Marti Noriega Signor for MERS is Litton Employee

You referenced ‘one Noriega’ on a post today. May I presume that to be the ‘Marti Noreiga’ who has already been ‘outed’ for her signatures as a MERS employee when her own Facebook and Linkedln pages declare she is a Litton or CBASS employee (CBASS being the corporation that owns Litton)?

Do we have any KNOWN valid signatures of Marti’s that can be used to validate that she did sign these documents? I know the MERS-employee documents with her signature are fraudulent. In my case Litton is the very company who is now in charge of servicing of my mortgage. Is Litton a target for legal action for the fraudulently signed docs bearing their employee’s name?

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  1. I am fighting a foreclosure by Litton and Ocwen with robosigning involved. I have a Assignment of Deed of Trust which was recorded and a Substitution of Trustee what was not recorded and both signed by Marti Noriega, VP of MERS on or about March of 2010. Does anyone have any information on Marti that I can actually use. Thanks.

  2. I currently am handling a case involving Martin Noriega as Vice President of MERS and on the same day, June 22,2009, she signed as VP of Litton as attorney in fact for HSBC Bank.
    I would life to get any depositions available.

    Thanks, Brent Adams, Raleigh,NC (919) 832-0022

  3. Martii Noriega is it legal for her to sign as MERS vp does she have signing authority someone let me know and where I can find it.

  4. AOM, is it legal for Marti Noriega to sign as MERS vp can someone answer just that, does she have siging autjhority as someone she is not.

  5. Could you guys Please update me regards Marti Noriega has a deposition been done or anything to show she been committing fraud?

  6. Marti Noriega signs for MERS, as vp/officer of Mers, Suntrust, etc. Look in County records ( Florida, under official records search, under asg. There you will find some. And mostly witnessed by the same duo and notarized by same person. All assignments look identical in size, some enlarged. Best is, the printed name or typed name has the same slants on all the assignments, like they were photocopied, etc., and filled in to accomodate each case. Food for thought.

  7. I am currently a ProSe on my case and am compiling evidence for fraud regarding MArti Noriega.. I have my false assignment which she signed as the Assist-VP or MERS… I would love to see more and present them both in my foreclosure case and in the fraud case. Feel free to forward me a copy of any you have on file…

    I would also love to start a database of similar fraud from other lenders…

  8. i have docs signed by Marti Noriega ..
    substitution of trustee.. there was a past discussion here re; this same Marti Noriega…i posted to it.

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