Finding WAMU Securitizations

FROM an unidentified researcher:

Okay, So in all of my digging I have unearthed so many things I can’t start to explain it all but thought if I can save others the time and energy I most certainly will.

So here is what I know so far and if others have info please share.

Washington Mutual was the LARGEST!! bank failure in the history of this country. Why? Guess.

The value of the bank as estimated before the FDIC stepped in was 321 Billion give or take. What did it sell for to Chase with the FDIC help?
@ 1.9 Billion of .005 cents ish on the dollar

I wonder what they know that we don’t? Fraud mostly

So in researching your loan if you ended up with them as your servicer chances are you were part of the mess and you thought they were only a bank that you made payments to, right?

Well, you are not alone.

They did business with originator banks(fake pretending lenders that are really brokers) of the like of:

First Magnus Financial(bankruptcy in AZ)
Countrywide(Imploded and is now BofA)
Plaza Home Mortgage-active
First Horizon-active
Alliance Bancorp-unsure
Residential Funding-unsure
Mortgage IT
Steward Financial

This comes from my knowledge of the wonderful Neg Am Option ARM and may have many more players. Either way alot of the above lenders used a warehouse line of credit to fund the loan and then sell it to WAMU for securitization.

1) I am attaching a link to the WAMU Seller’s guide which explains the underwriting and the way the files are to be delivered etc.
Pay attention to the BLANK endorsement requirement on assignments(Why?)

They also make a point of keeping WAMU’s name out as the purchaser of the loans which I would say is a concealment issue. Add that to the MERS situation and you have more non-transparency

2) Second is the Servicer Guide which explains the servicing procedures etc:

3) Third is a master Prospectus filed with the SEC which explains all of the advanced calculus that goes into confusing all but three humans on earth.

4) Then each bundle of securities gets an individual prospectus to go with it:

5) When they submit the bundle they list all of the loans in the trust at the time of creation. Here is what that looks like. This one has originating lenders names and the loans by number:

and another without lender names:

6) Here is a Pooling and Servicing Agreement that goes through the process of creating the securities and the pool of mortgage loans etc.:

Here are various lawsuits that are filed against WAMU from investors that I have found so far. The last one is a link to the WAMU bankruptcy case and all of the documents that go with it. Chase and WAMU are battling over billions of assets. Interesting reading and gives details of underwriting and appraisal fraud:…

WAMU BK filing and case with Chase

You may or may not be able to find if your loan is included in the above. You can narrow the search down to the year in which you closed your loan and search the above site and find the classes for your timeframe. Once you find the trust(WMALT 200? such and such) you can search the attachments for a FWP file and search through by zip code and see if you are included.

If you log into the secinfo site it may require you to register for free to continue access.

I hope this helps you find more info on your loan WAMU/CHASE loan and if you need help please let me know.

I will keep adding as I go so if anyone else has info please add it to the pile. I will try to keep it semi organized so that it is easy to find.

Happy reading!

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  1. I have also just setup a twitter account just for info on the WAMU group. Please go to and search for user name “wamufraud”

    Let’s get this party started!

  2. I have just started a community group on Facebook for WAMU homeowners and others. Come join the page so we can get to the top of Facebook and get more media attention. Also, send me a friend request @ mikemaunu

    I will also begin advertising this on FB as well to get more peeps to join. Let’s see how fast we can get 1,000,000 peeps to rally to fight the injustice being done.

    Thank you Marilyn for taking the lead. I am here as well and I know there are many others.

  3. A Call to Arms for WAMU HOMEOWNERS:
    For those whose home loans originated with WaMu (now Chase)
    Are you ready to join the fight and SAVE YOUR HOME?

    WaMu has allegedly defrauded hundreds of thousands of homeowners with unfair, deceptive and perhaps illegal lending policies and practices. Many of these homeowners are now facing the possibility of or are in foreclosure.

    If you are one of these homeowners, we invite you to join the

    Who we are:
    • We are not attorneys, and do not practice law, although many of us are well-educated
    • We believe that we have been (allegedly) defrauded in our home loans by WaMu
    • We meet by phone weekly, and have a proprietary website where we share information and ideas
    • We are developing a database of (alleged) fraudulent lending policies and practices by WaMu
    • We hope that the information we compile helps us all to decrease the cost of legal fees, and to increase the knowledge of our attorneys by mutual participation and sharing of fact and State and Federal laws

    What we are fighting for:
    • We are fighting for our homes and yours
    • We are fighting for justice against the perpetuation of WaMu’s (alleged) fraud by Chase and the FDIC.
    • We are fighting to make Chase, the FDIC, the OTS, and others to be held accountable and responsible

    What we can do:
    • Together, we can ensure that individuals from these corporations can be deposed as material witnesses
    • We can unite through our stories and our individual loan nightmares to make our voices heard
    • We can educate journalists, attorneys, and other homeowners across the country about the (alleged) fraudulent lending by the now defunct major lenders, especially WaMu, and the corporations that are currently aiding and abetting this (alleged) fraud, including the wholesalers, securitizers, and their loan servicer partners.

    If you are a WaMu homeowner who believes their loan was potentially fraudulent, or that you are a victim of allegedly unfair and deceptive businesses practices of WaMu, CONTACT US TODAY!
    We may have information that is vital for you and your attorney. And you may have information vital for us. Consult with your attorney, if you already have one, to determine whether sharing research and investigation with other WaMu homeowners is in your best interests. We may be able to decrease your litigation costs.

    YOU can take FACT AND LAW to the only place we Americans have left to defend our property and legal rights – a court of competent jurisdiction and the court of public opinion. WE are growing stronger every day! THEY are growing weaker! THEY never counted on the internet and the power of social networking to expose their alleged fraud! …Now it is OUR turn



    National WAMU Homeowners’ Support Group
    “Illegally taking homes and lives for profit is not a good goal to chase.”

  4. found this in an SEC filing for WAMU Securities.

    Isn’t it admitting the notes/mortgages are split and therefore UCC 3 would be the correct argument? The notes were paid but by their own admissions the mortgages stopped following them.

    If the notes aren’t endorsed to the depositor, then who’s name are they still in?


    The trustee will not have physical possession of the mortgage notes and mortgages related to the mortgage loans owned by the Trust. In addition, the trustee will not conduct any independent review or examination of the related mortgage files. Instead, to facilitate servicing and reduce administrative costs, Washington Mutual Bank fsb, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the servicer, will retain possession of and will review the mortgage notes and mortgages as custodian for the Trust and financing statements will be filed evidencing the Trust’s interest in the mortgage loans. The mortgage notes will not be endorsed to the Trust and no assignment of the mortgages to the Trust will be prepared. Furthermore, the mortgage notes and mortgages will not be stamped or otherwise marked to reflect the assignment to the depositor and then to the Trust. If a subsequent purchaser or creditor were able to take physical possession of the mortgage notes and mortgages without knowledge of that assignment, the interests of the Trust in the mortgage notes and mortgages could be defeated. In that event, distributions to certificate holders may adversely affected.

  5. Ok folks, I got my copy of the Layman’s Workbook yesterday and pretty much pulled the trigger today. Went down to the bank and put a stop payment on my latest morgage payment and will be putting my case together in the next couple of days. Non-Judicial state (colorado) so I have to draw first blood. Let you know how it plays out. BTW, I could use some help with this question. I went to the recorder and pulled everything there and the last two filings (minus the NED) were releases of the Deed of Trust for my first and second to ME???? The way I read it is, the Deed was turned back to me and stamped PAID???

  6. This is quite interesting all this documented info. I see there are Omnibus Filings which I was speaking about with an attorney who has a system to fight foreclosure just on that matter. I have an original loan with WAMU (Opt ARM), now Chase/WAMU. But the SEC and WAMU info you provided links to, I dont see any info on us. Maybe this wouldnt pertain to us?


  7. In the comment on the cases thrown out for lack of standing and/or sham by Judge Jon Gordon on Sept 28, 2005, including Revoredo, I mentioned that lately Deutsche Bank has been suing Bank of America for allegedly losing track of mortgages, mis-handling funds, mis-reporting, and not being able to account for whether alleged predecessors ever bought or sold the loans they were supposed to have bought or sold.

    I failed to include the link found on this site:

    If Bank of America is in your forecloser*s as-successor-to line, paragraphs 15 (whose beneficial interest?), and 89-100 are priceless, and see 110 (was your loan sold to Freddie Mac?). Can anybody really get their mind around this thing enough to discuss it knowledgeably with another?

  8. Part two:

    If you can unravel the meaning of this into english, I would appreciate it. As seen in my previous post, Depositor = CWALT. Trustee = BONY

    Assignment of the Mortgage Loans

    Pursuant to the Pooling and Servicing Agreement, on the closing date, the Depositor will sell, transfer, assign, set over and otherwise convey without
    recourse to the Trustee in trust for the benefit of the certificateholders all right, title and interest of the Depositor in and to each Mortgage Loan and all right, title and interest in and to all other assets included in the applicable Alternative Loan Trust, including all principal and interest received on or with respect to the Mortgage Loans, but not any principal and interest due on or before the later of the day of the month in which the certificates are issued an the date of origination for that Mortgage Loan (such date, the “Cut-off Date”).

    In connection with the transfer and assignment of a Mortgage Loan, the Depositor will deliver or cause to be delivered to the Trustee, or a custodian for the Trustee, the mortgage file, which contains among other things, the original mortgage note (and any modification or amendment to it) endorsed in blank without recourse, except that the Depositor may deliver or cause to be delivered a lost note affidavit in lieu of any original mortgage note that has been lost, the original instrument creating a first lien on the
    related mortgaged property with evidence of recording indicated thereon, an assignment in recordable form of the mortgage, the title policy with respect to the
    related mortgaged property and, if applicable, all recorded intervening assignments of the mortgage and any riders or modifications to the mortgage
    note and mortgage (except for any documents not returned from the public recording office, which will be delivered to the Trustee as soon as the same is available to the Depositor).

    With respect to up to 50% of the Mortgage Loans, the Depositor may deliver all or a portion of each related mortgage file to the Trustee not later than thirty days after the closing date. Assignments of the mortgage loans to the Trustee (or its nominee) will be recorded in the appropriate public office for real property records, except in states such as California where in the opinion of counsel recording is not required to protect the Trustee’s interests in the mortgage loan against the claim of any subsequent transferee or any successor to or creditor of the Depositor or any seller.

    Soooo, CWALT bought the loan from MILA, sold it? or transfered it to BONY? and delivered an original note or filed a loss note affidavit to BONY that was recorded in my county ? What about the last sentence regarding “states such as California”?

  9. J in Co,

    The date was put off till 2/3/10 (whoop di do) and I just received THE SAME DUMB ASS REQUEST FOR A DOCUMENT THAT DOESN”T EXIST that I’ve received and responded to at least four times. I still haven’t found my loan on the sec site. I can’t find the CWALT, Inc. alternative loan trust 2005-j12 listed and the countrywide 2005-j12 one appears to be closed?? They filed some form to release them from filing?? Check out my post to “All” this comes from the prospectus and has some interesting items in it I would like feedback on. I’ll put the second item up shortly.

  10. Kevin,

    How are things going? Sorry I was slammed yesterday. Did you find what you needed?

    If you need an attorney there is a guy in the Spings that might be able to help. My conversations with him have been good. His name is Stephen Brunette and he is on Neils list of those who get it.

    His website is

    Let me know if I can help. Good Luck!

  11. In FL, 9/28/05, Judge Jon Gordon threw MERS cases out for lack of standing since they do not “own” (a requirement of FL law) and for sham. One of those cases was Revoredo.

    In 2007, Revoredo was (at least in part, for a while) reversed by by Appeals saying their not “owning” DID NOT MATTER (no, it was only the law and intent of the Florida Legislature which set that law, for, what, decades?). The Appeals Court said their ruling would “not change” any substantive rights (no, just the protection of the homeowner, and the requirement that the loan actually exist so as to be able to be produced and shown), all of which tells me the Florida Supreme Court is going to strongly reverse that Appeals Court Opinion. (Even MERS apparently has no confidence in that opinion, as they have not resumed permission to file in MERS name, nor changed their advise to members to create and executive (i.e., “make up”) assignments from MERS to whoever the investor wants.)

    That PDF cited above says the Opinion is NOT FINAL until DISPOSITION OF TIMELY FILED MOTION FOR RE-HEARING, but does that mean a Motion for Re-Hearing was Timely Filed, and is awaiting hearing; or does that just allow for the *possibility* of a timely-filed motion?

    In any event, does anyone know whether that timely-filed motion was made? And is Revoredo awaiting such re-hearing? And would such Re-Hearing be in front of the same Appeals Court? And if it were, would Appeal to the Supreme Court follow that? Or if Re-Hearing would be in front of the higher, the Supreme Court, is that on the docket, and for when?

    No, Appeals Court, your Opinion would not change anything. Just all the rights of homeowners for the last, what, 100 years of life in Florida, where the law has always required the would-be forecloser to both own and hold (thus, be able to produce) both the mortgage and the note, in order to have standing to file – which means that in a time like today, when Deutsche Bank is suing Bank of America for losing track of loans, mis-handling money, and not being able to account for whether alleged predecessors ever bought or sold “their” loans, and/or thus ever got title to pass along, or ever did so (and thus did they who thought they bought a loan from the predecessor ever, in fact, do so?); i.e., the requirement that would-be forecloser could be made to produce the mortgage and the note gave homeowners the right to have it proven that the loan still exist and were owned by the would-be forecloser, i.e., to demand that the would-be forecloser be able to show good and complete chain of title to the loan, to have standing to file for foreclosure. How could an Appeals Court miss all that?

    Richard in FL

    = = =

  12. All,

    I found some info on the sec website that kind of unravels the who’s on first mess (may be old news to you guys). I’ll drip feed his to get your take on it a little at a time.

    The Mortgage Pool


    The depositor, CWALT, Inc. (the “Depositor”), will purchase the mortgage loans in the mortgage pool (which are together referred to in this free writing prospectus supplement as the “Mortgage Loans”) from Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. and/or one or more other sellers who may or may not be affiliated
    with Countrywide Financial Corporation (each of which is referred to in this free writing prospectu supplement as a seller and together they are referred to as the sellers), pursuant to a pooling and servicin agreement (the “Pooling and Servicing Agreement”) among the sellers, Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP, as master servicer (the “Master Servicer”), the Depositor and The Bank of New York, as trustee (the “Trustee”), and will cause the Mortgage Loans to be assigned to the Trustee for the benefit of the holders of the

    So if I read this correctly, when MILA transfered servicing rights to CW (as with my loan) they would have had to actually SELL the note to CWALT in order for CWALT to assign all rights to BONY as trustee for the certificate holders???

  13. J in CO

    I’m in colo. spgs. Not dealing with an attorney yet. Just got a suggestion for one yesterday but we are in the eleventh hour so I don’t know what he can do at this point. I’ll call shortly to see. Yeah, my sale date has been postponed at least six times or more since the original of 10/14/09 but I usually get some form of communication. Nothing this time.

  14. zurenarrh

    correction .,..
    at the recorders office try searching the other parties names ONLY
    omit your name .ie BAC, and the org lender..

  15. zurenarrh

    a suggestion…
    at the recorders office try searching the other parties names BAC, and the org lender..
    some of the docs that are recorded may not contain your name but may pertain to rights or the property,
    i’ll send you my assignment to reference the other # to compare to your own assignment . this may lead to you a different sec search string,.
    contact me freak4u at comcast dot net

  16. im amazed @how they figured the odds in the classes…they had all the answers—-then, … …..
    jp morgan chase tried to purchase my home, filed papers with a forged signature stating i gave them poa on my home…i never recieved a payment book from them, no notice of them taking over from wamu, and no communication whatsoever….til i saw “foreclosure” & had a heart attack….i would like to know what gives them the right to commit forgery!!!…we people dont have that entitlement, if so, im ted turner….with his $$$ what do i care what they call me.

  17. Thanks, angry. I have read Mississippi law like nobody’s business in the last few months. I am surprised to see that the link you provided said deficiency judgments are not allowed. That is not my impression–I’ll have to look into that a little more.

    You are dead on in your summary of what has happened to our country vis a vis the debt slavery…

  18. zurenarrh

    i see that the non judicial is not the same in all states…i do so Apologize for not checking first…this was stupid for me to think that
    A – You would be notified of a default .
    B – That the default would need to be recorded. [ as in ca ] this is the only state law i have studied , i would recommend YOU begin studying you state
    law ASAP…
    I am Glad I have embarked on the quest to understand the rule of law. Sad tho, that the reason is the Stealing of OUR country that has gone on for years , only when forced did i begin.
    We .. ie all Americans have relinquished our power by falling victim to the money changers schemes to enslave a nation with debt so we would be to busy trying to survive to notice that our leaders were purchased by the Fu$#ing BANKS!

    here is a link to what i found on Mississippi

  19. Angry,

    That is very interesting. I have not received any of these default notices via certified mail, nor did I find any at the recorder’s office. I am gonna have to drag myself back down there and do another search.

    When I say “BAC,” I’m referring to BAC Home Loan Servicing, the servicing arm of Bank of America, who took over Countrywide.

  20. zurenarrh
    who is BAC?
    non judicial states require a NOD be recorded… this is the official start of the foreclosure process…& you have should have received a copy of the NOD
    certified mail…[the copy you receive may not have the official recorders stamped info, the the name of the trust may be there so look for it.
    also double ck all the docs you have received re-default & foreclosure against the recorders docs.. you may-not be able to see the actual docs online but you should be able to search the recorders public records to see the fact certain notices were recorded & you should have been mailed copies of these.
    Of course I would never imply you HAD ever received these docs as they were required to send you… cuz…the mortgage shits always follow the rules.

  21. Angry,
    Thanks for the tip. As far as I know (which isn’t very far), a notice of default does not have to be filed with the county recorder here in Mississippi (non-judicial state). I could be wrong, though…I need to go back to the clerk’s office and find everything that’s been filed concerning this loan…I mean, I’ve looked at the Deed of Trust and there’s of course the fraudulent assignment from MERS to BAC, but that’s all I’ve got so far…

    I need to pore over my documents again, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Whenever I do that, I almost invariably find something I didn’t see before…

  22. zurenarrh

    i assume you have looked thru,,, notice of default @ the county recorders
    office…and all other related public docs?!,, i didn’t even realize i had the name of the trust until i found it in a doc sent to me earlier [in the game] by the servicer “certified mail” as a copy of a recorded doc …and i have received many such docs but ONLY 1 out of 10 or so that had the name of the trust, and that may have a fluke the name was on the doc i recieved.
    NOD i suspect is your best bet. btw what state are you in?

  23. This is great info, but I’m still having trouble locating my loan in any SEC filings–maybe someone can help.

    It’s a refinance with Countrywide done in August 2007 and Fannie Mae now claims it owns the loan.

    I have looked through all the Countrywide (or related) FWPs I can find, such as:

    CHL Mortgage Pass-Through Trust 2007-9 through 2008-1
    CHL Mortgage Pass-Through Trust 2007-HY4,6,7,10, and J3
    CWABS 2007-8,11,12,13, BC3
    Alternative Loan Trust 2007-23,24,25, OA11,OH3
    Prime Mortgage Trust 2007-3

    I have not found my loan number in any of these. I realize that the loan may be listed under another number, but I have no idea what that number might be.

    Any suggestions on where else to look would be helpful. Fannie Mae has a lot of documents on its site, but none that I have seen list the loans that are supposed to be in the pool/trust. I haven’t been supplied with any info in my “default” or sale notices regarding the name of the Trust or the Trustee. I’m not even sure what good finding this info will do for me…well, yes I do.

    Also, if anyone else finds it useful, there is a good article breaking down how to search for/understand some this stuff here:


  24. Kevin,

    Were in CO are you? Which attorney are you dealing with?

    Sometimes the sale date gets postponed at the last minute because the lender doesn’t have everything together to do the sale. I have had mine postponed a few times but then when I rescinded my other loan they rushed to foreclose even with no real security interest. Go figure.

  25. J in CO.

    Again, thanks for the help. I’ve got a supposed sale date of 1/20/10 and scheduled a payment for Jan. 1(number 6 of a three month trial plan??) and it hasn’t come out of my account yet. Maybe the long weekend but I’m getting a little nervous that they might pull the trigger just because. Don’t know if I can get a TRO at this late date but might have to try tomorrow.

  26. Kevin,

    I looked through the CW info and it seems they like to hide the loan info on the trusts. I have another spot that I can look and see if I can find the loan level reports. I will forward to you if I can find them.

  27. Neal, could you guys add a WAMU/JPMorgan Chase link on the left column calling for all WAMU homeowner/litigants?

    We WAMU types would like to show the rest of us on this site, that livinglies does make a difference. Our group will be the first to organize by classification (WAMU screwed class) to fight more effectively and efficiently.

    PS: This is not a class action, this is 1000’s of individual lawsuits across the country at the same time. (Too bad for JPMC at a third of a penny on the dollar.)


    WE are looking for all WAMU homeowners who feel they were defrauded in origination, defrauded in underwriting, defrauded in appraisal, and/or defrauded in terms of standing issues. Fraudulent assignments and Option Arm Neg Am victims welcome, as well.

    I have 2 and 1/2 years of WAMU fraud research in my personal case. Just got dismissed so I am waiting for round 2 to begin.

    We are looking for you to all ban together and share resources and support for ourselves, and our attorneys – WHO WILL GET IT! 🙂

    Rob Harrington (FL)
    (850) 259-6422

  29. J in CO,

    Thanks for the help cuz I basically don’t even know what I’m looking at. I followed you link to the FWP inf but am not clear on where to go from there.

  30. Kevin,

    My loan originated with ALLIANCE BANCORP on 1/19/07… AB filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy 7/13/07. My loan was subsequently (post-petition) “assigned” from
    MERS to US Bank National Association as Trustee for JPM-ALT 2007-A2 in October 2007. An exhaustive search of SEC filings reveals no such “trust” ever being registered. The only thing close is “J.P. Morgan
    Alternative Loan Trust 2007-A2”. Deeper digging revealed that my loan is listed on the Mortgage Loan Schedule for this registered trust.

    My theory is the trustee sale proceeds are being diverted away from the rightful owners of the registered
    trust…to a non-existent, or at least unregistered trust which has a name “similar to” but not the same as the SEC registered trust which rightfully owns those proceeds. In this scenario it isn’t difficult to imagine where the banks claiming obscene profits really got the money…just as they prepare to issue massive bonuses to themselves. Most assignments are indeed defective for this reason. Surprisingly, not much attention is being focused on this even though it seems only logical to “follow the money”.

  31. Kevin,

    I have seen many versions of the name as they sometimes change the structure of the way it is written. Right or wrong, I’m not sure but I would say the countrywide 2005-j12 is probably correct.

    See if you can look it up on the secinfo site and then look for a FWP file(sometimes you have to open it and open a subfile with the FWP on it as well)

    The freewriting prospectus is usually the file that lists the loans included. Make sure you have your loan number so that you can scan through to find your loan. They also often change the loan number to an investor number and reference it two or three lines back.

    It may take some time but then you will know it is in the pool.

    I will see if I can find the FWP file as well.

    Good luck!

  32. I have a mrotgage in colorado that was originally with MILA, then immediatly transfered? to countrywide, the BoA when they took countrywide over but my foreclosure notice says the current holder of debt is BONY mellon as trustee for CWALT, Inc. alternative loan trust 2005-j12 mortgage passthrough certificates, series 2005-j12. On the SIC site i can’t find that listing. I find a countrywide 2005-j12 and several othe CWALT 2005-xxxx but no CWALT series 2005-j12. What does that mean?

  33. Thanks for posting the info.

    I have more than this and keep finding more lawsuits against them the deeper I dig.

    One thing to note on the seller guide. On page 126 paragraph 2 it specifically shows that the Seller(Originator) is not to disclose that WAMU would be buying the loan although that is the point of the Seller agreement.

    I would have to say that it would be a violation of RESPA to not disclose an affiliated party and that the non-disclosure of the Creditor is a violation of TILA. Further that with intentional Fraudulent concealment etc and they make it easy for you to find issues.

    I have other info if you had a loan with First Magnus as to the stipulation agreement reached between FMFC and WAMU in the FMFC bankruptcy in AZ. If anyone needs it please let me know and I can email it.

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