John Kennerty, Caryn A. Graham – MERS Assistant Secretary, VP of Documentation, VP of Communications, BofA, Countrywide, Wells Fargo

Editor’s Note: Another example of attorney as MERS Assistant Secretary through access to password and user ID. She is an attorney with Marshall Watson and has appeared on numerous documents signing also as having limited power of attorney for Bank of America, Countrywide, Wells Fargo and probably others. Check your documents in Florida. If you see an assignment or any other document signed by her other than a pleading it is suspect, to say the least. You have the right to see the original, the basis for the “authorization,” and to conduct discovery — interrogatories, request to produce, request for admissions, depositions upon written questions and live deposition.

Caryn A. Graham – MERS Assistant Secretary

Caryn A. Graham – Attorney at Law at foreclosure mill Marshall Watson Fort Lauderdale, FL

Also listed on “Limited Power of Attorney” at Broward county records for BoA, Countrywide, and Wells Fargo.

JOHN KENNERTY-Signed for MERS as VP of Documentation on MERS assignments

JOHN KENNERTY-Signed as VP of Communications for America Servicing Company [owned by Wells Fargo] on other docs

JOHN KENNERTY-Signed as VP for Wells Fargo on other docs

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  1. Hi! I’m looking for examples of a signature for John Larsen, either as Assistant Sec. MERS or VP Wells Fargo. I have some I’m willing to share. Also, notary known as Sandra Mae Parrish. Thanks!

  2. Previous Post I stated the name in the second part of message as Matthew McBridge – it should be Matthew McBride

  3. I am trying to track down Matthew McBride, MERS assistant secretary. Signature notorized in Dallas County, TX by Sebrena Jones of Mckinney, TX

    The other person is Wilder Gomez, Officer, GMAC Mortgage. Signature notorized in Dallas County, TX
    by Apryl Pitman of Dallas Texas

    I would like to know if Matthew McBridge works for MERS and Wilder Gomez for GMAC Mortgage.

    I would also like to compare any of their signatures to see if they really signed. The signatures are completely illegible

  4. one more thing, along with an inquiry…..

    MJM is Mary Jo McGowan. Has anybody had “John Gilvarry” sign a document on behalf of Chase or anybody else? Please advise.

  5. I have a reconveyance deed dating back to 2005 where MJM was the “notary”. My property is located in California and the original loan was with Wamu. It also appears I have at least two robo-signers on my docs. I’ve now taken Chase to Court and received a 90 day stay from foreclosure with a TRO. Have made three formal requests for Qualified Written Request but received nothing. Can’t wait to file motion to compel and issue notice of deposition!

  6. hello anyone have information on Bill Koch. i have him as my assistant secretary for MERS and the US bank national association on my assignment of mortgage?

  7. Are you all such idiots that you think John Kennerty or Caryn A. Graham or anyone else who signed paperwork on behalf of any mortgage company actually benefited from the errors made financially or any other way? The are just folks, regular Joes who did what they were told, and they were told the procedures were kosher. If you are going to place blame it certainly shoudl not lay on the backs of plain old joes who were just doing their jobs. Wise up, who do you think gets thrown under the bus when these things happen.

  8. Pete, do you have any info concerning Notary K Anderson or Kelly Anderson? I have an assignment that was notarize by her but here stamp is not clear and I can’t read here expiration date or Norary number. I have been trying to find a signature to compare but have been unsuccessful. Also this assignment was signed by Patricia Arango lawyer at Marshall C. Watson who is conveniently also Assistant Secretary of MERS.

  9. Keith, send me your documents signed by John Kennerty at I’ll include the docs with my others going to Attorney Generals and attorneys investigating this guy. I’m also in California. If we can pull some others together in California, I believe we might have a class action. Anything from Pite Duncan, a foreclosure mill attorney in San Diego? I’ve got a lot of stuff to share with you on this guy. His name is actually Herman John Kennerty…and he’s the robo-signer that wears the most hats of all out of North Carolina. He works for subsidiary of Wells Fargo.

  10. John Kennerty signed the notice of default decleration under penalty of perjury that CA Civil Code 2923.5 has been met. This law in California requires the servicer or owner of the loan to provide options of a loan workout 30 days prior to a NOD issued. He signed this on 09/18/2010. I began negotiating with Loss Mitigatior from ASC on 09/24/2010, 6 days after the declearation was signed. I have sent a complaint to Attorney General Brown’s office with documentation, as well as a follow-up letter certified to ASC. What other advice can you offer. In my line of work in Law Enforcement, this is not only Perjury but the elements of the crime of Fraud are clear. What other advice can anyone offer?

  11. Pete;
    Email me with your specific question.

  12. Caryn Graham’s signature in my assignment is not hers. Also we checked the notary public ‘Kelly Anderson” with her comision no. and does not exist. The AMO was prepared by M. Watson’s attorney.The Lis Pendens was initiated before the assignment. Then BofA transfered to FNMA, after that, BoA got a Final Judgment, do you know an attorney here in Miami.

  13. Are there any Depo’s of C. Graham floating around out there?
    If anyone knows, please forward any info to

  14. Kevin, I’ve got John Kennerty doing the same thing. Can you please send me a copy of the assignment to I have several assignments with his name that I can send you…representing different entities.

  15. Suddenly, in a case that I have been defending for more than 2 years, John Kennerty appears to have signed an assignment of mortgage that conveniently is effective as of the month prior to the foreclosure case being filed. Of course, the Plaintiff, who is a trust, was created 2 years before the effective date of the assignment.

  16. Here’s some more titles for Caryn A. Graham:

    Caryn A. Graham-Assistant Secretary (of what?)

    Caryn A.Graham – Asst. Secretary Mers, Inc. as Nominee for 1st Frabklin Financial Corp.,an OP sub. of MLB & T Co.,FSB

    She has also signed for BAC Home Loan Servicing, LP
    Chase Home Finance, LLC, Mers, Inc. as nominee for
    Accredited Home Lenders, Inc..

    It’s amazing how she and Shavonia L. Turner have had
    the time to fly to all the locations of these company’s.

    Shavonia L. Turner the woman who notarized Graham’s signature has not only notarized her own signature as a Witness (against Florida Law-117.05 (1)), but
    has changed her certified notary signature as “SLT”, “Shavonia Turner, and “Shavonia L. Turner.”
    In the State of Florida a notary can only sign with her
    commissioned certified signature.(117.05 (3)a

    Both appear as described on “Assignment of Mortgage” court documents in records of the Clerk of
    the Court in Duval County, Jacksonville, FL.

    These two have been at this for too long. Hope this
    helps someone out there in Marshall C. Watson la, la,
    land where the ignoring the laws is just another day of

  17. I have an assignment of mortgage signed by Graham, its false. can we share and get an attorney before my home forecloses on 2/2/11. boa says they own the note, but there is another assignment to fnma. send to

  18. Is it possible to get copies of the docs signed by John Kennerty? I have him as Assistant Secretary at MERS on an assinment in July of this year. If possible can you email the to me at Thanks! Let’s keep fightin’

  19. I also have an Assignment signed by Ms. Graham as Asst VP for MERS. Do you have copies of any other assignments showing Ms. Graham signing on behalf of B of A, WellFargo, et al. I want to put together a summary of her resume for the court in one of my cases.

    Keep up the great work.

    Carl Cascio

  20. I just received a Notice of Filing Assignment of Mortgage From MERS in Virginia to BAC in Texas and signed by — you guessed it — Caryn A. Graham in Florida. It was notarized by Shavonia L. Turner before her notary privileges were revoked. And it is dated Nov. 9, 2009.
    However, I also have an Assignment signed by Ms. Graham in Florida between the same companies for the same property, assigning the same legal documents but this one was notarized by Evelyn Saillant (? – name is hard to read) and witnessed by 2 different witnesses than the other assigment. And its dated Oct. 28, 2009. How many times did they need to assign the same mortgage and note!?

  21. I have a notarized signature by Caryn Graham as
    Asst. Secretary at Mers. I guess she flew from the
    Law Office of Marshall C. Watson where she is an
    attorney up to where Mers is located and signed her
    name..funny it is notorized in Florida. Does anyone
    have any further info. on Caryn Graham’s signatures
    and “would-be titles” they would care to share?

  22. I have an assignment to a BONY Mellon as trustee for one of the hundreds of CWALT trusts. It is dated one week prior to filing foreclosure, and 4 years after the closing date of the pooling and servicing agreement. (Sept 09). It has never been recorded and there is missing assignments (from the builder to CW) that would have had to happen first to show proper chain of title.

    It is signed by Caryn A. Graham from Watson as “assistant secretary” and notarized by Shavonia L. Turner. The state of Florida told me that Ms. Turner’s notary was suspended and revoked on 2/4/2010. If anybody has any information on this duo, it would be most appreciated if you could forward it. Please email me directly at
    Thank you.

  23. I wa sjust sitting here and wondering, what would happen, if each homeowner who was being forclosed on, drew up and got notarized, thier own assignment of mortgage?

    Submit it to the court, back date it, and now, you have teh right to forclose on tyour own home!

    I wonder how this would play out:

    Defendant: The assignment provided by the plaintiff is clearly forged as the person who signed as vice president of MERS is actually an attorney for the plaintiff.

    Judge: I don’t care. They have the assignment.

    Defendant: Well you honor, I have an assignment that the plaintiff failed to include. Here it is and you will notice that the person who it was assigned to is me, the defendant!
    What do we do now, your honor?

  24. To Jan Van Eck…
    I was wondering the same thing, we purchased our home thru Waterfield Mortgage which is the parent bank to Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis, our payments went to Union Federal in Fort Wayne IN…from my understanding Mary Jo Mcgowan assigned it to MERS as nominee for CitiMortgage, O’Fallen MO….I have found Mary Jo in Florida but seems as though Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis is no where to be found there.
    I’ve research 2 counties in Florida, Pinellas has quite a few assignments with her signature as working for Chase Home Financial…and a few in Pasco. She has signed only one other that I can find for Union Federal.

    Citi has started foreclosure due to a default, we never knew we were in default, we were making the payments but they weren’t being applied to our account …
    I would love to show someone my assignment of mortgage/Deed of trust…It’s all so confusing… Im still trying to wrap myself around all of this!

    So grateful for this site, Thanks for all the comments!

  25. To KIM:

    If you are sitting in Maine and Mary Jo McGowan is sitting in INdianapolis, then what is some “notary” in Florida doing taking a recognizance? How did the document get to Florida?

    The Notary has to have “authority” to do the notarization, and that flows from State Issuance, so if the state issuance is from Florida, and the document is notarized in Indiana, then the Notarization is invalid.

    And if the Notarization was don “in blank” and the other signatures filled in later, which is entirely possible, then you have fraud (perhaps more technically, a scienter to perpetrate a deceit upon land title records). And that makes it interesting….

  26. You know Thomas Jefferson once said that judges were needed in court cases because they had skillfull knowledge of the Law and would need to interpret it to the Jury, well I saw a video on how that whole “Rocket Docket” in Florida works and let me just say that is not at all skillfull, but just plain wrong… and why are there no Juries? the government keeps taking the Power from the People, and in my opinion without a Jury a judge has no Jurisdiction (ie case tried among ones peers)

  27. Fighting hard,
    It can’t be done that way. File a motion for dismissal based on the fact that the plaintiff did not own the note at the time of filing.
    There was a law passed in February , but, they can’t foreclose unless they show proof of ownership of the note.

    Disclaimer: I am not an attorney, consult with one.

  28. If Amsouth Bank sold our loan in 2005, wouldn’t there be an assignment of the Mortgage and assignment of the NOTE? The lawfirm only recorded an assignment of Mortgage.

    Also what is the law in florida on filign a lawsuit and then recording the assignment afterwords?

  29. I’ve got “Assistant Secretary” for MERS on ours as Abraham Bartamian…found him also as “Assistant Secretary for RECONTRUST (who is acting as trustee for our trustee sale) in another transaction; and as a notary for some Countrywide documents; and as “Team Leader” for RECONTRUST Co in yet another, one of the busy fellows.


  30. Andrew

    Thank you – this guy Kudlow – is a nut – whose take is he on?
    Very familiar with Kudlow.

    For example, he writes:

    “Team Obama is rewarding reckless behavior” – Larry does not get it that the people were conned – and that the banks did far more than reckless behavior.

    When the crisis first came out, Larry was thrilled that Henry Paulson was in their network lobby – waiting to be interviewed – hoping the network would support his agenda – “Blame the people.” Larry and network could not conceal their delight.

    Thank you for addressing Larry Kudlow.

  31. Notary Public Shavonia L. Turner Commission shows a HLD (hold) status if you do a search.

    Shavonia L. Turner is the notary that witness Caryn A. Graham signature for the assignment of mortgage.

    Commission Detail
    Notary ID: 1188466
    Last Name: Turner
    First Name: Shavonia
    Middle Name: L
    Birth Date: 05/18/87
    Transaction Type: NEW
    Certificate: DD 674939
    Status: HLD
    Issue Date: 05/16/07
    Expire Date: 05/15/11
    Bonding Agency: Huckleberry Notary Bonding, Inc.
    Mailing Address: 8234 NE 1 AVE
    MIAMI, FL 33138

  32. what is with the atty x spam?.. has word-press been compromised?

  33. Well, I have done my part today in this whole struggle. Larry Kudlow has an article on Daily Caller where he excoriates the struggling homeowner. And I commented…

  34. Kim,

    If it has to do with Chase. Do a google for an incumbency certificate that they may record with the county. They have filed them with MA and it lists all the VPs with the ability to forge(oops i mean sign) documents.

    You may also want to google the persons name and the words attorney in fact and see what you can find. I have tons of assignments and POAs that my person has signed as VP of MERS for the assigning bank to themselves as VPs of Chase.

    It is also very interesting that the Trustees of the SPV trusts are singing over power of attorney to the servicer(owner) giving authority to foreclose which is a direct violation of the separateness claus in the PSA. There is simply no end to the illegal activity.

  35. Kim,

    You will need to check the date of the signing by both of these ladies. You see Maria Leonor Gerholdt’s notary commission expired on 5/26/09 and Mary Jo McGowans’ expired on 7/3/07. Here’s their respective infor from FL

    Best of luck with this!

  36. PS…Sorry, they are located in Palm Harbor Florida County of Pinellas.

  37. Thank-you for this information and all that you do to help others!

    I live in Maine and my house is currently in “pending foreclosure”, Mers is all over it along with a women named Mary Jo McGowan as a vice president for Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis, but I also found she is vice president for Chase Home Financial LLC and had been working for the Nationwide Title Clearing during the time she signed an assignment to MERS…Seems whatever she signs she has the same Notary Public Maria Leonor Gerholdt (Citizen of Mexico) living in Florida, which she to works for the Title Company.

    My question is… Has anyone else heard of these two women, or find them on any paperwork they might have?? Im trying to find more assignments she has been a part of and compare her signiture to the circle she has used on mine and a few hundred here in my town.

    Thanks in advance for any and all information!
    Much appreciated,

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