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  1. I’m looking to join the lawsuite, also but I’m in Texas. I was told several times by BOA representatives that I qualifed for a loan modification. But when it came down to completing the paperwork, they said I didn’t qalify.

  2. Note from the note and dot sold eight years prior; At the pre-liminary hearing coming up, does the 2010 assignment of the note sold eight years prior to the same trust invalidate the the alleged assignment to the trust for lack of delivery? Is the 2-10 recorded assignment to the trust proof of non-delivery of the note back in 03 thereby extinguishing the note and dot and rendering the lien on the property and unsecured lien subject to the Bk cts discharge? Please give input, will keep you posted

  3. I’m looking to join the lawsuite. I’m in the loan Mod. nightmare. I have a loan with BofA that was bought from ContryWide.

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