A Fellow You might Want to talk With About Morgan Stanley Credit Default Swaps

Morgan Stanley’s head of European leveraged credit trading has resigned. Robert Lepone, who oversaw various teams, including high yield bonds, leveraged loans, credit default swaps and distressed debt, left Morgan Stanley’s London office for personal reasons, a spokesman said. His replacement will be announced in the coming weeks, the spokesman said, declining to comment further. Lepone’s departure comes less than two weeks after Joseph McManus, a vice president with Morgan Stanley’s investment-grade credit products group, left to join CastleOak Securities’ fixed-income sales team.

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  1. Ian & help:

    Any document can be posted for free at Scribd.com.

  2. Mr. Garfield:

    I have attended your seminars before, but find that we run into trouble with many judges in either Federal Circuit Court, Bankruptcy Court or State Court that do not understand what is going on in this climate. Judges feel that the bad guys are our clients that are dead beats and that only want to get a free ride.
    There needs to be an educational process for these judges so that they become more sympathetic to our clients’ suffering.
    Is there something you or us can do to achieve this goal??

    Frank R. Sariol, Esq.

  3. to help re: prior post- could you possibly scan your docs into a site we all can link to? It would really help out as far as showing the standard operating procedure for this type of nonlegal activity by the brokers, originators, warehouse lenders, securitizers, etc. I am a computer knownothing so I can’t suggest how to do it, maybe another viewer can help.

  4. I have internal memo’s and faxes from Morgan Stanley to the Broker firn that funded my loan. The docs show Morgan Stanley committed to buying my loan two months before my closing. Also, shows that Morgan Stanley is the one that set the rates and terms, not the Brokerage firm that is on my HUD and TILA and RESPA. Also, docs showing the exact amount paid for my loan, with the exact premium amont, and the wire transfers, plus showing Morgan stanley making our first payments, making all the money exhcanges on the same day as our closing.

  5. Help,
    Could you describe what proof the mortgage broker gave you? I’d like to inquire about that type of proof myself.


  6. yes, Morgan Stanley table funded my loan and I have proof from the broker what they paid for my loan and that they made the first payment, don’t know what to do with that info, other than the TILA.

  7. Yeah – these guys made a bundle. What the media is not publicizing is that the people were targeted. The peoples’ homes were the source of profit. Wall Street lied, they cheated, they inflated home values, they solicited, and they covered-up their tracks. And the fraud continued with foreclosures. Who profited – it was not, and is not, the Trustee on behalf of Series XYZ certificate holders. The security underwriters (Wall Street banks) to XYZ Trust – have long dumped your “default” mortgage loan.

    Demand accountability from the US government – and for those that have already been foreclosed upon – demand restitution. Enough is enough.

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