Bank of America Home Loans
Date Filed: March 22, 2010
Court: U.S. District Court
Location: Seattle
Ticker Symbol: BAC
Washington homeowners sued Bank of America claiming the lending giant is intentionally withholding government funds intended to save homeowners from foreclosure. Hagens Berman represents plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit. Attorneys are interested to speak with other eligible home owners who were intentionally deferred or wrongfully declined a permanent mortgage adjustment per the Home Assistance Modification Program (HAMP).

The case, filed in U.S. District Court, claims that Bank of America systematically slows or thwarts Washington homeowners’ access to Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds by ignoring homeowners’ requests to make reasonable mortgage adjustments or other alternative solutions that would prevent homes from being foreclosed.

Bank of America accepted more than $25 billion in government bailout money financed by taxpayer dollars earmarked to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure. One in eight mortgages in the United State is currently in foreclosure or default.

Bank of America, like other TARP-funded financial institutions, is obligated to offer alternatives to foreclosure and permanently reduce mortgage payments for eligible borrowers struck by financial hardship but, according to the lawsuit, hasn’t lived up to its obligation.

Bank of America services more than 1 million mortgages that qualify for financial relief, but have granted only 12,761 of them permanent modification, reported the U.S. Treasury Department.

According to the TARP regulations, banks must gather information from the homeowner, and offer a revised three-month payment plan for the borrower. If the homeowner makes all three payments under the trial plan, and provides the necessary documentation, the lender must offer a permanent modification.

Bank of America continues to ignore TARP regulations and instead creates more financial pressure on homeowners, the court filing states.

The lawsuit charges that Bank of America intentionally postpones homeowners’ requests to modify mortgages, depriving borrowers of federal bailout funds that could save them from foreclosure. The bank ends up reaping the financial benefits provided by taxpayer dollars financing TARP-funds and also collects higher fees and interest rates associated with stressed home loans.

If you received an inadequate response from Bank of America for a home loan modification request after April 13, 2009, you are encouraged to join the suit.

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  1. Our mortgage was assigned by Bank of America to the Bank of New York Mellon and then foreclosed with violation in the Pooling and Servicing Agreement. Could we also join this class action lawsuit?

  2. My name is Ronald Glover and I fell into that foreclosure action suite with bank of America, I purchased a home loan for the property of 620 boyscout rd. in Gaston S. C., back in 2002,and bank of America didn’t give me a chance before they foreclosed on my house with the payments of 720.00 a month.

  3. Yes Bank Of America is probably owned by president obama and the taliban.
    I filed a complaint with the FBI, at IC3.

    I dont know what will come of it, but it is certainly disgraceful, that We Have to put up with this crap.

  4. I started my modification process back in 2010. Like you I went through paper work faxed, emailed, mail & phones calls! Finally back in Nov. 2013 they had approved me for the next 2 months I went back to the regular of paying online all of a sutten I received a letter stating that the paperwork wasn’t signed correctly (they were signed by BOA notaries). Since January 2014 I sent paperwork phones calls now finally again the modification is hopefully final. I paid 2 months now coming into the third month of the set payment. ( I also was represented through NACA). My advice is to keep all paperwork that you received & sent to them. BOA is a mess!!

  5. I live in N.J and have been jerked around for years from BOA. Tried getting a loan mod and I was in a circle getting nowhere. I had the packet and documents they requested and faxed it but they kept telling me they need more info so I sent it again and again and again. This has been going on for anm in foreclosure. I wanted to make payments but they denied my money. Now my fiance who is the homeowner lost his job last Nov.

  6. I see that all of us are going throught with the same none results. BOA sent my modification papers to be signed. Knowing from dealing with them since 2010, I took the papers to a notary at a local BOA Branch to be signed FedEx the papers back the said they were signed wrong. The payment quote was good. After finding out the papers were signed wrong (that’s why I went to their bank BOA). Mean while BOA sent out one of their notaries to my house, guess what they said those papers were signed wrong also. I talked to my repersentive and told them what happened. The Rep told me that the signatures had to be the same as typed on the papers. The Notary signed wrong! On the second set of papers had a higher payment from the first set. It’s a mess dealing with them, and it’s very sad that the goverment let the type on action go on it make you wonder do they really care!

  7. Oh My, HOPE Tell your daughter she is in my prayers tonight, I know how she feels. A couple of weeks ago I went on a blind date, havent dated in ten years, 7 of them because of this mortgage. We’ll my date started out good, then came shots of cinnamon whiskey.
    I ended up in Midstate hospital, for a night, drove my car in the garage and tried to end it. Sat there for three hours with the car running, drinking beer. Called the cops, they took my rifle, and now my losses are even greater. Loss of Rifle, Ambulance Bill, Hospital Bill Maybe I will Forward The Bills To Bank OF America! or
    Maybe The White House.

    Through the Grace of God I’m still here, it is not like the movies, obviously i wasn’t doing it right.

    Picked myself up brushed myself off, and Im trying to make sense of it.
    Sad thing is We Can’t, Progressives Have an Agenda, to make us all homeless, and Destroy Our Country.

    I don’t work over time, I am squatting here till I have to leave.
    Also Trying to start a C-Corp, maybe I may have a chance to bail myself out.

  8. This rogue bank made us to apply for mortgage modification in 2009 and since then we heard only lies from them. After denying and denying the mortgage modification for no reason, my young daughter lost hope and wrote on her school notebook that she didn’t want to live on this earth anymore which was observed by her class teacher. She gets A and A+ in her studies just like her parents in the past. She is questioning what’s the point in getting A’s and A+s ? Some thing needs to be done for this fraud bank to stop their wrong doings. They are liable to all homeowners for the hardship and false hope they imposed on them.

  9. We also went through the colossal paper works of sending for mortgage modification and the bank said, ” missing documents.” We faxed and courier out massive paperwork and the response was two line statement that the modification was denied What a grand fraud of misleading the home owners to participate into some modification of mortgages they may not be holding with clean title.

  10. I forgot to mention the mountains of paperwork I have sent, copied, faxed …what a Colossal waste of time, energy, ..It is a level of Incompetence, and Greed, I’m Speechless.

  11. I would Like to Join too, except the circumstances are Different,
    I borrowed so much money, with such little income that I was only able to pay the HAMP ripoff for a couple of years, Gas Prices went up, So Now I cant afford it all over again.

    So I stopped paying in Feb 2013, after 18 months of being completely ignored, because I was paying.

    I paid in the beginning, and was discriminated against when I went to refi with cash out, YOU KNOW LIKE YOUR SUPPOSED TO, to be considered a responsible homeowner.

    The Whole Thing Is Criminal, and These People are Traitors of Our Country, or The are Just really really Dumb.

    It is Not about how much money you make, it is what you do with it when you earn it.

    This applies to Borrowers & Lenders.

    If one party does the wrong thing with the debt,cash, or whatever, it fails.

  12. This bank doesn’t even fully comply with Qualified Written Request. With QWR, they give erroneous documents and do not provide essential and important documents to strengthen a case against them. What an irresponsible and crooked bank.

  13. Bank of America was asking us some sort of ransom to endorse an insurance proceeds check. What non-sense is this ! They want money to endorse a check? What kind of a bank is this in this civilized world?

  14. get the local FBI involved. make an appointment go to the FBI office…a RICO case is in the can’t stop it…it’s coming

  15. I wish to join this lawsuit. I just received a Notice of Intent to Accelerate Foreclosure from Bank of America on my property after I applied for modification in 2009. I have also sent numerous paper work that they have requested and never received a decision on the modification. now I am being told that I never applied for a modification. They have also assessed over $4,000 in fees to my account even though I have never missed a payment and was never late on my mortgage. They have removed my mortgage from my credit report so that no other bank can refinance without contacting them. Now they are threatening foreclosure.

  16. Bank of America is Guilty of More than Just Countrywide.
    I was approved for a $360,000.00 Loan with only $59,000.00 in Documented Income, 30 year fixed @ 6.5%
    I never Signed the Acceptance of the Approval Commitment form.
    I paid it on time, sometimes early.
    I paid $10,000.00 towards the principle in the first 10 months.

    I applied for a refi with cash out for $370k
    @ 5.5%

    Denied for Debt to Income
    My Realtor Calcagni New What they were doing was wrong.

    I was then led down a road of Financial Destruction being offered $60,000.00 in Bank Of America Credit Cards to use, they knew I would use it to try and save my home.

    Ruined My Life, My Family suffered watching me in Distress.
    My Nieces and Nephews Suffered, because I was consumed by this fraud.

    I stopped Paying the HAMP in February of 2013, because even that was too much.

    Bank Of America, The United States Congress, Black Rock Inc.
    Traitors of The United States. Traitors of The American People.

  17. I am in foreclosure with BOA, my loan originated with Ameriquest loan found as a predatory lender; then transferred to Countrywide Home Loans August, 2004; which should have not happened. Because a check of $54,000 was paid to Ameriquest Mortgage, and SC Attorney General Office, shut their office down, and they sent me the documentation that I have showing that Ameriquest Mortgage did “Mark my loan PAID IN FULL” now how it was transferred to Countrywide Home Loan in August 2004, with another balance showing open, and payment double the amount that I was paying before, the interest rate went from fixed payment(s) to adjustable and the years double as well; and not only that it showing the same amount that were paid in full. When I submitted my own answer to Countryiwide Home Loan prior to being transferred to BOA; they didn’t show for court.

    BOA has the loan, and has stated they sent me several financial package; and I sent them back Federal Express, and now I called last week to speak with someone and/or they told me that Shaun Smith – CEO of Bank of America Customer Service Manager doesn’t work there any longer and do not call this number as of 5/31/2013. Someone else will be contacting me about my loan. What loan I am asking; because my loan was marked paid in full 8/2004 – how did I even get another loan without signing documentation and when “60 Minutes” interviewed Linda Green in Georgia, about the fraudulent signing of documentation, along with some High School Student; BOA states they had nothing to do with that actions.

    Where do I stand with this action – I haven’t a clue at the moment, in South Carolina most of the people are corrupt in the first place, from the Court House, tax assessor that has now placed the house back into Estate Status after 29 years of me living here, and paying for my house, and now “Lost Note” – I want my house back, into my right name, with deed & title turned over to me – marked paid in full as it was marked 8/2004. I don’t have a house payment, and along with that issue – BOA changed my date of built on my house from 1976 to 1964 so I can’t secure insurance on my own property. This must stop and stop right now.


    Sarah Robinson

  18. I would like to know if the class would cover the state of LA. This CountryWide/BoA mess had cost us everything. We would love to have a day in court.

  19. In all the discussions and articles and lawsuits that have occurred during the mortgage crisis, I have never seen one important point discussed. Bank of America, in August, 2007, “gave” Countrywide Financial $2 billion. It would be interesting to follow exactly where that money went; why would B of A give one of its major competitors money to keep it going? Then, less than six months later, in January 2008, B of A announced that it would buy Countrywide for $4.1 billion. So, total spent; $6.1 billion. What did B of A get for its money? It received all of Countrywide’s 9 million mortgages, valued at $1.4 TRILLION! This is the important point; if you do the math, they paid 0.0043571428571429 per dollar of Countrywide’s mortgages! That is less than ½ a penny per dollar!! So, for example, they paid just over $800.00 for my two mortgages, worth $185,000.00 on paper. How is this even legal or acceptable?!
    Why do you think that they moved so fast to foreclose on so many of Countrywide’s former customers? It didn’t matter if they took possession of those houses because they paid less than $1000.00 for most of them.
    Why weren’t Countrywide’s customers given the opportunity to buy their mortgages back for the same price? Why is Bank of America one of the worst banks to try and get a loan modification? Why was B of A given $45 billion through the TARP program, and then were able to repay that money a year later? (They also received $5.2 billion in government bailout money.) At the time of repayment, they had $26.2 billion of excess liquidity. Would you be profitable if you could purchase something for less than ½ a penny per dollar?
    If you look into the executive bonus debacle, and all of the fraud charges filed against the company, the robo signing fiasco, the sale of toxic mortgages to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, you see a company that is not “too big to fail,” but too big to be accountable to law. They operate outside of the law, and with the cooperation of government officials and regulators.
    I could go on and on about Bank of America’s practices, the loan modification sham, etc., but I just want to know why they are allowed to buy my mortgages, worth $185,000.00, for less than $810.00? Since their purchase of my mortgages, I have paid them over $54000.00 in interest alone! I thought that there were laws against excessive usury!
    Mark Stephens
    I would like to find a lawyer willing to file a class action lawsuit against Bank of America on behalf of all of the former Countrywide customers. It should be fraudulent to buy paper worth $185,000.00 for $806.00.

  20. I wish to join this lawsuit – My home was foreclosed on by BoA in 2010 and they improperly conducted many aspects of foreclosure process. I had an FHA loan and they refused to work with me until after the house was sold at auction. They lied and delayed any assistance to me against government regulation.

  21. stop making illegit contract or you will be taken for striking at grounds made for us.battles

  22. I took out a loan with Countrywide in 2009 Bank of America (now owned my loan) wanted me to check into a MHA loan. They said it would save me money and wouldn’t hurt my credit score.. I gave them the information for the MHA loan. What I ended up with was a loan that closed in 2010. It had over 2 points in the closing costs. The Closing Costs were over 4000.00. IT did lower my payments 70 dollars per month… and it dropped my credit score 100 points… The only mention in the closing docs are that the closer was to pull the new MHA calcutation tool andany POC fees paid including any cash to the borrower,, I thought I had asked for and gotten a MHA loan… I was very disappointed in the loan.. My credit score took a 100 point dive… I later asked BOA about the new program to include the 2ond mortgage in the MHA . They said that was with the Hamp. I waited until 2013 when things began to get very tight for me to apply for the HAMP. I was told I could not qualify for the HAMP because my loan was in 2010.. I found the 2010 Closing Doc….and called the prossessor. She said it was a MHA. I was also told if I made my payments on time the interest rate would have dropped… First I have eard of that.I called BOA and told them thier loan processor said my 2010 loan was a MHA and I wanted to find out about getting my interest rate dropped. I was then informed that my loan had been sold to Nationstar and I needed to call them…

  23. I want to be part of the class action law suit against Bank of America. I have documentation from 2009 until recent 2012. I have been denied so many times. I was given eronious information and have paid thousands of dollars. They up my interest rate and charged me excessive fees. My house is underwater. I need help. .

  24. It’s sad to say all of us are going through the same with Bank of America. I have been dealing with this since 2010 working through NACA. They finally gave me a trial modification payment back in March 2012 I paid the payments on time for the three months, I call BOA when the three months was up they said to continue the trial payment until the final papers with a new payment (higher than the trial payment)came back well I go the papers in October 2012 and took them to a Bank of America Branch to be notorized . FedEx the papers back they said they were signed wrong they sent more papers with another payment still higher than the last. They then had a notary sent to my house to witness the signing as we know dealing with BOA the papers still wasn’t signed correctly. Both times the notary was with BOA!! So we are all in this mess. MAYBE IT’S LIKE WE HAVE HEARD BOA IS OWNED BY ANOTHER COUNTRY AND TRYING TO SCAM US CITIZENS TO TAKE CONTROL OF THE US.

  25. Bank of America sold my home at auction in May 2012. The value of the home had crashed and I had an outstanding 2nd loan so we knew we couldn’t pay; BAC refused to modify due to house being tenant occupied; found out that the Countrywide loan solicitor had “fudged” my husband’s income on a no doc loan at 10% interest; BAC refused to even work with us; 6 mos after they “stole” our home and sold it they sent us a letter forgiving the 2nd mortgage and a notice that IRS would be contacting us for tax on the so called forgiveness. BAC is a rip off. They stole our property. What can we do?

  26. IN IMMEDIATE NEED OF AN ATTORNEY in LOUISIANA THAT IS FAMILIAR WITH BANK OF AMERICA’S MODIFICATION SCAM ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have also been added to the list of mortgage owners who have fallen victim of Bank Of America’s Home Modification SCAM!!!! After 9 grouling months, I have been denied & just received a letter in the mail stating I need to pay them 24,000 within 15 days or my home is going to forclose. PLEASE HELP!!!! I need A RECOMENDATION FOR A ATTORNEY IN LOUISIANA WHO IS FAMILIAR WITH THIS SCAM!!!
    I am a 40 year old single mother of THREE children, hard working, tax payer, has lived in this house since I was 6 years old & bought it from my mom when i was 28. I was never behind on my mortgage payment until this nightmare of a modification started! May I add that I did not ask for this modification. After being solicited several times, stating that “I would quialify” because I am a single mother, I finally applied since they made it all sound so easy, good, & would have a “short, smooth process”. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!! Please help!!!!

  27. I applied for loan modification on my mortgage over several years ago with countrywide before Bank of America broughted them out and then with Bank of America and they strung me along asking for more and more information over and over again as time lapsed. They then told me I was not qualified after a year of dancing without any reason. They also tried to refuse to accept payment due to problems they caused. Thus I would like to join in a class action lawsuit against them.

    Charles, on november, 13, 2012

  28. Ditto to all of the above. I was granted a modification by countywide than sold to BOA who would NOT honor the mod.!!! So I started over again only to be denied again because the “investor” said “no” ? Than they wanted $16,000 in back payments and interest or they would foreclose. I paid a stated reduced rate for almost a year before they denied me and than came up with $16,000 owed??? I filed chapter 13 and was able to save my home but now I have a mortgage payment and an additional bankruptcy payment. Had to take in 2 boarders to do this but I was determined not to lose my home. Now they have sold me to Nationstar and they want me to start over. I’m done with modifications and I want action against BOA. I live in Georgia, help please.

  29. My husband is self employed which I thought was why we cannot move forward to obtaining a loan modifaction thru Bank of America. After seeing so many others now I now it is because they are Bank of America. We have been trying not nearly as long as others. I lost all faith in BofA when we found out that they were trying to forclose on our home after being behind 2months. Later, we found out they must give 3months in Oregon. That didnt stop them. I had to take money out of our retirement to stop them. 2xs. I too have been strung along with my phone calls not being returned and then today I was told I did not fill out the forms correctly. I am sure I did. I asked they send me thouse forms but Faryal could not. Why does this happen to so many Americans? Why can’t we stop them?
    Bandon Oregon

  30. i hav owned my condo for 7 years. At first mortgage was though Countywide the BAC bought them out. My story is no different from anyone else. First owned home things were going fine until I got hurt at work. Then playing catch up. Then other health issues took place. Long story short the calls. the dozens of case manager, the resending papers upon papers, never,never getting your questions answered. Just games after games. Never realizing that we are real people and this our lives. While they lay sleeping secure without a worry about having a home. we go to bed wondering will this be our last night in this home.
    Every week or two I had a new case manager working on my modification which didn’t end up any where. And again sending in more and more information and again! ending up no where!!!!!! Now I just would like someone to help me and stop treating me like I’m nothing. BAC needs to be made accountable. I just want to be treated fairly.

  31. I am also going through a lot of issues with the modifaction of my mortgage, this has been going on since 10/6/2010. The original modifaction I got slammed into actually added $30,000 onto my mortgage balance. I’ve had too many issues with BOA that I could go on and on about. If there is a class action suit organizing please let me know.

  32. I. Need a laywer to help me with Bank of America, harrasment, discrimination. I have been filing for a reduc1tion on my home since March 6 2010, 3 yrs. I live by Pensacola,Fl. Please

  33. I want to join the class action lawsuit. I live in Cleveland, Georgia. My story is just like all these others I have just read. I cannot get an answer from BofA on my home loan modification.


  35. We had the same situation, I worked with BofA to get a modification, offered to make partial payments till we could get things worked out but was told not to bother. Started the modification process in Nov. having to repeatedly send in the same info that seemed to always be misplaced or could not be found by Dec was told our house would foreclose on March 21. No end in sight with the modification. had been in our home for 16 years never missed a payment before and all of a sudden my husband being in construction things got bad for work and we lose everything. Ending up moving out of state away from our kids and grandkids. I tried everything, hired a lawyer who it took handling BofA for us short sold our house in 12 days. BofA is horrible and To allow this to happen to so many people is terrible. I’m not sure if writing this will do anything but get it of my chest. This all started Sept 2010 and we were out of our home March 2011. I heard of people staying in there homes longer don’t know why BofA was so eager to get us out of home. The short sale paid of the mortgage so they were not out any money!! I just want justice to be served!!

  36. My home was stolen as well. Who do I need to call or email….if you have any information, I thank you in advance.

  37. I lost my home while following Country Wide and BOA advice to help us through a tough time. They instructed us that
    – We had to be behind at least 3 payment.
    (as it turns out in VA CW and BOA can start the foreclosure process then. Sam White of “Watch how fast white can sell your home to Fred Mac and then transfer it to BOA.”

    Sam White is good at getting you out of your home fast.

    During the entire process BOA never responded to any letters sent from our attorney. We have proof. It was not until after we were kicked out that BOA sent use paper work saying they want to help us with our loan. email to congressman was ignored.

    Bottom line is our house was stolen from us. We felt helpless. We are homeless living with parents at age 40 with wife and son. We need help and so far have not received anything at all.

    Please help us.

    Pete Counts
    540 937 7570

  38. Dawn K. in Maryland..I also want to file a class action lawsuit against Bank of America. I have read so many stories that have mirrored my own personal nightmare with Bank of America. I also had a loan with Countrywide which was bought by Bank of America. I am beyond livid that the government is not stepping in and overseeing Bank of America’s activities. I have done the hours and hours on the phone and the run around with the different departments that you get referred to so they can look into the same mortgage account number, however, different departments do not have access to the same notes of the whole loan. I was told I was in the underwriting stage with Bank of America for the Making Home Affordable Modification Program and 2 Bank Managers told me they were going to call the lawyers handling the foreclosure for a postponement. Only to find, Bank of America did not do this and my house was auctioned off on August 17, 2010. Both Managers told me “don’t worry about it; we are going to hand deliver your financial package to Freddie Mac for a rescission.” Thankfully no individual person bought the house and the paper loan reverted back to Freddie Mac. I have extensive notes from everyone I talked to, names, dates, ID numbers, the departments and phone numbers when Bank of America would keep passing me back and forth to different people and departments. Each call took longer then 2 hours and I had to retell my story all over again. I was behind on my mortgage because I was forced to retire from the AACo Police Department. I was injured on the job–had police car accident (drunk driver hit me when I was stopped at a stop light), then I had personal vehicle accident, then another police vehicle accident as a passenger in my Sergeant’s car. The County blamed all of my lower lumbar back problems on the middle accident. I am disabled but the County did not give me my full pension. I only receive 23% instead of 66 2/3 %. I am a single mother raising two children and being a care-giver for my 71 year old mother who lives with us. I worked for the County for 10 years with an impeccable police record. I have had 3 spinal fusion surgeries, 4 right hand surgeries, 2 knee surgeries, right foot surgery, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, astigmatism in both eyes, and migraines. I received calls from the Office of the Presidency of Bank of America and I thought finally B of A was going to do the right thing. This happened in July 2011 only after I contacted the Maryland Gazette and they wrote a story about us in the newspaper. I was also getting calls from Freddie Mac saying they were just checking with me to make sure B of A was making contact and reviewing my financial package, of course everything had to be faxed 3, 4 times. Back in 2010, B of A told me I qualified for the HAMP program and my payments would be around $1137-1300 because they could do an ARM of 1% for 5 years then interest would go to 3-4%. I was supposed to be evicted on July 8, 2011. Paperwork to be reviewed and reexamined and new paperwork requested lasted for about 7 months only to be told around February 2012 that I was denied. I called the Maryland Gazette again and told them about B of A denied me because I didn’t have the income which is a lie–I can afford the $1137-1300 payment like I was told I was going to get. We have lived in this house for over 15 years. Well, Md Gazette did a follow-up story on me on May 2, 2012. I was served by the Sheriff to be evicted on April 30, 2012. I received a phone call by a Mr. Griggs who told me he was handling my file–he was in the CEO Office of the Presidency of Bank of America and was a customer relations officer. I was told my eviction would not happen on April 30th but would be done on June 15, 2012. Mr. Griggs told me my rescission was denied again. I do not believe him–I have not received a denial from Freddie Mac yet. In 2010, Freddie Mac never received any financial package from Bank of America. I called Freddie Mac directly and was told they had never received a request for a rescission for my property from Bank of America. I have no where to go, no possibility of getting another home loan, and Bank of America will be taking my home away. I also received one of those letters “Independent Foreclosure Review” which gave me an application to fill out because Bank of America screwed up my paperwork and I am in the class of customers that Bank of America handled my foreclosure illegally. If I fill out this application I waive all of my rights to sue Bank of America for what they have done to us. $2,000.00 does not even come close for us losing our house. I need a lawyer who is brave enough to go up against them; they have injured so many people and no one is holding them accountable for what they did. Does anyone know of a lawyer in Maryland??? Bank of America told me I am behind 44 payments on my mortgage even though they took my house away in August of 2010. They cannot do both–but they want it all. Countrywide did not report my payments correctly and I paid in full for 2008 and up until April of 2009. Bank of America refused to take my payments since my loan ‘had been closed.’ I was behind 16 payments not 44 and the reason being, they told me “don’t send in any money because we wouldn’t know where to put it since the house was auctioned off in August 2010 and it reverted back to Freddie Mac.” I also went through bankruptcy in 2009 due to my health issues and lost not only my full time Sergeant’s position but also the two other security details I was working. I hate Bank of America and they are completely two-faced, they tell you they are trying to help you on the left side while they are going through the eviction process on the right side. Don’t trust anything they say and President Obama must wake up to all of the atrocities they are committing on people every single day. How can you deal with a snake and not know you will get bitten in the end. I want to take on Bank of America—do you??? We have a responsibility to stop them from hurting other people–they must be held accountable for all of the lies and deceitful hopes they give people.

  39. I applied for loan modification on my mortgage over a year ago with Bank of America and they strung me along asking for more and more information over and over again as time lapsed. They then told me I was not qualified after a year of dancing without any reason. They also tried to refuse to accept payment due to problems they caused. Thus I would like to join in a class action lawsuit against them.

  40. I applied for mortgage loan modification with BOA over a year ago and was strung along by them asking for more and more information until they finally told me I did not qualify without any reason. They also tried to refuse accepting payment due to reasons they caused. I would like to join in a class action lawsuit against them.

  41. How do I get in on the Class Action Lawsuit?


  43. I have filed a making homes affordable modification with bank of america and got denied because they said that I was under the 31% meaning that I made too much money. I reapplied under a change of circumstance due to my job not allowing the over time that I was getting to try to keep my head above water. I now qualify going by the 31% I had to meet to qualify, but it has been 2 months and there is no change I am being told by my case manager that it is still in review. I need to know what to do because I could possibly file bankruptcy before I am foreclosed on I guess. Please help me

  44. Do you know of any attorneys who have a class action lawsuit in CA against Bank of America? I have applied for and been denied loan modification twice. Think it is because I have a 30 year fixed and put 20% down so they won’t lose any money on me when they take my home. Am now in foreclosure and home being sold as a short sale. I’m told I don’t qualify for the HAFA program either. On another subject. Are you aware Bank of America has a “Wealth Management Department” in Seattle that sells homes they foreclose on back to their investors for pennies on the dollar. I know this for a fact since I was asked by Prudential California Realty to work with that department to help them find homes in bulk for their investors.

  45. I would like to join this class action law- suit I have complained before on this matter and l am waiting on a response. My remarks are already on this blogg

  46. The banks wanted to get to the real estate business and this is how they have done it!

  47. In 1987 there was the savings and loan crises that cause millions to go into foreclosure. Then the RTC Resolution Trust Corp took over and settled through the FDIC in a few years and things went back to normal. The mortgage crisis of 2008+ is different. There are thousands of companies out there that at specifically set up to handle foreclosures, webbased companies like Equator, REOWorld, who make who make huge money handling foreclosures. Perhaps the banks are behind these companies too! Banks were trying to get into the real estate business and this is how they did it!

  48. How do I get on the lawsuit for home owners in Nebraska? I have went through and jumped through all of BAC crap to get a modified loan and even the Hamp program was trying to help me. But still BAC kept say they never received any paper work even when it was Fedx to them 4 different times. Long story short they foreclosed on our home. No extra money to fight them we was given 3 days to get out. Any one with info for who to contact in Nebraska would be nice. Thanks..

  49. I would like to join the class action lawsuit for B of A concerning fraudulent handling of my home loan in 2009. After Countrywide was bought by B of A my mortgage was automatically switched to B of A. Early in 2009 when the economy was failing I lost a job and became 2 months behind in my pmts to B o A. Then they sent me a letter saying I needed to send my pmts to Litton Loan Servicing, out of Texas. I sent the next pmt to them with B of A’s loan # which they had instructed me to do Then they sent the pmt back three weeks later stating they couldn’t identify the loan,resulting in that pmt also being late. Therefore I was now 3 months behind. I tried calling them on the number they gave me and it would ring for 40 mins. I tried it 2 or 3 times, same thing.Then when I finally did get a hold of them they left me on the line for up to 40 mins. and then just hung up. I tried sending in my pmts again and each check was returned and by that time I was 4 months behind , so I went from 2 to 4 months behind because they didn’t recognize me and they wouldn’t accept pmt. Then they conveniently could begin forclosure proceedings, and they did.

  50. To simplify my story I feel like I am getting the run around. BOA sends a packet for signatures and to receive information from me. I have returned everything and they say that they didn’t receive something or simply declined.

  51. Same thing happened to us. Our payment was 120.00 more when they finally said (after 13 months) they would do it. Wanted cash up front, which we now know would have gone to service company or in an account you will never see. Trust me, cut your losses. I have a friend here at work who is helping her mother keep her home. She received a modification, 8 months later her house went into foreclosure. They said she didnt make the correct payments (after making the ones they told her to) and came up short. With fees, attorney costs and payments, they now wanted her to come up with 11,000.00. No one is ever really gonna do anything to these companies. They are still doing the same thing. Hate to bring bad news, it just breaks my heart to see so many people go through the same thing that we went through. We have a whole storage container of emails, fedex, certified letters, etc that went back and forth. Didnt receive, I cant help, no answer, cant leave a message, you will need to speak with my supervisor, we will call you tomorrow. Wish i knew then what I know now. Only disappointment is I cant get a mortgage loan with a good interest rate…..but at least I am not waiting on someone to call me back!

  52. Yes, your payments end up more than the original one. Ours was 120.00 more per month and the cash they wanted to bring mortgage current was going to the servicing company. I agree, filing bankruptcy is better than modification. All this mess going around with law suits…..thinking its gonna help people…its not. They are still doing it. If it was me or you doing this type of thing, we would be under the jail. But since it doesnt hurt the big dogs, its not a big deal. You cant tell me you bring this much negative attention to yourseld and you havent done anything wrong? BULL! And if anyone knows of Law Offices or Attorneys taking on these people for the state of Georgia, please, please let me know.

  53. I want it to be known to everyone trying to remodify, make sure you have tried every option, loans even bankruptcy is better than remodification right now. For example you only pay the amount to bankruptcy and the bank you are behind on with a small interest rate. Example : You purchased your home in 2000 with a cost of $120,00.00 payment 700.00 a month you now owe in 2012 $65000.00 still paying $700.00 a month. Now you all of a sudden loose your job and get behind you have to remodify to keep your home. All those years you have paid in is lost and your loan amount goes back up to the original amount of 120,00.00 or maybe a little less 110,00.00 and payments may actuallyove up to $900.00 a month. If you have a hard time paying $700.00 you will definitely have a hard time paying $900.00 and all the years from 2000 up to 2012 is lost. Think about it or speak to an attorney first is my suggestion because that’s what happened to me. I have the papers to show.

  54. My biggest problem is instead of them telling me I want be able to help you and if I do you will loose more after the modification they finalized my modification with higher payments of $130.00 more per month and took all the money I paid in for 10 years and started me back at my original loan amount actually more. What good is it to remodify. I lost between $75000.00 up to $90,000.00 when I actually say down and added it up

  55. I am so sorry for what you have been through, but been there done that. I know you dont want to hear this, but do not pay anything! You are not talking to BOA, you are talking to a service company. They will be the ones to get the money. That is why the other money was returned to you. (back and forth issue to confuse you) and now its more money they want, correct? Ours went into foreclosure after we were told by BOA and McCalla Raymer that it was taken out but sad part is be were informed by a neighbor that is was in the paper. We believed everything they said. Yes, now they are distributing money to people who lost their home, and I will be greatful, but they cannot send me enough money to cover what we went through. Now, we cannot even get a mortgage because of what they did, so how can they repay that? Good luck and God Bless

  56. I too am having very serious trouble with BOA. Starting in December 2008, I was sent modification papers by then, Countrywide. I was told so many stories on thousands of calls to BOA. I started calling as soon as I got confirmation from FedEx that the package was received. Sometimes, I would come home and camp out on the phone with them by calling several times a day to see what answer I was going to receive on the next call. My original payment was $858 and the modification payment went to $567. I jumped on the opportunity being that I wanted a lower payment. I was never late on my payments but I just wanted a cheaper payment. I got the answer that “We never sent you any modification papers” to “We have millions of modifications to upload into the system and we don’t have the manpower to put them in in a timely fashion.” I went through this for two years. I paid the modification payments as I was told for many months. Being that they did not have the modification in the system, they were taking my payments and placing them in the partial account until I made the next payment then they would process the payment for the original amount. Finally after faxing my original modification paperwork a total of 35 times to offices all over the United States, they put my modification in. This occurred in September of 2010. After continuing to make payments, lo and behold, I looked at my bank account online and saw that it had more money than it was supposed to have in January of 2011. I found out that they had refunded the money back into my account and I called to see why. They told me that my home was in foreclosure as of October 2010; just one month after they put the modification in the system. I was then told by their attorney that I had to pay $2900.00. By then, BOA had contacted the attorney and took me out of foreclosure. I then contacted them to see what was going on and they told me to pay them the $2900.00. I did so and they told me that that was going to bring me up to date with everything in arrears. I did it in good faith not really understanding why I had to pay so much. I went on along in 2011 making all my monthly payments, finally in December 2011 my payment was again returned to my account. I had been getting letters stating that I was supposed to be 3 months past due. Calling several times, I got no answers. My aunt was really tired of me talking about them, so she got involved. I went to the Customer Assistance Center with her and my cousin and we talked to someone. This did nothing for the cause, so I wrote a letter to the CEO, Mr. Moynihan and his office placed one person on my account, so when I call no one else could talk to me but that one person. She did not return calls but a few times. I called all through December 2011 after I realized what had happened. Everytime the automated system would just send me straight to her and she was never available. I left approximately 30 messages and left her supervisor about 18 messages. Finally, on January 9, 2012, her supervisor called me and told me that she would be calling me that day before she left at 5:00pm Eastern Time. She called back and after her sitting on the phone not replying to anthing that I asked of her, she finally told me that “I have done all that I could do for you, I have worked on your account for over 4 months and what I could not do and did not know how to do I reached out to other departments and other colleagues; your property went into foreclosure on January 2, 2012 and I will put in the notes for them to place someone else on your account and hopefully they will be able to help you before the sale of your property on February 22, 2012. I was not even informed that it was going into foreclosure especially after I asked them to change things on my transaction history. When they put the modification on my account, they posted the payments starting with the first payment being posted as $567 and then jumping up to $722 for 11 months and then going back down to $567. This included escrow payments which I had never been on escrow because it is cheaper to pay my insurance every month with my auto insurance as well as homeowners insurance. I also pay my taxes annually myself because when I refinanced my mortgage through Countrywide the payment ended up higher than I was originally quoted through the paperwork received. So, I wanted to know why the payments were posted like they were because there was an escrow amount included. I asked them to change it and the person who I was in touch with said that it was approved and that was in November 2011. I heard nothing from her again after many calls to get the details of the change. I went back to my account online and saw that they had blocked me from viewing my account online. On January 9, 2012 when I had her on the phone, I asked her why I was not able to view my account online she told me that she did not know. She got someone in Customer Service on the line and they told me that I was not going to be able to view my account online due to the serious deliquency. I did not understand the deliquency due to me paying $2900.00 on January 27, 2011 and making all monthly payments in 2011. So, she then gave me the spill of not being able to help me anymore. Now it is with a law office in Alabama and they are telling me that I am going to have to pay $6200.00 to bring my home out of foreclosure. I am going to pay the money, but this is insane of having to pay over $9000.00 within a 13 month period along with making my monthly payments. Something really indeed must be done. I apologize for being so long, but this is just a little of what I have been going through with BOA for over three years.


  57. how can i join in class action lawsuit against the Bank of America? Does anybody know of one in CA? We must unite to fight that organization.

  58. After The Obama law was passed for a modification. I applied for this modification and I spoke with a loan administration from bank of America. I explained to her because of the hours being cut on my job and I wanted to keep my home I was interested in the modification. I have the name and information of the loan specialist. My mortgage beginned at $647.00 a month which moved to $747.00 a month. I was really struggling with this payment and trying to keep them from foreclosure when I asked for the modification. I was told my mortgage would be lowered to $686.00 a month and approved. After making those payments for approximately about 1 year I was called and mailed information that my loan was in default because I was not paying the right amount. My new payment was $877.00 a month. What was the purpose of the Obama re-modification law. I could left it at $747.00 and struggled rather than being re-modified and paying a extra $100.00 more a month, I am in worse shape now and the sad part I have to be waken in the morning as early as 6:30 am and as late as 9:00 pm with annoying phone calls to remind me of my late payment when now it takes both my checks to pay my note which means I have to wait on the 2nd check in the month to make a complete payment. If you send a partial and the other half later your payment will be mailed back to you. This modification has really set me behind. Also it took almost a year for the approval and the interest and late fees took my home loan up higher than the original mortgage. So approximately 8 years or better of my mortgage at $747.00 a month was paid in vain. I paid almost $71,712.00 during those years they took and started me back at the original cost of the house with higher payments. What do I need to do to be a part of this law suit or start my own.


  60. “WAKE UP PEOPLE, the devil is seriously at the door….it you look through the peep hole, you can see his horns. In yet more proof that the banksters own both the ReThUGlicans and Democrats it is rumored that in 48 hours, the deal with the devil will be inked in blood….” ~Matt Weidner

  61. My name is G. Norman I live in Virginia and I too was a victim of Bank of America’s carelessness. Who do I need to contact in order to submitt my case in this matter?

  62. My name is G. Norman I live in Virginia and I am too a victim of Bank of America’s carelessness. Who do I need to contact in order to be part of this Cass Action Suit?
    I followed all instructions that they gave me in order to have my home refinanced, but everytime I talked to someone I got a different answer? Who do I need to tell my story too?

  63. I already applied twice to modify my mortgage with Bank of America to know avail. also, the Bank has already tried to foreclose on the property. It is my intention to lower my interest rate from 8.375 percent to a percentage I can afford. My credit score range is 650-680 and I’m not currently in foreclosure even though Bank of America denied me twice for a Making Homes Affordable modification.

    Bank of America told me to continue my trial payments that I had been paying to the previous mortgage company; and when I was denied they reported me late and started foreclosure proceedings against me. So in the span of two weeks this past April, I went from current to arrears, late, and then foreclosure, back to current again. However, if there is a chance that the mortgage can be modified I would like to try.

    I bought the house in 2005 for 328,507 dollars from Freemont. Within a year they sold the mortgage to Wilshire, who in turn sold it to Bank of America. When I bought the house I was employed by the NYC Dept of Corrections until 2007 when my wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

    As a result of her diagnoses, she is now on disability and I went to work for the NYC Dept of Parks in 2009 and NYPD in 2011. I love my wife and my home very much and I’m trying my best to keep both. However, due to the mortgage & economic crises, I am forced to endure a high priced loan that I can not get out of. I have been overwhelmed by mortgage lenders, attorneys, & scammers claiming to resolve my financial predicament.

    Thank you in advance for your time and attention in this matter.

  64. I am so frustrated w/countrywide,b.a.c. and wells fargo.My husband signed the refi on our home and 13 days later died.(nov.2005) I contacted countrywide 6 weeks later to see if I could get the payments reduced. They said I was on the deed and not on the note therefore they could not talk to me. I paid until 2009 then I had to file b.k. because
    the business could not support itself. I make money doing contract work and can afford a mortgage reduction that is reasonable.Now b.a.c is in the picture/wells fargo as the investor. I have sent in papers,taxes, etc. they claim are lost,incomplete etc. All papers were sent fed x, I have reciept delivery. I have sent faxes to many different numbers that they gave me, in different states. each rep says they are the only one to talk to. The property now is in foreclosure once again, with ba workout
    of an increased monthly payment of more than when I started this quest. This is going to be a nothing but God situation. As many others my home is worth 50% of what was worth in 2005.
    Frustrated but depending on God in Colorado

  65. I am no attorney, but this happened to us in March 2010 after we fought for a modification for 13 months. We went to everyone available that thought they could help, but it boiled down to one thing, unitl the company handling the foreclosure heard from BOA, there was nothing that could be done. If you call the retention department with BOA (could luck) they may extend the date. They did do that for us on the very last day (making us sweat) in February od 2010. Only reason we didnt go through with the modification, the house payment went up 120.00 and they wanted cash up front. We knew it was time to let go. If you show up, there is a good chance that they will extend time, BUT ask them to provide, IN COURT, the ORIGINAL title to the home and the ORIGINAL closing papers. It switches so many hands, they probably wont have it. Hilton Head Island Newspaper indicated a elderly woman did this as a last resort and she is still in the house and doesnt have to make payments until they provide documentation. We may still be in our home if we knew this information and showed up in court. See, we didnt even show, we just thought no one would even care, which they didnt. I am still to this day looking for attorneys filinf suit in Georgia so if you ever hear of one, please let me know. I have unbelievable traceable paperwork and details. Best of luck and God Bless!, Lisa phillips

  66. I have received several corespondamces from various law firms bc I had seversll accounts w BOA since 2005 until 2009. I had constant problems w tge bank. Pleease contact me as to what I need to do.
    KL Horton-Toombs

  67. If anyone can help please, our home was foreclosed on 10/13/2011 and is now reo. home is in whittier, california. we answered the unlawful detainer and court is this friday, 1/13/2012! we have no money and cannot afford an attorney. we want to try to get more time in the home until we can improve our financial situation. we are a family of 5 with only one employed. only have a couple days to do something!!!! Please help!!!!!

  68. i would also like to file suit against Bank of America. I talked with several employees there and each had different story. then they cant find any paper work and begin foreclosure action .

  69. I have been fighting Bank of America for less time than most on this page but I am fighting all the same. My husband lost his job in 2010 and then I in Feb. 2011. We had been telling BOA back in 2010 that things were getting tight for us. In March with no money coming in, we decided that we needed to sale the house so that BOA would get their money. We moved out and listed the house with a local realtor. In our area nothing is selling, too many lay offs. I called BOA and told them what we were doing and what was going on. They said good, we were being proactive. To make a long story short, we finally found someone that wanted to buy house on a short sale. We contacted BOA before Thanksgiving 2011 and everytime I call to see where we are they have lost all our paperwork. Now they are foreclosing on us before we can finish the short sale. Called and spoke with our negotiator he said the only thing he could think of to tell us, we should have filed bankruptcy. Have never seen a company want to forclose instead of making some money on the sale. They just want to tear families apart and make you madder than a hatter. I would love to be able to sue Bank of America and would love to make them go through the same frustrations they have made us go through.

  70. i would like to get in the class action lawsuite on bank of american in the los angeles ca area..

  71. I live in Shreveport, Louisiana and would like to join the suit against Bank of America. I have the same story as some who have posted here and it caused me to file bankruptcy or loose my house. Please contact me to tell me what I need to do. is my email address. Thanks


  73. Hello I would like to find on Attorney to file a Lawsuite Against BOA since I got the Loans from CountryWide and was transfered to BOA and I know I got ripped off im located in Chicago IL

  74. I also am looking for an Attorney in the Boston,Mass area please contact me. I have documents that prove Countrywide put false information on our loans.

  75. CounrtyWide got us on over our heads back in 2007. They gave us three loans and we only had 941.00 income. They kept saying don’t worry this will help give you time. then after 2 years of appling for what they called a hardship loan Bank of america took over they gave us a trial modification for 1600.00 a mth we were paying early, They even sent us a gift card for olive garden. Then said there was a problem with the paper work and took the loan away. at that time we were going to walk away so they gave us a modification for 2100.00 a mth which was way over the 31% of our income. Then my husband got sick and couldn’t work he has since been approved for SSDI but they want to take our home

  76. I would like to join the class action suit againts bank of america too. There are over $350 of $35 fees added to my account that do not seem justified. One notice I received said they would be waived but yet the charges are still there? I feel robbed of my hard earned money! Can anyone help me clear this up?

  77. Hello. After reading several of the posts I would like to speak with an attorney about joining this class action lawsuit against BOA. I have over a year of documentation that shows the exhausting game they played with me as I tried to have my ARM modified AFTER my loan was sold to them from Wilshired the same month that my loan was approved to be modified. BOA absolutely refused to honor the modification process and successful steps that I accomplished with Wilshire to modify my loan. Again, I have plenty of documentation to support what I went through with BOA. I even went as far as cashing in my teacher retirement account to make payments to BOA as they lied to me that if I continued to make my modficiation payments my loan would probably be modified.

  78. Hello, It was November of 2009 when Bank of American ask my husband to do a remodification loan, we were only one payment behind at that time, my husbaband told them no! then they called us back and offered us a 3% loan modification and and that they would fedex the paper work and for us to pay the amount that they give us for the next 3 months we waited and waited and called them back ever month to find out what was going on. with me not being on the loan they wouldn’t talk to me until he finally give them the ok by that time it was august and they told me we were 5 months behind because what they were doing was taking the first pracail payment and the next month would add it to that payment to make a full payment by the time we caught on to what they were doing we busted are butts to check up we paid 3 payment in august and september and where back to two we kept trying to catch up and in june my husband broke his toe and we fell back to 3 we were sending more every month then the payment trying to get back to 2 then we new we could get caught up and now they are trying to foreclose on us and sent my payment back to us in August. this was all there fault they didn’t tell people how it worked and that they were putting everyone in jepordy with there sceam to screw american home owners I”m still trying to save are home but need help.

  79. I too would like to join a class action lawsuit against Bank of America, I was asked to do a trail modification for 3 mons. I did everything that was requested of me. Sent in financial obligation time and time again the requested the same information over and over again. I sent a hardship letter explaining my circumstance. It got so bad that I hired a company to asist me with getting remodify. That did no work out. I understand Bank of America received 25 billion dollars of tax payers money from the Government to help struggling homeowners instead of assisting homeowners they payed 3 million of the money in bouses to their employees. I requested the HAMP program they denied me, they never notified me in written an explanation as to why i did not qualify for the HAMP program. I am in the process of losing my home thru foreclosure. I have complained to OCC on several occasion and to the attorney general office. I have also sent a letter of rescission just waiting on return receipt. Now I am looking to join a class action lawsuit against Bank of America. I explain to Bank of America that I was caring for my brother who was in the milatary who became homeless and had a stroke. My dad is 77 years old and was diagnois with parkinson disease, diabities, and dementia.


    We are currently only working in these states right now in CALIFORNIA (We need as many California clients as we can get!!) Oregon, Massachusetts, Florida, Illinois, New York and California where our counsel is Mark Zanides, a former US Asst. Attorney General in the Bay area.

    We have a new solution for helping people in difficult situations like yours. In order to help you with your situation you must have recently been discharged from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and have a loan that is owned in a privately securitized bond trust. Don’t worry if you do not know this answer, we will help you figure this part out. It is important to remember that if your loan is owned by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA or VA, we unfortunately cannot help you at this time.

    We are only focusing on Chapter 7 homeowners at this time, as it alleviates for the most part the deficiencies, etc. and they are typically facing losing the home back to the bank very shortly. These homeowners are typically more educated with the process since they have addressed loan mods and short sales throughout the time in foreclosure and we can focus on business of acquiring, litigating and property managing homes. It’s a much simpler process with post 7 people. We will consider Chapter 13 people but for now Marc wants to stay focused on the 7’s as there are so many of them out there.

    The Company was started by former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann, who is a leading foreclosure defense litigator; Tracey Baron, founder of Turning Leaf Advisors, successful loss Mitigation Company and Robert Mittleman, Director of Education, Laurus Title Group.

    Marc Dann and the Big Blue Legal Team will oversee the efforts to review all of the Chapter 7 Discharged properties to hone in on properties with first mortgage liens that can be challenged through litigation. Lawyers will evaluate the likelihood of success in litigating a lien strip or purchase of the first mortgage note by identifying properties where the mortgages are securitized and the security interest of the bond trust has not been perfected, where there are issues related to the fraudulent assignment of mortgages or failure to indorse promissory notes within in the timelines established by the pooling and servicing agreements that govern the bond trusts comprised of securitized mortgages.

    Big Blue’s legal operation will then oversee and pay for aggressive foreclosure defense or pro-active quiet title actions to challenge the standing of the alleged mortgage and note holders to foreclose on the acquired property. The Big Blue legal team will create brief and discovery banks and standards and intensively monitor lawyers hired to litigate cases.

    What our company and partner Law Firms does is purchase your home subject to the existing mortgages and aggressively fight the lenders who are likely to foreclose on your home shortly. The purpose of this is to settle the outstanding liens using litigation.

    We identify and acquire carefully pre-selected parcels of residential real estate owned by individuals who have been discharged from Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in situations where the Bankruptcy Trustee has abandoned any claim to the property.

    Big Blue Capital Partners will acquire the interest subject to the mortgage after discharge, but before the mortgage holder seeks to foreclose and aggressively litigate the validity of the mortgage lien. Through this process, we will attempt to purchase the security interests in the properties at a substantial discount.

    We are only focusing on Chapter 7 homeowners at this time, as it alleviates for the most part the deficiencies, etc. and they are typically facing losing the home back to the bank very shortly. These homeowners are typically more educated with the process since they have addressed loan mods and short sales throughout the time in foreclosure and we can focus on business of acquiring, litigating and property managing homes. It’s a much simpler process with post 7 people. We will consider Chapter 13 people but for now Marc wants to stay focused on the 7’s as there are so many of them out there.

    Our team, led by experienced Lawyers, Mortgage experts, Title experts and Real Estate professionals, will take your place in the foreclosure process and if your property qualifies, and is accepted by us, we will aggressively litigate the imminent foreclosure process by the bank or lender, and take over the property entirely.

    Should you be accepted into either of our programs all of the responsibilities related to the ownership of your home will shift to Big Blue Capital Partners, LLC and it’s Law Firm. Should you decide to stay in your property, you will become a tenant with a genuine opportunity to regain ownership of your home if we are successful in our efforts by receiving an option to purchase the property back at some time in the future.


    Lake Oswego, OR

    Cleveland, OH

    Chicago, IL

    MARK ZANIDES LAW OFFICES- a Former US Asst. Attorney General in the Bay Area.
    Santa Ana, CA

    Cape Coral, Florida

    Haddonfield, NJ

    Los Angeles, CA
    Las Vegas, NV.

    We are currently only working in these state right now in Oregon Massachusetts, Florida, Illinois, New York and California, where our counsel is Mark Zanides, a former US Asst. Attorney General in the Bay area. We are being as conservative as we can in this area to make sure that we have all of our ducks in a row. We don’t take on a property until we analyze the Pooling and Servicing Agreement and have a good handle as to the underlying issues with the mortgage.

    We cannot help everybody, we do not work with GSE loans as they do not have the same improprieties as the privately secured bond trusts and they do not have the same type of guarantees that come along with government loans.

    Listen Ladies and Gentleman, this is a true way to fight these lenders, our team is experienced and we want to help.

    We will not be successful 100% of the time, however if we are careful with analyzing the characteristics of the underlying loan, we should be able to increase the likelihood of potential success, based on the current case law in each respective state, which is changing every day. The homeowner will have the option of staying in the home at a below fair market value rent during the litigation process. Our law firm & partners will only litigate through our program, To be considered into our program email me at: leave your contact info so we may send you the program packet.

    B. Michael White
    Big Blue LLC

  81. I would also like to join the lawsuit!























  83. I, like everyone else on here feels like I have been taken advantage of! I got a loan modification through Country Wide and then shortly they were bought by Bank of America. I was about 3-4 months behind and BOA said they would not accept any payments from me. This was in 2010! I have been getting calls from them asking me if I would like to make a payment of what I am behind in. I asked them if I could do a short sale and they said “yes.” So I contacted a real estate agent and he proceeded to tell me that my property was sold in 2009! They foreclosed on my home without any notification, and are still to the this very day asking me to make payments on it, and have led me to believe that I could short sale it! How is that legal?

  84. would like to be included in lawsuit of BAC. I have had 3yrs of hell from them. I have sent packet in 8 times will be told they have everything week later they will say they didn’t recieve anything. I want them to pay for everything they have done. I called one day got ahold of the modication dept. for the 1st time after 45mins on the phone with her she told me there is no record of bac even looking @ the modication packet said i was about the 10th person that has called checking on there modication and no record that bac was even looking into a modication for them.

  85. Rozalind- I would like to join your lawsuit as well. Countrywide had my mortgage as well, and as many of the other respondents reported Bank of America now holds it. I was called and offered the modification package. I filled it out, sent it in and made all required trial payments (on time). A notary was sent to my home for the signing of the final papers and I was approved. Within a short period of time, I was notified by mail that I did not qualify and I owed over $7,000 and had approximately two weeks to pay it in order to avoid foreclosure. I was told that I was paying the difference between the lowered trial payments and the original payments plus late fees. The difference between these payments was about $300 per month and these late fees were $65 per month. These did not add up to $7000. Plus I almost lost my clearence for my job due to them reporting me as late for six months to the credit bureau.

  86. Hi Betty, they have done the same thing to me as well, I kept on sending documents in as fast as I was receiving them, few months later, they came back with a modification quote which was “HIGHER” they my loan payment to start with, I was told that the modification is/could go either way. So I was told that I could decline the offer and “Re-File” for a “NEW” modification, I declined and started all over again, this time I didn’t much documents to fill and send back in, then late of 2010, I was told that I was denied due to improper documents on file, (they said that I never sent in the required forms that they requested), so I told them that I have sent in all the documents that I have received from them and I have copies of everything, at that time I “REQUESTED” a copy the documents that I supposed, per BAC, received and never sent back in, after 20 minutes on the phone, I was told that it was just an “ERROR” on their system and that the documents we’re never sent in, but it wouldn’t matter anyways cause it has passed the 90 days and I am NOT illegible for a modification any more. I would like to join your class action suit. I am located in Philadelphia, PA area

  87. We would like to join your lawsuit also. I live in Westminster, SC. I was with Countrywide and now with bank of America. I sent in paperwork and they kept losing it and delaying. I finally was told that I did not qualify. We also are close to foreclosure. We have been told so many differant stories and are so confused. My husband and myself are on disability and struggling to make ends meet.

  88. Bofa foreclosed on our home in the midst of a short sale They delayed the process and then without warning or proper proceedings sold our home. We are victims of their unjust mortgage practices and would like to join your class action suit. We are located in California bay area. Thank u

  89. Bank of America recently foreclosed on my home in early October 2011 (sell date of 12/06/11) because of delinquent payments which resulted from having unaffordable flood insurance premiums of over $3000.00 a year forced onto my monthly mortgage payments. However, F.E.M.A has determined* that my place of residency is not even in the flood zone. Upon learning of F.E.M.A’s decision regarding my ‘flood zone’ status, Bank of America pursued foreclosure with greater immediacy. The balance on my delinquent payment continued to increase although I made appropriate payments each month. When I paid above the billed amount, they refunded the difference to me with a check, instead of applying it to the delinquent balance. Four times during the loan modification application process they claimed that the information I sent in was late although I returned all of the required information on a timely basis, and have faxed confirmations to prove it.

  90. Like most everyone else, we sent paperwork after paperwork, were given the “run-a-round” by anyone that answered the phone at BOA and ended with a higher payment than when we began. Since my employer runs credit checks, I have barely been able to keep my job. I too want on the class action lawsuit against BOA. I have had enough of big banks taking taxpayer money and giving nothing in return.

  91. I would like to join this lawsuit as well. It seems they are telling everyone who tries to avoid foreclosure that they never go their paperwork (even though you fill it out over and over again and hand it to them) or that it’s just too late that your house has already foreclosed. We tried months ahead of time to avoid foreclosure and we had a short sale in place, but B of A said that they never got our paperwork (lies!) and let it foreclose. Now we have this on our credit record and it’s not right.

  92. The occupation of Wall Street, the London Stock Exchange and others goes Global in 951 Cities in 80 Countries around the World. This is the beginning of the end for Governments who ignore the protesting public.

    Banks like BOA need teaching a lesson join the action unite as one together, against the fraud, Banks make more money out of Forclosures than Mortgages. They took your deposit and the payments and they take back the house and make another profit on its sale. itsfraud and in all Countries.

    Ordinary law abiding citizens have seen corrupt Governments bail out banks with taxpayer money. Then devalue the £ pound to inflate away the Government and Corrupt Fraudsters debts. This has lead to Hyperinflation for all Taxpayers and the destruction of security of tenure for many homeowners who have been repossessed by the Banking Gangsters, with Government and Courts approval. For the Greedy Banks who make more money by repossessing homes. Than assisting homeowners.

    If you have money you have power, and you are able to buy off most in Government, Banking, Finance, Insurance, and the Media, this is fact.

    What Governments are attempting to do is hide the truth about the gigantic debt owed by the Banking Gangsters and Insurers who have stolen £ trillions from you and many future generations. The truth is the BANKS and INSURERS do not know just how much Money they have lost, or need to pay out. But the gambled away and lost money by UK BANKS and INSURERS is in £ trillions.

    Just how much this equates to is:

    You would have to pay back one million Pound a day (for 2000 years, just to pay off three quarters of a trillion Pound.

    If we put this into time:

    A million seconds is around 11.5 days. A billion seconds is around 32 years. And a trillion seconds is approximately 32,000 years. A Pound a second for 32,000 years

    Banks and Government and its Agencies cannot be trusted they are Crooks Fraudsters and much worse. I would certainly advise any business to keep everything away from prying eyes. Most of the Banks have hundreds of subsidiaries that are Competitors to most businesses. They are Ruthless and Intent on getting hold of inside information for its Group Subsidiaries.

    The same applies to all Government Departments and Agencies; it’s not unusual for your designs ideas plans or methods to be stolen by Government Departments and restrictive impossible terms (then used in competition against you.

    What has been Normal Business for large Corporate Insurers, Banks, etc such as buying off Ministers and MPs has meant that in Britain SMEs small and medium enterprises have been starved of Funding, Help, Assistance, Relocation, Premises etc. And (had instead Planning Objections, Restrictions, Bureaucracy, Red tape, a Multitudes of Taxes and Destructive, Restrictive Policies from past and present Governments.

    For years Government has only been interested in looking after those elite few who pay £millions in all manner of bribes to have their dirty work done for them.

    When the Government stops its fraud, and the Banks Insurers and Corporate do the same, then and only then will Britain become what it once was (GB) Great Britain.

    But things are changing quickly the Baby Boomers are Angry they have the numbers and have seen the Corruption and Fraud just like their sons and daughters have. Meaning the next elections will come sooner than this Corrupt Government and MPs would like, and if the newly elected don’t do the publics bidding they will be booted out as well until they do.

    Also the younger generation will not tolerate the hype or bottom of the pile crap fed by a Government Controlled Media to placate them. ITSFRAUD and they know it.

    The recent riots are a precursor of what may come next should the young be ignored. They have no prospects hope or future because this and previous Corrupt Governments took the Financial Markets Money, and didn’t invest in small businesses this destroyed manufacturing their only hope of a decent job. Yet they see the MPs commit fraud Ministers being paid by Corporate Insurers, Bankers being paid Millions, Police taking bribes, while they exist on the cost of a bankers shoe lace.

    If they riot again, and they are angry, they will take control because they know there isn’t enough police or military. A Government spokesman recently broadcast that fact, (multiple attacks could not be dealt with especially while the Crooks in charge are on holiday.

    Austerity, Taxes, Fines, Vat, Fuel, Food and other Commodity increases imposed by the IMF are seen to be unjust. Especially when a recent very wealthy IMF chief appears in News reports to be able to avoid alleged very serious criminal proceedings with a chequebook and expensive lawyer.

    But no matter what happens now, the public are in unity; they will not allow the Banks to be bailed out again. No matter how long the inevitable is delayed, or QE or whatever other names it is called ITSFRAUD. 951 Cities residents in 80 Countries Protesting. Watch this public protest movement grow much larger. Corrupt Banks and Insurers are under scrutiny.

  93. My husband and i would also like to join the in the class action lawsuit. my husband lost his job and bank of america offer to lower or refinance last jan. we kept sending in what documents they asked for for 9 monthes. then in sept they hit us with you owe us 7000. we borrowed the money for family to pay them. when we tried to pay them they said sorry your house is in fourclouse. so my husband and i decied to declare bankrupcy and include the house. then we do that the bankrupcy goes through. a few months later we start reciving morgatage slips in the mail again. my huband call to see why we are getting these. bank of america say we understand you went throught bankrupcy but now thst it went thought we aregoing to start collecting o th loan again. Now we have moved out of the house and told bank of america you need to lock your house because we dont live there. they go and call or old real estate agant and tell her that we NEED to refinance our mortage. They are ignoring the court ruling about our bankrupcy and the loan is gone and the wont lock the houe. which means even thought we dont live there we are still responsile for the house. so it if it caught on fire the bank would not take it. we still have to hav insurance on a house that we dont live in but no insurance compancy insure empty homes. so if illinois is having a class action lawsuit please let my husband and i get on the suit.

  94. I would like to joint the lawsuit please email me the phone number.

  95. I would like to join your lawsuit against BOA.

  96. I would like join your lawsuit against BOA. BOA raised my mortgage payment higher than what it was supposed to be.I had a locked in amout they raised my mortgage and told even though my mortgage was fixxed they still could raise my mortgage., this was even after I had told them that my place of employment had closed and I didnt have a job anymore.

  97. Is anyone in the same position as I am, back in Feb. of 2009 BOA sent Me a nasty letter saying if I did not agree to them jacking up my interest rate then I could no longer use the credit card they issued to Me and they were going to CLOSE my account, which they did…..So I called them to talk about this and they wouldn’t talk to Me so as I was on the phone I told the advisor/supervisor to listen closely and I told them I was cutting up their DAMNED credit card as I had a card from Chase & Citi Bank and neither of them were JACKING Me around, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing- I owed them approx $1,250.00 at the time and that my ISP acct would bill Me for 2 more months so it came to approx $1,300.00 so I paid them $50.00 a month for 27 months ($1,300.oo), and LO & BEHOLD BOA has sent me several letters saying I couldn’t use the account/card that they had already CLOSED and have been charging Me LATE charges & Interest since I paid them the money I owed them and put a BAD SPOT on my otherwise EXCELLENT Credit……I’ll be DAMNED if I will ever pay them, they lied to Me and Did Me Wrong….if there is a lawsuit of any kind out there that I would be part of I would love to know……Sincerely, Tom Brown

  98. Bank of America is a low down company I just bought my home the loan was sold to BOA and i have’t been in the home a year and they are trying to tell me that there is a shortage Escrow payment when I have my taxes put into my payment for the next year and I have only been in my home 8 mo on a VA loan is there anyone that can guild me in the right direction of someone to talk too and stop me from being robbed

  99. i WOULD LIKE TO JOIN YOUR Countrywide / Bank of America Class Action: California

  100. Please contact me if there is a class action suit. Bank of America has given me the runaround for 3 years after numerous applications for modification under MHA and HAMP.

  101. I would like to find out if there are any Lawyers in CT or NY(they must be National Lawyers if they are located in NY) that have a Class Action Suit against Bank of America.
    I can be reached at:

    I, too, am getting the runaround from BOA. I signed a contract last year Feb.2010. They reneged on their contract and started asking me to re-send my financial history, papers, etc. In Jan., they sent me a new higher amount from the Loan Mod amount I was paying, it was almost $500 more than what I was paying! They kept sending me this new amount on monthly statements. I am exhausted from all the game playing. No BOA reps contact you by phone. I kept sending letters asking them what is going on and how do they come up with these fees, new monthly amount to pay, etc. No one gives me direct answers via letters or no phone calls. I asked to see a wet copy of the promissory note and demand that BOA call me to straighten this nonsense out & also honor the contract. Instead, they sent me a letter of intent to foreclose.
    So, I, too, have been lied to and want to join all the BOA victims who have been swindled by this low life banking institution. God does not like ugly…they will pay the piper somewhere down the road, hopefully sooner than later! They have a long run swindling their customers, you can’t even get them to show their faces on public TV to talk about what they’ve done to this country! That’s how low they really are!

    I need advice & help very quickly. Thanks Very Much.

  102. This story sounds familiar. We lost our home in April 2010 after fighting with BOA for over a year. Were told to send money and they would modify our payments (after sending info needed 14 times including next day air) Yes, they modified our payments, 120.00 per month higher than what we were paying. I have been told my numerous business people that they are doing things that shouldnt be done, but it all boils down to one thing….its not the big man that they hurt and BOA knows that no one has the guts to go up against them. I have the guts, just not the money. I had to uproot my children from their school, sell alot of belongings due to room in our townhome. We have made the best of it, but its sad that our government knows whats going on and does nothing about it, but again, unless it hurts them, nothing will be done. To end this letter to show how up to date BOA is on their customer service and financial assistance, they sent us a letter in April 2010 (2 weeks after foreclosure was final) stating they needed for information to complete our modification…..idiots didnt even know they took our home!

  103. I too would like to join the class action lawsuit. My home is in Georgia. I have filed complaints Wishom everyone I could think of in regards to this mortgage issue INCLUDING the Federal Comptroller since the FDIC apparently doesn’t handle this type of bank issue. It landed my account in the office of the president and then got forwarded back to the foreclosure department after nearly a year of nothingless runaround. Their tactics including deception and stalling where they try to wear you down and make you give up out of pure fatigue and frustration. It has RUINED my credit score causing more financial hardship and mental struggles. Not to mention that I was called for a face to face with them and was asked to bring ALL my documents. Weird.

    I participated in the HAMP program after being randomly sent a package and a 2 hour conversation with multiple reps to make sure hat it wad legit and that I was eligible. I sent in paper and payments like clockwork. This cycle went on….and on….and on….from nearly 9 months for them to tell me that I wasn’t eligible. I made it my business to not miss a single payment. I even burst my butt to MAKE SURE if i didnt pay anything else, that mortgage payment was made….while pregnant and on bedrest. When I got the news that after all of that I STILL wasn’t going to be approved, I couldn’t believe it!! They put my money in escrow and tried to tag me with tons of late and collection fees and tried to say I owed THOUSANDS for non-payment for almost a year. Yet, they would she me a ledger showing the payments that THEY told me to make.

    Just a unprofessional, deceptive MESS!! I didn’t want to take it here. I wanted to give them a chance to fix it but this has been far too long and I refuse to be bullied any longer. I am a Georgia homeowner and desire to join the Bank of America Class Action Lawsuit. I can be reached via the email attached to this response of you can call (seven seven three)two three four – three one five nine

  104. tried to work with the system, tried to work with BofA did everything they asked and more, was granted a modification, agreed to and signed , but THEY pulled it for bogas reason, fought with them for 2 years!! and came home one day, while still in review and negotiations with them and my house had been sold!! I will sing it loud and proud, Never trust anything Bank of America says, or does. They do not speak the truth, or help their customers in any way.. If you are a customer of them run, run far away…

  105. It’s time that this non-sense and harassment imposed by the banks must stop. One way to resolve it is to outlaw foreclosure altogether as having a home in a life threatening cold weather country is a fundamental right. There are similar laws not to evict, in other countries. Why can’t we have thse ones and more in the USA? Write to your Senators, Governors and the President to have foreclosure outlawed in the USA.

  106. i sent an email on august 29, 2011 explaining my situation about my
    foreclosure on my modification home loan from bank of america.
    this situation started on march 10, 2011 i sent in several documents
    for my modification saying that they need the documents for updating
    my information. the last information i sent in, cyrstal said it was been
    sent to the underwriters.then at the last moment bank of america
    foreclosed on my house.

  107. Missed this post by a few months over on another thread but may be some pressure points for yall to nail in this post;

    “There is a reason why everyone’s payment history and escrow was not correct, the monies were never posted, how else would Lee Farkas and his accomplices steal so much money, the money they stole came from accounts where our payments were put into, we were double dipped on insurance by them placing “forced insurance” the transfers, modifications, pay back plans were never legitimate. Go to and look up the Taylor Bean and Whitaker case, you might need to file a claim and for anyone who will testify that they were forced into fraudulent dealings, we need you right away. My contact is If you are a victim of TBW fraud contact today. Farkas is being sentenced this week and we need to show how many people have suffered monetary, physical and emotional pains from this company!”

  108. foreclosed on a modifaction home loan from bank of america

  109. Norwest Corporation’s Norwest Asset Securities Corp & GMAC Mortgage Corp Company & Chase Mortgage Corporation needs to protect discovery. Bank of America NA FREDDIE dumps Fannies REO Loans.

    Norwest Asset Securities Corp Pass Through Agency ‘Seller of Loans’
    (1) NASCOR for (3) GMAC, Chase, Norwest dba Wells Fargo Bank NA

    Structured Asset Securities Corp ‘Purchaser of Loans’
    Multiple SASCO’s for Multiple Purchasers!

  110. State of Maryland equity partner with GMAC Mortgage Corp Company getting ready for their settlement!

    HOPE LoanPort


    NEW YORK — Bank of America Corp. has sent a memo to employees quashing speculation that it is in talks to merge with rival JPMorgan Chase. The bank called the speculation “baseless,” and said it didn’t “make practical sense.”

    The nation’s largest bank sent the memo on Tuesday as takeover talk swirled in the market after a few Internet blogs reported that it might be acquired by JPMorgan Chase & Co. In the memo, Bank of America also said the reports that it needs to raise at least $200 billion in additional capital to meet new regulatory capital requirements was also “wrong.”

    Bank of America shares on Wednesday rose over 11 percent to $6.90.

    U.S. bank stocks have generally been falling since the middle of July because of fears that they could be hurt if European countries like Greece or Spain default on their debt. But Bank of America has been hit even harder, falling as much as 35 percent this month as of Tuesday’s close.

    Many investors have been selling because they believe the Charlotte, N.C. bank will have to sell more stock to raise capital, which would dilute their stake in the bank.

    In the memo to employees, the bank reiterated that it will be able to meet new regulatory requirements without issuing more stock, echoing recent comment by its CEO, Brian Moynihan.

    The memo was sent to employees so they could be armed with facts to inform their clients and customers, said Jerry Dubrowski, a Bank of America spokesman.

    According to the memo: “At the end of the second quarter of 2011, (Bank of America) had $218 billion in total capital, which is almost twice as much as is needed for an adequately capitalized institution under current standards, and more than enough capital to run our business.”

    J.P. Morgan shares rose 2.3 percent to $35.60 as banks staged a broad rally.

  112. Back in the day, Fidelity National Insurance owned by Norwest Corp
    Norwest Corp also owned Alt-A Land ….. All owned by WFC 11/2/98.

    Meet Fidelity National Financial MANAGER OF SEC REPORTING AT FIDELITY NATIONAL FINANCIAL Past: Sr Auditor Ernst & Young

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    Fidelity National Financial mentioned in the News
    Fidelity National Financial Closes Issuance of $300M Notes

    citybizlist South Florida, Aug 3, 2011 Fidelity National Financial, Inc. Closes Issuance of $300 Million of 4.25% Convertible Senior Notes Due August 15, 2018

    PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance, Aug 2, 2011 First Coast Ticker: Fidelity National Financial earnings send stock to two-year high

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    Business Wire, Jul 29, 2011

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    I don’t have access to network at this time to read details of job descriptions. Search on Linkedin, Companies, FNF.

    Basic Account is free.

  114. How about Foreclosure and REO CLAIMS Manger at LoanCare, a Division of Fidelity National Finance Servicing, Inc, Virgina Beach VA

    -Foreclosure and REO/Claims Manager at LoanCare,
    a Division of FNF Servicing, Inc.

    Recommendation from Aurora Loan Services: LRC III Loss Mitigation Underwriter. Foreclosure and REO/Claims Manager at LoanCare, a Division of FNF Servicing Inc. VA; He is a driven, hard-working individual. He is very focused on the task at hand and strives to exceed his goals. He has worked several areas of focus in our most recent ever changing environment of mortgage servicing from being a bilingual foreclosure prevention call center agent to attending events on behalf of Hope Now to help struggling homeowners work on home retention resolutions. Top performer and is someone that you want on your team. 4/7/2011

    -Senior Manager – Loss Mitigation Underwriting at Aurora Loan Services
    -Unit Manager – Collections Loss Mitigation at HSBC North America, Carmel
    -Unit Manager at HSBC North America

    Management professional with over 10 years experience in sales, collections, loss mitigation and operations.

    A successful track record of driving profitability and generating revenue gains by securing new business and improving specific business needs. Analytical and charismatic leader with excellent problem solving skills. History of successfully attributing to the professional growth of employees and building productive teams. Proven ability to produce outstanding results and motivate a team while effectively maintaining low employee turnover. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Recipient of multiple awards and acknowledgements for outstanding sales and managerial performance. Proficient in multiple computer applications.

    Specialties call center, credit, direct mail, executive management, financial, machinery, policy analysis, process engineering, production, quality, safety, sales, shell scripting, supervisory skills, upgrades, collections and loss mitigation

  115. Thought LL Readers deserve to see real job description of valuable employees that make all possible for STAKEHOLDERS ‘FREDDIE MAC & FANNIE MAE”
    Example of a profile of Information Technology Project Management over the CLOUD and while developing new ‘portals.’

    analytical capabilities, persistence and upbeat presence were valuable on any undertaking that involved significant change to the business areas. Her top notch finance education and project management skills, served her well in bridging the gap between business and technical teams

    Business Analyst FREDDIE MAC 1/20/2009
    Detail oriented Project manager; she works closely with all her team members. She always speaks for her team and supports her team when ever it’s needed

    Capable project manager led three major projects simultaneously – she juggled competing priorities and effectively coordinated a large, virtual team of business analysts, project managers, development leads and test managers for about a year. She provided clear direction and knew when to ask for help. All three projects were successful.

    Senior Product Developer Fannie Mae
    Public Company; FNM; Financial Services industry
    June 2006 – Present (5 years 3 months)

    Manage projects and initiatives for new product offerings, modifications to products and/or strategic initiatives. Develop policies for key initiatives and manage all aspects of implementation.

    Senior Project Manager Freddie Mac
    Public Company; FRE; Financial Services industry
    May 1989 – May 2006 (17 years 1 month)

    • Develop and launch new products. Lead a cross-divisional team to define the offerings concept, including determining impacts throughout the organization. Manage stakeholder relationships.

    • Manage systems initiatives through the project lifecycle phases: inception, elaboration, construction and transition.

    Seasoned professional with project management, policy development and systems development experience. Proven track record implementing initiatives and getting results. Extensive experience with managing teams. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills. Strong verbal and written communication skills. Experienced with Change Management methods, Joint Application Development (JAD) and Rapid Application Development (RAD). Team player, quick learner, self-starter and flexible.

    My results-oriented approach is based on the ability to decipher needs, communicate effectively and to build strong partnerships to deliver desired outcomes.

    SpecialtiesProduct development, project management, program management, business analysis, systems development, technology delivery, contract management, business process redesign, data management, business intelligence, process management. Policy, systems and/or product development.

    If you’re looking for someone who gets results, I’m your person.

    Intern, Government, Insurance Division Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC/FSLIC), Washington, DC
    Government Agency; Financial Services industry

    May 1987 – August 1987 (4 months)

    Prior to the transfer of responsibility to the FDIC, prioritized the disposition of insolvent savings and loan associations

  116. Does anyone know the layers in CA that are doing the Class action lawsuit?

    I have tried over a year and a half to have B Of A help us.but they keep tell me that we can do a Mod and then tell us that our investor does not do mod or they are not part of the HAMP program. Its time that we all stick it back to the big banks the the CEO that are living in 14million dollar home! They don’t care about us little people

  117. This sounds like a looing game for all. No wonder Bank of America is loosing money and laying off employees. This foreclosure must stop. The government must step into this mess with a workable Acts for the people- nothing with words like encourages in it to fool people. The word encourages be replaced with MUST in these seemingly favorable Act for the public. This is a democacy !

  118. One thing banks would say as a broken record is that people don’t have private individual rights to enforce HAMP as they are not third party beneficiary. Let’s see whether this is true.

    If you read the Economic Emergency Stabilization Act 2008 , 12 UCS 5219 Section 109 entitled “ Foreclosure Mitigation Efforts” it is surreptitiously written in favor of the banks. Subsection (a) states as follows in quote:


    To the extent that the Secretary acquires mortgages, mortgage backed securities, and other assets secured by residential real estate, including multifamily housing, the Secretary shall implement a
    plan that seeks to maximize assistance for homeowners and use
    the authority of the Secretary to encourage the servicers of the underlying mortgages, considering net present value to the taxpayer, to take advantage of the HOPE for Homeowners Program
    under section 257 of the National Housing Act or other available
    programs to minimize foreclosures. In addition, the Secretary may
    use loan guarantees and credit enhancements to facilitate loan
    modifications to prevent avoidable foreclosures.”

    By introducing the statement “to encourage the servicers” the law became weak in favor to the third party beneficiary, namely the incidental public. The banks now argue therefore that they are ONLY encouraged to modify mortgages in exchange of the people’s money received as incentive. Many judges find this as true and unable to enforce HAMP or foreclosure mitigation effort.. Even the title of the this Act is questionable as it does not guarantee foreclosure mitigation effort. This is a hypocritical law which needs to be stuck down or re-written. If this is exposed in public in simple languages the the public may get be very angry that the government took their money and made laws in favor of banks.. I wonder why some judges view this law as a tricksters effort to please and order that any contract entered by and between two public entities such as the elected officials and a public bank, the people are clearly and automatically the third party beneficiary. Judges could strike down law just like they did on healthcare reform and make an order. This is a democracy and the Federal government is elected by the people and for the people. Bank is for the public and therefore its a public authority or entity. Therefore, the court cold find right to enforce HAMP based on the above arguments. Besides, when it comes to rights, people have more rights as the government has more or less powers and duties to protect the people. This reinforce the argument that the people have individual rights to enforce HAMP and failure to do is tortuous.

    Secondly, the banks would say that they don’t have to give written reason for denial of HAMP. Let’s see whether this is true.

    Even though there is an Act stating that there is no need to give reason in writing, banks are bound to speak through only public records as otherwise the decision is beset to arbitrariness. The bank is a public entity or public authority and they need provide written reason pursuant to the fifth amendment to the United States Constitution which reads, ”No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”. This guarantees right to object to reason(s) provided that is evidenced by the banks to refuse a request. If banks don’t give anything in writing, how could WE THE PEOPLE produce anything as evidence. Therefore, any Act stating such is unconstitutional and must be struck down. People need to have a recourse if the decision is objectionable and by not providing a written request they are deprived off their right for due process. Oral statement is like dealing with a multiple handled market business where someone says the price is this and others would say it is not and nothing happens. This is what is going on with mortgage modification.

    In essence, when people institute law suits which one would believe that they must do in massive numbers and by and large, they must include the federal government itself as one of the defendants. The federal government cunningly wrote the laws to fool the ordinary public after taking their money to give to banks for big bonuses and other fancies with a false projection that these banks would help ordinary people. This is sin and not right. These are unacceptable in a Democracy even at any poor standards.

  119. One thing banks would say is that people don’t have private individual rights to enforce HAMP as they are not third party beneficiary. Let’s see whether this is true.

    If you read the relevant section of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act 2008, it is surreptitiously written in favor of the banks by introducing the word “ encourage” . The banks then argue that they are ONLY encouraged to modify mortgages in exchange of the people’s money received as incentive. Many judges find this as true as unable to enforce HAMP. They are getting away with it, as common people in general don’t know. This if exposed would make people very angry that the HAMP and HOPE and EESA2008 are in favor of banks after taking people’s money. I wonder why some judges don’t see that any contract entered by and between by two public entities such as the elected officials and a public bank, the people are automatically the third party beneficiary and there is no mention to it needed. This is a democracy and the Federal government is elected by the people and for the people. Bank is for the public and therefore its is public authority or entity. Therefore, the court has right to enforce HAMP based on the above arguments.

    Secondly, the banks would say that they don’t have to give written reason for denial of HAMP. Let’s see whether this is true.

    Banks are bound to speak through public records as otherwise the decision is beset to arbitrariness. The bank is a public entity or public authority and they need provide written reason pursuant to the fifth amendment to the United States Constitution. People need to have a recourse if the decision is objectionable and by not providing a written request they are deprived off their right for due process by giving nothing to produce in the court of law to object. Therefore, banks must provide written request.

    In essence, when people institute law suits which one would believe they must do by and large that they must include the federal government itself as one of the defendants as the federal government cunningly wrote the laws to fool the ordinary public after taking their money to give to banks for big bonuses and other fancies with a false projection that these banks would help ordinary people. The history proved the contrary to the astonishment and is unacceptable in a Democracy at any standards.


    CWHEQ Home Equity Loan Trust/Series 2006-S3
    CWHEQ Home Equity Loan Trust/Series 2006-S8
    CWHEQ Home Equity Loan Trust/Series 2006-S9
    CWHEQ Home Equity Loan Trust/Series 2007-S2
    CWHEQ Home Equity Loan Trust/Series 2007-S3
    Old Republic International Corp
    Old Republic International Corp Employees Savings & Stock Ownership Trust
    Pma Capital Corp [ formerly Pennsylvania Manufacturers Corp ]

    Mgic Investment Copr (Closely Related Micael E Lehman)
    Old Republic International Corp (Old Republic Title)
    PMI Group Inc.

    MGIC Investment Corporation (the “Company”) is a holding company which,through its indirect wholly owned subsidiary, Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (“MGIC”), is the leading provider of private mortgage insurance
    coverage in the United States to the home mortgage lending industry.


    Issuing Entity fictitious name c/o Registrant as Depositor

    Underwriter: Countrywide Securities Corporation (Lead Manager).

    Sponsor and Master Servicer: Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. (“Countrywide”).

    Depositor: CWHEQ, Inc.REGISTRANT (a limited purpose finance subsidiary of Countrywide Financial Corp

    Custodian: Treasury Bank, National Association (an affiliate of the Sponsor and Master Servicer).

    Note Insurer: Financial Security Assurance Inc. (“FSA”).

    Indenture Trustee: JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association.

    Owner Trustee: Wilmington Trust Company.

    The Trustee under the Pooling and Servicing Agreement
    has been, and currently is, serving as indenture trustee and trustee for numerous securitization transactions and programs involving pools of residential mortgages.] [[ ] is one of the largest corporate trust providers of trust services on securitization transactions


    Example of (1) S-3\A

    This Registration Statement relates to the offering from time to time of $26,572,949,813 aggregate principal amount of Asset-Backed Securities. 333- 132375 4/26/2006

    Depositor: CWHEQ, Inc., a Delaware corporation and a limited purpose finance subsidiary of Countrywide Financial Corporation, a Delawarecorporation.

    “Statistical Calculation Date,” concerning a pool of mortgage loans that CWHEQ, Inc. (the “Depositor”) believes is representative of the mortgage loans to be included in the “issuing entity” c/o Registrants’ pass through agency.

    In connection with the transfer and assignment of the Mortgage Loans, the Depositor will deliver the following documents to the [Co-Trustee / Trustee] (collectively constituting the “Trustee’s Mortgage File”)

    Notwithstanding the foregoing, in lieu of providing the documents set forth in clauses (3) and (4) above, the Depositor may at its discretion provide evidence that the related Mortgage is held through the MERS(R) System.

    Pursuant to the Pooling and Servicing Agreement and a Subsequent Transfer Agreement to be executed by the applicable Seller, the Depositor and the Trustee, the conveyance of Subsequent Mortgage Loans may be made on any

    conveyance of the Subsequent Mortgage Loans conveyed on the Subsequent Transfer Date from the applicable Seller to the Depositor and the simultaneous conveyance of the Subsequent Mortgage Loans from the Depositor to the issuing entity will be characterized as true sales and not loans secured by the Subsequent Mortgage Loans,

    Pre-Funding: On the closing date, the depositor may elect to deposit an amount of up to 25% of the initial certificate principal balance of the offered certificates in a pre-funding account (referred to as the pre-funded amount).

    pre-funded amount is expected to be used to purchase subsequent mortgage loans


    Foreclosure: Deed of Trust. Foreclosure of a deed of trust is generally accomplished by a non-judicial sale under a specific provision in the deed of trust which authorizes the trustee to sell the property at public auction upon any material default by the borrower under the terms of the note or deed of trust. In certain states, foreclosure also may be accomplished by judicial action in
    the manner provided for foreclosure of mortgages.

    In addition any notice requirements contained in a deed of trust, in some states (including California), the trustee must record a notice of default and send a copy to the borrower-trustor, to any person who has recorded a request for a copy of any notice of default and notice of sale, to any successor in interest to the borrower-trustor, to the beneficiary of any junior deed of trust certain her persons.

    In some states (including California), the borrower-trustor has the right to reinstate the loan at any time following default until shortly before the trustee’s sale. In general, the borrower, or any other person having a junior encumbrance on the real estate, may, during a statutorily prescribed reinstatement period, cure a monetary default by paying the entire amount in arrears plus other designated costs and expenses incurred in enforcing the obligation.

    Generally, state law controls the amount of foreclosure expenses and costs, including attorney’s fees, which may be recovered by a lender.

    After the reinstatement period has expired without the default having been cured, the borrower or junior lienholder no longer has the right to reinstate the loan and must pay the loan in full to prevent the scheduled foreclosure sale.

    If the deed of trust is not reinstated within any applicable cure period, a notice of sale must be posted in a public place and, in most states (including California), published for a specific period of time in one or more newspapers. In addition, some state laws require that a copy of the notice of sale be posted on the property and sent to all parties having an interest of record in the real property.

    In California, the entire process from recording a notice of default to a non-judicial sale usually takes four to five months.
    Mortgages. Foreclosure of a mortgage is generally accomplished by judicial action. The action is initiated by the service of legal pleadings upon all parties having an interest in the real property. Delays in completion of the foreclosure may occasionally result from difficulties in locating necessary parties.

    Judicial foreclosure proceedings are often not contested by any of the parties. When the mortgagee’s right to foreclosure is contested, the legal proceedings necessary to resolve the issue can be time consuming. After the completion of a judicial foreclosure proceeding, the court generally issues a judgment of foreclosure and appoints a referee or other court officer to conduct the sale of the property. In some states, mortgages may also be foreclosed by advertisement, pursuant to a power of sale provided in the mortgage.

    Although foreclosure sales are typically public sales, frequently no
    third party purchaser bids in excess of the lender’s lien because the difficulty of determining the exact status of title to the property, the possible deterioration of the property during the foreclosure proceedings and a requirement that the purchaser pay for the property in cash or by cashier’s check.

    Thus the foreclosing lender often purchases the property from the trustee or referee for an amount equal to the principal amount outstanding under the loan, accrued and unpaid interest and the expenses of foreclosure in which event the mortgagor’s debt will be extinguished or the lender may purchase for a lesser amount in order to preserve its right against a borrower to seek a deficiency judgment in states where the judgment is available.

    Thereafter, subject to the right of the borrower in some states to remain in possession during the redemption period, the lender will assume the burden of ownership, including obtaining hazard insurance and making the repairs at its own expense as are necessary to render the property suitable for sale. The lender will commonly obtain the services of a real estate broker and pay the broker’s commission in connection with the sale of the property. Depending upon market conditions, the ultimate proceeds of the sale of the property may not equal the lender’s investment in the property. Any loss may be reduced by the receipt of any mortgage guaranty insurance proceeds.

  121. LOL “Bank of America is a good company”!!??!! WHATEVER!!! I hope they ROT IN _ELL!!!! They STOLE our house from us for 3 late payments when we became unemployed. When we found work again, they REFUSED to work with us even though we had NEVER been late and were EXCELLENT customers!!!

  122. Thank you for the post, I’m very interested in this case. It’s too bad for the company, they don’t need anymore bad press. Bank of America is a great company, but like many nationwide businesses it can have some weak spots. I was surfing the internet and I found this site where people can vent about poor customer service or products they received… it can get really funny. I would recommend you to check it out here:

  123. Defaults are assigned by Master Servicer – Servicer – Sub-Servicer to REO Lender/Underwriter c/o robo-firm

    Bank of America, NA (SERVICER) what other names do they use?

    Bank of America, NA for ‘defaults’ of many entities.

    Like – MBNA

    You’ll see here too that Nationsbank acquired MBNA back in 1993! Hello when will anyone get it that the nations ‘financial business’ of non-conforming financial products related to ‘mortgages’ remained unregulated and in a methodical acquistions and divestitures Natinosbank acquired ‘Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp, GMAC-RFC – GMAC Mortgage Corp of IA, … and Norwest Mortgage ‘receivables’ of ‘Federal Reserve’ that would be insured in the event of default by US government. The biggest intentional insurance default masterminded by foreign organizations (outside of US)

    And yet are you confused alike INDYMac/Countrywide already owned in 1992 by BOA and Nationsbank! So is MNBA.

    Mergers and acquisitions
    On June 30, 2005, MBNA announced that it was being acquired by Bank of America for stock and cash totalling more than $35 billion. The deal was closed on January 1, 2006. The acquisition resulted in MBNA being re-named to Bank of America Card Services while still based in Delaware. For the first part of 2006, MBNA ( still issued credit cards under its own name associated with Mastercard, VISA, and American Express, but by the second half of 2006, all card products were re-branded as Bank of America.
    At the same time in June 2005, MBNA bought (LCUK), then the UK’s leading finance broker. Although figures were never released, various media outlets including newspapers in Watford where head office is based reported the deal made founders David Cowham and Steve Hayes worth £100m.[3] MBNA/Bank of America have since decided to close due to the current market.
    On January 1, 2006, MBNA merged with and into Bank of America. MBNA America Bank, National Association, (MBNA) then became a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of America. On June 10, 2006, MBNA changed its name to FIA Card Services, National Association (FIA), which is not an acronym. On October 20, 2006, Bank of America, National Association (USA), a subsidiary of Bank of America Corporation, merged with and into FIA.[4] In Canada and Europe the MBNA name is retained. MBNA Europe headquarters is in Chester, England. MBNA Canada’s headquarters are located in Ottawa. In 2007, the Canadian division was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers.[5] This purchase was a reunion of sorts. In 1993, NationsBank bought MNC Financial (whose credit card division was spun off years earlier to become MBNA). Five years later, the Bank of America that exists today was the result of the merger between the San Francisco-based Bank of America and the Charlotte-based NationsBank. In 2005, with Bank of America buying MBNA, it is in effect reuniting MNC Financial’s credit card portfolio to its original banking assets and combining the Bank of America credit card portfolio with MBNA’s.
    Employing more than 25,800 people around the world at the time of the merger with Bank of America, MBNA owned or managed more than $122.5 billion in outstanding consumer credit loans. Most of this loan debt was held in securitized portfolios that had been sold to other entities such as insurance companies and pension funds. MBNA virtually invented the process for securitizing credit card debt and this process contributed significantly to the fast growth of the company. It allowed for increasing the amount loaned without having to acquire matching assets to offset the loans.

  124. The worst bank in history why can’t they do right

  125. Are there any suits that I can join in Oregon? I am getting no where with BoA and am at loose ends here. I’m tired of playing their games. I need some help here and BoA is just messing around with us. This is my home they are messing with. I am not going to just hand over my home to them. Please….I want to join a suit to stop this from happening to my household!! thank you

  126. How do we find out who owns our deed that BAC is servicing? I have been trying to get a loan mod for 2 1/2 years.


  128. is there any law suits against BoA in montana please help

  129. I went Pro Se in a Superior court and got two months injunction restraining B of A from foreclosing my home. Then I retained a Pro Bono attorney later and he then wanted me to withdraw the case as he thinks it will not succeed.

    I went to court by arguing that Bank being a public authority, they could ONLY speak through records and giving oral reasons for denial is beset to arbitrariness. I also argued that it violated the fifth amendment to the United states constitution as the consumer will not have any material evidence to object by due process of law to the negative decision.

    One thing I found out from reading the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act 2008 is that, the Act does not guarantee individual private right as it only says, banks are “encouraged” to modify mortgages in exchange to the incentives they got from tax payers. This wording needs to be changed as “forced” by the Congress as public is the incidental and intended third party beneficiaries of a contract entered by a PUBLIC authority such as bank with the Federal government. Federal government has a duty to protect its people in a democracy. When it comes to rights, people have more rights than the government as the government has more or less has powers and duties which are conferred by the people in a democracy.

    You may want to call or write to your Senator to re-write the EESA 2008 to make it clear that private individuals DO HAVE RIGHT to enforce HAMP or any mortgage modification from these banks who participate in the HAMP or any mortgage modifcation programs.

    We all believed before giving away our tax paid dollars to banks that the banks are going to help troubled or at risk home owners by mortgage modification. This is not what happened. Instead they put many into run arounds with resending papers and repeated denials causing mental agony and perhaps traumatizing or children who are the future of this nation. The law EESA 2008 is loosely written for the banks which is utterly and corruptly absurd and must be amended.

  130. HERE are some facts about MERS. MERS which is called a Mortgage Electronic Registration System was installed by some companies when they were issuing pre-approved home loans for people who are not qualified for it. They were sending out checks and pre-qualification letters, perhaps, by the millions to joe, doe and blow so that they could artificially produce an increased demand in home loans. T worked. People who can’t get to afford a cheeseburger bought homes and even perhaps students bought homes to get a date or a how off. When these mortgages were pouring in these companies assign the mortgage using MERS are computers can do things faster than humans. Besides, they called the computer system as Mortgagee when it does not have the ability to hold an original note by itself or assign mortgage by itself. Another advantage of having this computer thing to record mortgage was that they didn’t have to pay town halls recording fees to register mortgages on the land evidence records. When the home loan demand went up, these companies used mortgages as securities to increase the stock value of their companies. It went up and they made whole lot of money. What this fools didn’t understand was that the people who bought homes with pre-approved checks would not be able to pay mortgages. When that happened, they call it a quit and went into bankruptcy. The whole market crashed and mortgage mess started. The Government stepped in like a hero to save the people and banks. But, they only save some banks by giving tax payers money as incentives and writing a loose language law which fooled the public. Now, the federal government can’t pay it own bills. The reason is because they were fumbling around problems like a fool and did not do anything for the public except wasted time for unconstitutional healthcare reform on account of some undercurrent interests. The reason why our government failed is because it is controlled by some undesirable underground people and their utterly delusional beliefs that would stretch imagination to the wildest boundries.

  131. IT IS THE GOVERNMENT letting this happen by ignoring the public and NOT having them as clear third party incidental and intended beneficiaries of the HAMP program. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act 2008 does not give individuals private rights to enforce HAMP or any mortgage modification. The government cleverly wrote the Act by only mentioning that banks are ONLY ENCOURAGED to participate in mortgage modification in exchange of the tax payers money gave to the banks. In other words, if you sue the bank for not modifying the mortgage the judges may find that they don’t have provisions in the law to give a favorable judgment. One thing people could do is to challenge HAMP and EES ACT 2008 by suing the government FOR not exclusively including the public as third party beneficiaries of this public contract. The banks very well know that the laws are vaguely written to give them benefit and this is the reason why they drag customers one or two years by telling them lies that they have not received the documents that they send by fax and courier. This is a direct insult to the millions that they don’t ahev to put up with. The government must direct these banks to award damages for wasting people TIME and money and making them to run around for nothing causing anxiety, mental anguish and traumatizing their children. If the government cannot do this for the people then they fail their duty to protect the people and such a government is invalid and must be disolved by impeachment.

  132. IT IS THE GOVERNMENT letting this happen by ignoring the public and having them as third party incidental and intended beneficiaries of the HAMP program. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act 2008 does not give individuals private right to enforce HAMP or any mortgage modification. The government cleverly wrote the Act by only mentioning that banks are ONLY ENCOURAGED to participate in mortgage modification in exchange of the tax payers money gave to the banks. In other words, if you sue the bank for not modifying the mortgage the judges may find that they don’t have provisions in the law to give a favorable judgment. One thing people could do is to challenge HAMP and EES ACT 2008 by suing the government by not exclusively including the public as third party beneficiaries of this public contract. The banks very well know that the laws are vaguely written to give them benefit and this is the reason why they drag customers one or two years by telling them lies that they have not received the documents that they send by fax and courier. The government must direct these banks to award damages for wasting people money and making them to run around for nothing causing anxiety, anguish and traumatizing their children. If the government cannot do this for people they fail their duty to protect the people.

  133. This company is a big joke! I am working with this other company to help get affordable mortgage payments I again sent BOA 36 pages of info also to the other agency. BOA sent to their file they needed Bank Statements, pay stubs & utility bill (this was in the 36 pages of info). I called the BOA they told me what I needed, I told them why I just sent all that on 7/8/2011. (They assigned me a negotiator gave a phone number and the extension over a week ago) I asked the CSR for the Phone number for the negotiator, he started to give me the same # that I was talking to him on, I was calling out the number and extension with him. Now he supposes to have sent the guy and email, how long will I have to wait on this email response (Still waiting on the pass 3)?
    How long will the government let this mess go on?

  134. Oh, the Fate of the $8.5 billion settlement
    You can see the court docs and the names of the trusts with BONY Mellon included.
    If my loan is in one of these trusts, am I considered as one of the “other persons potentially interested in the Trusts”?

    Thank you to all.

  135. THE problem is the government who made loose laws in favor of the banks. The people may need to sue the government and amend the laws clearly stating that the third party beneficiary, namely, the public has private rights to enforce mortgage modification.

  136. I have a mortgage with BOA and they have put payments (current, with receipts) in a partial account and paid my insurance with an existing escrow waiver and no lapse in coverage, putting me in default and accelerating the mortgage. I filed a breach of contract suit Pro-Se in NC and then retained a lawyer. Now, he wants me to take the payments I have saved and the subsequent ones due and give him the money, saying he will file an injunction to stave off a foreclosure. I am now very vulnerable and have no money and I emailed him originally to request a Pro-Bono representation. I sense I am being taken advantage of. Can anyone help at this point? I cannot afford to take this chance and I think the lawyer is also taking advantage of my situation.

  137. I have read each and every one of these statements and everyone that I read is saying the exact same thing that has happend to me! Sent in paperwork they requested many times called them they would say they never did recieve them! When I called them for a loan modification they assured me they could work something out because in their words that the President has released some money to help everyone out. Well now they are saying that they sold the loan to fanny mey and it was forclosed on. I just want to know who or how I can get in on the class action law suit, or at least file a complaint with someone who can do something! I am a single Dad who is trying to provide for my family! If anyone know who to contact let me know PLEASE!!!

  138. Our mortgage was sold by Countrywide to Bank of America . It took almost one year to qualify for the making homes affordable program. We paid on time during the three month trial period and are now paying the lower, modified amount. Recently, BofA calls me daily saying that I am in violation of my modification agreement since I do not pay my mortgage ON THE FIRST of every month. I pay it in person at their bank on the 15th of each month. I do this because of my paycheck cycle. The BofA reps told me today that the local bank takes two days to credit my account! When I told the rep that I have never been late or missed a payment she stated it didn’t matter, I am still in violation of my modification agreement and I will be called every day, every month saying that I am late. Can they do this? My husband has been out of work for almost five years and I have a heart condition and other health issues and this is making me sicker with every call.

  139. I read the same stuff over and over about Bank of America, they are doing this across the states. I started my process through a agency. I am also trying to modify my loan this process have been going own over a year now. They denied my twice saying paperwork wasn’t turned in on time. I call because I wanted to see what papers they were talking about they couldn’t tell me (this set was faxed and FedEx the same day so it would’t be late), then they said My Income Tax form wasn’t signed. I told the CSR that I file my taxes online and I didn’t have to physcially hand sign it. I told the CSR from the agency that’s working with me even she said you don’t have to sign the tax form when doing taxes online. It’s just a mess that they play with people lives like this!

  140. My husband and I were wrongfully foreclosed on in March 2011. I contacted them in August 2010 to tell them that my husband got a new job 600 miles away and that I needed information as to what I needed to do if the house does not sell before we move in November 2010. They said I had to be delinquent on my loan for me to have any options.We had an offer for a short sale on the table in January 2011! After submitting all and more paperwork that was needed, jumping through hoops, they made us wait and wait never responding until the end and emailed me 4 days after the foreclosure with an automated email stating we had been declined…I have yet to receive any certified documentation about our foreclosure. Now Fannie Mae wants money, imagine that! You better believe we are in on this!

  141. Countrywide & bank of America has been approving me for modification loan, but not following thru and bank and lawyers are not on same page






  143. the same here as i have been reading i had to undergo emergency surgery and my spouse was not working at the time. my income diminished substantially i have been calling bank of America over and over we finally were put on trial payments for over a year and we submit countless letters bank statements and and pay stubs to no avail finally we speak to a sorta rude gentleman which he call me at 4:45pm asking for more papers and making lurid requests and saying to us if we do not answer within 24 hours our files and application will be closed and denied. i have complied all the way now this. when we send the papers via fax mind you we have the conformation faxes bank of america claims they did not receive nothing. we call back and one department does not know what is going on. we call and call and we get different stories. finally we go to the branch and get some answers and the have all of our papers so what can i do this is not good when the bank went to get the federal part of it was to help people this is not good what can we do help us please

  144. I have been trying to work out an agreement with Bank of America for over a year and a half. They have provided me with eronious information. I have completed the finanical information and sent it to them several times. I wrote letters and followed instructions. They continue to have me start the process over and over again. Arron Jones from the Exceutive Office contacted me and told me to follow his directive. If I have any problems to contact him. I was told the other day to start all over again. I tried to contact Mr. Jones, left several voice mails. He will not answer the phone or call me back. I was told to start over again. This is not right. I have all my documentation. I will start over again. Bank of America is not right. When will they be held accountable?

  145. hello, my name sherline colbert, My husband Mr Gerald colbert laid 2004 from his job. he was using his pension for we can make it. When the fund stop coming in. We was having hard time. “In 2006 Robertson, he promise that we will get 30 year fix to refin. our home. i said to him ok. when the loan was complete. robertson said i have three days to make up my mind to have this loan.. i call him the second, i said, i don’t want the loan, he lie on my appl. he did not cancelle my request. two weeks before that, i recieve in the mail countrywide,, i said what? I call country, i ask them, what happen to the other company that had my loan. countrywide said, they buy there loan. i said wow! Another thing i ask them, why you taking my husband name of the loan. and this is him home, before, i can in to his life. and i said, why i have ajustable loan on my loan. beside 30 year fix. i can not paid $4,100 month i said to countrywide. month later i see bank of america, brought my loan, i said with going on here. i tolb bank of america, i can not afford to paid this loan. they had me in a forbearce three time.. telling i was qualified for the modication loan. but sent me a bill for the same price of country wide. i never sign that paper.. at the time total of my income was $3,000 a month.. i can not paid my house note. I want to suite them.. they given me stress. i sick for a week behind. i need your help, please get them. i want to be in the lawsuite with youguy. i hope my letter make sense. this is the truth. thank you, sincerely mrs. sherline colbert.. you may contack me at this number 909.6895135,, please come me soon, any time

  146. Do you think that reviewing of a BAC Pool Servicing Agreement may help to fight a foreclosure?
    If so, how to find it and where?
    Thank you?

  147. Some time in 2010,I sent back a letter with my signature with agreement to join the Class action against Bank of America.
    My home Address:1624 Tucker Rd,Ft Washington,MD 20744.
    Please respond.
    Kheo Bloom

  148. We got an email notice that BAC Home Loan Servicing LP will be Bank of America N.A beginning July 1st 2011.

    So, are they going to defend for improper service or lack of service under this transfer?

    BAC Home Loan Servicing LP is a branch of Bank of America. So, when we sued, it was against Bank of America for suspension of foreclosure.

  149. we have been treated unfair by Bank of America, I would like to join the law suit as well. I have written letters and got no response, higher mortgage payments.


  151. We filed a complaint in April 2011 at the Superior court here in Rhode Island. We don’t have a lawyer as we have no money.

    Our complaint was that Bank of America did not give the reason in writing for denying HAMP program. We pleaded that bank being a public authority, they could speak ONLY through public record. This is so, if a customer has an objection to the option or options for which the mortgage was reviewed under and denied there has to be a record specifying which option or options it was reviewed under and why it was denied. Bank of America did not tell us under what option the mortage was reviewed and why we were not qualified.

    This is similar to applying for a loan. A public recognized bank simply can’t say a loan is denied wihout giving any reason.

  152. When I think of Brian Moynihan or Barabra Desoer, I think of the song by John Lennon called Piggies:
    So if it walks like a piggy, talks like a piggy, by golly it’s a PIGGY!

    BofA and it’s CEO Brian Moynihan reminds me of that song by John Lennon and George Harrison titled “Piggies” I invite you to listen to this song on youtube and see if it appropriately fits.
    Have you seen the little piggies
    Crawling in the dirt
    And for all the little piggies
    Life is getting worse
    Always having dirt to play around in.
    Have you seen the bigger piggies
    In their starched white shirts
    You will find the bigger piggies
    Stirring up the dirt
    Always have clean shirts to play around in.
    In their ties with all their backing
    They don’t care what goes on around
    In their eyes there’s something lacking
    What they need’s a damn good whacking.
    Everywhere there’s lots of piggies
    Living piggy lives
    You can see them out for dinner
    With their piggy wives
    Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon.

    When I filed my lawsuit against Bank of America, I thought of the many others out there in the same situation. It was then that we decided to educate the public on what these piggy banks are doing, as well as unite us all together as one voice. Please help me turn this David vs. Goliath modification process, into a Goliath vs. Goliath.
    Please stand with me and Brookstone Law Firm, and send an email to Bank of Abusing America that states that we will no longer tolerate their potentially illegal, fraudulent, irregular and abusive business methods.
    So please send your email directly to Bank of America and include the following:
    1. Your name
    2. Your complaint concerning your experience with Bank of America.
    3. Please end your email “I support John Wright vs. BofA Lawsuit!”
    4. Please send a copy of your email to
    5. Please send your email to BofA CEO Brian Moynihan:
    I have created for all of those who have been abused by Bank of Destroying Americas potentially irregular, fraudulent and simply abusive home loan modification process.
    Divided we might have fell America. UNITED WE MUST STAND!
    My name is John Wright AND I AM FIGHTING BACK!
    John Wright

  153. I am a wido who lost her husband during the time we had put in for the loan modification. their was no response from the bank until after his deaf. It stated that they couldnt modifi the loan becouse the person on the loan no longer lives in the house. Our home is in forecloser BOA states that they cannot give me any info pertaining to the loan becouse they say im not on the loan. I was told to get a lawyer that BOA refered. I dont know who to trust. Can u please contact me on this matter

  154. We have been going through much of the same run around with BOA and have narrowly avoided foreclosure.
    I have two suggestions that have helped us. First, see if there is a community based organization that can assist you in dealing with BOA. We were fortunate to find one in White Plains NY, that has been very helpful. Second, if your loan was an FHA loan, call FHA/HUD and enlist their help. They have been extremely helpful and can deal directly with BOA. On more than one occasion, BOA would tell our lawyer one thing. When FHA/HUD would call them, we would get a different answer, and one that was to our advantage. The people that you deal with when you call yourself seem to be working off of a script and have no real authority to help. FHA/HUD dealt directly with the VP of Loss Mitigation and was truly helpful.
    FHA/HUD assigned us a case number, called within two days and have returned every phone call and email. I encourage you to call them for help

  155. We have been in a modificaqtion loan trail period since feb 2010 and bac lost paper work so we had to appeal it and send in information that they already had and found after we sent it in again. Then no activity was done on the account since oct 2010 so now we have to reapply and was supposed to receive a packet but never have.We have never even received a letter or anything since the appeal was made. I would call and the representative would say in review appeal was granted. I have called bac at least 150 times over the course of our modification loan and it is a joke, no one could even give me any info accept, still in review. We have been so stressed out because even our counselor left the company, housing and shelter and we were never notified.

  156. I would like to see justice against Bank of America.
    Please inform me of any class action suits I may qualify for. I noticed quite a few of the post are asking the same thing but I don’t see a response, is that send in a private email or am I missing something, thanks!

  157. I am in foreclosure with BOA. My loan originated with Countrywide in Apr.2007, and then a re-finance with Countrywide in Feb. 2008. I only got 2 pymts. behind around Nov. 2010, and they stopped accepting pymts in March2011, and now are foreclosing in Apr.2011 (+60 days) = June2011..I have some reinstatement figures right now.. Are they legit? Or will they just take all my money and scam me some more? Also, I was denied the MakeHomeAffordable plan (started Sept.2010, denied around Feb.2011.) I’m in Georgia and need advice or help. [ I feel BOA is trying to wipe out the contaminated Countrywide Paper Trail ] I’m going to submit a Qualified Written Request to Produce the Note. I have a mortgage reduction consultant who’s lawyers say there are at least 13 violations on the orig. loan documents, but I can’t decide to go with him as it is hard to trust anyone right now.

  158. RE:
    Mass Joinder CA (BOA, CITI….) Stranger Danger Alert: Consumers really should repeat every day so that you won’t forget! “Stupid people sign stupid contracts every day.” K.Petrides

    The MEMBERS in the TROJAN HORSE continue to Pillage, plunder, marauder, consumers. What’s next?

    I research ‘Loopholes’ that harm consumers. I’m not an attorney and I don’t know legal things even if I think I do I don’t. I’m just a reasonable person who researches and reads actual business agreements filed in the public domain and public documents and public databases through which I can check how they do business intrastate, interstate, report currency deposits to the Federal Reserve, MEMBERS of the private US financial exchanges file agreements with the SEC.

    My intent, to bring into the light of day the loopholes that resulted in travesty and get educated. I’m a Patriot who no longer wants to be an indentured servant to a foreign organization who harmed my country. What about you?

    Actual Mass Joinder Consumer in NJ:

    “Someone” in NJ collected money from a NJ homeowner (via Credit Card AmEx) to join the mass joinder in CA.

    Scammer calls and convinces SOMEONE to join the ‘Mass Joinder’ for they have many properteis thru BOA.

    Scammer requests redit card # and the transaction code from the back of your credit card. What are you going to do?

    Stop and ask yourself who are they? Think about what you are purchasing. Ask whom is the credit card charge deposit going to be placed under — how will the charge (appear) on your credit card bill. Will that help you realize you did not sign an agreement and the SCAMMER can use your credit card.

    Whose ‘checking account’ will get the deposit at the end of the day? after they process the transactions? The Mass Joinder?

    Winds up this NJ ‘SOMEBODY’ did not turn over the currency that got deposited into the bank account of the NJ SOMEBODY and their checking account perhaps in the Cayman Islands not part of the MASS JOINDER LAW FIRM.

    Scarier yet. Winds up the Mass Joinder Law Firm hired an unknown marketing agency!

    Oppssssiiiie. The Mass Joinder attorneys claim they did not know whom they are in agreement with as the marketing agency? Are you scratching your head yet?

    The CA agency (intermediary) to the mass joinder was fighting with the NJ SOMEBODY for the credit card deposit.

    How do I know this. My frined called me and asked me to call CA to figure out what was going on.
    So I called for my friend. I said to the person in CA: gee the website and documents don’t look legal. CA says, what you mean? I said the document’s are not a legal brief filed in court. How do you know. I said there is no Docket# nor stamp from the court. Oh I see. Yes you are right. The real complaint all consumers get 30-45 days after joining as a member you can see the documents on-line.
    Takes about 45 days before your name will appear in the brief. Oh boy!

    Back to using a credit card with SCAMMERS.

    Consumers if you don’t know how credit card machines work,please know that your credit card # once keyed into that funny black box will create a transmittal at the end of the day. SOMEONE hits the ‘transmit’ button and the transmittal converts the credit card# and amount into an electronic deposit into a checking account of SOMEBODY and sends a REMITTER to AmEx. THE SOMEBODY is in a lease agreement with the terminal company (not AmEx).

    Anyone can go to BJ’s and get a credit card machine and put in their homes or have a friend in the Cayman Islands. Anyone will sign an agreement and be responsible for how that machine is used.

    Don’t be proactive and think well if they are not telling the truth I can bring them to court.
    How are you going to take SOMEONE to court for fraud? Bring to your attorney the agreement. Appears the only agreement you have is with the
    the credit card company, the one you signed when you activated your credit card promising to be responsible which includes who you give the number to to generate transactions.

    When someone types your credit card# into a credit card machine, and you gave that person the credit card#, know that you are responsible.

    Why are there so many SCAMMERS

    Because there are so many consumers who will give their credit card #’s.

    THE NJ SOMEBODY checking account is credit cash and your credit card says you owe the money honey! You have no recourse. You gave them the # and the code on the back of the card which means to AmEx you gave NJ SOMEONE permission to charge your credit card.

    That was not bad enough, but the SCAMMER had a good one. A lot of people on AmEx have huge credit limits! This scammer was on the prowl and actually instructed the consumer to join their credit card protection program, which would protect them in the event they did not pay the credit card bill for the transaction they just authorized! OMG! Yes the SCAMMER was telling the Consumer not to pay their bill and they would still get in the JOINDER!

    First, once you don’t pay your bill you no longer have rights with the credit card company you are in default. You owe the money and would have to prove that you do not owe the money.

    Those credit card insurance schemes have a lot of ‘little print’ and waiting periods and claim forms you have to file that will make you criminally liable.

    Verbal authorization – you are responsible – you signed an agreement with your credit card company and there is no doubt about the scam but you are the responsible party and will have to pay that debt. Suing the scammer – good luck. You’d have to share all of the facts with the Attorney General What evidence do you have?

    Consumers have to begin thinking again like in the old days if I sign this agreement what harm can befall me?

    I’ve spoke to the new Mass Joinder intermediary research team who has a legal staff on-board. They appear to be consumer advocates. Time will tell.

    How will you know whom to trust? I can share some of what not to trust.

    The SCAMMER’s tactic utilized on the NJ consumer (by the way was not me) – stated the CA Mass Joinder will stop the bank from foreclosing on your properties, and stated that you will won’t have to file Bankruptcies.

    First, you are not dealing with a bank. You are dealing with an agent of the PRETENDER LENDER.

    The default notices are real and even if not can’t be ignored.
    Whoever is trying to collect the debt from you are under agreements paid fees by the PRETENER-LENDER who as SERVICER originally was the SELLER of the discounted loan to third party called (BUYER aka Investor).
    The SCAMMER states they are in Agreement with BOA and CITI. OK. Consumers then must ask to see that agreement and connect how you will be connected to that agreement.
    The SCAMMER convinces you your payment does the trick! You did not sign an agreement and you did not see the agreement the scammer is referencing.
    Wake Up! You your self are not in AGREEMENT with the bank. You are in agreement with SOMEBODY who is a pretender lender.
    The only person the CONSUMER is in agreement with on the mortgage and notes are PRETENDER LENDERS who send third party’s to create documents using attorneys and file that they have authority by the INVESTOR to collect the debt. WRONG!
    Repeat consumers are not in Agreement with the INVESTOR and neither are the SCAMMERS. The scammers are in agreement with the PRETENDER LENDERS acting as SERVICER or debt collectors who are in agreement to collect a debt and allowed to affix the label of a national bank. Why national banks? Funny even in the case of Lehman – Aurora anyone notice that the TRUSTEE is a national banking association? Please take a look-see. In the ‘1996’ Master Agreements Norwest Asset Securities Corp created during 1996, the newly acquired affiliate of Norwest Corporation, the largest producer of non-conforming mortgage products specified that the TRUSTEE must be a national banking association.
    Why? Come on consumes by now are you getting the message! No one will look at the matter to protect you as a consumer including the Judges.
    Frankly the spin “fallacy” that all matters related to national banks (PRETENDER LENDERS) can only be supervised by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency frankly amazing and the fact that the particular ‘citibank na’ trustee is in Agreement with Aurora, the PRETENDER LENDER, are in joint venture with Wells Fargo Bank NA and Citi bank NA has Got to do … Got to do with it!
    The OCC does not have long-arm reach into the state mattes, nor is the FTC, OTS, FRB. These federal administrative agencies are in agreements, e.g., Wells Fargo Bank NA, OCC acts as a supervisor with limited powers — an intermediary – – between national banks and CONGRESS and has absolutely nothing to do with enforcement of federal and state laws nor the Judiciary where you fight for your life in COURT.
    Remember the PRETENDER LENDERS sent out soldiers (agents, dealers, distributors, brokers) some did not know this but they enabled both Master Servicers who harmed the economy. One as BUYER of the discounted loans they are in agreement with the SELLER of the discounted loans and you are not part of those agreements.
    You are in agreement with the PRETENDER LENDER who got the SERVICER rights to collect money from you when they sold your loan at a discount. You are dealing with the SERVICER and SERVICING Agents. So many consumers believe the people they speak to on the 800# have their best interests for and do not! They are getting whatever information from you they can to pass on to SOMEBODY.
    The party you mail your mortgage payments are using the name of the PRETENDER Lenders who have a great marketing game and affix the name of national banks to the envelope you mail your payment. But they are a private brand label which means SOMEBODY in agreement is using their name. What ya – gonna do — gonna do about it?
    If you have a mortgage or credit card, and you owe money and don’t pay, you are in default. Period.
    The law protects the party you owe money for the debt. You are legally obligated to pay the debt.
    In all matters related to property, the agreements must be in writing. Any verbal conversations don’t count! Get it – the verbal conversations with a SCAMMER does not count either.
    We all need good attorneys and sadly I’ve found they are a rare soon to be extinct species!
    Beware of the dark-side. You know the attorney’s with saliva dripping from the corners of their grins as you sign over permission to take your property, giving them a 25% chunk of money at the end of the loan modification. Meanwhile the attorney has all bases covered, $4K upfront and monthly charges to process the Bankruptcy in Chapter 13 , get the picture. Sadly, there are plenty of attorney’s on the dark-side.
    How many of you are neighbors with the Robo-Law Firms whose senior counsel is head of the temple you know first row? Mine is so I’m thinking of the signature on my Lis Pendens. He may be your neighbor. His employees process the falsified documents and his name/signature attached to the documents filed with the Public Offices and Court?
    You do realize that the FORECLOSURE GATE could never have happened if the attorney’s in each state in agreement with the PRETENDER LENDERS did not process the documents. Then the documents never could have gotten to court and the party alleged to be without standing taking your property in an unlawful seizure circumventing due process of law. The fact of the matter is that unless the Complaints and Lis Pendens and Assignments are signed by an attorney in the state the bankruptcies and/or foreclosures are occurring, the COURT would not look at the documents to be true!
    Foreclosure Gate, 60 Minutes, and soon Certificate Gate provide first-hand evidence that these your neighbors (attorneys and their employees) are on the dark-side and in agreement did not follow the law or oath and have brought shame to the ABA. When will CONGRESS stop preventing enforcement of laws? The attorney’s know I suppose that no one will do anything about recording the falsified documents for the pretender lenders. And how many filed the original mortgage transactions and based upon what I learned about ORIGINATION (secret 30 day period before consumers sign the agreements) they enabled the entire ponzi-scheme. What ya gonna do gonna do about it?
    Because they did business under the label ‘Wells Fargo Bank NA’ perhaps they believe their hands are clean? After all the PRETENDER LENDERS TOLD THEM TO not record the Assignments and to not look at the source documents and everybody to just follow SOMEBODY’s order to get paid by the PRETENDER LNDER. Boy would I love Abbot and Costello to do a skit on this one.
    Your neighbor as an attorney (signature?) is affixed to the Lis Pendens, the Assignments? Their Supervisor is your neighbor an attorney instructing all of the firm’s affiliates and employees to process falsified documents (which by the way are without knowledge of the facts).
    Tthe Pretender-LENDER are in Agreement and reward the robo-law firms who are debt collectors and who send the SUMMONS to your home and the SHERIFF to your home and benefit from the $100 transfer fee from COURT REO BROKER.
    You face as defendant a big challenge. You don’t have accurate business statements. That is not by accident. The PRETENDER LENDER hid the facts from you using their private brand label and agreements. The documents filed by your good neighbor as an attorney are assumed to be truthful by the court. What ya gonna do gonna do about it? Get a good attorney? How do you know who is good or not? Read the rules on the ABA and Oath they take. Ask good questions, for disclosure, read absorb learn get Educated.
    The fact of the matter remains that we consumer owes a debt. There are no tricks to fix that fact. There are laws, and due process of law to protect you from unlawful seizure of property. A good attorney will provide you with choices, let you decide your fate and then use the law to protect you.
    Reveal using law the SCAMMERs standing before the court for who and what they are – the dark side. They can claim you owe them a debt and using law you can bring into the light of day if the party on the other side is on the dark side or walking towards the light.

  159. Important update from Max Gardner below:

    From: O. Max Gardner III
    Wed, Apr 27, 2011
    Subject: Mass Joinder Cases
    To: Boot Camp Attorneys

    Court Documents In ‘Mass Joinder’ Contingency Fee Lawsuit Suggest One
    Attorney May Be Pocketing Upfront Fees From Clients Without Telling

    Posted: 26 Apr 2011 09:03 PM PDT
    Court documents filed in a Los Angeles, California Superior Court in connection with a ‘contingency fee’ (ie. no upfront fees) mass joinder
    lawsuit on behalf of homeowners who were allegedly screwed-over by Bank
    of America and others indicate that an all-out brawl has apparently
    broken out involving the attorneys from separate law firms who initially
    came together, as co-counsel, to represent the multitude of homeowners
    bringing the case.

    More specifically, the subject documents represent a motion filed by one group of the plaintiffs’ attorneys essentially requesting that the court
    boot two specific attorneys from any further involvement in the case, at
    least with respect to certain specified plaintiffs.

    Among the concerns of the attorneys filing the request with the court is
    that they have received reports from some of the homeowner/clients that
    at least one of the other two attorneys is pocketing upfront fees from
    them for joining this ‘mass joinder’ lawsuit without the knowledge or
    consent of the motion-filing attorneys which, according to them, is a
    case that is a contingency fee case requiring no upfront fees from the

    For the court documents, see Ronald v. Bank of America, et al. – Motion
    to Remove Mitchell J. Stein.

    See Brookstone Law, SML and Apex Join to Protect Homeowners for a recent
    press release issued by the motion-filing attorneys in this case which,
    in part, addresses the racket some other attorneys are perpetrating in
    connection with collecting up front fees from bankster-defrauded
    homeowners in exchange for allowing them to sign up for ‘mass joinder’

  160. We would like to join the lawsuit. My wife lost her job about a year ago. When she found out what her status was she contacted BOA to see what araingments could be made. she was told we qualified for a modification loan. We submitted the requested paperwork. Over the better part of a year we resubmitted “lost” documents and further information until finally late in March we were told we were denied because we did not file for a hardship. But it doesn’t end there. On March 18 we submitted a payment that was not only accepted but we were charged a service charge for. On April 2 we were informed our loan was delinquent as they had not applied our payment to our loan but had kept it in escrow. Since that time we have been in contact with them by phone and have received five (5) different notices or letters on which the payments we owe range from just over $500.00 to almost $2,000.00 per month. At one point the payments changed by $1,200.00 overnight. We don’t know where we stand and don’t trust them.

  161. How do I join the class action suit

  162. I was a customer of Countrywide and was transfered to Bank of America about 2 years ago. I am presently in a motification trial period but BAC is requesting that I sign a Promissory note that I would have to pay back payments plus interest in one year. I disagree I would like them to agree to put the interest and mortgage payments on the back of the loan – they took almost 2 years to confirm the modification.

  163. I am a victim of BOA and I was forced into a short sale which means I lost everything I had invested in my home in SC. MOD is joke and a way for BOA to stall any help in saving our homes. I want to be a part of the class action suit, please inform me as to what I need to do to join this group of people?

  164. I have been trying for two years to get a loan modification with Bank of America. I live in North Carolina. I am interested in joining a class action lawsuit. Please contact me as soon as possible.

  165. How do I join this lawsuit? I like many others was lied to numberous times by BOA. I would Western Union payments and they would post them whenever they felt like it. I was denied for the modification to save my house. Then they sent me other modifications they I could qualify for and still denied. I call on a weekly basis and they kept saying it was under review and I should hear something soon. I paid them over six thousands dollars in August 2010 alone. In Early October I called and the lady I spoke with said my intent to foreclose had expired. So I ask her that means it is no longer good and she said yes ma’am. My sister called one saturday and she ask them, “we are a little behind but we are okay and are not in danger of foreclosure correct” The person whom she spoke with said NO MA’AM YOU ARE JUST A LITTLE BEHIND BUT YOU ARE FINE!!!! The next Friday I received Certified Mail for RECONTRUST. I called BOA. And was then informed that I had been in pre-foreclosure status for months and I WAS NEVER TOLD. I was also told when the intent to foreclose expires they can foreclose at anytime with no warning. I was also told that I received the intent to foreclose back in August of 2010 and it was also sent certified. Well I never received that paperwork. I would have remember something like that. They wanted a crazy amount of money to reinstate my loan. I contacted my attorney and he referred me to a bankruptcy lawyer, I was able to save my house my filing a chapter 13. However they thought they were going to take the house my mother worked her tail off for and left to me and my sister. I THINK NOT. They are very sneaky and under handed, and I don’t trust them at all!!! I am looking to join a law suit. Is there one in the state of VA yet? Please let me know thanks! We can not let them get away with all this craziness.

  166. We were approved for a mod with Countrywide in Feb 2009, in Nov. 2009 B of A suddenly revoked it with no reason. Since Feb 2010 we were told we qualified for the MHA Modification, then 14 months later I get told we were denied. I appealed the decision to receive a notice 2 months later saying the only things we could do were a deed in lieu or short sale. I was only 4 mths behind originally but since they have put me in foreclosure twice while in “workout” and would not take payments it looks like I didn’t pay for a year! This is not fair, we don’t deserve to lose our home. Please help!

  167. would like to join the law suite because bank is y mortgage company and i have been read up on the faudi live in missisippi 601-528-1134

  168. I have read these horror stories from the people throughout the United States, my process in this situation has been going on since April 1st, 2009 for my family. We would like to join the Class Action Lawsuit but do not know who to contact. If there is any way that someone could possibly email us so we may join this lawsuit, that would mostly ideal and as soon as possible.

  169. Bank of America raised my interes rate and hit me with Late Fees, when I wasn’t able pay my monthly payments in October 2010. May still join?

  170. I was taken for over 3 thousand in overdraft fees over an account that started in Texas and was taken out of my account in Florida. I tried to reason with the bank but they wouldn’t do anything to assist.

  171. Im a homeowner with bank of america and have beentryingto get modification sence dec of 2010 stillno word fromBAC

  172. Laura from RI

    I live in RI and have a mortgage with BOA that was originally owned by Countrywide. I have never been behind on my mortgage, but found out about this mortgage fraud and that MERS and not BOA holds my note. Please contact Todd Dionn Esq in RI. He is collecting cases and pursuing this thru the RI court system.


  173. Be careful, the SERVICER will present an affordability 7 year forecast showing good faith you can afford the payments.

    If you are currently struggling, the taxes are going to escalate, roof leak, appliances break, furnace repair, and if you are late (default) on 1 payment the defects in the modification amendments are active, and I’m not sure but you should consider how the modification affects (perfecting perhaps) the chain of title for the loans sold in secret at a discount (SELLER) to (BUYER) how will the transactions perfect the chain of title – are they pruchasing bad debt?

    Please secure knowledge and an excellent foreclosue defense attorney who can protect you in state and US District Court with any of the related issues – consumer defense, loss mitigation, bankruptcy, etc.


    I’ve reviewed a few of the modifications being offered.

    The ‘modification’ for the SERVICER are Amendments to the existing mortgage and have ‘defects’ that harm the consumer.

    Example, SERVICER giving self rights to go after any assets consumer has if they default again including the property and any other property you may have to satisfy the debts.

    Example, creating ‘pre payment’ penalty without disclosing the fact you are affixing such to the existing mortgage by forcing the ‘forebearance’ amount years 30-40 to be paid off first before the existing mortgage offer they present as ‘active.’

  175. Be careful everyone. ‘SERVICERS’ are presenting themselves as LENDERS and they are not LENDERS. They are creating deals for themselves selling discounted loans in secret, and as got everyone in trouble sell back servicing rights to SELLER who does business by deceptive acts and sells servicing rights to collect payments from you.


    Aurora Loan Services NEVER is a LENDER!

    Wells Fargo Bank NA NEVER is a LENDER!

    ‘EMC Mortgage NEVER is a LENDER!


    As a matter of fact, consumers do not have any bond (signature) in Agreement with the LENDERS!

  176. im in the same issue as all of you from what i see, tried the MOD program and my payment resulted in INCREASING my mortgage payment which i declined, and now the ONLY option i am being offered are; 1. Short Sale, (lose my house) 2. deed-in-lieu of foreclosure (DIL) (which from what i understood, i lose my house) or 3. DIL and Lease of the property. eitherway i look at it, im bieng forced out of my house,,MOD department stating that they sent me documents requesting more information, which i never received, and since it has been more then 30 days since they sent them, im NOT elligeable to dispute the results of teh MOD final, and now i dont know whom to call for this. DOES ANYONE have a number or know whom to call in PA for some help?

    thank you and good luck to all.

  177. We have been through the same thing most of these others have and are going through. First it was Countrywide then BOA. We faught and faught to save our place but we got run around after run around. BOA foreclosed once again while we were in the middle of modification processing. This time there was NO hope!!! We had to file bankrutpcy and give up our land and home! I am looking for a class action and an attorney that is willing to take on our case to go after BOA for their wrong doing. Any help here would be appreciated. We reside in TEXAS. Good Luck to all of you who are dealing with this same scenario, we hope you have better luck than we did.

  178. I am in the same situation, I have at least 5 different modifcations, no results……. can anyone tell me who to contact in the state of Rhode Island? I have been so frustrated for so long!!!!!

  179. Want to see an actual HAMP agreement? Here’s one:

  180. (DC Metro)
    Wow! Is there a Nation-wide class action suit that I can join? I’ve been chomping at this bit since me and my husband separated in Fall 2008 when I initially applied for a mod with Countrywide. My applicaTIONSSSSS have been bounced around and denied and approved and denied again! I’m missing something! Bank of America KNOWS my career is on the line and my stress level is literally through the roof (as I’ve stated in SEVERAL letters to them and my Governor)! But they’re not offering any resolution. I know President Obama’s HAMP initiative’s objective was to ensure (we) distressed homeowners could receive the required help so we could stay in our homes…and to be disregarded and mistreated without any justifiable explanation is beyond comprehension.

    I’ve written and called and did the do-loop over and over again, and no one seems to know the answers to my most pressing questions: “Where did and is all of the relief “How did I default on my 3-month temporary agreement when my bank statements prove the payments were made on time for 8 months?”; and when they told me I was automatically extended and defaulted on the temporary agreement because I didn’t continue making the payments, I asked, “Where in my signed agreement does it state that I agree to be automatically extended when the financier does not permanently modify my loan within the 90 days?”; the reps told me that it doesn’t say it. So then the million dollar question that no one can answer is: “If there is no agreement that automatically extends the temporary agreement beyond the 90 days when the payments are being paid on time, how can I be penalized for defaulting on an agreement that doesn’t exist?”, I’ve been told 3 times in over a year that a supervisor will be in touch with me. I’m still waiting.

  181. I am interested in finding out if I am eligible to join the class action law suit agains BOA. I applied for a modification in the Fall of 2009 after a lay off, and was denied in the Winter of 2010. They stated that I was denied because they never recieved my documentation which I sent to them from the USPS several times. Since then they have put my home in forclosure and I run the risk of losing the one thing that I have worked so hard to keep. Please help.

  182. Pat G., this is in response to your post dated March 10, 2011. We have filed a class action in Massachusetts Federal District Court on behalf of a group of plaintiffs who received the identical treatment that you did, including the “approval letter”. In addition to monetary damages, we are seeking specific performance – that BOA be ordered to comply with the modification terms it offered months/years ago.

    Please contact me if you are interested in participating in this suit. Thank y ou.

    Matthew Forbes
    (508) 809-6141

  183. I live in NC and would like too be part of this lawsuit.BOFA is also doing me the same way.

  184. My Mom is 81, and they have been quite deceptive in regards to this program she applied for .

    It should be criminal ; especially to treat elderly people in such a way .

  185. I had to refinance my home years ago through Countrywide to pay off my exhusband surprising to me I was able to do this even though my income was not much to speak of Later I discovered that Bank Of America took over my contract. I did a remodification with them the documents I received through the remodification show my house payments taxes and insurance being 536.09 I made each and every payment on time every one before the 15th of every month I no longer live int he house I have not lived in the house for 6 years but I have had people paying me what I thought was my house payment until I received a call from them telling me that BOA people were coming to my house telling them I was deliquent and in foreclosure. When I called BOA they told me they knew nothing of the people coming out to my house but would check into it and get back with me. They never got back with me I again called them because the same problem was happening thenn I am being told my house payment was not being made in full that my house payment was more than I was paying I asked why I had no information of this and why I never get any statements every month they said they would check into it never heard back. In May of 2010 I finally thought everything was finally taken care of because I never had any more visits from BOA people inspecting my house and never received any calls saying it wasn’t taken care of. Now in 2011 I find out that it was never taken care so I again ask for my monthly statements in which I still never received they said they would start sending them to me I also asked for them to send me a copy of the document in which I never received stating what my house payment is actually supposed to be they said they would send these items I requested out that was in January 2011 now it is March 2011 and I still have not received what I have requested.

  186. Countrywide home loans been denying me 2008 and thats when Bank of America took over and i went to court and they still not have gotten back to me for modification loan which i was approved

  187. ;} I used Universal Lending to execute a modification (FTC closed their operations for fraud), then had to do it on my own. I had a friend who offered to finance the home, but after three months Bank of America still hadn’t responded to multiple requests for payoff. We contacted the attorney in Monroe Louisiana who was handling the forclosure and was told they couldn’t get an answer either. They finally sent me a modification just days before my home was up for auction. I signed them and sent them back FedEX. Two days later I recieved another offer. I called and told them I had sent the package off, and was told that it contained an adjustable rate and they could get it waived.. It also added back interest of over $18,000 to the balance due of $118,000 making the total due of over $145,000. Since I was caught between the old rock and hardplace, I told them to go ahead with it and was put on a trial period. I fulfilled the period, (supposedly 3 months, but took over 6 months) and was sent a letter saying I qualify for the modification. The letter also in multiple places said they were preparing Agreement papers and as soon as I got them get them back in the time period stated. The wording actually was “to accept this offer, you will need to sign and return a Modification Agreement that includes the terms and conditions of the permanent modification. We are in the process of preparing your Agreement and will be sending it to you soon. Please be on the lookout for a package in the mail and return the Agreement to us by the requested date so we may finalize you loan modification”. I did not recieve them within 4 weeks so I called on and was told if not recieved by June 23, 2010 call back. I waited til June 23 and still no packet. I called and was assured it was “APPROVED” but they were running behind pretty badly. They said call back if not recieved by July 23, 2010. No packet so I called on July 25,2010. Again I was assured it was “APPROVED” and not to worry, it was taking several months to get all the paperwork out. I was told to just continue making the modification agreement payments as I had been doing. I was disabled in Janruary of 2010 and put on weekly disability payments. In Oct 2010 I was put on monthly payments paid on the 21st day of the month so I called and talked to John on the 5th day of December at 12:53 CDT. I explained the situation and he said don’t worry, it would not change anything. He asked if I could afford the modification payments where they were and I told him yes. He also told me I could use direct pay by my bank at that time. He also assured me I was approved for modification and would see my paper work soon. On February 23, 2011 I recieved a call from BOA. I returned the call and was told I had been turned down. They transfered me to the DESIREE TEAM. I talked with a supervisor named Julie Nye. She said my payment was $1184.96. I explained that I had been approved each of my statements showed to continue the $983.32 Payments. She asked me to fax all that to her and she would post it to my folder. I also asked her about the turn down, and she said it did not reference that in my account. She said it showed I was still under “REVIEW”. I explained the approval letter and she asked that it be sent also. Then last night, February 23, 2010 I recieved another call from another dept of BOA. I was told I had been turned down and I would be sent another packet. She also said not to be surprised if I recieved a forclosure notice and not to ignore them. She said they were sending me another package to see what other program I qualify for. So eleven months after I was sent an approval letter , and over 18 months since the process started they are now wanting to steal my home. I am now on permanent disability and would probably not qualify for any program. Where do I go from here? I have already went to the Federal Trade Commission and Louisiana’s AG . I would perfer a joint lawsuit instead where each person gets a set amount and not have to share a rediculous low amount. Can you say Enron!

  188. I was being sued by BAC/Country Wide. They would not provided me with the 30 day default, they claim they bought my loan from my orignal lender but no transfer recorded with my state’s (DE) recorder of deeds. We had a court appearance 3/8/11 on my motion to comple. After I spoke they Lawyer for the bank asked for a motion to Dismiss cliaming Obama is making them but truthfully they couldn’t produce the documents. I now sit and await for them to produce bogus back dates items.

  189. the thing everyone fails to realize the bank is just a servicer on behalf of the investor. your investor such as freddic mac, fannie mae, bank of ny, and others alike have to approve all modification proposals. if your investor guidelines and modification guidelines do not met, you cannot get a modification. so therefore, nothing can be done and modification is not an option any longer. some investors won’t even entertain the thought of a modification.

  190. What I don’t et here is: Since the gov’t choose to stand behind the banks and give them billions in bailouts with our tax money (besides FHA and TARP) why is that they seem to have no interest in holding the banks accountable for using the $25 billion as it was meant to be used?

  191. IT’S A LAND GRAB.

    I would not bank with BOA if it were the last bank on earth. My mortgage started with Countrywide, which was acquired by BOA. I applied for a modification in feb of 2010. sent in all the required docs…7 different times. Called numerous times to be sure they received them. Everytime I called I got transferred at least 5 times to 5 different departments, none of which could tell me anything other than the basics regarding my loan, balance, payment etc. I came to find out that they had someone elses notes on my file prompting the “system” to request documents that I could never provide ie: death certificates, annuity payments, pension payments, etc. No one had died, I have no annuity, and no pension. They finally straightend that out…so I thought, and moved on with the process. Finally in August they denied me the modification stating in a letter they sent to me that I didn’t send in all the proper documentation. I went through an advocacy group, whose phone number was listed on the letter and BOA told them the same thing. That I had not sent in all the proper documentation. However the advocacy group said I could appeal and reapply. I called again just this week 3-2-11 and the person I finally got to talk with, who could tell me anything, said that my loan had been denied for “all” modification products. I am to call the appeal department to see if the modification can be reopened for further investigation. She said it didn’t say why I had been denied, just that I have been denied for all modifications. This has been the most frustrating experience I have ever had in the banking industry. I have been banking since 1965, and I have never experienced this level of incompetency in any industry that I have had contact with. It is appalling and dismaying to know that such idiots are trusted with our money. If they had been straight forward about the whole process instead of making excuses for their shortfalls, offering hope when they knew from the get go that there would be none.

    I truly believe this bank…and probably others…are in a land grab. Offering modifications, telling their clients that they can pay the “modified payment amount” but not telling them that when all is said and done, they will be in arrears in their mortgage with no real chance of repaying the shortfall amounts and putting their homes into foreclosure.

    The letter from BOA stating that my mortgage was past due 2 months really frosted my cookies. I had been sure to pay the full amount during this whole process, scraping by to make my ends meet, just knowing in my bones that they would deny me and then foreclose on my house…and Lo and Behold, that is exactly what they did! When I called them to dispute the past due claim, they said that they put the overage amount that I had paid over the modification payment amount into a “partial account” and that my loan account had “codes” on it that made it difficult to move the money to post to the account. I demanded that the money be posted immediately to the account and that all late fees and reporting to credit bureaus be corrected. I called again in a week and found that this still had not been done. It took a full 3 weeks and as many phone calls for them to take the “codes” off the account and move the money to post to the account, and another week after that to remove the past due late fees. I was appalled! Talk about ineptness!

    I believe this is one large bank scam, using the political climate, and any and all loopholes in this program to benefit their bottom line…and property has always been the way to go in investments. Just look at Donald Trump.

    At this point in time, I would rather mortgage my house through a credit card than use Bank of America. They are good for nothing unless you are working for them…and even then, I can see they would use their own to benefit those in upper management.

    I welcome this lawsuit. I don’t expect to get any relief and will have to try to work this out for myself without any other assistance and hope for the best. If it results in a modification of some sort, all the better. But someone is sleeping with someone on this.

  192. I live in Pa going thru same BS since April09 when I lost my job. went into forbearance program payed amt still paying amt now owe 15,000 I was only out of work 3 mos and this is the 4th time I am applying for making home affordable. Was declined feb 3 2011 because they say I gross over 9,000 a month I want to know when I hit the lotto I dont make half that they had all my info. Is there anyone in Pa that can help and how much and what guarantee do I have of winning

  193. I have a horror story as well. This will just add to the increasingly growing list of ppl already on here suffering at the hands of a diabolical, unethical, immoral corporation.

    My husband and I decided to try to take advantage of the chance to lower our mortgage interest rate back in April 2009. At that time we were only one payment behind. We were instructed by bac customer care reps that we had to be at least 60-90 days behind and to NOT pay our mortgage for at least 60 days. Well, like dummies we listened to them. At the 60 day mark, they sent out house to foreclosure. I immediately started contacting these non profit credit counselling places for assistance. I was told by one credit counsellor that our only option was to either let the bank have the house or to try to do a loan mod through BAC. Well, he sent a recommendation to BAC that they work with us to obtain a loan modification and to stop the foreclosure. By June 1, 2009 we had been “pre qualified” for a loan mod directly through BAC (their so called HAMP). We were instructed to send in a hardship letter, copies of 2 pay stubs, 2 bank statements, copies of our last 2 years tax returns, and copies of all of our utility bills and anything else we had to spend money on each month. I faxed this information, same day, to BAC. I called back 2 days later to see if they had scanned the information into their computers, and they hadn’t. Was told that day by yet another rep it could/would take up to a week for them to scan the documents. Well, I asked her for a physical address to mail the documents to, and she choked! She didn’t have an address to send me. That should have been my first warning signal. She gave me an address for Houston, TX, which so happened to be for payment processing. It took almost a month for the hard documents to make their way to where they needed to be. Another month went by, and still no word as to an approval on the loan mod. Now we get to July 2009, and we are officially 4 months behind on mortgage payments, still accruing late fees, with no end in sight. July 25 rolled around, and out of the blue we get a call from BAC, stating our loan mod has indeed been approved and they will be Federal Expressing two copies of the final loan mod documents for us to sign, have notarized, and return to them within 7 days. Well, we get the loan mod, and it’s not a loan mod at all! Its a darn repay plan, but at the top o the document it clearly says “Loan Modification Agreement”. They kept us at our current interest rate of 7.5%, tacked 8 years onto the back of our mortgage, and jacked our payments from $859.19 to $939.17! They also demanded we send in $855.19 in good faith funds in order to process the modification. Running out of options, we signed and notarized the doggone thing and sent it back. Now, keep in mind we were instructed to NOT pay anything towards our mortgage during the loan modification process, because it would only “mess us up”. We were already so far behind at this point we had no choice but to finish what we had started with this loan mod, no matter what the terms.
    BAC got the documents, and a cashiers check for the $855, overnighted to them. They waited an entire week before scanning the document into the system so that it could be seen by all at BAC. I kept calling to make sure they had gotten the doc, but kept getting told “no we don’t have it yet”. However, the cashiers check had been cashed two days after we overnighted it to them, along with the notarized loan mod agreement.(They got the money but didn’t get the document, yeah, I’m sure!).
    We were instructed, as per their Loan Mod Agreement, to make our first payment on Sept. 1, 2009 in the amount of $939.17. I sent them $1,000.00! Same thing for the next 6 months. In March 2010 I get a nasty letter stating they intend to accelerate my mortgage! I call them and ask what is the problem, we had a modification in place, we made our payments in accordance with that agreement…what’s the deal. I got told that the first payment they show in their system is for Feb. 2010. When i told them I had physical proof of payments that they had cashed from Sept. 2009 through Feb 2010, they asked if I could send them copies. I told them they needed to send me over to payment research dept. to see where this money was going. Payment research told me the money was being held in a “suspense account” for “fees due”. $6,000 worth!!! I demanded they post these as payments, because the reps in collections showed me as 9 months behind. Well, the lady said she posted them, but she never did.
    March 25, 2010 I receive a little chain letter from BAC stating that it’s taking them longer than normal to process our loan modification (ok come on….July 2009 through March 2010 isnt ample time to complete a simple loan mod? It takes 9 months to grow a life inside you and give birth to it, that’s an accomplishment) and to please be patient while they finished it. And it also thanked me for being a loyal customer of BAC Home Loans Svc. LP.
    Ok….two more months go by and we are now in May. I get a phone call from a rep from BAC requesting additional financial information over the phone, because too much time has elapsed from the start of our loan mod to current. I told her that if BAC needed updated financial information, that they could request it by mail. I wasn’t giving them any more personal/private information over the telephone. Well, a request never came. I continued to make my monthly payments in accordance with this loan mod agreement, even though the amounts on my montly mtg statements kept getting higher and higher.
    Come August 2010, by mortgage payments were up to $1650! A far cry from what we were told to pay on a loan mod agreement. I called BAC to find out what was going on with that, and I was informed that our loan modification was cancelled, they weren’t going to complete it due to lack of updated information and the fact their closing department never finished doing the closing on the mod. I told that rep I never received anything in writing from them requesting updated financial information, nor had I heard from one of the three workout negotiators who had worked on it up to this point. The rep told me my only option at this point was to try and requalify for yet another loan mod, this time one through the Hope For Homeowners. I told her no, they needed to fix the original one they had started, I wasn’t going through this mess with them again. I demanded she send an email to Tom Willets, workout negotiator. She did, and within 3 days Tom Willets had called me apologizing saying he had no clue as to why the closing dept never finished closing the documents, he said they were “worked on but never completed”. I told him I was refusing to do another loan mod, this was his error, and he needed to do his job and get this thing pushed through. He said he was going to get with his supervisor along with one other dept. head to see what he could get pushed through. Well, I will tell you he never did. I never heard from him again. He has ignored requests from me to call, email, all of it. His supervisor never returned my calls, either. He also ignored interdepartmental emails requesting that they contact me regarding this matter. Now, because of their gross negligence, I am now further behind, and owe more money, plus more late fees because my payments had spiked during this time, and I was only paying what the loan mod docs instructed me to pay!
    I started doubling up on payments, sending in anywhere between $1700 and $2900 every month. In December, I was still looking for an answer as to why their closing dept. had never finished the closing on the loan mod. Nobody could tell me exactly why. I finally stonewalled them and threatened them with a lawsuit, and the rep took 1 hr 45 minutes to research the entire account, and came back and told me that the reason the loan mod was never completed was because back on Dec. 4, 2009, Tom Willetts was supposed to have sent us corrected loan mod docs to have signed and notarized because there was a “issue” with the first ones. The rep said, and I quote “I’m not saying it was our fault the documents were incorrect, I’m not saying it was ya’lls fault, but they were incorrect.” All we had to do was sign and date the damn things! How could it possibly be our faults?! She apologized, said there was nothing she could do, and suggested we go through the process of qualifying for yet another loan mod. I hung up in disgust.
    Meanwhile with all this crap, we are being told we are 9 months behind on our mortgage. They had been stashing the money we’d been sending in back into a fees account, and some of it into back escrow payments. They failed to tell me that once we even applied for a loan mod, they would automaticaly escrow our property taxes. I asked the rep why they didnt stop since I obviously wasnt under a loan mod with them and they had cancelled it, and she told me that they couldnt stop escrowing our taxes once they had started. It was mandatory whether we got approved for the mod or not.
    January 2011, we get a notice of intent to accelerate, with a date of 1/20/11 to have $8900 paid by. We got the letter on 1/4/11. That gave us barely 16 days to pay that amount! I sent in $1900 because it’s all we had, and on 1/19 I called in to set up payment arrangements for the rest. The rep told me I did qualify for a repayment plan, and that we would have to put at least $800 upfront, and pay $2650 for 6 months and we’d be current. Ok, that was agreeable. This woman took my checking account information over the telephone, waited and waited for the information to be approved by teh computer, and it took almost 15 minutes. You could hear her huffing and puffing in frustration. She finally says “ok i got it to go through. you’re all set. your first payment will come out of your account on 2/5/11 for $2650, and I also processed the $800 down out of your checking account.” Five days later I call back to make sure the $800 was posted, and it hadnt been! I called back into collection dept. and raised hell with them. They of course apologized and took my checking acct info again! They could see where I had spoken with the lady the week before and they were supposed to be set up. Ok…same computer glitches with this guy processing my repayments again. He gets frustrated, tells me everything is all set, and tells me thank you for calling BAC. I go to the bank 3 days later, and the $800 and the $2650 are still sitting in my account!!!!! Enraged, i called BAC and told them enough of their lying, I was sending in a paper check for $800 and another for $2650, so there’d be no mistake as to my “good faith money” versus that first payment due for Feb. They cashed both checks in 3 days, and on Feb. 28, 2011, started foreclosure proceedings on my home. In the state of Alabama, you only get 30 days before they sell your home on the courthouse steps. BAC takes at least 7-10 days of that time to order what they call “reinstatement” figures to see how much you have to come up with to pull your house outta hock. They will not work on a repayment with you once they throw your house into foreclosure. The foreclosure attorneys will not work on a repayment with you. Sirote and Permutt are the attorneys BAC uses in Alabama to process all of their foreclosures.

    These monsters must be stopped. Someone, somewhere has the power and authority to put an end to this nonsense. I live in Northeast Alabama. If anyone in the entire state of Alabama is interested in putting together a class action lawsuit against BAC Home Loans Svc, LP….please do not hesitate to contact me personally at 256-486-8085. My name is Dory Tallent. I look forward to hearing from you.

  194. Find out who is the investor on your property. B of A is a servicer of your loan- and yes they stress you out by lie after lie. We have been in a loan modification since July- accepted in Nov and finished the 3 month paypment trial- they said they don’t know if the foreclosure sale has been cancelled yet or not- they told me to call 2 weeks before the sale date- which I did- they told me keep checking back- that the investors on my loan were pushing it through- so I asked them WHO my investors were- they said Fannie Mae- and I called Fannie Mae- they said they were not pushing the foreclosure and that B of A lies. They opened a help office in November- go to and find the one in your area. Then go to a FREE foreclosure site and check on your house. B of A told me they couldn’t stop the foreclosure sale til 2 weeks before the sale date of March 7- we checked on this site and it had been cancelled Jan. 27th- yet B of A continued to lie to us! when all is said and done, I will join join with others in a lawsuit on B of A’s deceptive business practices-

  195. I am sick and tired of getting nothing from bank of america. i have spent 3 years trying to get something done about our mortgage but it seems that bofa only wants to forclose on hoping to get into the class action lawsuit and hopefully get results.


    I am a member of this class action suit

  197. I want to be a part of the Class Action Suit against Bank Of America but do not know who to contact.
    I have read all the stories and my is just a duplicate of what they are going through, although I have been forced to sell or be placed in foreclosure. I understand they want foreclosure because BOA has insurance to protect their loss. Modification is such a joke — delay after delay always an excuse. Where do we go from here, no home because they would not use the money for people to save their homes.

  198. ok, i called one of them foreclosure lawyers, and he said he knows of the B of A law suit, they said it cost 9000 to 17,000 to file GULP! I think you pay them 1,500 a month for the next few years till the law suit happens, that seems excessive to me.
    we have an attorney, been fighting since 2009, we got denied hamp, now we are in a “In house” mod ? havent heard a word though?? my attorney has not been that helpful, i need to call her every time to remind her to call bank to see whats going on, i never hear from the woman!

  199. Need Attorney in Texas .DFW area Preferred I have multiple homes 214 -289-8911

  200. Do the math? 62,000,000 mortages -40% is 24,000,000 defaluts at that number I will join the protest! ok with you?

  201. B of A has been most disingenious with me, telling me to”give them a lieu-in-deed” and sending me a payment amount and raised it a day later. I sent the asked-for payment and then they sent me to the collection dept. The head doesn’t know what the tail is doing; and Obama and crew do not step in strongly enough. I want to join any class action suit also!!!

  202. Hello. I am a single parent trying to keep the only home we have ever had..My loan began with countrywide and now is owned by BOA. I am self-employed and have tried to get the modification loan several times and have sent them SO MUCH paperwork that it has costs me greatly in time and money to print and fax everything to them many times. however, I am still awaiting an answer from them and I am in fear of losing my home. If anyone should qualify, it should be me.If you think that you can help me ,please email me and help!!!

  203. BOA has put me through Hell, I can not eat, I can not sleep, My stress level is almost wishing I were dead. and my family life is mess.
    know i have deprasion can’t handel it anymore.
    How can they get away with the bullshit. Modificaiton what a joke, I have been on a 3 month trial for 6 months on my mortgage. They keep asking for the same things over and over and over. I just can not take it any more. I started my modification in april of 2009 and here it is 2011
    BAC has three departments that have been working on my loan. And all three do not provide accurate informatio. They transfer me from one department to another when i call keep me on phome so long but at the end they don’t really do anything for me.
    first they decliend my hope modification becuse thet said they did’t recived my paperwork but i send it over to them by mail and fex but they keep saying they did’t recived it i did’t know but to do so i appeal there decision and they said they working on it took so long and in Desember boa representativ said i was approved and but they will give me decision before des 23 then i got a latter that my Goverment modification was turnd down but they are looking into boa inhouse modification then they did’t tell me anything i was keep calling to find out but was happning but 3 weeks ago they said i did’t qualife for modificatin so i have to pay the balance or they going to forclose me hose i really don’t know but to do know i want’s to sue the bank for not assisting me into this problem .

    so i have no idea where i stand.

  204. i would like to be part of the overdrift lawsuit what do i do.

  205. I am willing to join any Georgia legal action against Bank of America. They provided me a slight modification only to not follow through with it. They now say I do not qualify.

  206. I am extremly angry after working with BOA since July/09 for a loan modification. They are now trying to close on my home. I want to join a class action lawsuit!!!

  207. I have a loan with EMC Mortgage,wich is Bank of America.For about 6 yrs.We applide for loan mods. about 3or 4 times.They ended up sticking it to us every time.They uped our payments from $850 to $1000,a $1000 to $1200, and now to over $1300 a month.Plus they said we owe $149,000.When in the beging we owed $99,000.Is there any legal help?We have little to no money.

  208. i did bay property in auction single family with 18 ac. farm
    at auction bank of america pre aproved me &my wiffe as excelent credit rate !!! but 3days befor escro closed this aprovd me idid pay $12000 down in auction plus ofer to pay 20% mor down any way idid spend $4000 toget my 12000 back ++++mor lost
    my cel phon#310-901-2545

  209. I am a part of this mess. What can I do for any help?

  210. my question is: why is our government allowing this atrocity to continue? if they are not going “govern” this type of behavior, then maybe it’s time for us (real Americans) to rekindle freedom reformation!!! if that’s too strong for everyone reading this, then wait and see what’s in store for us next. just sayin

  211. i would like to add my name to this class action law suit case i have been a victim to this company with the over draft and extented fees over draft fees. iam looking foward in hearing from you .

  212. Hello I would like to join this law suit. I have been trying to get a home modification for over three years when it still was country wide. I have reapplied several times I have jumped through hoops. I have met ever qualification and they keep staling, denying me. Always getting their facts wrong I keep sending the same papers. proving I meet the requirements. We struggle every month to make payment. Doing with out a lot of things needed. Please let me know. Thank you

  213. I would like to be a part of this as well. I have been trying to modify our home for 18 months now. We are more than willing to pay, but are not willing to pay what we owe anymore as our house has lost over $500,000 in value. I really don’t see how BOA is getting away with this. I know several people trying to modify their loans and BOA is not helping ANYONE!! How are they getting away with this

  214. I live in Georgia and like so many others I to have been victimized by Bank Of America and would like to know how I can be a part of any class action lawsuit that is being filed against them. I am a widow the mortgage is still in my husband’s name the house is in both of our names. They told me that I should get my payment modified then assume the loan. So that is what I tried to do. In good faith I trusted them but Never Trust BOA! They took billions of government money “to help people save their homes” They raise your house payment, prolong the home modification process after months of them giving excuses as to why nothing has been done yet then you hear you don’t make enough to have your payments lowered you did not qualify in two days your home will be sold Thank you. I am a widow and I have lived in my home for 20 years my children grew up here and my husband died here… ((I am not sure how they sleep at night)) ** I Would Like To Join In The Class Action Lawsuit **


  216. I have been goiing through a modification with boa since August 09 I wish to God that I never got involved. I work at Chrysler Corp. in the state of Michigan and applied when for help when my job went through bankruptcy and all workers were laid off. Here it is 2011 and eleven and process still not complete. I was asked to make three months of trail payments in July 2010 ending Sept. 2010. As of January 31, 2010 I made my eight trail payment, go figure. A guys has been seen outside my home several times taking pictures and told us he is from boa and is making sure home is occupied. boa is dragging this process and destroying my credit and now I understand why folks are walking away from their homes. Its evident to me that the banks do not have our intrest at hand. I call boa monthly and every rep tell me a different lie. I’m going to start recording my calls. Prior to this my payments were current and to my surprise a modification send you directly to a debt collection agency when all you may want to do is reduce the princple on a home that has droped in value. Who wants to pay 374,000 for a home thats worth 295,000. Who in their right mind would mortgage a home for 100,000 if you know going in its valued at 30,000. Well guess what America thats what banks wants us to accept. The sad part is they will foreclose on your home and shortsale it for less than what you owe or allow it to rot before giving you a modification so you can stay in your home. Its called the American dream and modification is a dream so wake up people…..

  217. We are currently seeking homeowners in the State of California, to join our legal action against PREDATOR BANKS, for their complicity in the massive mortgage fraud schemes, known as ‘Mortgage Gate’:

    The time has finally come! Law suits are exploding all over the country, because … We The People … are now going to fight back. We are going after the following banks:

    Bank of America (Countrywide) / Chase / Wells Fargo / Citi / Onewest / GMAC.

    Below is the link to the case we filed last summer. It’s the 117 page Complaint against Bank of America: Ronald, et al vs. Bank of America (Countrywide), Case No. BC409444.

    This case is a ‘joinder’ with currently 1,100 homeowners already onboard. Joinders are different than class actions in that, clients receive only a small share of the winnings in a class action. Eg: $100 out of a $5 Million settlement. In a joinder, however, each Complaint is settled SEPARATELY, according to the damages they directly sustained. And yet, the entire group is represented under one Complaint.

    Recently our clients racked up some really great, CONSECUTIVE WINS against B of A. Take a look:

    1. Five injunctions.

    2. The order of Judge Chaney RESCINDING 9 notices of default (never before done in California legal history).

    3. An order “Ordering Bank of America” to submit to discovery. (Heretofore, they had the audacity to refuse furnishing proof that they actually “owned” the property they stole from homeowners.)

    4. An order throwing Bank of America’s motion out of Federal Court, because Ronald et al v. Bank of America is not “Preempted by Federal Law.”

    5. And COUNTLESS additional orders to stop homes from being sold.

    In addition, our attorneys are demanding various damages, deepening upon each unique situation of the homeowner. Those being:

    1. Monetary compensation for those already foreclosed upon.
    2. Principle reduction to 80% or less than current market value
    3. FULL Lien striping

    Folks, I’m a legal assistant and former loan modification processor. Like you, I’ve seen it all.

    Let me tell you what happened to one of my clients, Mr. Flores, of Orange County, CA. Mr. Flores is a small business owner (“Beach Transmission” … cross street Lampson). He owns a little transmission shop on Beach Boulevard. He has been renting out two units at his shop for well over ten years. Mr. Flores collects $3,600 in rent each month from his two shop tenants. During the entire ten years, the IRS recognized this as certifiable INCOME on his tax returns.

    But when Mr. Flores applied for a home-loan modification with Bank of America, they refused to recognize his shop rentals as income (even though the IRS has for years!). As a result, B of A tabulated his income as NEGATIVE $1,500 because they refused to factor in his $3,600 of rental income. Mr. Flores didn’t qualify for the modification, couldn’t keep up the payments, and they sold his house.

    To add insult to injury, the B of A rep told me, bold-faced, over the phone that …”Mr. Flores is a high risk mortgagor according to our charts.”

    I asked the rep what he meant by ‘charts’ and he said…”Well, we check the SPENDING HABITS of each borrower by age, marital status, number of children, line of work, and income, in that particular neighborhood to see who is most likely to default on a loan, or not.”

    We had this person on speaker-phone and our whole office was SPEECHLESS! Were these charts part of the Lehman Brothers’ BETS that they placed against your neighborhood? (You saw the documentary on MSNBC, right?)

    In other words, banks have also been foreclosing on you, not based on your income and ability to pay, but on PROBABILITY CHARTS that suggest you’re a dead-beat … based on what your neighbor down the street did.

    And that was a day in the life of a loan modification processor, like me. Well, all that is about to change, folks. Just today, my colleagues told me, there is talk on several business blogs that some of the bank CEO’s are about to be indicted and will have to go to prison.

    Regretfully, our law suit against B of A is not cheap. Our firm charges $5,000 per client to join.

    You see? This is what we’ve all been reduced to. The government certainly hasn’t helped us, so now we have to file civil law suits at our own expense.

    This flat rate fee, although hefty, averages out to about $100 an hour, and your individual case is expected to incur 50 hours. It might make you feel better to know that other private suits around the U.S. are already costing Plaintiffs in excess of $15,000 … so this flat rate is one third of what you can expect to pay elsewhere. Still, I know it is a lot of money. You should also know that the $5,000 fee goes toward preparing your individual suit for DAMAGES. This involves … record searches, massive document intake, deposing you of your individual complaint, multiple court appearances, preparing counter-claims against the Defendants (bank attorneys), preparing demands, and finally, the negotiation of your final settlement. Additionally, I will be your on-call legal assistant and you will never be without updates or access to information.

    Please think seriously about this opportunity to SUE THE BANKS. Think about what it will feel like to turn the tables on them, and taste the fresh breath of JUSTICE!

    If you are interested in joining this law suit, please contact me at
    And let’s discuss your case.

  218. I am trying to modify my FHA loan with BofA to no avail. Any suggestions?


    I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.


  220. After reading these comments, I feel like I am not alone. We had trouble in summer of 2009 making our payments so BOA told us to do the HOPE program and we were set up with trial payments from sept-feb and were told that our loan would be modified at the end of the program. So we did this and then Feb. came and we never got anything in the mail so we continued to make the trial payments that we were told to make until May 2010 when we got a forecloser letter so then they told us to apply for the modification program so we made full payments in june and july and we applied for this program in June. They continued to lose our papers and we could never get any response. they kept telling us that it hadn’t been assigned to an underwriter in all of these conversation I continued to tell them that I didn’t want to lose my house. Finally it was assigned an underwriter in Oct and she continued to lose our stuff and I called her number all of the time. We had 3 people tell us that we were approved for the modification program and then in Dec we had to appear in court with BOA’s Lawyers and they want us to pay 19,000 to bring our account current or they will start the forecloser proceedings. I thought all of these programs were to help the homeowner but I guess not. I am extremely frustrated and do not know what to do. I really don’t want to file bankruptcy but it is looking like that is going to be the only way since we can’t seem to get anyone to help us and our credit is ruined.

  221. Hello:
    I am a member in this class action, would you please tell me where we stand right now.? thanks

  222. Hello:
    I enrolled as a member of this class action. would you please drop me a note for follow up where we stand right now. thanks

  223. The gentleman’s comment about banks owning the judiciary is not far from accurate, and fair because the courts are not “getting it” [thank’s Neil] until most recently. The Mass. SC decision was brilliant. The Calif No. District case allowing owners to sue for violations of state statutes based on false and fabricated “alleged sums due” is likewise. The courts are getting it, FINALLY! But sadly the lawyers fighting these actions are being targeted by some state bar associations for discipline for doing the RIGHT THING. Ca Bar one of the most corrupt organizations in the nation [Gov. S. threatened to shut them down for the second time in a decade for corruption and mismanagement of funds] incredibly, is targeting an attorney in Sacramanto now for doing loan audits against banks. This work was very good and accurate from information developed, yet when there is public outcry that people are losing homes, they [the bar’s “internal affairs” cadre] want a scapegoat. The audits are useful to show “educated” judges that there is no basis for granting Bank’s demurrers and 12b motions in early litigation. In discovery they are more helpful to develop theories to show banks created toxic and predatory loans deceiving their borrowers, failed to follow know protocols for transferring assets and that they have no paper supporting “standing” to appear and contest the lawsuits. BK judges were the first to see and chide banks for this behavior. Yet, the bar’s self indulgent and uneducated disciplinary agents try to attack those who are saving homeowner claims. Sure, there are crooks who practice law, but few vs. those who give a damn. Stopping the only gutsy attorneys willing to help fight these crooked banks must sound a huge distress call to the homeowners. Everyone facing a loss of a home should jam the phone lines of every bar association and demand that they stop harassing the only attorneys out there gutsy enough to fight the good fight on their behalf. Only then will justice be seen as we defeat the banks and their tyranny . Your thoughts are appreciated.

  224. has anyone received a modification and with that modifcation came an amended note to sign with that. they are telling me this is normal but im thinking they have no paperwork for me and want me to sign another note so they can start foreclosure

  225. You all need to realize that we are victims of a fraudulent ponzi scheme.
    We have barely exposed the surface of it. It is so massive and pervasive it would make Madoff look like a child in a playpen.

    I had a gut feeling I was dealing with a bunch of liars when I started talking to BofA about modifying.
    So I went with my gut.

    Boy was I right.

    That was 40 months ago.
    Today, the bank has voluntarily dismissed the judgement against me.
    I requested the Attorney General of Connecticut investigate Bank of America and in particular my loan. All this intimidated the Bank.

    The depth of the scam is so profound, most of you would not believe me If I told you what I have learned.

    Most loans were never properly recorded in various investment pools; the pools are empty.

    The scam is so profound; banks made literally trillions of dollars, not billions off mortgage backed securities and other real estate fraud investment instruments.

    The government is involved in this mess.

    We have rights. We have recourse.
    Our recourse is action. Legal action.

    Do your due diligence. File your motions. Fight the fraud. If you can’t find a good lawyer study how to fight foreclosure.
    The banks will retreat when you challenge them.
    They are cowards and cheats.

    Contact mr with questions.
    I can refer my lawyer. He is changing the laws in this country. The court system is not yet owned by the banks. But if we don’t fight, and fight hard, the banks will own the courts too; just like they own the goverrnt and media; which is why you never get the whole truth.


  226. I see many of you are trying to apply for modifications.
    Stop Wasting Your Time!!!

    This is part of the scam.

    The govt is involved in hiding the truth from homeowners. The modification idea is a scam, to deflect focus on the real guilty party: the banks.

    Through the repeal of Glass-Seigel; through MERS through mortgage backed securities, through securitization the banks created a fraudulant ponzi scheme where thousands of investors got caught.

    It’s not your fault!!!

    It was designed as a ponzi scheme to make billions in profits. The bubble burst, and now they are trying to recoup some losses, and do damage control. That’s what the BS programs like HOPE and modifications etc are about. If they admitted the severity and depth of the scam, there would be
    a revolution by morning.

    Do this now:

    stop paying your mortgage.
    Stop being intimidated.
    Stop trying to work things out with the bank.
    Stop panicking.
    Stop feeling guilty, thinking you owe them.
    Get a lawyer who is a fighter and a lover of the truth.
    Fight the bank. Turn the tables on them.

    There are many who think, if you renege on paying your mortgage, you are dishonest. That’s not true. You are a victim of a ponzi schemes. Just because you may end up with a free house, doesn’t make you a thief.

    Keep on Trucking, Baby!!


    They are thieves; and when you expose the thief, what happens?

  227. I don’t know why any of you are trying to contact and work things out with BofA. It’s like trying to make friends with a thief who just stole your life savings. Imagine someone came in your home, took all your valuables. Everything. Then you turn around and offer him a cup of coffee, and try to gain his friendship. None of you would do this.
    Bank of America is a den of lying , cheating, stealing thieves. Stop trying to reach out to them. THEY are your enemy.

    I stopped paying the mortgage 40 months ago, and was able to get a great lawyer who is a fighter, and knows the truth. It is a major league ponzi scheme. You must fight these liars through the process of court, through the legal process. Get a lawyer who really understands foreclosure defense, not just delay tactics. Because of my lawyer’s skill, the bank has retreated, and are withdrawing the foreclosure action.

    You must fight evil with power.

    You must , through the legal process, fight the fraud.

    Complaining to the bank is without any benefit.

    File your complaint with the attorney general.
    File a debt validation motion once you are in the process.
    A half-way intelligent lawyer can beat these thieves.

    “keeping my house in CT without paying BofA a red cent”

    contact me with any questions at:

  228. I’am interested in getting involved in the law suit I’am a victim of BOA home loans I was in processed with a modification over a year with no results just in process

  229. There is a directory here and it offers expert services.Why are you trying to obtain a modification that your neighbor can do a better job offering by comparison to the lenders your talking too

    We agree the lender registers your loan …with MERS. How many times will we attack MERS and toss the best affirmative defenses we have.

    MERS registers the note and divestment affords the “depositors” its security.

    1) MERS is a true Beneficiary
    2) The Note is defeated in a foreclosure
    3) The Collateral is a CD
    4)The Creditor is the original lender.

    There is no such a thing as a servicing role in a pass through arrangement.

    Now, put this all together and you shall see there is no intelligent or other rational means or method
    for isolating a true holder in due course.

    No Way….Cannot foreclose.

    SO how are you expecting to get a modification from ?


  230. My comments are very sililar to the above after paying the modifaction for 3 months I was turned down and served with intent to foreclose. They sais they would do an in house modifacation then turned me down for that. Im gonna lose my house because they put in trial payments then said I owe 13,000. from trial period

  231. I have read all the comments and feel sick to know that so many people, myself included, have either lost their homes or are in the process of foreclosure. The delays on loan modification are tactics by BAC to keep people from getting a modification or any help. I was told they did not get my paperwork, I sent it again and again with proof of delivery but I was never able to get anyone at BAC to admit they have my modification papers. This whole mess is the direct result of BAC and I want my home but it looks as though there is no hope for me and millions like me. I would like to be a part of this class action suit.

  232. BOA class action? To me this is the tip of the iceberg

    What about the hundreds of thousands of people, and thousands of small businesses engaged in the construction industry.

    There needs to be a class action suit brought against all these banks on their behalf. Don’t forget about government involvement in this disgusting situation!

    I have been in the construction industry for 40 years in Miami Dade County. In the 80s the federal government decided it was within their right to dump 300,000 illegals here, most of which immediately competed with my business even though most could not even speak the language much less have the credentials to work and contract here. I weathered that storm. Now this!

    I personally only want two things from government from the federal to the state, to the local government. Only two things folks:

    2. In the absence of credibility b….bustin accountability. JUST LIKE YOU AND I FOLKS

    I’m thinking of Mr. Carter, Mr. Frank and Mr. Greenspan.

  233. To Becky:
    Please go here and find Max’s graduates in your state “who get it”. Address your situation to any of them and maybe someone will be able to help you.
    Good luck and let us know.

  234. I believe my home was illegally foreclosed on.. I have in writing 3 letters stating a certain date to be current by. They sold the house the next day. Also, they DID NOT HONOR (3) PAYMENTS THAT WERE PAID BY WESTERN UNION! IT WAS A DONE RECORDED DEAL, THEY WOULD NOT EVEN LISTEN TO ME !PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP!

  235. I did not know that there is still lot of people who think they can survive.All toghether with this blog is scam.Obama,Bush,Clinton,HAMP,TARP…you name it,is scam,ponzzi scheme,robery.Get your peace of cake.You folks are done.Period.Nobody will help you.You are sold.You can’t be naive and live in USA.That will punished.This is land of opportunity,just because so many dummies around.God bless yoou all

  236. I am told that there is a class action lawsuit againt BofA from countywide clients whom were in a modification but it was cancelled or they like me were told that a bankruptcy ended the signed and accepted modification with countywide. I have been working with bofa since they took over our loan and dropped the ball on the completed modification. Get this they told me that we filed a bankruptcy in May and we actually did not file until July of 09 and this was the reason that ou modification was denied. I like everyone else was making my modification payments as per our agreement. I cannot seem to get a staight answer from anyone anytime I call bofa. I am extrtemely frustrated and do not know where to turn. My father in law built our home and live on the property with us they are retired and have medicla issues and to have to relocate them would devistate them. Any advice or help would be appreciated!!!!!

  237. All the comments I have read apply to me also. How do I sign up to sue Bank of America?

  238. I have my home loan thru bank of america. I have not filed bankruptcy but they stated that I did & posted it on my credit reports! Now bank of america is saying that I could be foreclosed on because they say I filed bk! I have contacted them several times but they won’t clear it up! I think they want another homeowner to lose everything they have! I pay my mortgage every month & on time!!!! I would love to sue bank of america for ruining my credit!

  239. enroll in the Mass Joinder Lawsuit against Bank of America / this lawsuit offers forclosure protection

    Jason Messer
    Direct: 949 274 8631

  240. been going through the loan mod process for almost 2 years now, we had to be late and behind on our mortgage to even be considered for a loan mod, so now that we have ruined our credit, and hired an attorney, we cant seem to get an answer, i live in calif, we are now paying,on time, and get letters from BAC wanting back pay, yet we are still paying a high interest on our interest only loan, We bought for 455.000 in 2005 and now worth 255.000, but is climbing up in price, even with an attorney we cant get anywhere! we cant loose this home, I take care of feral cats i have had for 5 years, they sleep in my garage and i feed them, i know it may sound silly to some, but we really love these guys, and no way we can move, no renter would take 5 feral cats. I would hate to loose our home, its old and we put so much work into it, we were on an interest only arms loan, and im told we make just enough to qualify for the Obama modify, yet its been almost 2 years even with an attorney 🙁

  241. is there a class action lawsuit in NY against BAC? I want to join!!!

  242. Sandy, my husband and I were in the same boat as you. We had never been late on our payments, we had over 30,000 dollars in equity, but we got behind 3 months because our work dried up with the economy. We too asked BoA to put the late payments on the back of the note, as soon as we found work again and they refused. We tried to apply for the Mod but were told first that we didnt make enough money!! Then we were told we were making too much money!! We called and called and begged and begged. We were excellent customers of BoA, not only with our home but with personal and business credit as well. They stole our home. I am sorry for you and all of the posters on here. The powers that be know what is going on, and are going to do nothing about it. Only a few lucky people will be able to fight them because most lawyers dont want to go up against the big boys. I did talk to a lawyer who had a class action suit going against BoA but were told they were not accepting clients in our state and because we were never actually in the mod program we did not have a case! We fell thru the cracks and there is no help for us. They lied to us repeatedly and it is ok with our legal system! There are thousands of people who bought homes they could not afford but we were not one of them. We had excellent credit and were never late and now they destroyed us and our credit for years to come and we are in our 50’s! They are crooks but everyone needs to be more mad at our legal system because they know what is going on and allowing it to happen.

  243. I am in Chicago. I, too am experiencing the hell of having applied for a mortgage modification in Dec ’09. After 10 months of utter back and forth BS i.e. losing documents and requesting them over and over, Even after the underwriter working on my case told me that It looked good and they were recommending that I be approved for it, I was turned down. The following week I begin receiving letters that I was now 4 mos behind on my mortgage and foreclosure procedures were cleared to begin. I borrowed from my relatives, cleaned out the little money left in an old 401K and paid my mortgage up to date and yet I am still receiving foreclosure letters, visits to my property to see if anyone lives here, etc etc. I am far past depressed , I am now despondent. I’m literally trying not to believe the only way out of this whole thing is suicide. I’m so tired of all this craziness.. I came online today looking to join those who are putting together, or in the midst of, a class action suit against these Bank of America thieves.

  244. I have been in modification hell since September 2008!!!

    I applied first with Countrywide who said I was qualified and modification had been approved, but I was then denied because I didn’t return the package of paperwork — a package I never received!

    When BofA purchased my mortgage a few months later, I again applied for Making Homes Affordable modification. That was in June 2009!

    On Monday, December 13, 2010, I was told I was denied modification because they did not receive requested documents — even though I verified through two phone calls with two different people that all requested documents had been received by BofA Modification Dept. before the deadline! I filed two appeals which were both denied for inappropriate appeals because documentation is still missing — the same documents that were verified as having been received by two different representatives!!!

    This is unbelieveable!

    I am not under water on my home. I had a temporary loss of income in late 2007. I missed two payments. I never asked for my payment to be lowered. I only wanted these two payments put on the back of the loan so I could be brought current! I can make my payment and have been doing so for the past 3 years!!

    Now I’m being told by one person at BofA that I am being considered for inhouse modification and not to worry because everything should be okay, while another person at BofA is telling me I have been sent a foreclosure and acceleration notice set to expire January 5th!!!

    I live in Missouri. I would love to sue or join a class action suit before I lose my home.

    Can someone help me??? If so, please contact me at

  245. I would like to put my name on the class action suit. I tried everything I could do save my home bank of america was unwilling and to hard to work with ..Please put my name down of the class action lawsuit

  246. i applied for a mortgage loan modification with bank of america and was told that my payment history has always been current and that i need to skip 3-4 payments to qualify for mortgage modification loan. I did and now they’re telling me i don’t qualify for the loan..will someone please respond to my post

  247. how do i sign up for the law suit? bought my home in 2005 for 455.000 interest only loan, its only worth 255,000 now, and we have been modifying for 2 years now. in the mean time we are barely making it.

  248. hello i was told the same with bank of america,that i would get my package but i never did..I was transfered around and there was never a supervisor..I lost my house.

  249. If you live in GEORGIA contact me. If Bank of America or BAC is your servicer & you are having problems with them. I may be able to help you. Sonya

  250. your day is coming

  251. Does anyone been solicited for a modification by Countrywide in 2008?

  252. Bobbie, what is your e-mail address or you can contact me at, I also live in Florida.

  253. Hi, my parents arei n Florida and having all the same modification problems. They are looking into a class action law suit. We have talked to some lawyers and they think we have a good shot. We need more people from FL going through the same thing. The BOA losing their modification paperwork or telling them they “dont make enough money” to qualify for help. They keep running my parent in circles to the point of where they’ve stopped making payments and are savingtheir money for a new place with the forclosure. Please email me if you have a similar story or think you could help/join in on this.

  254. We have the same story. we allmost sent in our fourth set of paperwork to boa. Reading these stories has scared the s–t out of me and my wife. We have been late on our payments for 6 months. If just the due dates could be changed that would help, but boa denied us. We are not good with our finances and have over extended ourselves a bit. But the financial powerhouse’s have certainly have a big part to play in this ongoing destuction of the economy. my wife hasn’t had a raise in 8 years, and my disability stay’s the same. My wife is even working a 2nd job, still hard to keep afloat. A mild modification would set things right. I am not about to give our family home of 3 generations to boa to they can collect some fees just to feed their greed addiction. Thank all of you for your stories. When they come to us and ok this so called 3 month trial, I will say thanks but no thanks. That is if we are not committed to a mental ward, im serious. We are both at wits end. The hardest part of all this is trying to keep our sanity. Im surprized we haven’t heard of threats to banks. When you corner an animal they strike back. All of us are those animals and many of us are getting ready to strike. lawsuit ? They seem to do as they please. Im just really pissed, thanks for allowing me to vent. BANK OF AMERICA–GO F— YOURSELVES.


  256. It’s curious how Neil claims he ‘doesn’t need to do this work’. If so, then why would he ignore three requests to cancel a monthly subscription, and go take $50 from my Social Security funds? I emailed him on Monday, saying ‘I can’t find an unsubscribe button, would you please unsub me and confirm.’ I got no response. On Tuesday I called, and again on Wednesday, asking to cancel my subscription and to give me a confirmation call. The result? $50 taken on 11/12. Thanks, Neil!!!
    Now I have to call the bank to get a refund and cancel my debit card, which as you all know is a pain in the butt. Thanks again.

  257. It’s curious how Neil claims he ‘doesn’t need to do this work’. If so, then why would he ignore three requests to cancel a monthly subscription, and go take $50 from my Social Security funds? I emailed him on Monday, saying ‘I can’t find an unsubscribe button, would you please unsub me and confirm.’ I got no response. On Tuesday I called, and again on Wednesday, asking to cancel my subscription and to give me a confirmation call. The result? $50 taken on 11/12. Thanks, Neil!!!
    Now I have to cancel my debit card, which as you all know is a pain in the butt.

  258. Dear friends

    Read about abuse in the banking system and pass this blog along to all your friends. Let’s sent to protest out and push for reforms in the system.
    John Wright

  259. I cant believe these stories and they all match mine. I live in MA and also started with Country Wide 5 years ago. Over the years my mortgage payments have been going up due to “increase requirements” for taxes, yet the value of my house has been going down. I have also lost some income and applied for the mortgage assistance program with an FHA loan. After completing all of the paperwork that included a quit claim deed signed by the then co-owner with notarization, they advised I needed to obtain the “co-owners” information. After having to explain what a quit claim deed is and how it works they “accelerated” my case. After calling back to confirm the processing I was advised that the case was assigned to the underwriters and they would be calling me. After weeks of silence I called back only to be advised that the case had been denied weeks prior. I reveiwed all of the information and was transfered 3 times before getting to another rep that couldnt see that I had even been trying to get assistance!!!!!! I went through all of my information AGAIN only to be told that there are currently no programs that I can qualify for and that maybe i need to try to get a second job. Needless to say I’m am struggling and though they say they can help, they refuse to. If anyone knows how I can join in on the class action suit please email me at Thank you in advance.

  260. We’ve been working with BofA for a month. Have traveled to Englewood many times to fax documentation they have asked for. We were borrowing only $60,000. We could pay cash, but why do that when interest rates are so low. We were guaranteed the loan. Paid for mitigation, an inspection and appraisal. Nine days before closing they have told us that we are not getting the loan. We are going to lose our downpayment on new furniture too. We aren’t sleeping at night and have been under tremendous stress. These people need to be stopped. I’d like to start a class action suit against there unethical practises.

  261. I too have suffered at the hands of Countrywide and it got worse (Bank of America)! Help! Is there a class action to join in Kansas? My e-mail address is: It appears every action by Bank of America has been illegal, not to mention the anguish we are all going through!

  262. Sorry for you rounds-bounds with BOA.
    I was and am in the same boat.
    I got the modification in June 2010, but still fight it for misapplied funds and lies to the right and to the left.
    Still, like after every battle, there is experience to share.

    War is a war, and you need to be prepared.

    1. Prepare yourself (or ask you attorney) Qualified Written Request and mail it certified to the servicer. You can read a lot about it if you Google QWR. It may be 1, 2 or many pages. But make it simple, up to the point.
    2. File a complaint with your Attorney’s General office.
    3. File a complaint with OCC and get the complaint #.
    4. Copy your complaint to your Senator, Congressman, and possibly, Consumer Protection Department.
    5. Find a Community Legal Aid in your county and ask them to represent you.
    6. Research your county clerk and court records sites and monitor these sites daily.
    7. Don’t waist time and be proactive – banks are known for delaying and stalling modification until they are ready to foreclose.
    8. Keep good records of all the conversations, dates, names, times, departments and states.
    Before every call, write down the questions to ask, and ask the representative if it is OK to record the conversation.
    If it is OK – record it. If not – ask why, because “it is for educational purposes”. Stay calm.
    9. Prepare your “version” of modification, like what is (honestly) the maximum amount of money you are able to pay monthly without breaking your neck. Let the servicer know of this amount. Also, keep your family budget handy.
    10. Don’t, DON’T believe any word, promise, or even letter – check and recheck again.
    11. Pray. Pray a lot and ask for G-d’s protection. You need his love and mightiness to empower you.
    Hold on, you are not alone. Together we can help each other and get them busted.
    12. Write to your local and the national newspaper.

    As soon as I find an attorney who wants to prepare and file my case, I will post it.

    Bruised but still fighting post-mod blues,

  263. My home was forclosed on in July 2007 by BOA .I was foreclosed on for property taxes.I had over 85,000.00 equity in my home,I tried refinancing BOA said had to be current on everything to refinance.The told me they could do a modification which my mortgage would go from 953.00mnth to 2,200.00 mnth for 15 months,later they said i didnt qualify.I found a buyer and BOA fax the pay off amount to their bank and BOA forclose before escrow close. If anyone know of a class action Attorney in Houston Tx please let me know.

  264. I am having this same exact problem in Palm Beach, Florida. During the start of my modification, no one knew what was going on and it wasn’t until I emailed EVERYONE at BOA, including the CEO that I actually spoke to someone who knew what their job was. There were multiple times that they “needed me to re-send paper work because they didn’t receive it” yet, I emailed it, faxed it, and even sent them hard copies and then would call to make sure they received it somehow and they always said yes. Recently I found out that that was just a ploy to buy them more time. Then I thought everything was fine and dandy with my modification and things were going as planned when all the sudden I was getting turned down by credit cards and then one of my existing credit cards lowered my spending limit by half claiming “delinquent funds in another loan”. Whenever I talk to anyone at BOA I get the run around and no one ever seems to know what is going on! I call on a weekly basis. After threatening them with a lawsuit, they finally “said” they would reverse my bad credit from the months of May-August but it would take 30-60 days, by then I will have another 4 months of delinquent funds. My credit was stellar until this situation, and BOA is the cause of all of my recent problems. Please anyone with any help contact me at or

  265. I live in Palm Coast, FL. It feels not right to involve all available and not-so-obvious resources and authorities for something that is so simple and designed for us, struggling borrowers.
    After 18 month of sick and thin with BAC, I received the permanent HAMP modification but I am very unhappy with both, the resulting terms and fraud and lying even in post-mod period.
    I want to sue BOA for abusing, misleading, fraudulent and unfair mal-practices while “making” modifications on the HAMP.

    What will be our next step?


  266. To Whom it May Concern,

    How can I joint this lawsuit against an unbeleive Bank.

    Please advise !
    John B. Williams

  267. I refinance my loan with Countrywide bank , countrywide bank said that the best loan I qualify for was an FHA loan. I found out that I shoun’t have been place in a FHA loan because I put more than 50% down on my loan. Now that bank of america has taken over, I’m being told that there is no modification for FHA loan. Ihave had three hardships, starting in 2007.In 2007 I almost lost my job, in 2008 my daughter was killed, and in 2009 my brother died of a heart attack, and my salary has decrease.I owe 25,000.00 in arear. Bank of America said if I’m more than 12 months late the hamp program can’t help me and they wont help.So therefore they will have to forclose on me. What happen to the stimulas program to help the under paid working people. The investor want they’re money, but they’re not willing to work with you.Basically the bank is saying we aren’t going to help you.I though the bank is suppose to modifiy your home base on your income. My take home salary is 2,400.00 a month after everything is taken out. Bank of America said I don’t make enough money to stay in the home.we As a home owners are being violated of our rights.Our backs are against the wall. Any attorney out there reading this ,please call me I would like to be in the class action suit. My number is 925-550-9557

  268. You will not find this video on youtube or Google at all..?

    When HAMP started – to qualify you had to be current on your mort…well watch this video.

    GO TO 3:25 OF THIS VIDEO – Cavuto asks “so how many loans have you worked out” Moynihan clearly says BofA DOES NOT WORK OUT CURRENT LOANS.

  269. in june of this year 2010, we recived a letter from BOA that we were 3 months late?? I called them and said there is no way we are behind,Whats going on here? we make our payments by phone and we have not missed not one payment we have even paid more than our payment calls for.they told me that our payment was 145.00 more than what our statment says[ i told them that we have made our payments and how did our payments go up[when our statment calls for a lower payment] they said they did not recive a payment 8/4/09 thats when TBW [the feds put a hold or something on them] But i sent them a copy of the check front and back that was paid to TBW. ALso during this whole deal going on 5 months now they said they did not recive 2 more payments. Well i went to my bank . and my bank sent them a whole year and a half of my bank statment showing the payments were made plus a copy of the bank checks front and back with a letter saying that all payments to BOA and TBW were made and none were returned to my account signed and dated.. NOW THERE WANTING MORE. THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR 5 MONTHS

  270. 10/23/2010

    I have been a Bank of America customer for over 30 years, now that being said the following is an outline of the events leading to up to the dilemma we now face.

    Our home mortgage was serviced through Countrywide home loans which as we all know is now B of A. In November of 2008 we spoke with a loan specialist at our local B of A branch about refinancing our home to possibly lower our interest rate. We were directed to try applying for a “loan modification” as advertised by B of A. I called the appropriate phone number to BAC home loan servicing LP and spoke with a representative there, she took some general information and said that we likely would qualify and the process would take about 90 days to complete, also that someone would be calling to gather more information. A month went by and no call, I called back several times and finally got to talk to a person that took more information and said we would be receiving an application package in 7 to 10 days and that during the application period we were to make trial payments that were near 300 dollars less that our normal mortgage payment. The representative also noted that during this trial period there would be a note on our credit reports that indicated a less than normal payment was being made.
    The application package was sent to us via FedEx, which we filled out and returned promptly. A month went by with no notice or update about the status of our application to modify. Again I called the BAC home loan servicing LP center and asked about our application, I was told they did not have an application from us in their records but they would send another one for us to fill out and return. Which we did, promptly…. We repeated this process 5 times until May of 2009 when we received a letter from BAC home loan serving LP that stated they were unable to process our request for loan modification because they had not received the necessary application forms!!!

    (side note, At this time our home/auto insurances had come due and because of the notation on our credit reporting from BAC home loan servicing LP our insurance premiums increased by 300 dollars per month!! )

    I had to question WHERE were all of the forms that included much of our sensitive personal information? In desperation I sent emails and faxes to every B of A corporate person I could find an address for. One day later I received phone calls and emails from B of A department heads and was given a phone number to a person that would be handling our modification. I called and spoke with that person, confirmed some of our information and was told we would receive notice of our modification status within a week, of which we did. We were told we would be receiving the new contract and payment coupons via FedEx. We did receive a new mortgage contract with a new lower interest rate and monthly payment, which we signed and returned WITH the first payment, but did not receive any payment coupons. As there were no payment coupons to state how the payments were to be made or mailed to, I called once again to BAC home loan servicing LP to obtain this information. So we have been mailing our mortgage payments to the location we were told in Van Nuys, Ca. (called a second time to confirm) as our on-line banking has not yet been corrected so that we may make the payments on-line, additionally our on line banking shows us delinquent. And now we are receiving notices by mail that we have not made our mortgage payments and are in danger of foreclosure. I have tried to call BAC home loan servicing LP to the same person that was “handling” our modification and was told “our loan is being handled by someone else now and that person will call us”. We are still waiting. I have called BAC home loan servicing LP in an attempt to find out what is going on only to speak to another nice lady that explained we are receiving notices because we have not been making our full mortgage payments, when I tried to explain that we had a completed modification she informed me that she showed no record of that but that she would send an email to the department that handles that.
    Which brings us to date, now we have received a NOTICE OF INTENT TO ACCELERATE from the Van Nuys office. We have made ALL of our payments in the amounts we were told to make, to the location we were told to make them to.

    I have called BAC H.L.S. LP so many times I have memorized the number 1-800 669-6607. Each time I have called I get a different story. I do know this, we have done everything that has been asked of us and in return B of A has screwed us.

    We can see where this is heading, we could lose our home and maybe after a year in court we might get it all straightened out but by then it will be too late.

    It is bad enough that we have lost any equity we had in our home because of the housing market collapse, but to add this dilemma on top of it… all things considered we now understand why so many have chosen to just walk away.

    I have dates, times, numbers, names and copies to substantiate all that has been said here, and more.

    The Kirks in AZ

  271. My last post was thrown out for what reason I dont know before I finished writing and editing it. I was saying that we paid B of Am in good faith, 6000.00 to catch our payments up, and they first told us they were ‘considering if they were going to accept our money”, then they gave us credit for just ONE payment!!We cancelled the payment which probably sealed our fate for having any grounds against them but they were not applying our money the way they said they would, so where is the justice for that?? That covered all back payments and fees and charges, plus would have paid an extra payment on our loan, and they STILL did not apply it to our loan properly!! Here is another address the attorney gave me for possible help They are consumer advocates. I hope it will help someone. There is an interesting article on there about Obama and his administration have no intentions of helping or stopping what the banks are doing to people!

  272. I read that the reason that the banks drag out “modifications” (aka stalling until foreclosure papers are in order) is that they make lots of money in late fees, often up to 6% of the monthly payment even if the loan is not being paid. They make money by billing it back to the investor who backed the loan, and then taking it out of the proceeds at the eventual sale after foreclosure, effectively reducing the net to the investor. The bank servicing the loan (Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc) gets paid regardless, so the longer it takes, the better. Banks have found that if the property is taken to foreclosure they can capture more fees, plain and simple. As a home slides toward foreclosure, mortgage companies pay for many services required to take control of the property and resell it. They typically funnel orders for title searches, insurance policies, appraisals and legal filings to companies they OWN or share revenue with! 12% of their profit can come from fees to borrowers.

    The “Administration” will give a bank $1,000 for helping a homeowner do a loan modification. However, if that bank drags it out they collect 6% per month + fees when the home closes. This is why the banks, especially BOA, like to take forever processing short sales and loan modifications. It’s criminal and no one cares!

  273. does anyone know if there is an organization like the one in boston where they buy the foreclosure and sell it back to the homeowner at fair market value????? we need this in longisland new york!!!!!!!

  274. People, may I make a suggestion, as there are many of us here fighting with BAC, me included.

    Take the stories you have taken the time to list here and do the following. First, send them to your Senator/Congressperson thru “their” websites. Next, send your story to the State Attorney General in the state where you were effected, and also the State of Texas, BAC’s home state. It will take alot of bombardment to get attention.

    They have jack me around enough, that my information went to my federal legislature’s today, and will go to the State Attorney Generals next week if I don’t see some movement.

  275. I spoke via e-mail with an attorney from, they are only representing people from Washington and California at this time. Also another thing I learned from him is, if I understood correctly because we were never actually in the HAMP program, we probably have no case! B of Am first told us when we applied, that we were not making enough money!! Isn’t that too funny?? I thought that was exactly who the program was for!! Then we were told we were making too much money!!! We then borrowed 6000.00 dollars to catch up our payments, they So even though they have _crewed us royally it looks they will be allowed to get away with it! As for contacting the prez, good luck with that! B of Am has him and the rest of his cronies stuffed neatly and firmly in their back pockets!! There is no justice. We will all have to take this and move on and try to pick of the pieces of our shattered lives as best we can because there is no help coming!!

  276. I think that we all should e-mail the President Of BOA AND Obama our stories. The stories on this blog should be forwarded as well. Everyday. Maybe if it is done enough, like every day, they’d get the message. But we have to actually do it. Sadly I believe that there is no such thing a a loan modification from BOA. All of these delay tactics are just buying time to get the proper paperwork in order to foreclose. Does anyone here honestly know of ANYONE who has actually gotten a permanent modification? I have not heard of anyone ever who really has. BOA (and other banks) get money from our home owner’s insurance when we are foreclosed upon. Does anyone else find it odd that they now have so many foreclosed homes in their possession? Why would they want so many and what are they going to do with them? I honestly think that tying the house up in bankruptcy is the best way to go instead of sitting here like a stool pigeon waiting for them to take away our houses. Some of you need to start checking into that before it’s too late.

  277. P.S. BOA has been trying to foreclose on my home aggresivly for the past 3 months until GAP stepped in .Now out of no where BOA sent a fedex package for MAKING HOME AFFFORDABLE MODIFICATION to me 2 weeks ago stating i may be eligible for a loan modification——–For a MAN to admit this has caused so MUCH STRESS ON HIM and HIS FAMILY….PLEASE BELIEVE it.

  278. Im looking for a good lawyer in TN that is helping with the lawsuit.I lost my job and it caused me to default on my mortgage,i have dealt with countrywide and BOA for the longest…AFTER a long struggle I received a loan modification from BOA in JULY 2009-JANUARY 2010….I was told by BOA if i made payments on time for 6 months that my modification will be permanent,because of the affordable payment of 638 they prvided me i was able to make all payments before the due date. In December i received a fedex package stating that my payments will go back to the 1249,this has caused my marriage to fail and health issues from stress. I’m now working with GAP in franklin,tn and what a surprise BOA sent me ANOTHER package to apply of ANOTHER loan MODIFICATION. I really need a LEGITAMENT lawyer to step in and help us this class action lawsuit that im going to pursue. PLEASE email me

  279. Hello, I can not believe the number of people going through what we have gone through. I live in Georgia and wondering if anyone knows of attorneys or just anyone handling suits against BOA for the residents of Georgia. I have so much documention such as emails, certified letters, next day packages, dates,times, etc. They finally took our home in April. (finalized) Two weeks later we received a letter from BOA asking us to please send in the following info to complete our modification. Your kidding me right!!!!!?????? They argued with us that our home was not in foreclosure and had not been taken when I had the foreclosure attorneys email, court documentation and judges signature. They took my home, after they told us they were going to modify the loan and put all payments behind on the back end. Come to find out they had already turned it over to Foreclosure comapny in Atlanta. I emailed them the situation. They emailed me back (which I kept) stating they could not get an answer or anyone who knew anything about our modification. My kids were uprooted from their friends and schools. I want them to pay for what they have caused. Home is where you make it, but Ishould have had the choice if I wanted to make home somewhere else. I would really like to know why the president hasn’t stepped in knowing that he knows whats happening. Not happening to him I guess. Please email me if anyone knows who to contact to add my name to a list or someone that would love to take this case and run with it. thanks everyone,

  280. I am not a fan of bank of america, I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with them. LOL, one time i tried closing my account, even after going in there twice they kept sending me letters and charging me for account inactivity, but i had to remind them several more times to close the account LOL

  281. So sad to read all of these horrible stories that are identical to mine. I have been dealing with this for 1 1/2 years. First Countrywide then BOA. I, too, am being _crewed by BOA. I am in Kentucky and would like to join a class action lawsuit. If anyone knows of anything I can do, please help!

  282. We were foreclosed on in June, 2008. We were not Upside down, or underwater or whatever the phrase. Please read and help me even know who to talk to or how to find out and information.

    We had our mortgage was with Sun Trust, in GA and it was sold to Option One immediately after signing our loan papers, in November 2005. When we were foreclosed on we were told we were not underwater and would not owe any additional funds. We were even paid and had a walk through with the foreclosure “lady.” Two years after the foreclosure we are contacted by a collection agency representing American Homes Mortgage and told we owed $33,077.26. Option One was sold after our foreclosure to American Homes.

    When we bought the house, the bank had arranged for the cost of the house and a 2nd mortgage to buy our house. The house note was still less than rent. We did not totally understand all that was said at signing, yet we are educated individuals who were made to feel foolish for “not knowing” and asking questions. We paid our bills online monthly and faithfully.

    In December 2007, gas prices were up and our daughter had been in the hospital in FL for the full month of November. My husband, a licensed and ordained Minister, functioned as a non-profit organization doing counseling. He continued to see clients regardless of their ability donate. Our income was directly effected. It became increasingly difficult to make ends meet, as the recession was in action long before it was actually declared a recession. The gas hikes started the problems and the cost of everything soared and people could not afford to keep up. We kept our notes up and had tried to work out other options but they kept changing the information on us and the time frame. My husband was working with a guy for a short sale but they would not allow him the time to get his monies together. Then when they sent notice we were being foreclosed on, and the house was NOT underwater, the bank said they were willing to take it and pay us to leave it clean and ready for resale. They even sent out an inspector who assured us it would act as a sale and we were given the bonus money for the excellent condition of the house. We had made several improvements that included hard wood floors on the main level, bathroom remodeling and had freshly painted every room in the home in neutral colors. The inspector acted more like an agent and loved the house. She assured us all monies were taken care of and we would walk away with owing anything. Yes, we have had a letter and I hope I can find it with the moving and everything we owning being in storage.

    Damage Resulting = Then in April of 2010, we get a phone call saying we are in default of the second mortgage on the house and we are obligated to pay it. We do not have nor can afford $33,077.26. They have us set up to pay $336 a month once we catch up the past due amount that has been since June of 2008. I have told them all we can afford is $80 a month until we can make a full payment or until we can make a reasonable buy out option. My husband is not even making $50,000 a year. We are living with my mother because we had to relocate, and we have this foreclosure on our credit. I don\’t know what would have happened, but we had options open until they foreclosed so quickly and gave us different information, depending on who you talked to and the time of the day. There was such inconsistency, literally they wore us out and in no time, we were homeless. Now, we live with family, thankfully have a job, but owe all this money and have our credit ruined. We are in our 50’s. The odds of us finding or making a major difference in our lives at this time is gone. Physical damage cannot be measured when you lose your own place to live and have everything you own in storage. It is like you are all ready dead. We have been married to each other for 33 years. We have neither had an affair, we have three wonderful children and son in law and one precious grandchild. We have played by all the rules and have been faced with this. I am emotionally exhausted, I am a diabetic, which has just gotten worse with the stress. I am not going to complain just for the sake of it, but it has taken what we have worked for and dreamed of having. All we wanted was our own home a place for our children to come to create memories and enjoy life. It is gone. We will never dig out. I cannot talk about without crying and I cannot allow myself to think of the loss, without sinking.

    During all of this, we have not filed for unemployment, food stamps or any other form of government aid. I have felt it was wrong all along about the way they did us with the house. Then to have this other thrown at us now, is a killer. I know we cannot get the house back or anything, we have had to move to a different state. My best hope is to not have this $33,077.26 hanging over our head with the monthly threats. I pray there is something that can be done or some error in the foreclosure that can take care of the financial error. The lady told us we would owe nothing.

    Thank you! Option One Mortgage Company
    Bought by: American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc.
    P.O. Box 660029. Dallas, TX 75266-0029
    Loan #0020005179 OOMC

  283. We were with Countrywide first. Then it became BOA. Was going through a divorce so was granted a loan modification by BOA, however, the ex husband would not sign a quit claim deed. I was notified that the house would be sold on the courthouse steps 2/2/10 so I had no choice but to move out and rent. Then the ex agreed to a short sale. Within the 1st week, BOA had two good offers but refused both. Now the mortgage is still open and the house sits empty and uninsured.

  284. Carol Molloy, We are looking for a class action law suit to join. If you can give us any information on that, it would greatly appreciated. I have tried to find the listings on this site for “Lawyers That Get It”, and cannot find it. Can you post your information and credentials?

  285. URGENT: Please contact me – I have timeline and all documents to support (California B of A) breech of fiducuary responsibility / violation of Business & Professions Code / Mismanagemnt of funds.

  286. I live in Michigan and the house went to sheriff’s sale on Oct. 15, 2009 and I been living in a apartment for about a year now. I had a 3rd party talk with some lady at boa and she told us to gather about 12 papers with the info she needed and fax it to some number she gave us and within 2 hours we went to our local Office Max and had it faxed and on my receipt it stated that the fax was “confirmed” and I have that receipt tucked in my safe. Then about 4 days had gone by and no call from boa so we called and asked for the lady we first talked with and she told us that they never got my fax and then reminded us of the sheriff’s sale as if she wanted to push that fact so I got on the phone and what I told her I can’t put in text here but you can figure what I said and told her the house was the banks and hung up. I mover out about 1 week after and the sheriff’s sale was on a different date than what she told us. The bank bough my loan from countrywide and after being forced to retire I was trying to get them to lower my monthly payment by $100 and they wouldn’t do that or was too stupid.

    When ever there is a class action suit. Don’t they go through records of who is being sued to find who would be in a class action? To me it’s taking some time for the foreclosure scam to be checked out. I hope that they all in boa go to jail and rot! I get sick when I see one of the banks in my area and they should be forced to take the name America from their name.

  287. JoAnn,

    I just read your comment about your foreclosure. I’ve been representing clients in TN in defense of foreclosure now for over two years. I am listed on Neil’s site as one of the attorney’s in TN “who gets it”. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

    Carol A. Molloy

  288. I live in TN also and they foreclosed on us in about 8 months while we were begging them to help us. We jumped thru their hoops for nothing. I cannot for the life of me understand why they did this to us. We had never been late until we lost our jobs and were only 3 months behind when this nightmare began. They were going to auction our house off on the courthouse steps and we got a postponement while we tried to sell it, and then they too it away from us after saying they would give us time to sell it and gave it to a realtor of their choice. My husband spoke to a lawyer yesterday who told him there was probably nothing we can do and that there were no civil suits in TN that he knew of, but if there is one going on anywhere that we can join it. Why, with all these posts, isnt someone helping us?? We gave BofA our tax money(or should I say had it taken from us and gave to them), for the sole purpose of helping homeowners. They took our money and _crewed us anyway and are being allowed to get away with it. I am sick to death of reading posts that are portraying all the foreclosures as stemming from people who had bought a home knowing they could not afford it! We were living well with in our means until we lost our jobs! We always paid our bills and were never late and this is how they thank honest hard working people. They have destroyed our credit with one fell swoop and there are no repercussions for them. PLEASE HELP if anyone can!

  289. Is there anyone that needs to file a class action law suit against BOA in Tennessee and know of a law firm that willing to handle it? I actually had my home foreclosed on and sold during my modification. It’s a very long story that started in 2009 very much like most of the other post I have read. Other than the fact that have been able to get the sale rescinded. And now my payments are much higher than before my modification depending on what documents you may be looking at is what the payment should be? What a nightmare!

  290. I would like to join a class action or a law firm dealing with BofA in Florida…please contact me through this blog…thank you!

  291. I found it!!!!!

    You will not find this video on youtube or Google at all..?

    GO TO 3:25 OF THIS VIDEO – Cavuto asks “so how many loans have you worked out” Moynihan clearly says BofA DOES NOT WORK OUT CURRENT LOANS.

  292. We are located in Kansas and would like to be contacted we have information

  293. Anyone in Maryland with info on any class action here, contact me at I’ve been in this nightmare for YEARS, long before it became such a problem nationwide. I dug up programs and assistance “available” or “being created” before the so-called professionals who were supposed to be the experts in the know, even knew what the hell I was talking about!! Foreclosure Prevention Project for the state seems to be unable to really do anything either…and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is absolutely worthless, as they don’t hold any bank accountable….the courts seem to be clueless as well…but if I could just find an attorney who has a clue about real estate fraud, and doesn’t represent BOA!! lol, I’ll be skipping meals for the rest of my life just to retain him.

  294. I could repeat verbatim what each and every post before me has said. I am 16 months into this with BAC.
    I also have not only sent Docs FedEX, but faxed as well..each and every time. THERE ARE NO MISSING DOCUMENTS…ALL TRIAL PAYMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE. Never once have I ever spoken to a person there with the SAME NAME…it is a scam. A pitiful scam that affects people, their family, and their only possession. We are trying to be productive, continue to pay, pay taxes and stay in our house. This would be different if they were not given TARP money to help their customers. They lose money on a foreclosure…and no payments are made…what are they thinking????? I have approved 4 times for making housing affordable and paid over $1,500 to BAC…. They cant find either whom is my underwriter or my paper work is lost.,…., Good thing I have sent everything Register mail return receipt required PLEASE HELP! Any law firm that wants people for a class action suit… Let me know

  295. I have been working with BOA for what will be a year in Nov. They have sent in what they requested several times and continue to get a run around. When is someone with some power going to help? I even had a BOA cust. service rep. tell me to shut up and then not allow me to speak with his supervisior. And to the people who think that this is the borrowers problem and they should not have got a loan in the first place. I had no problem paying my payments until my husband walked out and left me with the bills and the 5 kids. I work 40 + hours a week as a LPN in a medical office and can not get assistance in the way of food stamps or other goverment assistance because I “make to much”. I am just hoping things will improve. Until then I will contiune to try to “work with” BOA.

  296. wow banks are halting foreclosures!!!!! just last week i wrote to the white house asking pres o to please stop all foreclosures until we can get out of this mess!! but i feel the gov has not taken action against banks for the fraud and disgrace they have made the american people go through!!!! the banks must fall we helped them out in their time of need and this is the thanks we get!!! everyone in this jamm need to write the pres and make him push for us homeownership keep familys rooted , start writing now!! stop stop stop abuse by banks also the media needs to bring all this to light.

  297. I have been all over the internet and all you see is Bank of America Mortgage Fraud. It makes you wonder if our own government is in on this.
    I can relate to everybody’s story. The only thing different is they added flood insurance to my loan, which it took me a year to acknowledge the Fema papers saying that I wasn’t in a flood zone. So, then they put me in escrow, when I do not even have an escrow loan. The stupid Bank went so far as to pay taxes on property that I do not even have a loan with them.
    I have never missed a payment, so now they say they are going to foreclose on me because I have unpaid late fees from their own doings.
    I am in Georgia & if I have to go on National TV I am going to get something done. I have been e-mailing & calling everybody & anybody that I can.
    If you would like to help me please e-mail me at


    here is a very cheap and easy way to shut them down and get some action.


  300. March 16, 2010 11:15 am.

    I just got off the phone with Fannie and was told I absolutly qualify for the govt. program..and told to call B of A (AGAIN) and demand I be put back into the govt. program that B of A denied me from.

    B of A customer service “Sir, LISTEN TO ME – there is no HOPE, there is no HAMP, there is no HELP for you!!”

    So I tried to talk on their chat and see if they would actually type that;
    Current Transcript of the Chat Session
    Welcome to an online Home Mortgage chat session at Bank of America. Please hold while we connect you to the next available Home Mortgage Specialist. Your chat may be monitored and recorded for quality purposes. You are number 1 in a queue of 1. Thank you for your patience.
    You are now chatting with ‘Kelly’, a Mortgage Specialist. How can I help meet your goals in financing today?
    chris: hello kelly,
    chris: does bofa offer the HAMP Program?
    chris: sorry, the HARP Program
    chris: either one
    Kelly: Great I’ll be happy to assist you with that.
    Kelly: In order to give you the most accurate information about your options, I recommend we speak over the phone. Do you have a moment now?
    chris: yes, but do you offer either of the programs ?
    Kelly: Yes
    Kelly: May I have you phone number?
    chris: sure

    They would not type that nasty lie/statement but they still would not help me. I have so much proof that they are trying to force people into foreclosure.

    They tell you to miss a few payments and you will get help – then they screw you.
    They tell you they will send you paper work- it never comes.
    They tell you that they will put you in a mod – they put you into foreclosure.

    They tell you that they will help you in the innement default – lsten to BofA President talk to Cavuto on tv

    this video has been taken off youtube!!! watch and figure out why..

    go to 3:30 in this video.



  301. I saw a gentlemen on the site advertising knowledge of loan mods. After 45 minute conversation, i was very impressed with his knowledge of loan mods and he helped me free of charge with a few suggestions that might help regarding the financial statement i submit. I plan on using him as my expert witness should my case go to trial. His email address is, his name is Ed , i recommend you asking any question you may have, he was helpful!!

  302. I too have been going though this mortgage modification nightmare for over a year with Bank of America!!! I have PMI, and was qualified though my HUD counselor (I have a Fannie Mae loan). I’ve made all my payments on time and have been denied. BOA insists on adding my employers medical contribution to my salary, even though I’ve submitted four different documents verifying my salary amount!!!! Even a letter from my HR Dept. They are hell bent on taking my house!!!! My loan started out with Wells Fargo, then was sold to Countrywide because it was a First Time Home-buyers loan (Fannie Mae), then they were bought out by Bank of America who couldn’t give too hoots about me!!! I would like to see a Class Action Suit in Delaware!!!

  303. OK everyone, it seems to be the same disgusting story, one right after the other. We have to do something to bring attention to what is going on. I have sent numerous letters and e-mails to the president, the vice president, the first lady…..sorry, I don’t feel like they deserve capitol letters in their names) anyone that I can find e-mail addresses to. We all need to e-mail. OVER and OVER again! Someone on a higher level needs to know what is going on out here. Also, Bryan Moynihan (sounds like money in hand doesn’t it??) is the CEO and president of BOA in case anyone wants to know. I wonder if he’d like to hear repeatedly how his business is being run. At the beginning of all of this (OVER A YEAR AGO!!!) I was going to make a documentary of myself and every correspondence with Bank Of The Mafia (aka BOA) knowing how it might be, but I only did a few calls because I caved with frustration from the very beginning. I’ve become so distraught since then that I can not even think straight. I actually fear seeing the Fedx truck in my neighborhood. They probably bank on our psychological breakdown. I am in Florida, if anyone wants to contact me about getting together a class action suit, pleasssssssse…let’s do something, let’s be the voice!!! I’m certain that there must be some laws here that they are breaking. Psychological damage, defamation of character, entrapment, ….the list could go on! Kim :O)

  304. I cry as I sit here reading all these comments, I am reading my story over and over agian, seeing that there may be no end to this horrible nightmare I am in! I have worked so hard to get where I am, to have a home for my children. I have never been late on anything in ten years! I just asked BAC for a simple refi for a better rate and now I am looking a foreclosure?!? how did i get here?? All the paperwork was sent, I even faxed them! All payments made, EARLY!! but I am behind?? Getting forclosure notices,even though it states in the contract with BAC that they will not start these procedures as long as you remain in good standings with the modification contract. is that not breach of contract or something? How can I speak with an attorney form your office, I am not in Washington but want to find out how I can become part of this lawsuit. Please respond or referr me to someone who can help me and many others who don’t live in Washington!

  305. I could repeat verbatim what each and every post before me has said. I am 13 months into this with BAC.
    I also have not only sent Docs FedEX, but faxed as well..each and every time. THERE ARE NO MISSING DOCUMENTS…ALL TRIAL PAYMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE. Never once have I ever spoken to a person there with the SAME NAME…it is a scam. A pitiful scam that affects people, their family, and their only possession. We are trying to be productive, continue to pay, pay taxes and stay in our house. This would be different if they were not given TARP money to help their customers. They lose money on a foreclosure…and no payments are made…what are they thinking????? PLEASE HELP!

  306. would like to join the lawsuit. Please contact me.

  307. I have been doing Loan Modifications for the past 2 1/2 years and am offering my services and knowledga as an expert witness to attorneys that are suing Mortage Companies. If interested, kindly email me at the above address or call me at 516 205-0722. I have finalized over 100 Mods but have numerous complaints as to the time it takes and the complete run around I have been put thru….I hope you win big bucks!!
    Ed Linzer

  308. I am in the same situation. I have been through all the paper work tons of times with BOA. Still have not recieved a modification. I have been working on this for over 12 months. My house is in foreclosure as we speak. I am in South Carolina. Currently about 4 G’s behind. Talking to BOA is like talking to a stop sign, over and over they just say your account is in review. I will take any help I can get.

  309. I too have been harassed by BAC for over 1 year and after 14 months have still not gotten anywhere – they insist I did not pay my Aug 2009 payment and to date have sent copies of all my checks for the entire year to 5 different people and haven’t heard for anyone from BAC . They send me an Act 91 notice just about every month but repeated attemps to contact them even with the help of my state rep. or my senator I still have not received any answer from BAC . They should not be in the mortage business.

  310. Question for everyone.

    Do/did you have Private Mortgage Insurance on your loan?
    I am trying to prove that Bank of America has intent to commit mortgage fraud.
    It only makes sense. Why should they modify a loan or take a lesser amount through a short sale when they can collect probably more through the insurance.

    Please respond. It has been difficult trying to collect this kind of data. “They” claim they don”t know. They know.

  311. same problem approved with b of a within 3 mo. now over a year later we recieved a letter in the mail that we are declined we have paid the trial period amount on time every month even tried to negotiate just putting what is owed on the back of the loan with no success would love to join anyone who wants to fight this

  312. I have been thru hell and back with bank of America. I was told I qualify for the modiication program. I made all my trial payments after 6 months I recieved a letter of congratulations I was excpeted into the program. I thought all was done. I just had to sign and send it back. So I did. I called 3weeks latter and they stated they did not recieve my signed copy. I faxed it and mailed it. Called 4 weeks later and they told me they where missing a page. Faxed everything again and mailed it. Called a month later and said they would be sending me there signed copy. Called a month later and was told I was put into a diffrent program. I should be recieving details. Then when I kept calling they told me that I am no longer in any programs due to the fact they did not recieve my doucments on TIME!!!!! Yet they approved me, No trial period its been a year I have made everysingle payment on time and still makeing payments. Now they want the balanced owed at the end of the month. Or my home will be up for review for forclosue and I have equiy in my home! I would have paid the regular monthy payment but they told me not to. Everymonth I got a coupon in the mail to pay the modified ammount!! It is a fraud. Now they want due all the diffrence for a year and telling me that the modified payment was partial and it will show me as late! Even though I have proof of when they recieved every payment! I just can’t stop crying. I wish I would have lived in my home saved the money until they kicked me out!

  313. I refinaced my home mortgage with wells farg and they came back after the agreement saying I didn’t give them he documents they asked for. This was a lie. They were just trying to find a way to trash the deal. I need an attorney. can you please help?

    Dave Behar

  314. CoreLogic recently did a study about how short sales are affecting the lenders. They say 1 in 53 transactions are a fraudulent flip. What about the other 52?
    And of those 52 transactions, how many were denied (or ignored), and of those loans, how many had Private Mortgage Insurance? I successfully completed a short sale with Wells Fargo. No PMI. I have been dealing with BofA for over 15 months getting a similar runaround like I am reading here. That loan has PMI. I have contacted the PMI Co. and told them my theory. They have started to help but are having the same dead end experience. I called CoreLogic to see if they had amassed this data but they claim they are not able to find that kind of information. Interesting how the finger is being pointed at the consumer. Is anyone looking at the practice of this bank? Insurance fraud being committed by the lender?

  315. I owned a condo in Los Angeles which I tried to sell for 21/2 years. I kept currant on my lst with Chase Bank and current on a 2nd with Bank of America. As I had moved to another city I finally stopped paying the first mortgage. Finally I received an offer that would pay off the 1st but would not fully pay of the 2nd. B of A stalled around for 7 month before they agreed to the 2nd which, of course, caused them more loss. They demanded more money from either me or the buyer and demanded that I sign a letter acknowledging that they could pursue the balance they were shorted. I had no choice but to sign because if they continued to delay the 1st could have not been paid in full. This all took place in Jan of 2010 and in August of 2010 I was served papers suing me for the balance they were shorted, I have hired a lawyer,paid him a small amount to answer the suit so as to delay and stop their harassment which was weekly. B of A is the only bank I have heard of that is going after short sellers with law suits.


  316. Would like to know if there is a class action against BOA in TN? Would like to start one.

  317. We are looking for help here in Oregon. There are hundreds of us that I know. Any suggestions ?

  318. Please is there any one in Ga that Is with Bank of America has been deined,promise or rejected for the loan Modification program. Please contract me ASP would like to flie a Class Action in State of Ga. E mail me at :

  319. I have been a Real Estate Broker in the Charlotte area of North Carolina for over 10 years. Right now I personally know of four families who have been trying to deal with Bank of America to no avail and have been working with two for over a year plus. I suspect predatory loans in the two cases of which I have knowledge. Not one 800 or 877 number or “HOPE” line has resulted in anything but more confusion, stress and threats. This bank is out of control and does not have to answer to anyone for ruining lives and families.. Any help you can afford them will be greatly appreciated.

  320. I am a Real Estate Broker In North Carolina and know of four people in various situations with Bank of America. Some of these people I have been working with for over a year.

  321. We have a second home in NC which will be going into foreclosure, BOA did not want to work with us in helping us with payments because it was a second home. We were never late until the economy got bad. My husband is an Architect in South Florida and construction has taken a huge hit. We got 3 all cash offers, the last one was $210,000 no contingencies on a $240,000 mortgage and BOA turned it down again, now the house is headed for closure, we feel they did not want to help us from the get go and they would not take any offers. All offers were above $185,000 all cash. All were turned down. Do we qualify for this class action lawsuit? Please respond. Thank you

  322. In response to Starla,

    I too had Countrywide and then my loan went to BOFA and I requested copies of my new loan over 3 months ago and still have not received anything….I did not know that many mortages were lost by Countrywide..I would really like to become part of a lawsuit against BOFA because I know that things relating to my refinance were not done correctly…They used our escrow money to “paydown” my previous loan and then about 4 months later requested that amount of money from us because all of a sudden the new escrow account was “short”..I have more questions and issues but I would love to hear from someone, a lawyer preferably that could help us to file against them. Sad part was I had been a loyal customer for 22 years and now I don’t want anything to do with them…They have no concern for the customer whatsoever…The house that I am concerned about is in Texas…Thanks for any help from anyone…Sheila, Florida

  323. WHY is no one upset about this statement, Alina? It seems that it was ignored, but if this is true, those who had CountryWide loans need to find out. How does Bank of America know everything about my account if the documents were destroyed when CW had them? I am going to ask BoA for a copy of the mortgage and note.

    Here’s what Alina wrote above:

    am I missing something here? why would anyone push for a modification of a loan they no longer owe? Countrywide went out existence. Additionally, there is documented proof of massive fraud by Countrywide in the origination of the loans.

    Furthermore, BoA or BAC cannot prove it owns any of the notes since the notes were intentionally destroyed by Countrywide BEFORE BoA acquired Countrywide. The INTENTIONAL destruction of the notes, per the UCC, constitutes a foregiveness of the debt.

    Instead of a class action to force BoA to modify the loans, the class action should be for quiet title of all Countrywide loans.

  324. i received a loan modification contract settlement on march01,2010 i sign it mail it back along with the down payment four payments later iam being told by wells fargo it was a error on their part in now they say i owe them over 6,000 if i dont pay they will foreclose on my home

  325. I am a 100% Service Connected Disabled , Combat Wounded , Viet Nam Veteran. I have had a direct deposit of my disability compensation and a direct debit to pay my morgage since 1993 when I moved here from New Jersey. I have raised my son here and recently divorced, I live alone. While I was hospitalized my home owners ins laptsed so BOA forced ins on my home. “MY” ins was $2,000 a year which I thought was high. BOA’s forced ins for the same coverage…..” $6,400″. The problem is…. the took money out of my account without my knowledge… pay for what was now three policies running at the same time and they KNEW it……………………. that action violated a FEDERAL STATUTE….US CODE TITLE 38.
    “Disability compensation can not be assigned or attached either prior to or after reciete” They did it 4 months in a row after I warned them of their actions being a FEDERAL VIOLATION.. I am 7 months in areas…. they are not forthcoming with a full account of the money they took that was supposed to have been returned. I have no idea what happened to my over $5,000 that they took . They have started foreclosure on my home. It’s the only place I have. I’ll join the many other HOMELESS VIET NAM VETERANS in this country….. what a national disgrace.

  326. Can anyone join this class action suit? I do not live in Washington. Someone please respond. Thanks!

  327. I want to know why my post was deleted. Wanting to launch a Class Action against BOA was the ultimate goal. What was the issue with that? No curse words just facts.

  328. The deadline for getting your mortgage modififed under the MHA plan is 12/31/2010. Time is running out and so is my patience with BOA. I have been trying to get my mortgage modified since September 2009. Not as long as some of you folks, but stressful none the less. I have submitted complete paperwork to them 5 times since starting this process, and just found out today that I have to submit more, because it has to be updated every 3 months which then has to be re-uploaded to other departments, and by the time that is done it is outdated again. FFS, it they had processed this timely to begin with none of us would be in this shape. I want to launch a Class Action in the State of Georgia. I am sick of this crap, have spent days and days on the phone with these idiots, 4.5 hours and 15 transfers later just today, and I am back to square one…. I have no idea what is going on with my modification.

    State of Georgia — Class Action — get off your assets and contact me — lets make it happen and stop this insanity.

    If you know an attorney or how to get this process started that would help, I’m just an accountant not an attorney.

  329. My insurance is paid through my escrow account. For two years BAC has purchased new insurance on my property even though i already have it. When I send them proof, they say thank you and state that they will credit my account for the amount they charged. They have yet to do it this year. I have called AND my insurance company has called. We get an apology each time that we call. They say they will get right on it…… but they haven’t yet. I am so upset. ANyone else have this problem with BAC?

  330. We are going though all the same crap of lies with Bank of America. 18 Months of the run around and no mod. Still in review. Turned down twice for government programs. Now they are working with the investor. Not looking good. Stopped auction date. Maybe this class action suit will do something to wake up Bank of America.

  331. I’ve owned my home for over 10 years and I’ve always paid the property taxes and homeowners insurance separate from my mortgage. I don’t always have consistent, year round employment because of the industry in which I work. I pay my insurance every month, and I put money aside during the year for when the taxes are due. I’ve never had a problem being responsible for these bills. Since I’ve applied for HAMP, Bank of America took over my insurance payments, property taxes, and forced me into an escrow account. This raises my monthly payment by $700.00. I was under the impression it was part of the modification but it began before I was turned down for the modification program. I feel like I am being forced into payments that I will not be able to continue. If there is anyone who is in the same situation, I would like to hear from you. Although I have read the above, I feel like I am the only one with this problem.

  332. Can anyone join the law suit against Bank of America?

  333. Would also like any informatin to join class action law suit against BOA. They put us into a modification, then 8 months later told us we were in foreclosure because they failed to get funding for modification. They attempted to auction home, and now are coming to us saying they made a mistake and want to get us back into our home and modication. However, when I call to ask any questions they promptly hang up as soon as they hear my account number. Most unethical company I’ve ever heard of and would like to join a law suit if one is open.

  334. Our family of 4 had entered an agreement with B of A in January of 2010 to have our loan modified and to date this has still not taken place. We are very frustrated since the people who call us tell us that we are 4 months behind. We have made every payment acording to the modification since January 2010 and charges upon charges continue to pile up, how is this possiable. We have been run around the mullberry bush for far to long now. Is there anyone out there that knows of any lawyers that are handeling these cases? We live in the state of CT and have a morgage on a house in VT. Please reply to FEDUPWITHBIGBANKBULL

  335. I had fell behind last year in June 2009,and in August 2009 I called Country wide through an agency called “LA PRIMAVERA”I had a representative work this for through a third party,however the lady at C/W said that I do fall in the criteria,so I made three monthly trial payments and continued a total of ten months,now B OF A said that I do not qualify,HUH WHAT,was my reaction,so here I am calling the attorney general,now im doing more research on them,”WOW”NEED HELP NOW,THANKS

  336. It is incredible to see just how out of touch our main stream media is.

    I have been researching the Mortgage predatory lending market for some time now, gathering a whole bunch of dirt on Angelo Mozilo, David Sambol, Kurland and others at Countrywide Home Loans. I uncovered more than a little dirt on Bank of America and its CEO Kenneth Lewis. But what moved me the most was coming across this Lone Ranger like character named David Merritt.

    This is a guy who got suckered into one of those Countrywide Predatory loans. He and his wife are first time home buyers who wanted to put 5 to 10 % down on their $729,000 home in Silicon Valley California – 2 miles from Yahoo headquarters, 4 from google and 5 from Apple.

    With just 2 days to remove their loan contingency, and with at least two other lenders ready to sell them a relatively decent mortgage, Countrywide talked them out of going with the competition by presenting a 1 to 3 percent, FHA Good Faith Estimate and declared: “if you can find someone to beat this loan, then go with them and we’ll pay the closing costs.”

    Countrywide staff were trained on how to determine how much knowledge a home buyer had, and they knew that the Merritts were suckers to be taken. Once they fired the other lenders and committed themselves to Countrywide, the Merritts found themselves locked into a 100% financing Pay Option ARM and HELOC which was destined to charged them over 2 million dollars. Countrywide had a policy of talking buyers out of putting down payments, and convincing them that they would give them a loan that was better. In fact, they would always tell home buyers that No One Could beat them and the truth was that they did beat everyone at the application stage in order to remove all the competition, but they left out that by the time the home buyer was closing escrow, most competitors would have done better.

    The Merritts signed a loan that was charging twice as much as the average lender. What is more is that they signed a loan which Countrywide assigned Mortgage Electronic Registration System as a lender. As it turns out, MERS was designed to be a front company which allows: 1) Note holders to hide from public scrutiny; 2) the duplication of one loan note that could be sold off to 2 or more investors or mortgage backed security pools: 3) evasion of paying local recorder fees; 4) Overriding state legislatures recording the laws on recording liens, beneficiaries and holders in due course; 5) attacking Public Policy in regards to its goals of protecting consumers and lenders from fraud via recording laws; and last, but not least, 6) being a conduit for billions of dollars to pass right by Uncle Sam and into Cayman or Canadian banks where no federal taxes can touch it.

    This is how Countrywide rose to the top. And they intentionally targeted elderly, minorities and unsophisticated first time buyers.

    Now in July 2008 Bank of America bought Countrywide out for 2 billion dollars. A company with assets that exceeded 20 billion, and servicing machine that churned out billions more.

    Bank of America went to all the states Attorneys Generals and asked them to bring lawsuits on behalf of their state citizens against Countrywide and to already agree to cut a sweet settlement deal with Bank of America. This was a strategy to persuade that Public that BofA was sincere about cleaning up the mess Mozilo and cronies created. But what is left out is that they are also trying to cut off home buyers ability to charge BofA with the predatory loans of Countrywide.

    Behind the scenes, BofA has been supporting Countrywide since 1969. It has always been in the predatory loan business, but through other front companies. For the longest, evidence shows, Kenneth Lewis was very close allies with Mozilo and planned with him to defraud Americans out of their home equity.

    It is so strange to see so many Americans enslaved to the Banking and Finance gangsters and not even know it, or if they do, just accept it.

    David Merritt is literally one of the 21st Century modern epics “David versus Goliath.” And all the has is a little sling and a rock against Goliaths billion dollar war armor. Check out some of his thoughts on many issues at, but the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has before it Merritt v. Countrywide, BofA, Wells Fargo et al, Docket No 09-17678 where he has charged straight at these Greedsters with RICO and other federal violation. And in Santa Clara Superior Court Merritt v. Mozilo et al No. 109CV159993.

    He is actually looking for other victims who have deeds of trust assigned to MERS and he wishes to help in anyway possible to fight these folks offensively , he prefers, but he has enough information to help defensively as well. Lawyers from around the country taps into this Big David. So circulate the word.

    Mark Doyle

  337. I hate Bank of America, worst experience I have ever had! This was the 4th house I have owned in my life… I have never dealt with BOA until the last year. I just sold my house, thank GOD I wasn’t underwater! But I am gaining nothing. Sad that this bank has so much power… I will never own again…

  338. Say I can sympathize with all of you. I had been going through so many changes with Countrywide/BOA for 31/2 years only to now my house has gone through foreclosure and now the sheriff sale took place 6/23/2010. I had a modification done on 5/20/2010 and said I was accepted and would receive my package in 15 days. Well 15 days had gone by, nothing, so I called to only found out that it was exhaused and no modification. I contacted the Federal Trade Commission office and the Attorney Generals Office and I received a phone on 6/24/2010 from BOA, now they want to help me. I had 5 offers on my house (short sale plus cash offer) they did nothing. So a class action is what they want, that’s what they will get. So let us all stand together and put an end to BOA. I could go on for days and tell you the horror stories, the stress, but I am sure you all know. Good Luck

  339. BOA told us we qualify for the Making Homes Affordable Program and that the months of mortage that we have been unable to pay, due to me being laid off, will all be rolled in together after the paperwork is complete and not to worry about that. However, we keep calling them and get the run-around, saying they have sent us the package for the program. They always want us to start from the beginning and won’t transfer us to the MHAP division. We haven’t received the ‘package’. We are still getting 6-12 calls perday from their collection department. Also we keep receiving the letters saying we are in default and our home is going to be foreclosed on. ??? This is very nerve racking.

  340. I would like to know how to become part of this litigations. I have been so screwed around by BAC. For 9 months we have been going through the “Trial Period” still no answer. Now I have been served foreclosure paper. I was told by BAC that even if I get my acceptance papers for modication…. they can still sell the house out from underneath me. I have jumped up on my soap box and want to scream to the world.. I can not be the only one getting $^&*( by BAC.


    If it walks like a piggy, talks like a piggy, by golly it’s a PIGGY!

    BofA and it’s CEO Brian Moynihan reminds me of that song by John Lennon and George Harrison titled “Piggies” I invite you to listen to this song on youtube and see if it appropriately fits.

    Have you seen the little piggies
    Crawling in the dirt
    And for all the little piggies
    Life is getting worse
    Always having dirt to play around in.

    Have you seen the bigger piggies
    In their starched white shirts
    You will find the bigger piggies
    Stirring up the dirt
    Always have clean shirts to play around in.

    In their ties with all their backing
    They don’t care what goes on around
    In their eyes there’s something lacking
    What they need’s a damn good whacking.

    Everywhere there’s lots of piggies
    Living piggy lives
    You can see them out for dinner
    With their piggy wives
    Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon.


    Write a letter to the BofA CEO at:

    Divided we might fallen, but UNITED WE MUST STAND!

  342. Yes, I’ve had these issues with Bank of America and I live in ORegon.

    The issues that I’ve experience include the Bank establishing a Modification Program which reduces your payment. BAC representatives highly recommend that you ONLY make the modified payment amount.

    During the “Trial Period” Your payment actually causes the account to go past due. When your trial period is completed, the Bank states that you must make the full payment of the past due amount. If you can not afford to make this payment, then you begin the foreclosure process.

    I’ve made the “Trial Payment” for 4 months, as agreed from January through April 2010. Once my April payment was made, BAC stated that I would need to either have the modification completed or I would need to begin making regular payments.

    I decided “to be safe” and make the regular payment for May. The payment posted on April 22nd. The bank states that I am past due and still need to make a payment for May.

    Currently, the modification is still “in process” and I am required to make twice my regular payment. The modified payment was roughly half of my normal payment, which is ridiculous because it isn’t remotely close to my expected modified payment…

    Currently the account is past due and accumulating fees. If I continue to be past due, I will go delinquent and foreclosure will proceed.

    BAC has three departments that have been working on my loan. And all three do not provide accurate information…

  343. Has anyone in NY had any success with Bank of America modifying their mortgage? I have been trying for a long time now to modify our mortgage, but with little success. We have been to court to try to help with this process. We have another court date in June to hopefully get our modifcation. Any suggestions or help would be greately appreciated.

  344. How do I sign up for this

  345. I had my mortgage with Countrywide now Bank of America. I fell behind in my payments back in June of 08′ Countrywide gave me a modification took the late payments put them in the back of the loan and raised my payment. I was desperate so I agreed; now B of A is telling me because I couldn’t make 12 consecutive payments and fell behind again that I am not eligible for another modification. The first mod actually put me in more trouble because it raised the payment I couldn’t make in the first place. My mortgage is 260,000 and my house is maybe worth 150,000 I would like to stay in my house but Bank of America is giving me no help what so ever. It should be called Bank of thieves they took our hard earned tax money and is doing NOTHING to help us!

  346. I am going through alot with tB o A I have been on the BAC deal they told us we only needed to pay half of our house payment and they were gonna work with us and figure something we can afford cause when our mortage switched from counrtywide our house payment raised almost $100. so they told us they would work with us we did numerous packages of paers we had to sign and fill out. Now we get a letter in the mail that says we have to pay 3047.46 plus the 700. house payment and anyother fees by May 27,2010 or we wll be loosing our house., How can they do this. I dont get it. we did what they told us to do. I have two kids and a baby and they expect me to come up with this money in 30 days i couldnt afford the amount they raised my payment to let alone 4000. I need help if anymone can give me any info please contact me Tabcat00& I just dont know what to do or how they can do this. i have not missed one payment

  347. what has america come to$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  348. Does anyone know of Class Action suit that has been started here in California. Bank of America is putting us thru HELL, can’t find our escrow storage money we sent in July 2009, now they are attaching mailing fees of 21.95 to our payments each month and 6.95 per month on the 2nd mortgage. MAiling fees for what???
    We started a modification with CountryWide, then Bank of America took over in the midde of it. Bank of America increased both mortages and told us if we did not sign they were going to foreclose.
    We can’t get caught up!!

  349. After a life time of excellent credit, I have been forced to file bankruptcy. My home is exempt. It was financed with Countrywide and is now owned by Bank of America. I owed bank of America an unsecured debt and was included in the forced bankruptcy. It is a night mare every month making my payments, which I can barely scrap together and have a shortage in my escrow which appeared during the transfer from Countrywide to B of A. I can’t make it up and keep up the very high escrow that they demand of me. I can’t borrow any money or even take a loan from a family member as the court says any extra money I come in contact with, must be paid to the courts. Bank of America hold my Principal and Interest payments which are actually early every month. First they told me it would be fine, as long as I made the P & I. However, last month they informed me that my money was not being applied, but held. I questioned this and they became condescending and rude. Part of my problem in running out of cash before my bankruptcy was B of A. They returned two house payments that were made through my B of A checking to Countrywide, thus I had to find cash to make them up also my car payment. They also put over $3,000 on a credit card with high interest to make payments on a credit card with low interest. I can’t refinance and get away from Bank of America and I can’t catch up the escrow. I am worried they will foreclose on my home, even when they have the P & I payments in a holding account, according to them. I need protection from this Institution.

  350. Bank of America to pay two Countrywide execs $19 million for running company, economy into the ground speaks of a class action

  351. I can’t seem to get to the page to join the lawsuit. Bank of America has been giving me the runaround for over 15 months and my home is in foreclosure as we speak. I have been trying to work with them and even signed a modification agreement, but they won’t give me any updates on it or tell me where to send my payments to get caught up. All they keep saying is that I am 8,000 behind and until that is caught up my home will be in foreclosure….but the modification was supposed to bring me back to current! I can’t get any straight answers and my lawyer that I paid 2 grand for isn’t having much luck either. I am tired of the runaround…..especially because it all started because they took 1,000 dollars of my money I had sent in for a payment toward my home loan and put it toward my home equity loan….without my knowledge or consent because they said they couldn’t take a partial payment for past due moneys. PLEASE HELP ME!

  352. We were just foreclosed on by BAC/BofA on March 11th after my husband spent countless hours on the phone and Fed-Exing document package after package to BAC since November 2009. We were told just to ignore the Notices coming in the mail they were just a formality (part of the procees) and that they even told my husband the day of the sale that they had postponed it!! 2 weeks later we get delivered to our door a Notice to Quit (be prepared to leave the property) the house was returned to the lender on March 11th 2010. The bank tells us there was no guarantee that the sale would be postponed or stopped just because we had been trying to Modify our loan. I worked in the Title Insurance business since 1986 and the company closed its doors December of 2007 and my husband’s work is dealing with house improvement so our income took a major loss but the bank wasnt really going to help us they were just stalling us. In order for them to help us we were told not to pay our mortgage then they would start talking to us. Look where that got us! They still got our property and all the stress that goes with this insane process. Theres got to be something that we can do to prevent more of these lenders from taking their customers down this road. Very disappointed in our system, hard working people that have tried to keep going even when we have been dealt with tough economic times but still we get kicked to the curb.

  353. My home is scheduled to be foreclosed on April 6, Tues. We had to seek legal council and will be meeting with him on Monday, day before foreclosure. He was frustrated because BAC never returned HIS calls last week, welcome to the club – attorney. We were in a “so called” approved modification. Made our payments for 6 months and then received a letter from their atty and ONLY then was told, it was never “funded”. I may not have a financial degree, but I know what THAT means. When I asked why I was NEVER told or informed of this before, my answer by the robotic operator was “I can’t answer that Mame”. WOW do they even realize that these are peoples lives and homes they are dealing with!! If anyone has any similar story, please let me know….

  354. Please
    Does any one know who to call to Join Class Action suit against BofA? I love venting but I need to do more than vent.

  355. BofA has put me through Hell, I can not eat, I can not sleep, My stress level is almost wishing I were dead.
    How can they get away with the bullshit. Modificaiton what a joke, I have been on a 3 month trial for 7 months on my first mortgage. They keep asking for the same things over and over and over. I just can not take it any more. I started my modification in Jan of 2009 and here it is 2010. On my 2nd instead of lowering the payments they increased them. Told me if I did not sign they were going to foreclose and no other offers would be made on my 2nd.
    I feel they get great pleasure in hurting people and destorying lives. It must make them feel good inside. They get a salary while they play God. Meanwhile we have no idea where we stand.

  356. can someone please email me the name and who i call to join class action suit

  357. I am really serious BOA has put me through hell just like you guys I’m not taking it anymore! Are anyof you old enough to remember the movie ‘network” “I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE” What the bnks are most afraid of is this adverse publicity that’s why they keep sending you to the stupid dumb do nothing Advocates. Let’s show them we will march in Washington. I know why they are stalling they don’t want to pay the upkeep and property tax on your house until they know what they are going to do with it. THE BANK IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! Let’s not be idiots and stand up to them

  358. do you think there should be a rally in Washington DC with what the banks have done to people!

  359. To alina:

    Damn right!!

  360. am I missing something here? why would anyone push for a modification of a loan they no longer owe? Countrywide went out existence. Additionally, there is documented proof of massive fraud by Countrywide in the origination of the loans.

    Furthermore, BoA or BAC cannot prove it owns any of the notes since the notes were intentionally destroyed by Countrywide BEFORE BoA acquired Countrywide. The INTENTIONAL destruction of the notes, per the UCC, constitutes a foregiveness of the debt.

    Instead of a class action to force BoA to modify the loans, the class action should be for quiet title of all Countrywide loans.

  361. Ian


  362. I hope its good news i just heard on the news, yes just now that pre O will unvail plan for troubled homeowners keep homes from foreclosures! so dont give up keep up the fight its war and as americans we dont give up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  363. we need ro push pres obama to push banks and to stop foreclosures. Pres obama had the gut to follow through with the health bill .this is even or more urgent he needs to be proactive onbehalf of the homeowners who are fighting to keep their homes.

  364. Anonymous- the govt (Treasury) set up Maiden Lane I, II, & III to park toxic assets, get them off the books of the investment banks, commercial banks- the information is sealed until 2018. Maiden Lane is the side street at the NY Fed building, formerly a hangout for prostitutes and drug dealing, so the name is appropriate.

  365. Also have to remind that the MBS the fed has been purchasing has been for new issues – not part of the older mortgages. What you really have to look at is the Legacy program – program to dispose of whole loans (and securities) to hedge funds/private equity for the older mortgage loans in question here. What partnerships did the government really have for the older loans?- and not the new issues after the crisis hit!!

  366. Hi PJ

    Government has been covering up for quite some time. The people know little. Government’s plan from the onset of crisis has been to save the banks – the banks – the banks- the banks.

    However, once in awhile you hear officials quietly state that there needs to be consumer protection. Quietly state that things are very wrong. But, this does not last for long.

    Heard congressman, today, praise Bank of America for their new program to reduce mortgage principal. No sooner was this announcement out that the media condemned it. Here is what they said – “What about the disgruntled homeowners who make their mortgage payments” ….”the public does not like this.”

    It is the handful of “big” banks that have the control – until they dispose of the notes to third partes – the banks have your note. Who are you really litigating with- and what happened in the interim??? Let the big banks account – with all transparency.

  367. 2 Anonymous, what about the billions in MBS that the Fed purchased? Also what about the declaration yesterday that the treasury is working out a plan to make MBS sold by Fannie and Freddie, Sovereign Debt. One would think that since it was tax payers money used, the people have a right to know.

    “Bank of America is supposedly starting a program to reduce some loan principal for borrowers at least 60 days delinquent and who owe more than 120% of home value.
    How will this affect any lawsuits, and maybe you will find out if BOofA really has your mortgage. If these mortgages are in securities trusts – this would be an impossible program without “investor” approval.”

  368. THE A MAN

    Totally agree. The media always promotes as the bad borrower who failed to pay who must be foreclosed upon; they never bring up that children, elderly and sick, are also foreclosed upon. Now that Obama has completed health care agenda – will he turn his attention to these problems? Doubtful.


    OBAMA + Bush = Hitler + Stalin OVER 7 MILLION FORECLOSURES



  370. Bank of America is supposedly starting a program to reduce some loan principal for borrowers at least 60 days delinquent and who owe more than 120% of home value.

    How will this affect any lawsuits, and maybe you will find out if BOofA really has your mortgage. If these mortgages are in securities trusts – this would be an impossible program without “investor” approval.

  371. yes I live in n.y, and bank of america has been trying to ignore me for one whole year regarding my home mod it is time all homeowners stand up to this bully and the president should be pressured into forcing banks to comply with the taxs payers who eventually will be payng for the banks bailout how do they get awaY WITH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  372. All the Wamu homeowners need to file a CLASS ACTION against..the “biggest thief of all” …JP Morgan Chase Bank,N.A. who “stole” the loans from WAMU for pennies on the dollar and just got “fined” $21M in New York for..”shoddy paperwork”.

  373. working hard

    The case # is C09 0663

    You can view the complaint here…

    NAVEEN PALAVALLI, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated
    Bank of America


  374. deushe bank

  375. anyone have a case number for the BAC class action?

  376. Now they need to go after HSBC!

  377. If I join this class action Lawsuit will this affect my Foreclosure litigation with BAC.

    Thank You

    PS. Mr. Garfield thank you for this website and all your information. It has helped me tremendously to keep my home so far.

  378. Mass. reaches $3B settlement with Countrywide
    Mass. announces $3B nationwide settlement with mortgage lender Countrywide

    Buzz up! 0 Print..On Wednesday March 24, 2010, 11:59 am
    BOSTON (AP) — The Massachusetts attorney general’s office has announced a $3 billion settlement with mortgage lender Countrywide Financial Corp.

    The settlement filed Wednesday in Suffolk Superior Court expands on an agreement that Countrywide reached with the attorneys general in 43 states and the District of Columbia.

    Attorney General Martha Coakley alleged that Countrywide engaged in unfair lending practices by marketing some products without accounting for borrowers’ ability to pay.

    The settlement allows for principal forgiveness for some delinquent borrowers that Coakley says will help thousands of families stay in their homes and put them on the road to financial recovery.

    Countrywide is now owned by Bank of America. The bank says in a statement that the settlement protects borrowers and the lender.

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