TENT CITY, California While Vacant Houses Deteriorate

TENT CITY, California While Vacant Houses Deteriorate

From watergatesummer.blogspot.com we have this post on the moronic ideology that misuses our natural and creative resources. It can be said that conservatives do not conserve and liberals do not liberate. I coined that because it is obvious that politics in this country is degrading even while some try to revive it.

Out of pure ideology and ignorance, people are being ejected from homes they own on the pretense that they don’t own the home. This sleight of hand is accomplished by “bridge to nowhere” logic — the pretender lender merely pretends to be authorized to initiate foreclosure proceedings.  They come into court with a pile of  inconsistent documents with little or no REAL connection with the originating papers and zero connection with the REAL lender.

So we end up with hundreds of thousands of homes that are empty, subject to vandalism and decay from lack of mainteance and lack of anyone living in them, combined with nobody paying utility bills etc that would help take the edge off the crisis. Instead, we choose to allow TENT CITY where there are no decent facilities, where people are living in tents literally, resulting in a greater drain on social services, police, fire, health, schools etc.

Why because some ideologue and people who mindlessly subscribe to such ideology has already played Judge and Jury and convicted these victims of Wall Street fraud. They are certain that these are deadbeats that don’t pay thier bills and won’t listen when someone points out that many of these people had nearly perfect credit scores before tragedy hit. That means the victims were generally considered to have been better credit risks based upon an excellent record of paying their bills, than their ideological detractors.

Someone of this ideology will tell us or anyone who will listen that the victims should have read what they were signing. The is fact that NOBODY reads those closing documents, not even lawyers, not even the ideological (don’t confuse me with the facts) conservatives. So the same people who say you should have read those documents, didn’t read their own.

And now everyone who is NOT in foreclosure or who has already lost possession of their home and who signed a securitized loan package is “underwater” an average of 25% , which means that they are, on average around $70,000 in debt that will never be covered by equity in their lifetime — so they can’t move without coming to the table with the shortfall.

Such ideologues fall short of helping their fellow citizens to be sure. What is astonishing is that they fall short of helping themselves, which means they subject their life partners, spouses, children and other dependents to the same mindless mind-numbing shoot myself in the foot political theology.  And somehow it is THESE people who are controlling the pace of the recovery, controlling the correction in housing and social services who are claiming to be angry about their country being taken away from them!

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  1. This is some valuable information, I just wrapped up my paper for class and think i may need to bookmark or save this for the second class lol. You may have just made me a regular 🙂

  2. History, Oh, Ye dispassionate judge, how harshly will you critique this time in America?

    But in the gross and scope of my opinion,
    This bodes some strange eruption to our state.
    Hamlet. ACT I Scene 1.

    Lisa E (Pro Se, Florida)

  3. For example – Google “CIA involvement in drug trafficking” and see what comes up. OR “Creation of the Federal Reserve.”

    It’s incomprehensible that US Taxpayers have to BORROW money from the Federal Reserve and pay it back with interest.

    The gloves are off & the facade is peeling away… welcome to fascism.

  4. I wonder what the new government will be like? I think that maybe they plan to merge our currency with Canada’s and Mexico’s and call it the Amero. The government has been planing it for a long time, and softening us up for it.
    Yea, forget about the constitution, they will get around that with international treaties.

    Only the Courts can save America, from the other two branchs of our sold-out government.

  5. *hilary g – my point exactly. we are a republic & partisan politics is a complete waste of time. the problem is most folks don’t realize the federal reserve, irs, cia and all the rest of the yucks in washington are… well, crooks! the whole lot of them. clowns on the left & jokers to the right – here i am stuck in the bailout with you!

    **drew – a lot of folks i talk to speculate about the possibility of the us govt. intentionally ‘hyperinflating’ us out of our defecit and onto another form of currency, using the current crisis as a springboard – similar to what happened with the europeans and the euro.

    i don’t think there’s any way possible for us to pay back our debts to foreign creditors… what happens when we finally have to tell china, “sorry… we’re broke?”

  6. If we’ve known this all along that all we had to do to make times good was to increase the money flow out of the government, why didn’t we do this years ago?

    And if we did know but didn’t do it for some reason, why are we doing it now?

    And if we didn’t know, I guess we can blame that on the economists for keeping us in the dark.

    Are you still with me on this line of reasoning?

  7. We are not a democracy and have never been one. We are a republic, in fact a federal one, or supposedly so. When you lump people into one group or the other to blame things on them, you make the mistake of falling right into their trap, which is to not notice that the whole government, whether conservative or liberal, is, and has been unconstitutional since the income tax was instituted. Everything that has flowed from that is similarly unconstitutional and the banks are in on the deal. We are slaves, if you define a slave as someone who works for free or is imprisoned or worse. And I do so define it and I do so work. My point is, if you think one or the other side is going to fix or help in this then you are sadly mistaken.

  8. “It is ironic that We The People are some of the most manipulated on earth. It is equally ironic that even though we ‘think’ we are part of the greatest democracy the world has ever seen, we do not participate in a democracy at all, nor do we recognize one when we see it. These facts attest to how thoroughly the American people have been propagandized by corporate piranha, main stream media & government ‘talking heads’. Americans are slaves to a system that preys on them then turns around and tells them how well they are treated.”

    Thank you Neil for your time and efforts, may the peace of GOD be with you and your family! All the best!!!

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