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  1. Gary: It sounds like you need a Forensic Audit to find out the particulars of your mortgage note and the ownership of it. This will show weather the foreclosing entity really has proper ownership of the note; thus legal right to foreclose or if they do NOT, the forclosure is VOID! If you are in the Atlanta area, give me a call at (404) 816-0500 or visit my site, http://www.thomlaw.net


  2. wells fargo stole my house stole my life sold illegally forged signatueres all of the above but they also drained us of all the money we had i am on disability am homless my credit is shot lets be real here we dont have any money how are we going to fight these people they have all the money and they now it

  3. I found violation on my loans under (TILA) but I understand that I cannot recind the loans.Can I file a suit to recover actual and statutory damages

  4. how I can get answer I have been requestes a attorney referal from your data I still wating please let me know if this is the wrong e-mail to request that information

  5. after a loan audit i find out that there was a lot of disclosure violation please advise

  6. question in using this all my loan docs say eloan is the lender

    the deed shows covay to mers as nominee and also in bold
    print eloan at the end as if they were the same enitiy which
    is what ithought when signed however eloan left and never heard of again now i am left in limbo not knowing who to turn
    to for mod first popular said they would modiyi then dumped
    to boa they said they are modiying now dumped back on popular
    the shell game — i belive the deed is void by way of fraudi n factum i still have a min active at mers

    comments welcome

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