Trustee May Not Delegate But Usually Does

Most “Trustees” or Substitute Trustees get a package from some unknown source with everything already prepared and instructions to proceed. That is the exact opposite of the protections intended by the legislature in this statute under Arizona law. Your state is probably the same.

33-803.01. Trustee of trust deed; delegation of duties

A. A trustee shall not delegate the following duties:

1. The preparation and execution of any of the following:

(a) The notice of trustee sale.

(b) The cancellation of notice of sale.

(c) The trustee’s deed upon sale.

2. The receipt and response to requests for reinstatement or payoff amounts.

B. This section does not prohibit the trustee from using clerical or office staff employed by the trustee and under the trustee’s direct and immediate supervision to assist in the duties prescribed by subsection A.

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