Finally a politician who puts principle ahead of politics!!

Michele Reagan, currently an Arizona legislator, deserves support not only for her campaign for Arizona State Senate, but for her battle with her lender. Her lender, Colonial Savings, decided to sue her for asking too many questions about how her loan was securitized. That’s right. She never missed a payment but she became concerned that her title and her money might be going the wrong way. So she did the only sensible thing — she asked. Enforcing her TILA and RESPA rights she asked a lot of questions about who holds her note, who owns her loan, who is the current beneficiary on her deed of trust, all of which seem to be different entities.

Colonial did what you’d expect. Stonewalled. And when she pressed the point they sued the lawmaker who has sponsored dozens of bills dealing with finance, tax and other issues for her constituency and the State of Arizona. I don’t endorse candidates usually. This is the first time. Representative Reagan did the right thing — she went public with it and spoke for tens of thousands of Arizonians and Millions of Americans who have been treated the same way by their servicers, the parties they thought were lenders, the courts and the government in general.

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  1. Dear Astonished: You got the wrong memo. Reagan is being targeted by sleazy tactics BECAUSE she was pushing for passage of the bill. She is one of the good people in the legislature. There was no sellout. She is in the Senate and the bill was quashed in the House of Representatives. She deserves our support and she should be vigorously defended against these unfounded accusations. — Neil

  2. Michele Reagan…putting personal gain and politics ahead of the people. Recall, impeachment, criminal charges, whatever it takes to take her down.

  3. Neil…Now that Reagan has gutted the bill after the strong smell of bribe has wafted across the desert and the bank has dropped its lawsuit against her and her husband, I’d sure like to know what you think now. I hope you’ll write about it.


    She is another in a very crooked line of legislators, mostly Republican, who are being bought off by bankers and selling off the public. Disgusting and repulsive. And it should be criminal.

    Reagan has slashed the throats of Arizona citizens with her blatant, brazen turnabout, leaving one little choice but to ask “what was her payoff?” She’s earned nothing but scorn and hopefully a serious investigation into what favor it took to get her to destroy the bill.

  4. Anonymous

    Well said… Thank you for the Thought put in to writing that post.
    A reminder to those in power or in a position to manipulate policy that affects the general public, owe a responsibility to act on this or rather abstain from actions that are a determinate to the well being of the general populous they effect as stated ; with dishonor. On a less passive note, this letter should be tattooed onto the back of the bankers hands.
    How this situation we are all in right now [ this economic turmoil ] can play out in the end, does kind of illuminate the fema & military camps. God help us all!

  5. The Allonge and Assigment is questionable.
    The contracts are voidable.
    The ‘pretender lender/creditor/bankers’ are unsecured creditors.

    Bible believers know that “what we would call” the worst sin (all sin carry the same weight) is to kill someone. In the beginning, God showed mercy to Cain and let him live with what he had done, but he was called out on the sin he had committed.

    The SIN was not ignored.


    You have committed a great sin against the nation, and the people. You are called out on your sin, and you should leave us and ‘sin no more’.

    The pain of war, even an economic war, does not have to be death. You have harmed a great many. Many cry out in pain from your actions.

    The Law of Attraction will have to be settled by the Karma you’ve created against yourselves for your negative deeds.

    A lot of souls have had their property, rights, and ‘Free Will’ stolen from them. That’s a direct violation of a Universal Law.

    When you are told to remove yourself from an entity that no longer wants you, you must remove yourself.

    You cannot intrude where you do not belong.

    You can trick us into giving things to you; but you can’t steal it from us.

    You tricked us into unconscionable contracts. Then you tricked yourselves into unconscionable contracts due to your own greed.

    When we ask whether you kept your end of our bargain (even though your contract with us showed more favor toward you than it did toward us, and was on it’s face, unconscionable, such that no one in their right mind would have entered into it) you sue us and steal from us in an attempt to fix what you’ve done.

    You are in direct violation of the Universal Law of Free Will.
    No violation of Universal Law goes without a consequence.

    We would not steal from you. We have not tried to steal from you. You stole from yourselves with your own greed and then when you see what you have lost, you steal from us to get it back.

    Inequitable. DISHONOR.

    These are your rules. You made the game.
    You made sure we didn’t learn the rules.
    You kept us in the dark.
    You failed at your own game.

    Admiralty law is Equity law and it is Honor and Dishonor.

    You are in DISHONOR and you will ALWAYS BE IN DISHONOR.

    YOU CAN file all the papers you want. You can file paper, upon paper, upon paper and it will NEVER bring you into HONOR.

    FOREVER AND EVER you will be in DISHONOR, you and your descendants and so on and so forth, forever and ever and ever.

    Those that sat back and watched and knew what you did and did nothing to assist those who were pleading for freedom from this tyranny will sit beside you in DISHONOR.

    You create this.

    We are the meek. We have a veil of forgetfulness placed over us. We are unaware of our power, so we remained meek, and followed your lead. You led us into darkness and we still can see the Light.

    You have kept us blind to the truth.
    You have kept us uneducated about the truth and our path.
    You have kept hidden secrets.
    You have kept our true wealth hidden from us.
    You have stolen that from us.
    You have been in DISHONOR for a LONG, LONG, time.

    You are shocked by your own greed and that you failed at your own game?

    The people have won. We will always win.
    We do not have to do what you do, to know who we are.
    We are powerful because of who we are.

    You are not POWERFUL, you exercise power that isn’t yours. STOLEN POWER.

    Everything you have is STOLEN!

    Stolen Status,
    Stolen Wealth,
    Stolen Power,
    Stolen Property,
    Stolen Families, Kids, Sons and Daughters to War,
    Stolen, stolen, stolen.

    We now unwillingly turn over our homes that you have stolen.

    We fight for our kids that have been removed from us due to your need to collect a debt that you’ve created and can’t pay.

    Your sin is great, and the Law of Attraction will not release you until you’ve paid for the pain you’ve caused this great pain will be paid for more than 10 fold.

    You chase after a false wealth.

    We, the people, know where the true wealth is.

    It’s was never in the homes that you’ve stolen, or the papers that you control.

    The true wealth is within the soul.

    We would love to have a shelter that would not be stolen.
    We only fight for shelter, and a right to not have it stolen from us in DISHONOR.

    You could never steal our soul.

    We would NEVER DO TO YOU what you’ve done to us.



    The more papers you file, the deeper your obligations to the Universal Law of Free Will, Universal Law of Attraction, Universal Law of Confusion, and Universal Law of One.

    Each paper is a thought, a deed, a creation that causes harm to the Free Will and violations the other Universal Laws.

    You paperwork is your own Book of Life about you and what you’ve done. Each worthless Note you created, each worthless currency your forced upon us for our energy and our labor. Each tear and degradation of our spirit, and each illness you’ve created to control the masses. Each problem you created for the solution you created to fix it. All the news that spoke of it. All of this is your doing and will come back to you.

    You know about the Creator.

    In the movie, The Ten Commandments, they have a verse that says:

    He revealed his Word to my mind, and the Word was God.
    Did he speak as a man?
    He is not flesh, but spirit, the light of Eternal Mind.
    And I know that his light is in every man.

    You know – the Creator is in everyone. (Many may not know or care to know, but that doesn’t change that basic fact. The Creator is in all of us, every One of us and never left us alone, even if we thought we were alone, he never left us..ever…and never will.)

    You have committed a great Universal violation against the Creator.

    Judgment will come there is nothing written that will not come to pass and the ‘weeds will be pulled’ and the rest will be harvested.

    In your 4th Density Negative Karma world, all of you can clamor among yourselves over this worthless paper and this worthless wealth.

    We have been redeemed by your actions against us.
    We did not revolt over worthless property or worthless paper. For our wealth is in the Kingdom of Heaven, a wealth you will experience ‘after’ we have and ‘after’ you work off the negative things you’ve done to us.

    You have failed.

    The longer you take to cease your sins the more you face in judgment of your sins.

    We don’t have to judge you.
    You know you have placed judgment upon yourself by your deeds.

    The ‘meek’ will always inherit the earth, because the meek will always operate in HONOR. The meek will not violate any of the Universal Laws.

    The meek made it through all of your trials against us through the Law of Attraction, the Law of Confusion, the Law of Free Will, and a lot of us operate very well within the Law of One whether they realize it or not.

    We ARE self learning from self.
    WE ARE in HONOR.

    You have been revealed! You must cease and desist your trespass upon us.

    All for One and One for All.

    You must stop your inequitable actions.
    You have inequitable filings that you hope will overturn inequitable contracts that were voidable on their face.

    You attempt to fix voidable contracts with more voidable contracts.

    All of this is public record!

    What happens in the dark has come to light.

    You have defeated yourself with your own paper; in the light, and in the public!

    We see you! WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

    You own nothing.

    From here on out…you will never own nothing in HONOR.

    Everything you sell will be stolen property.

    We have a record of you selling our stolen property.

    Your NOTICE OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE SALE reveals the original document and the original title owner of the property from whom you have stolen from.

    Your court cases that have found you to not be in standing to foreclose or have identified you as an unsecured creditor show who you attempted to steal from.

    In the beginning we ‘gave’ our titles to our property to you of our Free Will, and because of your trick documents that made us believe we had to.

    But the truth is, because of our lack of knowledge, we GAVE IT TO YOU. We gave you the title to our lands, of our own Free Will.

    You were greedy, and you operated in DISHONOR.

    You lost your right to the titles we gave to you.
    You sold, destroyed, and lost the rights to the titles.

    The titles came back to us.

    YOU KNOW THE TITLES ARE OURS…the titles are in the hands of the people again.

    Now you STEAL IT from us.

    But it is still ours….it will ALWAYS BE OURS!

    This time what you do with the titles will be stolen property.

    Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, we know you don’t care
    about that…it doesn’t matter now…we don’t need it.
    This is our Titles, we don’t need that provision to tell you who you are.

    The home is foreclosed before we can’t get anything done by the government to stop you.

    We know! You own the government! We know.

    You took our government a long time ago. STOLE IT!

    MISPRISON OF FELONY….the government has police,and the Department of Justice, and the FBI? Mere words.
    All false, all lies.

    People investing money in Real Estate Investment Trusts who are holding the original (unenforceable, bifuricated, being foreclosed on) Notes, who paid the banks money already for the right to have the originals, what happens with that? Nothing. STOLEN.

    The titles are ours. We are displaced like the people in the bible. We are removed from our own lands. You hold nothing.
    You own nothing. STOLEN.

    You control nothing when your control is against someone’s Free Will. STOLEN.

    And the Legal titles to the property that were associated with the Notes that was to ensure the REIT’s got paid, what happens with that? Nothing. STOLEN.

    Who needs Gold when you can create wealth with Paper?
    Publically file that wealth with paper, and publicaly steal someone else’s wealth with paper? Gold? STOLEN.

    Don’t they have a law about Paper Terrorism? Aren’t we watching it right now, in all these FRAUD foreclosure filings?

    ‘Unsecured Creditor Banks’ openly violate FDCPA to become ‘Secured Creditor’s right before your eyes using paper. STOLEN secured creditor status.

    All of those homes and lands and businesses have titles that are questionable. STOLEN over and over again.

    As such, they can’t be sold because they aren’t being sold by the rightful owners…the owners who have the true title to the property because of the void contracts in the public.


    Change your name, merge, buy out, sell, whatever you do…you WILL ALWAYS BE UNSECURED CREDITORS!

    Every profit you make, every paper you create , every stock you sell, every bonus you get, from here on out paper of DISHONOR. STOLEN.

    There is no HONOR among THIEVES.

    Bankers give Wall Street worthless paper, and then ruins retirements and lives through FRAUD foreclosures that steals homes and dries up the money coming in on the REIT worthless paper, to give Wall Street more worthless paper and call it good REIT paper.


    IRS can’t collect tax money (IRS 1040 forms) because people lost their jobs (pink slip) and lost their homes (trustee sales) and the government can’t pay their debt because people aren’t spending paper money (Federal Reserve Notes) . With no money they file for unemployment (paper welfare) and can’t pay sales taxes on goods and services (paper receipts). And they can use the same setup to do it all again with paper filings in the county of (Mortgages and Deed of Trusts) and selling of promissory notes (paper bearer instruments) to Wall Street.



    David and Goliath.
    Joshua and Jericho.

    You can set up layers of paper and layers of bureaucracy and stand hidden behind layers of employees who are glad to be employed and have all the Pawns on the Chess Board do all the work and you sit back and watch the entire situation that unfold because of how you lined up the entities and made the ‘first move’.

    But you have lost, and lost greatly.

    The Kings have fallen, and are no more than thieves who sit upon a throne stolen trying to force the rule of the people who don’t recognize them as Kings.

    I’m glad I’m not the Creator in you!

    I forgive you for what you’ve done to the Creator in me.



  6. This is ECONOMIC TERRORISM. The Govt goes after a group of 9, plasters it on the news because they were supposedly ‘planning’ something, and these UNSECURED CREDITORS, wrote the instruments that borrowers signed, violated the contract, violated the trust, made money off their violation and then reneged on their promise, so they failed to perform by keeping the Note and Deed of Trust together. Violate State laws that say the consumer is NOT in DISHONOR if they ask for proof of the debt and you don’t provide the instrument or proof of your authority, violate Section 6 RESPA by not settling disputes within 60 Business Days, openly file their violations by using NOTICE OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEES to steal a home. The only reason to foreclose is if you bifurcated the Note and Deed of Trust, because in the real world the person holding the obligation can return the papers that created the obligation in return for the property.
    Americans are being fought on their own soil, a sort of American Revolution of the Lawyers and Bankers against the United States of America and we send all our men and guns overseas to fight a bunch of innocents trying to root out a few terrorists when they are right here filing paperwork and using our own system to steal our country from us. Imagine the property loss from any war, and in those wars the property is damaged…and imagine the property loss in this War on Americans and the property is still in tact and they can rent or sell it to us again. The HORROR of this is amazing…anyone thinking their home is safe is wrong. As banks keep the recession going, and businesses rotate workers out and unemployed in, everyone will go through this paperwork cycle until all the homes, businesses (due to the recession), land (due to taxes) will be owned by the few that own everything else. Now Congress who think they are passing laws favorable to their descendents will be totally shocked when the last property stolen is Martha Vinyard, or the Government reneges on the Public Debt and someone non-judicially forcloses on Camp David.

    I tell you, no one cares when it’s not them, but in this case an ‘Economic Terrorist’ sees no victims, they only see victory. An a Trustee who’s pushing all this paperwork for foreclosure for the sake of a few dollars, and the constables who are displacing people from their homes for the sake of ‘just doing their job’ and all the law makers who will get their homes taken as soon as the bankers pay for their opponent to win and boot them out of office and then without the connections they get foreclosed on and their house stolen, they will see what we’ve complained about without a revolution to go with it.

    I don’t believe in violence, but I don’t believe in trespass either, and a government that knows how to trespass upon their people will not know how to stop someone else from trespassing on their people.

    If we stopped spending those paper dollars and when you go to the bank ask for US Mint dollar coins we can really put a ding in their power. Spending their monopoly money hurts our economy, their money is called ‘legal tender’. Spending US Dollar coins,quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies will help the economy. Yes your purse will be heavier with $25 dollar coins over $25 paper dollars, but why spend money from a business whose listed in the White Pages and is not even ‘government’ and then complain about what their closed circle friends do.

    I won’t say wake up America. We are awake. When every news anchor person has lost their home to foreclosure and every former politician has lost their home and every Governer finds out that every law they push affects one property owner, the person who stole the land and homes and businesses in their state, and that that person can vote them out if they don’t do what is wanted, then Americans will sit back and reminisce over the ‘good ole days’ when we were all free.

    I heard of the FEMA camps and could not for the likes of me figure out how they will be used and why they were built. Now I have a better vision of where this is going and it’s not pretty as long as it’s allowed to happen.

    Toyota gets fined $300 Million for failing to tell us about cars that could kill, and no one is fined for doing things for banks to help them steal.

    Every American, hear me now. We are the honorable people. We signed contracts and trust deeds with the intention of honoring our obligations, and we are being pilfered by pirates of our property through this deception.

    Who created foreclosure? Banks. If I give you a bearer instrument with a promise to pay, and you file it and sell the original, is it really, right for you to get mad because I didn’t pay you back, (when the bearer of the instrument is who I owe), and is it really right for you to steal the home because ‘you’ had the original and filed it.

    Why didn’t they just let the homeowners hold the original? I still have my copy that was given on the date we closed, and no where in there does it say they can take steal the home.

    I know people who paid off their mortgages and they are not released because the lender does not have the original papers. How can you demand money and say we failed to perform when you failed to perform?

    The pot calling the kettle black?

    The Trustees are attorneys. They did not lose the titles to these homes. They would not recognize the beneficiary on file as the ‘true’ holder of the Note and the Deed. They are honorable. So to get around the fact that they can’t get the title honorably, they substitute the Trustee and then steal, but they are still violating the terms on file, a legal and binding contract that says they have to have both the Note and the Deed. Outright Thievery! In the open, in our County Records, that the taxpayers are paying for.

    I’m not sure what kind of third world country we will end up with, but that’s all we’ll have once this final transfer of wealth takes place. There ain’t a politician around who will have any power to do anything, and a supreme court around who has the power to decide anything, when this country belongs to a few people with all the money and a very big voice.

    Our government is government by the people, but oppressed people do not have a voice, so the government takeover is eventual, by the people that will own the land in the United States of America, because oppressed people will not be able to stand up and say what we like or don’t like. Only those in financial power will be enacting laws and repealing others and totally controlling ‘everything’ there is to control.

    I’m telling you, this woman was targeted by mistake. They are probably going through their accounts to make sure they don’t touch another like that of a public official, ‘until’, they finish stealing the land, homes, and businesses we have.

    Public record of their offenses. Millions of witnesses to the atrocity of their actions. Millions of people terrorized out of their home, 60 Million plus to go, lots of money made in the purchase and lots more made in the theft. Government laws, openly violated, State Business Codes on Presentments and Dishonor openly violated, layers of businesses to string the deception along until the foreclosure is final. Judges left out of the loop because it’s non-judicial. State Attorney Generals, Legislatures, Governors, Mayors turning a blind eye to the crisis.

    Their day will come. When you displace the populace you target their leaders next.

    The trustee of my Deed has the legal title. All Trustees do by the nature of their position in the process.

    Every Notice of Substitute Trustee Sale from these banks through their ‘servicing agreements’ are out right FRAUD.
    A servicer, (who is usually an arm of the bank), has a duty to ‘know’ whether they have the ‘standing’ to foreclose.

    They know.

    That’s why they are doing it ‘non-judicial’ and why they are ‘substituting the trustee’ and making the sale outside the court.

    They hire college students to appear at these sales and bid on the homes they sold on their behalf, and they get the properties back and the attorney substitute trustee, talks to the attorney trustee, and they get the Legal Title back.

    We are witnessing a Financial War and we thought the invasion would occur from outside our borders and with tanks and guns.

    God Bless.

  7. If you are being foreclosed on by Northwest Trustee Services Inc and Routh Crabtree Olsen PS, take a look at the web site of NW Trustee Services-http://northwesttrustee.com/TSG.aspx
    where the PUBLIC can order a copy of the title for $39.00. This is private information about you! I called the title company and they knew nothing about NW selling these, and said that they didn’t approve, that the title report they issue (that costs you $1000+ and even you cannot get one given to you) is private and solely for the trustee and beneficiary. Everyone that has or is being foreclosed on by NW Trustee Services needs to make a complaint to the Attorney General in the state in which they reside. Routh Crabtree is the actual person that sends it out to the public. Routh Crabtree acts as a debt collector – so that’s a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act USC 15 1692.
    How can they resell private information? In NW trustee web site, it states they’ve performed over 100,000 foreclosures….There was one trustee that recently lost in court in WA because they didn’t practice “good faith” to all parties. Apparently there was a sale, but they ignored the sale and foreclosed anyway…
    Also, often they don’t get the assignments recorded in the correct county, that could stall your foreclosure…..if you buy a copy of the title report, read it, often it will say right there, that there no legal authority to foreclose.
    If you want info about that case, email me.

  8. 2 NY, possibly if you supply e-mail addresses for all of the states legislators people can do a blast mailing, and would help to cc all media contacts.

  9. This communication is “at arm’s length”. I am a child of my Father, the One Infinite Creator. My res, is in the Kingdom of Heaven.

    If you don’t stop your state from being a non-foreclosure state, you’ll end up like Texas. The pretender lenders who lost standing and are now ‘unsecured creditors’ are setting up servicing agreements where the servicer ‘believes’ they have the Note and Deed of Trust and will even reference the one on file, but no question whether the Lender has the original paper on hand, they are Filing NOTICE OF SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE SALES and walking away with people’s property. MERS, BANK OF AMERICA, MIDFIRST BANK, PNC BANK via a merger with NATIONAL CITY BANK has a servicer called PNC MORTGAGE who is assigning a substitute trustee to foreclose on their behalf. The same trustee name is on a lot of foreclosures in one county for sure, and Texas is so big it’s hard to tell how far their activity goes. It’s a huge land grab, business grab, and home grab, and one day the Governer of Texas will discover that on his watch, the entire STATE OF TEXAS was stolen via non-judicial foreclosure proceedings outside the doors of a courthouse (to pretend it’s a legitimate transaction).
    Want to see for yourself? I’ll walk you through it.
    County Clerk Public Records – in left frame
    Notice of Trustee Sales – in left frame
    Pick a month and click a link, you’ll find a lot of
    a disproportionate number (almost all of those thousands for those months) represented by
    John Latham, Tobey Latham or John W. Latham
    Substitute Trustee
    Look at some of the filings and you will see their original Deed of Trust does not allow for a substitute Trustee.
    Take .this one, if you look in the public records at their original Deed of Trust, 2007002260, it does not have a provision for substitute trustee.
    But the one from Bank of America as Mortgagee, Beneficiary, and Servicer, which shocks me (why do you need a Substitute Trustee if you hold all those titles in the Deed of Trust unless is based on FRAUD?) their Notice of Substitute Trustee Sale if you look at the Deed of Trust on file 2005012198 it has a provision for a substitute trustee. Reading that provision, it pretty much says the ‘Trustee shall not be liable if acting upon any notice, request, consent, demand, statement or other document believed by Trustee to be correct. Trustee shall not be liable for any act or omission unless such act or omission is willful.’

    Well someone is doing willful foreclosures without standing and if you are an unsecured creditor, you do not have a right to remove a person from their property, so there is a MISPRISON OF FELONY going on in this process back up to the bank who hands it off to the servicer who has a ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy to move forward with the Trustee who is not in trouble unless he willfully engage in unlawful activity, but if he doesn’t ask and just does what he’s told, all of Texas will belong to someone who’s foreclosing on every property where the paperwork is wrong. If you think it won’t happen to you, let me say, it takes a while to get through the 60 million mortgage MERS messed up, http://rismedia.com/2009-09-28/op-ed-60-million-mortgages-may-have-fatal-flaws/ plus the remainder by the other banks who have NO STANDING and are UNSECURED CREDITORs. Call them what they are!
    The NOTE and the Deed of Trust have been bifuricated!
    The servicers will remain silent to your request, and with ‘unclean hands’ they will foreclose in violation of Section 6 RESPA, and in violation of UCC 3-501 where they have a duty to respond when asked to validate.
    They scoff at your FTC filing or your Attorney General filing, as if they know those claims will be responded to ‘after’ they’ve done their non-judicial proceedings. Everything is so compartmentalized no one knows what anyone else is doing and the County Clerk has to accept these notices until put on notice that they are fraudulent.
    Someone will own all or most of the property in every state like one big Monopoly game. Then see who the governer answers to. We worry about one big government. Imagine a bunch of miniature Dictators running each of the 50 states through this fraud.
    We are the generation witnessing it one dice throw at a time, and it’s not a game we would have ever played on a bank.

  10. Hey all,

    I’ve already emailed her, she can be contacted at votereagan@cox.net

    She does know Neil, and i gave her the website, and some words of encouragement, which we all should do.

    The banks must be stopped!

    People, even if you’re not in foreclosure, please write a letter. This will someday, God forbids, might come back to haunt you. Please write a letter to:

    Address letters to the Speaker of the House of Representatives as follows:

    The Honorable Larry Cretul, Speaker
    Florida House of Representatives
    420 The Capitol

    402 South Monroe Street
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300


    Address letters to the Speaker of the House of Representatives as follows:

    The Honorable Larry Cretul, Speaker
    Florida House of Representatives
    420 The Capitol

    402 South Monroe Street
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300

  13. I have written to everyone here i’m az to be told” I’ll pas your letter on to such n such ” you know it’s always someone elses job
    well it’s everybodies job and I will write again and include this fine example of what the people want to see and hear justice must prevail.

  14. Ask her if she’ll sign a Contract binding her to her Constituents & be bound by no other agreement affecting that job during said term…. She could set an example for others


    SUBJECT: I can’t VOTE for you. I’m not there!


    Good evening. I live elsewhere. But I am
    encouraged that someone of your stature
    is going public about “Adventures in Mortgageland”.

    There are many untold stories with very unhappy
    endings. People are SUFFERING around the
    country at the hands of Wall Street minions.

    There voices and cry’s for HELP have been drowned
    OUT and ignored. The injustices taking place
    in many courtrooms are occurring callously.
    I do not say this to dramatize the plight
    of the undeserving(whoever they are); I SAY
    It cannot thrive without it. “Change” is coming
    little by little by little. Stories are leaking out
    as some refuse to be victimized. Even if they
    are DEAD BROKE they still press to prevail
    against these in-compassionate adversaries.

    The more you learn what is ACTUALLY occurring
    in Arizona the more appalled you will be. You
    have my commendation for your courage to stand
    up and be heard.

    I am posting this “letter” to a website where homeowners
    are gathering nationwide with the determination to PREVAIL.
    And insist that real JUSTICE be served. It is called
    “livinglies.wordpress.com”. It was created by one of
    YOUR fellow Arizonans.

    I hope it will encourage other “Open Letters” to you
    to offer moral support in your quest for TRUTH.


  16. This is big – do not let it go. Contact Michelle Regan – everyone here.



  18. Floridians–please help fight the non- judicial bill before the house HB 1523–go to myfloridahouse.gov–it’s really being pushed in secret–

  19. I remember coming across this story a week or so ago. It’s only going to continue getting worse out there.


  20. Thanks for clearing this up Neil and filling in the blanks. Lets hope that representative Reagan takes a call to action to establish if this has happened to any other homeowners, stonewalling is one thing, commencing litigation is another… if this is a first then it speaks volumes and Nye is correct.

    If people can not make inquires via QWR or otherwise then things are much worse then they appear for these “bankster’s”!

    “Colonial” is listed in many SEC filings that I have researched … will look again to see if they are one and the same. Will keep all posted.

  21. Only in Bankster’s America! Neil, we must ask for Friend of the Court status and file an amicus!

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