We All Make A Difference: Homeowners, Forensic Analysts, Experts and Lawyers

Every project or cause that was ever completed had many people who made it happen other than those who were “front and center” upon it’s completion. It might be the one’s who envisioned the project, those who labored in it’s every detail, or maybe it was the one who rescued the project after the initial excitement faded. The bottom line is that all of these people are why the project succeeded. But again, they were all individually dependent upon someone else to do their part or there literally would be no place for their contribution. from http://www.aish.com

YOU are making a difference just by reading this. YOU make a difference every time you pass on information and messages of hope. YOU make a difference when you help someone keep their home. YOU make a difference when you save your own home. Without YOU the words on this blog, the actions and services we facilitate, would be nothing but empty words and flailing of arms. YOU make the difference when you take action.

This project won’t be over for many more years. What YOU do now will make a difference to the world of our children and grandchildren. Summon the strength, face the challenges, persist in what is right, fight what is wrong and move the mountain along with everyone else who dares to stand, think, speak on their own behalf and on behalf of others who can’t.

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  1. Need help in saving my house from foreclosure, have a preliminary hearing on June,9,2011. it’s on a Motion for relief from automatic stay. GMAC is trying to get it lifted from the bankruptcy!

  2. Neils website was where I found hope. When I got the foreclosure notice I knew deep deep down it wasn’t right something didn’t smell right . Bottom line now is I realise the mammoth task Neil and crew stand up for we folks are his warriors to drive the message home . It’s better to do something than sit back and do nothing at all . Everyday I read and I see the difference and the strength of the little man . Blessings. And good karma . Thecworld is round what goes around comes around only good comes from these people then only good flows back to these people that is law.

  3. Great inspiring thought .
    We all have to push back , and push hard !
    The more people who fight back the more information squeezes into the mainstream …creating more conscience in our society .

    We must resist becoming the scape goat of why the economy has tanked.
    Most ,almost all ..with a few exception like ” Mr. Dylan Ratigan ” have blamed us the homeowners as the only ones in fault for this economic disaster..

    We will become ” serfs ” again ..like in the Dark Ages ,or Middle Ages…. if we don’t push back …

    The economic class in America will continue to wipe out the Middle Class …and the Bankers and Washington are attempting to creating a new economic class
    the “serfs ” People who work hard in the fields but the land is not theirs . but the Kings , Queens , Lords, etc.,etc. keeps the lions share of the serfs labor.

    Lets not permit our children and grand children becoming ” serf’s” to these new privleged ” Royalty Class” ..

  4. I will fight harder, stronger, better and with more self confidence because I care so much about getting this right…..for EVERYONE.
    This is a must read for me, personally, every day.

    Thank you Neil, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you….

  5. God bless Neil Garfield for the knowledge, strength and encouragement he gives to all of us who are on the front lines in this battle. May we all stay strong and prevail.

  6. It’s good to stand upon the shoulders of giants. You can see a lot farther.
    – Mark Mausert

  7. This is the link for the WSJ acrticle. It didn’t come through on the last comment.

  8. What fun!
    Well we hope that Word Spy reads the WSJ because it might want to introduce its readers to “foreclosure mills,” or law firms thatare handling thousands of foreclosure cases on behalf of mortgage lenders and servicers. The firms are often paid based on volume-in Ohio, for example, they get around $1,000 a case. Some of these “foreclosure mills” are drawing criticism from judges for aggressive tactics and cutting corners. Here’s the WSJ storyfrom the Law Blog’s very own Amir Efrati. This month a state judge in Cincinnati dismissed a foreclosure suit brought by Wells Fargo because it filed the suit before it acquired the mortgage. The judge sent a warning letter to the bank’s lawfirm, John D. Clunk Co. LPA, in Hudson, Ohio. Judge Steven Martin- we hear he’s a wild and crazy judge – wrote it was “troubling” that the plaintiff “and its counsel filed the lawsuit with no basis whatsoever” and that firm must not do so again. (The law firm didn’t respond to requests for comment. Wells Fargo declined to comment.) Judges are also fining firms for filing shoddy motions in bankruptcy court on behalf of creditors. In Houston, three judges have sanctioned or considered sanctions against Barrett Burke, a Texas size foreclosure firm. In June, Judge Wesley Steen imposed a $75,000 fine on Barrett Burke for filing computer-generated pleadings that were “grossly erroneous” and “gibberish.” The judge wrote that the firm has “become over reliant” on the software and its attorneys are “allowing their signatures to become affixed to pleadings that they have not adequately reviewed.” Said partner Michael Barrett: “We have taken many steps to eliminate the problems that we had in the past.”

  9. True words of wisdom Neil. We all must do our part in this battle. Justice is never given freely from the hands of oppressors; it must be fought for.


  10. Amen! This is not any easy task for anyone no matter what stage of this crisis they are at. Looking forward to seeing many come to the front lines after attending the up-coming workshop armed and ready to fight!

  11. Thanks Neil!!! For this site, the work that you do and for your post today! I have been starting to give up. I don’t see people ‘winning’ this battle. Or very few and none where I live. I am in Idaho and I don’t see any lawyers who “GET IT” here 🙁

    Part of me wonders if you and others who are trying to fight this good fight are being ambushed by the bad guys who caused this mess when they read this site and come up with more ways to conteract and circumvent judges and courts after reading what you post.

    I don’t have the monies to do a forensic analysis or fight this in court ($10K+), so I can only hope and pray that eventually the ‘truth’ comes out and we are somehow compensated for this crime. Unfortunately, it will be too late for many 🙁

    Keep up the GREAT WORK Neil!!!

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