HERS INFO: Invalid Notarization?

How do we verify that the signatures purported to be those of the notorious fraudulent ”MERS’ employee, Marti Noreiga, is actually her signature? My docs with her signature do match others I’ve found but I have yet to verify that those are her valid signature. [Yep, Marti we know you REALLY work at LITTON/CBASS.]

Also, can a California form be notarized legally in Texas?

Can the Texas notary’s seal vary from the listing on the state registry? I found ‘M. Bell’ listed with the ‘commission expiration date of March28, 2011′ which shows on the stamp but the NAME on the stamp is ‘Melissa Bell’, not the ‘M Bell’ on the registry. Is the stamp a forgery?

The document was dated 7/28/2009 but notarized on 8/4/2009. I wonder if they were also elsewhere on that date.

The TX registry shows M. Bell as living at 12323 W. Village Dr. Apt A, Houston TX 77039

How do I verify that the substitute ‘TRUSTEE’ really is a TRUST? Quality Loan Servicing would not be the first name I’d pick for the name of an actual TRUST company.

Thanks for any help!

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  1. @ Fifi,

    I’m a more than a bit skeptical of whether Ms Bell is CURRENTLY working for Litton. If she is still there, why give up the notary commission?

    I’d say, have a friend attempt to contact Melissa at the address the SOS provided.

    Regarding Marti and Litton vs CBASS: you do realize it its part of the company hierarchy and that many people are shown as working for both companies, right?

  2. RE: M. BELL
    The info on Ms Bell as per the SOS TX email I recieved, if I wish to contact her I could do so at her place of employement:
    Litton Loan Servicing in Houston, TX
    As for Marti Noriega, Linkd has her at Litton too, but Spoke has her in NY at CBASS…

  3. @ Fifi

    We were both miss-led by what TX does with their database.

    It turns out this notary ended her commission early and Texas changed the date in the field we were looking at as the ‘end of commission’ to have the date that TX recognized as the EARLY end of the commission. You have to look at the ‘start of commission’ to realize this is the same commission, just with an update to the end date.

    What I had been told about the commission stamp ‘name’ matching the database ‘name’ is also misleading.

    The funky usage of their database even tripped up the staff member with the SOS Notary Unit.

  4. @Fifi,

    I just spent the needed time on the phone to get one of the SOS reps to repeat the search since one of them was not returning ALL results that were found.

    She verified there is NO SUCH NOTARY SEAL as we have on our documents. No Melissa Bell notary in the state of TX had a stamp with the March 28, 2011 expiration date!

    She has told me I need to pay $15 to get a confirmation of that finding in writing from the Notary Public Unit.

  5. @ Fifi,

    Thanks for reminding me to look at this again. This thread was started from my post on another thread.

    My document stamp is ‘Melissa Bell’. Someone signed ‘Bell’ on my ‘Substitution of Trustee’ document (with Marti Noreiga as the Ass VP of MERS). The end of the commission on this stamp is also March 28, 2011. Talking to the TX agency that oversees notaries, this signature was not valid even IF the stamp were real. From what you are reporting, I’m suspecting a false stamp was created. It is crazy for them to then also use an invalid signature. The signature MUST MATCH the stamp per that TX SOS.

    Have you noticed that the “Marti Noriega’ signatures do not vary other than in size? I think they are using an electronic signature for her. Either than or she is such a robot that the signature never shows any fatigue. “Marti Noriega” is such a frequent signer that I seriously doubt that these are anything but electronically generated signatures.

  6. Name: M. Bell

    Address: 12323 W Village Dr, Apt A
    Houston, Tx 77039
    Expires: Mar 08, 2011

    This is from the TX SOS, the expiration date is NOT March 28, 2011 ~ that is the wrong Bell. I have been searching for her for quite some time, there is no BELL at all with the exp date of March 28,2011 at the SOS TX. FWIW, she also signed with Marti Noriega as Asst VP of MERS.

  7. I have a Mortgage Release with pat Kingston as Vice President of MERS. The notary is from Georgia named RJ Parmar Fulton County. This was recorded in Cuyahoga county by NovaStar Mortgage Inc on 7/31/2006. I would like to trade documents with Kevin, so that I could see the different signatures. Pat Kingston is shown on my Mortgage Release as Nominee for Novastar. Please contact me if you have any documents with this name on. Thank you

  8. I believe Melissa Bell, the notary, is employed by BOA, as SVP payment processing department, and Marti Noriega also signs for Suntrust , as vp/mers in Marion County Records in Ocala, Florida.

  9. That notary does NOT sign the same as the stamp. She just signs ‘Bell’ while the stamp is ‘Melissa Bell’. The state notary registry lists her a ‘M. Bell’

    You would think she should at least sign her full name.

  10. Kevin….

    You must have documents prepared by “DOCX”…

    Google “DOCX” and “BOGUS” you will find all sorts of similar “assignments” to support your case for FRAUD!!!

    DOCX has been recently named in a Class Action Suit…

    Keep us posted on what you find!!!

  11. I’ve got two notarized forms from the County Clerk and recorder’s office in Colorado with the name “Pat Kingston” signing for MERS and notarized in Georgia?? and the two signatures are completely different. Plus I have seen two other forms, one from Georgia and one from Florida, with Pat Kigston’s signature as an officer of two different Mortgage companies out of California and again notarized in Georgia. Wassup?

  12. The Internal Revenue Service does this all the time!

    They depose the Trust (represented by the Trustee) and grill them about their fiduciary relationship with the beneficiary (to determine if they actually “control” the damned thing).

    If you think the “Marti Party” is a fraud, then depose her as well, under oath, and grill her for 20 hours. I’ll bet she’ll never sign another document like that again. If she admits to it, and it is found she represents or works for someone OTHER than what she represents, the document is then a fraud. I’d depose her. Depositions are fun because they’re virtually “no holds barred”.

    On the subject of the notary:

    Look up the notary rules for each state. I have a feeling that Melissa has to sign her whole name so there is not any dispute as to who the notary was. I would attack that just on principle. I would put Melissa Bell on the stand and make her regret her error. Make sure when you question her you invite a state investigator present (from the office that issues notaries public seals), because if she is in violation of law, you can file a criminal complaint against her right there on the spot and have her arrested. That’ll shake up the mix because they have the power to revoke her notary which will make the document VOIDABLE!

    The document has to be notarized the same day it was dated. PERIOD. No exceptions. If Melissa Bell has anything fiduciary to do with the contract she is notarizing, that is also a conflict of interest.

    A California “form” can be notarized anywhere … but there may be items on that form that could be called into question based on “waiver” (in doesn’t fit with jurisdictional criteria).

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