The High Cost of Losing Homes: Death by Gunshot

Besides the obvious tragedy here the problem with this story is that the media refers to the victim as a “former” homeowner. He probably lost control of his home to a fraudulent foreclosure by pretender lenders. Which is to say that he still owned his home and didn’t know it. That said, a piece of advice: never refuse to obey a command from anyone in law enforcement even if you think they are dead wrong. Never threaten a police officer or anyone else with physical harm. That is a battle you will never win and always pay for with your life or your liberty.

Former Homeowner Dies in Officer-Involved Shooting

Updated: Tuesday, 29 Sep 2009, 11:10 PM MDT
Published : Tuesday, 29 Sep 2009, 9:03 PM MDT

PHOENIX – A disgruntled homeowner who police say threatened the new homeowners after losing his Phoenix house is dead in an officer-involved shooting Tuesday.

He was involved in a standoff with police after his home was due to change hands — and then killed Tuesday night in an officer-involved shooting.

A man who lived in a home near 35th Ave and Bell lost his home in an auction. Police say that when the new homeowners showed up about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, an agitated man was there with a gun and threatened them.

He apparently fired several shots at them as they left, hitting their car. The new homeowners were not hit.

The man refused to leave the property, involving police in a standoff. SWAT teams brought in an armored unit and shot at him with rubber bullets.

When the man pointed his weapon at officers, that’s when they say officers shot and killed him.

The man’s identity has not yet been released.

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  1. “This could be the “smoking gun” (pardon the pun) for all homeowners. Hope someone in Arizona takes the call to action. Welcome to the new America”

    Well said Linda.

  2. You are welcome zurenarrh. I have been searching the internet and public records for over a year now and you wouldn’t believe how many hats these people wear. I have seen hundreds of documents all using the same players assigning mortgages over to the lenders they work for using MERS as their shield. I bet if I researched the players in this case I would find the same patterns. I cant believe this is gone on for this long. Hopefully the tide is turning…


  3. Foreclosure Fraud,
    Thanks for posting these documents. I noticed that Shameca Harrison notarized the Notice of Sale. She also notarized all my foreclosure documentation. They crossed out “Team Member” under the name of “Julia Evans” and Shameca stamped it with her “assistant secretary” stamp. I’m sure Ms. Evans was also magically an “assistant secretary” for MERS and anyone else involved in the theft of this poor man’s home.


    Man killed after shooting at police, neighbors ask why…

    PHOENIX – The day after the shooting of a 64-year-old man, neighbors are asking if it had to happen.

    Kurt Aho was shot and killed Tuesday night near 31st Avenue and Bell Road.

    He had been living in his home for nearly 30 years, but the home had recently fallen into foreclosure and was sold at a public auction on Tuesday.

  5. As i am feeling sad about this man’s situation, i am not surprise at all, i have said it before, this “mass economic rape” that we have been subject to will create some really desperate situations for many folks, for some their home is all they have, hence upon loosing it their feeling is that they have nothing further to live for. The fact is that life does go on, and we’ll get back on their feet, may he rest in peace, may his sacrifice not be in vain, and sadly, i am afraid there will be more. I think that we can do more alive to help ourselves and others. Neil’s advice not to stand up to law enforcement is right on, there is no need to, i am certain that they did not come to kill this man, however the situation put them in that position. We all need to stay together and fight as one against the evil machine. To victory America!!!

  6. fwiw… i found this ..a little better explanation of this tragedy .

    Foreclosed On Homeowner Wanted Cops To Kill Him
    By twist
    Every time I see one of these stories it breaks my heart.  How sad that anyone thinks that life isn’t worth living after losing a home.
    Kurt Aho’s home was sold at a foreclosure auction on Tuesday.  When the new owners came by and asked him when he was going to vacate, he shot out their tires.  He had a beer with a neighbor right before the police came:
    Jeffrey Hobson said he shared a final beer with Aho moments before the confrontation. He said he worried when Aho told him he wanted to die.
    “He said, ‘When the cops get here either I’m gonna die by them or I’m gonna kill myself,’” said Hobson. “They gave him exactly what he wanted.”
    Neighbors who witnessed the incident around 4:30 p.m. said Aho paced the cul-de-sac with gun in hand after chasing away the new owners. As officers ordered him to drop his weapon, the self-employed contractor ignored them, walking back to his home to fetch fresh beers.
    Officers first shot Aho with rubber bullets, hitting him in the arm. Aho then fired twice at officers, striking the SWAT team’s armored vehicle with one shot, according to James Holmes, a Phoenix police spokesman.
    Aho, who suffered from recurring bouts of cancer and was having a hard time finding work told neighbors he had nothing left to live for. 
    L checked on the financing of Aho’s home and discovered that Aho refinanced in 2005 for $99,000.  In 2007 he took out a $176,000 HELOC.  L is a big advocate of people being responsible for their actions and not just blaming the lenders.  He did however have this comment:
    Maybe the people who loaned him $176,000 on top of the $99,000 should be a little responsible as well as himself. What were they doing lending him that much against a house that wasn’t worth but $99,000 ?
    Good question.
    This sad story from the Arizona Republic grabbed the attention of both M and L this evening.  Thanks guys!

  7. May G-d watch over this man’s family.

    I am at a loss for words.

  8. this horrific tragedy should be a wake up call to the courts for this mans blood is on their hands!

  9. my condolences & best wishes to Kurt’s family & friends.. this is very sad.

    Fucking news media is a joke & public disservice … Man lost his home in an auction?? not forclosure…not bank scam…not stole his house & his way of life..
    what about the law [ police or sheriff ] ? i want detail!
    how nauseating

  10. It should never come to this. I, too am a victim of a wrongful foreclosure, payments were current and attorneys warnings to bank went unheeded. I sued, went to court with all the proof one could have that the loan was current and the judge never looked at my proof and slapped ME with a judgement for the bank’s defense. Turns out the judge is a real estate investor.

    In hindsight, I would give stronger consideration to a more primal defense.

  11. Luis, on September 30th, 2009 at 9:59 am Said:

    “I wish some federal agency would look into this.

    I wonder if he was pushed out of his mind because of some scam or fraud with his mortgage.”

    Well here is all the info I could find… Anyone like to comment on the validity of the filings?

    Countrywide / MERS

    The homeowner, 64-year-old Kurt Aho.

    01/05/2005 DEED TRST
    Country Wide / MERS

    06/25/2009 SUB TRSTE

    06/25/2009 N/TR SALE


  12. This is so sad. If it were a wrongful foreclosure, it would be great for the cause if the family of the man was approached and convinced to sue the heck out of the bank. This could be the “smoking gun” (pardon the pun) for all homeowners. Hope someone in Arizona takes the call to action.
    Welcome to the new America!

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