This RMBS “Trust” has quit reporting to the SEC in 2007

Here is a direct link to this particular “Trust”…

The PSA is contained within the 330 page Prospectus (424B5). I have not found any of the other relevant “Purchase Agreements” …

This “Trust” has quit reporting to the SEC in 2007 yet is still actively providing monthly payments to the Investors according to the Deutsche Bank Investor Site:

1. Click on RMBS on the left side…

2. Click on Ameriquest…

3. Click on Ameriquest Mortgage Securities…

4. Click on 2006-R1

There you will find ALL monthly reports/statements for this “Trust” Deutsche is claiming to be “Trustee” of.

This is still an “Active” Trust without having any oversight by the SEC!!!

On a Side Note, I have also discovered today that when we filed our “Quiet Title” action in October 2009, our “Attorney” never even recorded a Lis Pendens which would have prevented them from even completing and recording the Sheriff Sale Certificate…he told me it “wasn’t needed”.

Any thoughts???

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  1. You might consider getting a UCC 1 filed listing your Note(s) as collateral. You are the only person who can exercise this remedy and you are listed as the secured party creditor and the Beneficiary Trust is the debtor. This is the highest evidence of right, Title and Interest and cannot be overturned…nobody has ever registered the Note in the Public until it was securitized without your authority or permission. Remember, foreclosure mandates that the Note(s) be returned to you (Perry v. Fairbanks, 2004) to remove it from the straem of commerce. They’ll never be able to produce. Breach of contract/agreement in the original transaction ab initio. Good luck.

  2. We are in Minnesota and tried TWICE to obtain TROs to stop the Sale in November…

    The First TRO was denied one week before the Sale due to “Lack of Jurisdiction” because Deutsche was not properly “served”. Deutsche did/does not have a “Registered Agent” with the Secretary of State of Minnesota in order to serve proper notice of the Lawsuit…meaning that Deutsche is not Authorized to conduct business in this state. The Judge completely overlooked this critical piece of information.

    The SECOND attempt at TRO with a different Judge was denied the day before the Sale with his reply being “Title does not actually transfer until the end of the six month redemption period. There is no irreparable harm in allowing the Sale to proceed”.

    Now our Attorney is pushing for us to “settle” with Deutsche, and if we were to actually even consider that (no way in hell I might add) the Court would then have to step in and issue a Court Order to “Clear the Title” in order for us to exercise our Redemption so we would be either allowed to sell the house or obtain new financing.

    I have posted much more of our case on the “Repossession Hell” comments section.

  3. Sir
    If you filed a quiet title action shouldn’t your attorney asked for a stay in the foreclosure action? How much is the attorney asking from you in $$.
    What state are you in?

    Stan Putra
    Racine, Wi

  4. I contacted the SEC regarding this issue on my loan and they told me that a company’s reporting obligations under the Exchange Act (in the case of the trust my loan is in) appear to have been suspended by operation of Section 15(d), as the company, as of the beginning the fiscal 2007, had fewer than 300 record holders.

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