We are in the process of developing an extensive national roll-out for forensic auditors who are trained and will perform an audit in the manner directed by the principles of the Garfield Continuum.

It involves TILA, RESPA, APPRAISAL FRAUD, TITLE ISSUES, and SECURITIZATION ISSUES. We have several dozen prospects who wish to leverage off of our brand recognition and the endorsement of to perform forensic analysis, reviews and expert declarations.

Our problem is that nearly all forensic analysts were good at only one part of the forensic review, and were calling the process an audit which is a red flag to the state board regulating accounting, and were not providing the basic services to get the case rolling against the pretender lenders — QWR, DVL, demand letters etc.

Their work product leaves the litigant or counsel for the litigant without a formal declaration that can be filed in court and without the credible threat of expert testimony that will enable the litigant to press for an evidentiary hearing — something the pretender lenders appear to avoid at all costs.

So in order to arrive at a work product that we felt good about, we are currently developing the curriculum for a forensic analysis workshop that will certify participants in the issues mentioned here. Right now it looks like we are going to use either a franchise or biz-op model so that we can maintain control over the quality of the work product and the ability of the analysts to testify. We would provide detailed instructions on expert witness testimony and declarations. The fees to the analysts would be much higher than they are currently charging or if they already charging high fees, would be easily justified. Part of our plan involves asssociating each analyst with a law office so that the unauthorized practice of law statutes will not apply. But this would not inhibit analysts from servicing lawyers who are in other states.

We are looking for technical specialists who can assist in the development of technology platforms for centralization of the service platform. Our capital structure requires that we  constrain ourselves to sweat equity deals. We cannot offer very much in up-front fees but we can offer participation in what we believe is a high-growth extremely profitable business model that delivers exactly what is needed for homeowners who are in distress either because they are in the process of foreclosure (or delinquency) or because their homes are under water.
Please send your proposals or indications of interest to Include the following information:

Your Full Name, and the City and State in which you are located.

Your Business name(s)
Your Business Telephone Number(s)
Your Cell Number
Your URL
Your Fax Number
A Short plain statement of what you are interested in doing
A Short plain statement of how you think you can be of service
A short plain statement of your experience in forensic analysis or IT management, or both
Attach a resume or business brochure if you have one


Neil F. Garfield, Esq.

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  1. We are ready and able to do the video, and are already talking about it ourselves. Please contact me.

  2. hi all,

    I really need help composing an amended federal complaint – it seems I can’t get the right legal words or cites, also failed to plead w/particularity (I didn’t know).

    this is against lender, MERS, and Wells Fargo.

    case09cv2115 illinois northern district.

    attorneys want a crazy amount of retainer and was denied app counsel.

    can someone look at it on Pacer- I need someone to draft it right for me, I don’t get how and the attorneys won’t give me a clue w/o a retainer of $3000 + 1000/mo till case done.

    geez, I can hardly afford to feed my kids with the money I make, but not eligible. (right there, middle-class, have no money, but get no help)

  3. I am also somewhat in a way surprised that Living lies isn’t using youtube as a way to communicate the real problem to everybody out there, however i am sure that Neil have thought about it but there must be a reason why they are not doing that.
    man! that is a FREE way to communicate with the masses and get them all prepared and aware of the magnitude of the situation, perhaps that way some judges would understand the guts of the EVIL machine faster, hence their dismantling would be expedited. The idea would be to create the video message by Neil himself, post it then the rest of us could distribute it around to everyone we know. can you picture it’s power? I can!!

  4. Mr. Garfield,
    Hats off to you! Finally, someone who understands a detailed forensic audit is mandatory w/predatory, fraudlent lending. I know a company that currently operates as you’ve outlined.

    However, they don’t teach classes for creating a business opportunity. The people at this company have been in the industry…not committing the fraud…but standing up and fighting back! The years of experience with understanding the banks under handed, back door methods is invaluable. They know right where to look. I don’t believe this is something that may be taught in a classroom.

    Have you thought about? If all these out of work loan brokers, agents, real estate agents, title personnel, decided to take your class and open a franchise. If all these agents were busy and doing well putting a bunch of people in bad loans. They may at some point have to name themselves in the audit to be served for deposition hearings and to be sued. That is another part of a strong forensic audit – identifing all parties with loan origination. If people knew they were going to be named in a federal law suit & they had to include thier name in the audit. Would they? Wouldn’t they?

    If you are looking for solid forensic audits with or without legal help I have a good resource.

  5. Mr Garfield
    Please be careful, snakes live underground, too.

  6. Thanks Mr. Garfield.

    We were waiting for this initiative.

    I hope we can be of assistance and to aid you and the people suffering out there the proper tool and certified specialists that are needed to properly attack the issue at its core.

    We currently work strictly through law firms if MD, DC, VA, FL, MY, NJ, CA, TX, GA.

    There some areas in which the pooling of resources would be greatly appreciated. The cost of signing up in some of the necessary information sources is out of reach for the common consumer “borrower” and for most Mortgage “analysts”.

    This effort should bring about a better, more consistent and effective tool.

    Thanks again.


    Jose L. Semidey
    Mortgage Analysis and Consulting, LLC
    8300 Old Court House Rd.
    Suite 230A
    Vienna, VA 22182

    Mobile Phone

    Office Phone

  7. Thanks Mr. Garfield.

    We were waiting for this initiative.

    I hope we can be of assistance and to aid you and the people suffering out there the proper toll and certified specialists at hat are needed to properly attack the issue at its core.

    Jose L. Semidey
    Mortgage Analysis and Consulting, LLC
    8300 Old Court House Rd.
    Suite 230A
    Vienna, VA 22182

    Mobile Phone

    Office Phoe

  8. Living lies should create and post a video about this problem on youtube. Maybe the media will see it then.

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