Man Sends Message to Banks-Bulldozes $350k House

 Sending Banks a Message – Cincinnati OH  – Click Here to View Video

“The average homeowner that can’t afford an attorney or can fight as long as we have, they don’t stand a chance,” he said. Hoskins said he’d gotten a $170,000 offer from someone to pay off the house, but the bank refused, saying they could get more from selling it in foreclosure.  

Hoskins told News 5’s Courtis Fuller that he issued the bank an ultimatum.  “I’ll tear it down before I let you take it,” Hoskins told them. And that’s exactly what Hoskins did.

Editors Note – The borrower actually had equity in his home. The house was apparently worth $350k in today’s market and the bank was only owed about $170k.

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  1. just think how many people the banksters have messed up to make a little more money and then the home, where people lived, sits there to melt away into the dirt. Then the bloody banksters lost all the money in the end.

  2. I think society as a whole is feeling more stressed than ever before. How about the plane into the IRS this week. The people are getting sh*t un while banks, after doing what they did, are having record profits…how is that even possible? Lest we all forget, when oil hit $3 a gallon, Joe consumer is getting screwed and the oil companies had RECORD profits then too. Senators quitting becuase “the system is broke” I’m not sure what to call this…some sort of moral decay of the society as a whole. I hope we don’t have a 9/11 like even occur to bring us back together again and fixt this mess, spread the burden and rewards equally amongs all and get back to being a little more neighborly…on all levels.

    Good Luck!


  4. this guy is an Idiot.

  5. I guess they can have their pound of flesh but not one drop of blood.

  6. Mario, so many people have been hit so hard and fast that they do not know where to turn. But this individual has been at it with the bank’s for years. Apparently the fustration left no other option, and in the end it was his to make, end of story.

    2010 will bring many more instances like this, people who have worked hard and lived within their means are now being brought down by no fault of their own. The man had equity in not only his home but his business holdings, people like this are the low hanging fruit for as you call them “bankster’s”. Much more profitable to lean on and forclose on an individual with equity/ assets then an individual that has maxed out everything and will walk away from a property that is now underwater.

    But the end game here as we will see in 2010, with housing prices declining and small business shutting down, all will be on par value, since without job’s people will not be able to purchase homes, no matter how low the price offered is on the court house step’s!

  7. he was going to lose the house, and he most likely could not find affordable, competent help in his defense.

    Most of the homes get pillaged and destroyed when they are abandoned all the same. This house did not belong to the foreclosing bankster, I am at a loss as to the reason why he did not stand to fight them on their playground, which is what I would have done.

    Why would someone let a bankster get another free house? to be let to waste and be purchased by some overseas investor fund. 99.999 percent of the people have lost their homes to banks who got taxpayer money to stay alive they, got the credit default swap, the tarp money, the MOD incentive and the investor money, who paid for the thing in the first place, now the bank wants the house too? NO, he was right to turn the thing into rubble, now if I were him I would sue the bankster to have them remove the rubble off the land, which belongs to him, by legal right, if he did the right things, and even if he did not, her still can.

    No one stood up to these banksters, no one, Obama and Bush gave them more money and power.if this is any sign the future its a good start.

    The banksters are cowards and fools, the fact that they have the Judiciary in their control does not speak to their intelligence, in the least. The greed of the banksters destroyed them and our country, check out Goldman and Greece.

  8. Joe Stack’s body aint even cold, and now this.

    This looks like the real estate version of a “murder suicide”.

    Newsflash Homeowners: Don’t burn down or bulldoze a home to prove you own it.

    (((shaking my head)))

    If somebody steals your car, do you go buy a new car to prove your car was stolen? Or, Do you report the theft and go about the process of recovering stolen property?

    “Taking The Law into your owns hands” is terribly misunderstood because most people seem to corrolate that term with a firearm, not a civil complaint.

  9. This is tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot
    because you don’t like the shoes you bought.
    This guy is criminally insane and needs to be put
    away to send the message that this is not the way to do things.
    All land and the buildings on them represent the
    wealth of the Nation, the Common Wealth. When any
    part is destroyed it robs the nation in general of its
    wealth. It was an act of stupid selfishness and accomplished nothing.
    The way to fight injustice is through the political
    and legal system which takes guts and stamina.
    This coward would never stand up like a man and
    run for political office because he is a wimp and a
    traitor to his race and his nation. Anyone who follows
    his example like the coward who flew a light plane
    into an IRS office using remote controls in Texas,
    deserves scorn and punishment, not emulation.
    Both of them deserve a traitors reward, a rope and
    a noose, like the corrupt bankers that they complain about. Two wrongs don’t make a right, they turn a
    once great country into a pile of “caca”.

  10. WOW, that is bold, I wonder what bank it was?

  11. Yes, way to go, I am all for it, maybe these banks and mortgage company’s will take notice,
    I offered my mortgage company cash for keys since there is about $10,000 equity in the home and they can have the house in one piece now, instead of waiting 6 more months, but they declinded, they also declined home mod ,
    so I will be removing my equity from the house another way, with all the new stuff I have installed, hold a home fixture sale, and let the bank figure out what to do with whats left, they think they will come out better in the end this way, well not really

  12. I like people who take a stand on these vile banksters, this is a brave man, we need more like him to make the difference. Giving the bankster a taste of his own medicine is very good.

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