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It looks bad for the Florida Banker’s Association (FBA) effort to convert Florida into a non-judicial foreclosure state. Wrong time in the wrong place under the wrong circumstances. Attorney Weidner was seen on TV giving instructions to homeowners to have them lobby legislators who were not too keen on the idea anyway, but you can never be sure when you have a strong bank lobby. Once there was a Community Bankers Association in Florida, but it was gobbled up by FBA. FBA is dominated by the major banks and does little to foster the interests of consumers or small banks who serve consumers.

Don’t expert FBA to give up. It is a time honored practice to be persistent and tack on unrelated legislation to an otherwise acceptable bill. State legislators in all 50 states have precious little time to actually read all proposed legislation and they often vote off of summaries prepared by legislative aides or third parties. (That is how the Boston Strangler was cited for his efforts at population control by the Texas legislature about 20 years ago). So expect them to attempt to strangle their victims by surprise. Maintain vigilance.

In the meantime, here’s a call for some help for attorney Weidner and frankly for everyone else. It’s all about the fix in the auction of foreclosed homes and who is getting the benefit of a wrongful foreclosure with control of the title being directed by a non-creditor:


From Matt Weidner Esq at http://www.mattweidnerlaw.com

I’ve been hearing chatter and rumors about parties affiliated with the foreclosure mills buying properties after they have completed the foreclosure and now apparently reporters have been hearing such chatter as well.

If anyone has details on such transactions from anywhere in the state, please email that information to me at weidnerlaw@yahoo.com. Some of you good researchers out there, this could be bombshell material. If you’ve got the time, I would be looking at all sales in a given area, then backtrack that sale to see if the last record was a certificate of title. I would suspect that properties would first be going into LLCs or land trusts so multiple deeds going into these would catch my attention.

We uncovered a mountain of questionable information last time I asked for Assignments, and federal investigations across the country are currently underway into the assignment practices, most notably into the practices of Lender Processing Services, LLC… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The feds move slowly, but unlike other crimes, these paper crimes leave a long, recorded trail.

So get out there are poke around…let me know what you find

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