Maria Leonor Gerholdt’s notary commission expired on 5/26/09 and Mary Jo McGowans’ expired on 7/3/07

You will need to check the date of the signing by both of these ladies. You see Maria Leonor Gerholdt’s notary commission expired on 5/26/09 and Mary Jo McGowans’ expired on 7/3/07. Here’s their respective info from FL

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  1. My assignment of Mortgage for Washington Mual Bank transferring to Wells Fargo Bank on December 4, 2006. Mary Jo McGowan was the ASST. Vice President of Washington Mutal Bank and Marial Lenonor Gerholdt was the notary. My house is in foreclosure with Wells Fargo Bank.

  2. Wow, I also have just received the copies with Mary Jo McGowan and Maria L Gerholdt. What do I do now?? I got the copies when I filed a motion for them to show me the doc’s. Do I get a lawyer now, is it worth it?

  3. I am trying to build a database of documents that Mary Jo Mccgowan has signed. Please forward anything you have to

    Additionally here is an interesting 60mins regarding these criminal robo-signers


  4. David W Johnson…
    I have lots of documents with Mary Jo McGowan and Maria L Gerholdt signing for 7 banks and also MERS…I would love to share my research on these to ladies with you!
    contact me here…

  5. I have a copy of Assignment of Mortgage from WAMU to Wells Fargo for my home im Michigan. Mary Jo McGowan signed as Asst. Vice President of WAMU, and of course the Notary Public was nonother than Maria Leonor Gerholdt

    This Assignment was dated 03/09/2007

    Note that Wells Fargo purchased WAMU’s mortgage servicing portfolio back on July, 2006

    Here’s the best part – Freddie Mac has been at all times the holder & owner of the mortgage AND Note since the mortgage originator sold same to Freddie back on March 1993. Confirmed via visit to Freddie’s WEB site 7 days ago.

  6. How does someone get a copy of the Notary’s application showing the signature of record?

  7. Your have to find all of the agreements for all of the third partys to show the relationship back to WFC HOLDINGS CORP who benefits (1) owner thru Cayman Islands – since purchase 11/1998 of Wells Fargo & Co. logo. Afterall its just an address of an entity registered in DE organized to appear American – it’s not America.

    PHH core of secondary sub-servicing relationships pulled into WFC in 1998 thru over

    Depository Trust Company
    CeCE & Co.
    55 Water Street, NY NY 10041
    representing sole registra on behalf of brokers, dealers, banks and other participatns in the DTC system. Such participants may hold Certificates for their own accounts.
    Filed on behalf of Cendant Mortgage Capital LLC,
    by Cendant Mortgage Corporation as Master Servicer for
    CDMC Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2002-1.

  8. Realogy in 2006 – WFC HOLDINGS CORP (trade name Wells Fargo & Co) benefitted as owner of a financial holding company in which the owners are allowed to sell off assets and by creating exotic product to resell asset-securities debts as an IPO offering amazing – did they hold a weapon of mass destruction to the head of CEO Richard Smith? Did Richard Smith make false claims to insure success of IPO? Afterall he said its a great way to own real estate without owning the title.

  9. Wells Fargo & Co Parent of Title Resource Group (TRG) links back to the title and settlement agents brokers and dealeers and thrid party’s and are responsible for Wells Fargo Funding Inc. property swapping in wbich U.S. Bank National 1031 Exchange manages properties for 1st mortgage loan origiantions in whcih as Depository in special general purpose agreements third party’s move assets-securities around

    Complex relationships meant to be hidden

    Subscription free until you use it too much as I have for research for the 1996 forward relationships built and changes in SEC regulations allowed third party’s to create general purpose corporations and re-engineer members roles and responsiblities.

    For example, Wells Fargo Bank NA LENDER does not do consumer mortgages! Indeed true.

    Chase Home Financial belongs to Norwest Asset … of Wells Fargo & Co.

    The Assignment reveals if you look at it the name of the subsidairy of an INVESTOR

    The MERS SERVICER ID will appear on pre-loan origination documents of the Attorney settle and title agent used

    The MIN# gives you the investor name and date the servicer began servicing which will be the same day the consumer presented with mortgage documents to sign.

    The VP of MERS probably an employee of Wells Fargo Funding INC, 2701 Wells Fargo Way, Minneapolis MN

    Everyone at Wells Fargo a VP is a mailbox of wells fargo that receives mail regarding transactions in which the consumer wants to question the servicer

    WHy MERS?

    Look at Title Resource Group and the title and settlement agent responsible for the loan origiantion even if orchestrated by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage especiallyin Wells to Wells refianncings which are the majority even if you moved the mortgage companies in the secondary market and sub-servicers which WFC HOLDINGS CORP controls harmed our nation

  10. ‘MERS’ is an accorymn. Part of Wells Fargo Bank NA, Commercial Mortgage-Asset Backed Securities Division, 2701 Wells Fargo Way, Minneapolis, MN where at one time over 6,000 employees managed the pyramid – money laundering scheme in which

    1) Wells Fargo Bank NA DOES NOT DO CONSUMER MORTGAGES and (3) days prior to actual closing with consumer sells in secret to financial giants and its commercial clients asset-securities transactions that is 1) percentage of new products to sell over financial exchagnes from deposits Wells Fargo accepts on behalf of other LENDERS and 93 days later flipping who the custodian of the transactions were everyone not reporting IRS TAXES as revealed in the MERS accounting below. Just one piece of a maize that harmed the nation.

    Save America One Mortgage At A Time

    “Wells Fargo in 2003 released its own application that it sells to its commercial clients who are the only party’s who do consmer mortgages. Wells Fargo Bank NA does not do consumer mortgages.”

    MERS is not a legal entity of Wells Fargo. Its a software application commercially marketed and sold to Wells Fargo clients who are then given license to use the Wells FArgo Bank NA name as LENDER and for 93 days move the Assignments of assets in the Wells FArgo 1031 Exchange. is part and parcel of the home mortgage loan origination and servicing division of CMBS, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Wells Fargo Bank NA, 2701 Wells Fargo Way, Minneapolis, MN

  11. ~QUESTION~

    Can Mary Jo Mcgown sign a satisfaction of mortgage as vp of MERS
    on 12/07/2006, then on the same date sign an affidavit/assignment to MERS as vp of Chase Home Financial??

    I have found her signature as vp of Chase, vp of Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis, and vp of MERS all within a 6 month span…
    Does anyone have her signature as vp for any other banks during the period of 4/1/2006 to 12/31/2006…

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  12. Mary Jo McGowan has signed an assignment as Vice President of MERS, using the same notary public Maria Leonor Gerholdt…

    The address under her squiggle mark states she resides in San Diego CA, the notary states she’s from Pinellas county Florida…

    Comparing dates to she if she could be in two places at once!!

  13. Deb

    If it ws signed in Dakota County Mn then you should check to see if any of these characters are employees of Lender Processing Services in Mendota Heights MN

  14. Well we have a scott Walter vice president of course as beneficiary for indymac is assigning substitution of trustee to foreclosing trustee as successor trusteein Based in California ( foreclosure mill) being an insurance agent. The vp Scott Walter apatently provided ” satisfactory” evidence to be the person with authorized capacity ( ha!) bla bla bla notorised on the same day by mark bischof in MN Dakota under penalty of perjury . Can anyone add or comment here thanks

  15. Nye…

    Thanks so much for your post,
    if it’s at all possible to get a copy of these signatures for my files, it would be much appreciated!!!
    As I haven’t been able to find full signatures of these to ladies in all the research I have done…

  16. Have many examples of them I pulled 2 years ago in an investigation. Will send. however, many are “imaged” copies of their full sigs placed on docs. Exact sig with exact placement and spacing on docs.

  17. Commission Detail

    Notary ID: 982537
    Last Name: Roberts
    First Name: Queen
    Middle Name:
    Birth Date: 04/30/74
    Transaction Type: REN
    Certificate: DD 566550
    Status: ACT
    Issue Date: 08/29/06
    Expire Date: 08/28/10
    Bonding Agency: Huckleberry Notary Bonding, Inc.
    Mailing Address: Orlando, FL 32818

  18. Thank-you for this infomation,

    Not only is Mary Jo McGowan a vice president of several banks, worked for Nationwide Title Clearing, she is/was also a nortary public!!!!
    Holy cow, the rabbit hole is deeper then I thought…

    Thank-you a million times for the all your work and information!!!
    Your a God send…
    Blessings Neil

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