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  1. Hello to all,

    I’m most interested in reading about individuals who have had their property confiscated by this entity called MERS Delaware. I though I was the only one.

    Although for several years, I personally have had a battle in court with this entity, in the Riverside County Superior Court, California [RIC398123], only to have the appellate court knock down an attempt to stop MERS, Delaware and the fraud they perpetrated against, not only the people of Nevada and California but the whole United States.

    I still have not given up my attempt to try and stop this unlawful confiscation of the public records from the people’s view.

    Hopefully the tide may be turning against them with the successful lawsuits around the country, judges finally seeing the light in their judgments against this unlawful activity and if I can pursued a California County DA or the California Attorney General that revenues. lost to this MERS scheme, can be recouped back into the treasury, stopping MERS in it’s tracks may come to reality.

    I wish everyone success in there pursuit in this matter.

    Joe from Californa

  2. The plight of the owners of the County Recorder’s Office (the Taxpayers) of Nevada is not much different than that of other states (most notably California).

    Consider the fact that the County Recorder is a man or woman elected to that position by the people; we are their masters; it, the office, is the servant; the office is to serve the “notice” needs of the members belonging to the public, corporate or otherwise.

    However, the fraud perpetrated against the People is of such magnitude that the financial interests that control our government (our Country) for their benefit have circled the wagons and are disallowing the People to utilize their Recorder’s office as required by law; the Recorder’s office belongs to BOTH Corporate County Entity identified as the County of Clark and the the common law Clark County. Therefore, anything that the corporate financial institutions desire represented by their sentient whores, to be recorded will be done. When the People attempt to record what lawfully they are able to record, they are unlawfully denied such a right.

    When your right to record a public notice (a right which you have limited to only the form NOT content) is refused, don’t allow yourself to give up. Demand, in writing, your right specifically identifying what you attempted to record, that you were denied that right, and get the names and serial numbers; read the law and the Clark County Recorder’s handbook. Ultimately it’s the recorder himself that needs to answer to the damage done to you. Common law allows you remedy; study it and pursue your rights under your Affidavit of Obligation and Notice of Interest.

    File a complaint with the DA or AG after due notice to the perpetrators.

    There are more than one ways to skin the cat; unless, of course, the entire legal system has fallen and “they” are willing to openly admit the capture and fall of our Country by forces from within. In Las Vegas (Clark County) that may, indeed, be the case.

    h. johns

    We can have a democracy in this country or we have great concentrated wealth in the hands of a few. We cannot have both.
    – Justice Louis Brandeis, quoted, Bushwacked, p.42, by Molly Ivins and Lou

    Liberties are not given; they are taken.
    – Aldous Huxley Brave New World

  3. Indymac / One West also here. We were served with a 3-day quit notice. If you want to call me, feel free to. 702-240-8455

  4. My house is schedule to be sold on Feb. 17, 2010 is only six day left. Is there something that I can do to stop the sale. Thank You

  5. Even though the banks are at fault, here in Nevada the Recorders office in Clark County has begun to refuse all Recordings by private individuals. They alledge that they are acting under the direction of the District Attorney to not record any documents relating ot Trustee, Reconveyances or any other property related issues. In fact they are even refusing any Affidavits. Although the banks seem to have free reign to record whatever they want. If anyone has any recommendations on how to force the county to do its duty and record and not be a judge and jury with our properties, please speak out.

  6. i am fighting indymac/ onewest and mers for 18 months now, good info

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