50 MM in damages, file a lis pendens on the land title records, plus the Notice of Fraudulent transfer, and as a practical matter, who in his right mind would go buy the place?

    Now the house sits empty. there is plenty of opportunity to go in with a Motion for Order to Show cause why injunctive relief should not be granted (in the new suit), show the cancelled checks or the money payment flows, and represent to that Court that it is Old Law for the past 400 years that the fraudulent conduct of the “lender” and “servicer” shall not inure to their benefit. You get the Injunction, as the defendants cannot possibly prevail in that new Court. Now you get back into the House, and your aggressive contingency lawyers have a field day. What deep pocket is going to want to go before Jury with that set of facts? Time to start writing settlement checks. I predict they will be very large.

  15. Seems to me that the solution would have been for them to file BK to afford them the automatic stay of 11 USC 362.

  16. PJ
    that reaks of many things and all of them sell like low tide.
    “The property taxes paid by them” i have heard this before – and that this may give them a …shall we loosely say – claim of dubious “interest” . Do you have any way that we can research the very situation you spoke of.

  17. “How is such a thing possible? Well, stay with me, because I promise you… this is not a story you’ve heard before.”

    Well sad to say, we have all heard this story before… in fact what got me involved with this situation was when WF tried to pay the property tax on a parcel of ” LAND”, owned free and clear, that WF had no affiliation with… the property owner, had been through a tuff patch, divorce and a serious health issue, and that is what scared me the most… apparently they knew everything about this person and gave a “shot over the bow” to see what would come back. It should be noted that they did have a WF mortgage , but in a completely different state.

    One might assume that Mr. & Mrs Price have “equity” in their property and as noted are a senior couple, so the pattern fits the MO of those involved, people like this , including my friend are the low hanging ripe fruit in this game… far more financially “fruitful” to foreclose for a large profit on an unsuspecting homeowner who has met their fiduciary obligations that thinks a polite call to someone with the equivalent of a GED (which most servicer’s employ for a reason) will serve them accordingly. Think again, they are the lowest of the bottom feeder’s in this food chain.

    Legal council for this family should be demanding depositions from each and every individual that they spoke with… which is not hard since every phone call to a “servicer” is recorded.

  18. “Mistakes” my ass. Lenders have vulnerability models and they deliberately target the elderly, single, non-English speaking, and anyone they think won’t put up a fight.

    These felonious seizures are deliberate for the purposes of flipping a free property, and are far too common to be “Mistakes”.

  19. And, although this story is absolutely astonishing – that such could ever occur – what is occurring in our courts is devastating and amazing – and MUCH not publicized.

    What has happened to our country?? America has lost it’s backbone and relies on incompetent officials to “fix” the situation. We will be wait a long time for “officials” to correct the injustices.

  20. Come on – the “pretend lenders” are simply debt buyers on whose behalf the attorneys are really acting. There are not “multiple” parties in the process, there are not multiple creditors, and there are not multiple “investors” – “investors” were paid off a long time ago when the mortgage loan was actually converted to a security (via accounting gimmick) and the loans subsequently went into default.

    This distressed debt buying business has been going on for quite some time – they are the real party, they are current creditor, AND they are NOT an investor.

    If you try to complicate into something it is not – you will lose. Make sure the attorneys really represent the party stated in court from the onset. Accept no less – and if there is battle – ask for a state Department of Justice decision while case is ongoing in court.

    Time to expose the attorneys as to who they really represent.

  21. This is the type of thing where someone should drive to that damn servicer’s door – drag their ass out and beat the living hell out of them… There is absolutely no freaking excuse for it.

    The reason these people continually act this way is because they can. Plain & simple – they have no fear – no respect – and love to hide behind that excuse – I’m only doing my job… A McVeigh Customized U-Hauler should be delivered to their offices… give the 5-minutes to correct the account OR…

    other-than a damn accent… I see no difference between these sob’s and the terrorist’s we’re fighting overseas… It is only a matter of time – but frankly, this needs to be dealt with outside the courts.

  22. This country is utterly pathetic, and i would gladly welcome what’s happening to Greece, to happen hear, because then all these pc tree hugging hippies would be wiped out, and we could get back to how things were run 50+ years ago.

    I’m sick and tired of seeing these damn corporations destroying peoples lives, the only way to, obviously make them follow the law, is to take the law into your own hands, because lord knows, the fraking cops, lawyers, and judges, are not going to do the right thing, and FOLLOW THE DAMN CONSTITUTION!!!!!

  23. I think the only way to make these banks or the government to hear you is do what’s happening in Greece….

  24. This is a disgusting example of the travesty that our legal system has become. Enjoy the coming anarchy.


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