“How do you know you’re right?”

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People (including lawyers cross-examining me as an expert witness) ask “How do you know that?” Or sometimes they will ask “How do you know you’re right?” My answer is that it’s not just me, there has been plenty of material written, interviews broadcast on Radio, TV and Internet, books written, including some pretty highbrow stuff that told me chapter and verse what Wall Street was doing.

In a nutshell they were draining every penny they could out of homeowners and investors.And now they have increased their power by consolidating even more, this time with access to our depository bank accounts which were never intended to be piggy banks for speculation on Wall Street.

Since I began studying and analyzing the mortgage meltdown and the growth in the use of derivatives and hedges on derivatives, combining that information with legal research, litigation experience and business experience, it was pretty much black and white. And every bit of it was completely consistent with tactics dating back to before the 1929 crash. It was also completely consistent with my own exposure to Wall Street as a securities analyst, investment banker, and institutional salesman for retail brokerage houses.

Then there is the fact that nobody in more than 30 months has challenged my conclusions directly or indirectly with any analysis, facts, or interpretation that would give me pause. The only thing I see, somewhat sparsely I might add, is the occasional planted article, comment or interview where some shill is pushing ideological buttons in order to make this a matter of class or age warfare.

So bottom line — I will accept any challenge from a person who is knowledgeable in the details of securitization of residential mortgage loans, how Wall Street works, how loan underwriting is intended to work (and how it did work during the roaring 2000’s), the legal aspects of recordation of transfer of interests in real property, the industry standards for appraisal, underwriting, origination and transfer of loans and all the other topics raised on this blog.

There is plenty on the internet and in the bookstore about this subject. Give me a site and I’ll go read it. Right now, all I have seen even from some rotten decisions by ideologically motivated judges is that they will find any procedural gambit to hang their hat on to avoid the inescapable consequence of all this — the invalidation of all those mortgages and notes and the extinguishment of the obligation.

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  1. Hi Niel, Happy Thanks Giving

    How I can reach you to discuss something important. I have blocked these thieves since 2008.Now I really need your help.I did every thing perfect and in time.Please If you can give me your personal e-mail or other way to discuss and proceed further.I have pushed them in the corner and now they need a really push. Please help me.I am in Virginia.

  2. Well Neil, we worked very hard on this for a long enough time and I believe, the effect has been felt.

    We are in such trouble, the banking system will fight us more now. I do not think they have a chance in the world but its gonna be breath taking.

    The federal reserve is not federal and has no reserve.

  3. John,

    You are correct, the lies needed to be exposed. We as a nation and as a world are in rapid decline; people at least deserve to know what was done to them and by whom.

  4. Neil,
    Unfortunately there are attorneys who would rather
    sabotage your legal rights,than allow you to ding
    their cartel. Such is my case, where the attorney
    on your (Illinois list) E.J. Law intentionally kept critical
    time frames and dates from me to my detriment.

    He has 30 more clients who’ll probably get the same.
    Meanwhile, he absconds with their hopes and money.
    My struggle started in 2003.

  5. Thank you Niel. You saw the lie, and told others. That is all one can do. People are hurting, and they don’t know how they got where there at.

    Investors and home owners have been taken in, with the help of the goverment, the scam of the century.

    I hope you take care of yourself, because a lot of people depend on this website to keep them in there homes.

    Best Wishes
    John Anderson.

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