June Reyno – June 23, 2009 Letter to President Obama about my police arrest

June Reyno – June 23, 2009 Letter to President Obama about my police arrest
(Please write, call, copy this letter as reference also to President Obama  for yourselves, for me and the community of homeowners who have lost their homes or will soon lose it)  Refer links to websites for him–Thank you.
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500
Dear President Obama:

We have a modest home here in San Diego CA one of the highest hit states on housing foreclosures.

We borrowed money from our equity in April 2006 to cover business debts and other debt obligations so that we could maintain our high credit score to obtain loans in the future. We are responsible citizens. My parents raised me in a military environment and my father retired as a Master Chief in the Navy after 30+ years. After his tour of duty in Washington D.C. we came to San Diego when I was 14 years of age. So I have lived in this City for a good portion of my life. Raising family .

We are petitioners in Bankruptcy and the lender foreclosed without our knowledge. I am disappointed not just for us but for everyone else facing foreclosure in bankruptcy bacause the Bill to have the bankruptcy judges cramdown mortgages for our primary home has not passed.

We were evicted from our home of 20 years by the real estate agent that worked for the debt collection law firm who in turn was hired by Litton Loan Servicing Houston Texas and their Law Firm representing the lender’s interest.

In October 2008 as a demonstration of my protest, I chained myself to the front pillar of our house to express my disappointment over unjust rulings by judges and attorneys whom we paid a great deal of money & who sold us down the river. Resulting in the loss of our home. We were also waiting in anticipation to conclude our Chapter 7 asset estate in Bankrtupcy to cover all the debts owed to our creditors. To date, the Chapter 7 matter is still open and active.

The law firm representing the lender noted in his Motion for Relief Stay “in rem” that we were petitioners in bankrtupcy that were “schemers and frivolous filers” taking advantage of the system as we fought to keep our home from going to foreclosure. The lender foreclosed under a non-judicial trustee sale without our knowledge or notice on 2 events.  We were trying to do a good-faith work out which we now know was NEVER THE LENDER’S INTENTION to stop the foreclosure from moving forward.

We thought we were doing everything that was right under the laws that govern this country. After many false promises to do a work out to stay and keep our home from going to foreclosure the lender continued to lie about who actually purchased our note which I came to discover they did not know and foreclosed.

We have paid close to $1M for our house over the course of 20 years with nothing left in our retirement savings to show for our hard work. A house that served as a licensed day care home for foster care infants and after school children. A house that I raised my son and a shelter for our loving house pets.

We have been living with our neighbor next door fighting to get our house back that was wrongfully foreclosed on. We now know why the lender never intended to do a short sale. Because if they did they would be exposing their criminal acts. They cheated and stole our home despite our good faith showing to pay the debt.

What is most distressing is that despite our bankruptcy petition the lender went so far to have me arrested and taken to jail because we returned to our home after having no success with the state and bankrtupcy court to stop the Sheriff lock-out March 12, 2009.

Something must be done to stop the foreclosures and the stealing of people’s family homes!!

Legal representation in both state and bankruptcy court is difficult especially when you don’t have the money for competent legal representation.

We have asserted through the courts for the last 2 years that we are victims of mortgage fraud when we re-financed our loan to pay for business debts and other obligations to creditors.

When will YOU put a stop to evictions and foreclosures permanently?

How many letters of support from families across the nation do you need from people who were wrongfully evicted by the banks that have left 80,000 S.D. houses empty after foreclosure? Would it not be proper and just at this time to issue an Executive Order?

I urge you to please put a stop today this madness by the banks and other institutions so our economy can start to heal.

Despite all the hardships in fighting to keep our home we remain grateful for you as our president.

Thank you for all the good things you are trying to do for us. We understand and know the challenges you face to bring this country back to it’s feet. We want to help but it’s difficult when we have lost just about everything we worked so hard for.

When things settle down for us, I will resume doing what I’ve always enjoyed and that is volunteering in our community at the urging of you and our First Lady. Thank you for your letter.

Respectfully yours,

June Reyno/Freddie Reyno H/W

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  1. […] June Reyno – June 23, 2009 Letter to President Obama about my …Jun 23, 2009 … June Reyno – June 23, 2009 Letter to President Obama about my police arrest …. June Reyno, on September 7, 2009 at 11:36 am said: … […]

  2. We have been fighting Wells Fargo for over 2 yrs and held them off, have 11 Defendants incl W/F, employees, title co., foreclosing law firm, & others in a serious Federal Law Suit, NYS, So. District, for killing three sales on our $868,000.00 home in NYS. We have charged W/F of opertaing a criminal enterprise, fraud, violations of fed documents in our 64 page, single spaced 305 paragraph complaint. W/F & employees are currently in default for failing to answer even though they have been served 3 times at 3 major locations. We are fighting pro se, and have set up a major Website called “The Outlaw Lenders dot com” to help others facing the illegal practices being done by the lenders. Plz pass website to others or email us at TheOutlawLenders@SWVA.net
    This is a large website with legal papers, links etc. Thanks all for standing up to these national lenders who are helping themselves to the equity in our country. Its 2009, do you know where, or who, owns your original mortgage. FYI, even after foreclosure, if done on a copy of a mortgage like us, the “innocient holder of a note” can still come after you, years later. Even after foreclosure. Scott Webster

  3. Dear Ms. Florita Shue:

    Having an attorney that you paid a great deal of money to will not stop these mortgage servicing companies who work for the Banks unless he has knowlege and training in securitized loans. It is too often commonly reported that lawyers who collect retainers fees promise you the moon and do not deliver on your wishes to keep you inside your home whether or not you are at the pre-foreclosure or post-foreclosure stage in the process.

    Loan modifications seem to be the latest “craze” at this time by both the Obama administration and those agencies that have been approved for funding to Help Families Save Their Homes. What Mr. Garfield has noted for viewers on this blog site, I believe to be true because it sounds reasonable. And, any reasonable person can only draw the same conclusion that these loan modifications serve for the furtherance of making additional profit from the homeowners because a vast majority of the sub prime loans were considered to be toxic assets in the Banks balance sheets. These toxic non-performing loans that were at one time worth billions, if not trillions of dollars became worthless due to the defaulting homeowner borrowers whose sub-prime mortgages had reset to a level the homeowner could no longer afford.

    Borrowers who refinanced and borrowed on their “equity” because of our government induced inflated current market value “craze” at that time which gave homeowners the false confidence that housing values would continue to rise. Well, it didn’t and the sub-prime mortgage meltdown bubbled in October 2008 with the Banks asking the taxpayers for a handout to cover payments they no longer had the money to pay. Good debt became a bad debt because the could no longer borrow money to leverage the debt owed to Investors not necessarliy limited to only American taxpayers. In fact, many of the investors that were paid with the taxpayer bail out money were probably not residents of our country.

    This money you borrowed against your investment was used for maintaining
    the standard of daily living no matter the cost. Most, if not all went back to the demands of maintaining or achieving that certain standard of living. You borrowed ok your investment and the Banks borrowed on their investments right?

    The Banks collaterized YOUR mortgage and used your signature on those
    loans through the refinancing of your house however many times our government (U.S. Congress deregulation) allowed you to do it.

    This deregulation effort and failure by members of Congress to stop the financial defrauding of honest hardworking middle income taxpayers is attributed to the global economic collapse and the greatest heist in financial
    crimes of all centuries. The financial benefit only going to the orchestrators of the crime.

    This deception served to only benefit the greedy CEO corporate orchestrators of the fraud in order to control and enslave the middle income workers of America to do their bidding through the issuance of credit charging exhorbitant interest rates to feed their investment frenzy as only one example.

    If you and your attorney can find your mortgage loan for your investment property in the Banks balance sheets to show that it was NOT, I repeat NOT written off at the time the Lender claims you went into default on your mortgage contract–then the only conclusion one could reasonably draw is that as you were making your payments on time every time since the inception of your loan–the Lender/Investor/Bankster was collecting and using you hard- earned money placed in good faith to live in the comfort, security and enjoyment of your proud house that you purchased as an investor was NOT used for the specific purpose you understood it to be!

    That is called fraud in the inducement under law and therefore every USA homeowner borrower of CDO’s should receive back free and clear the collateral (your house or however many houses you purchased for investment signed under a mortgage contract with the investor).

    If the INVESTOR or what Neil refers to as the “REAL PARTY IN INTEREST” that signed your note WITH YOU cannot prove that your hard earned
    payments was paid directly to THE INVESTOR for proper credit to pay off your
    investment propery then you have the right under law to demand from the defendants that they return the collatetized debt obligation making it no longer your obligation but theirs to pay because the LENDER defrauded you by intentionally misapplying your monthly payments to an unknown source and used your good faith payments for the purpose of making someone rich by your signature on contract when this was probably not your understanding as like us upon signing the mortgage contract. Tell your attorney that you expect nothing less than to get your house back clear of all emcumbrances and liens and if he tells you anything different then tell him/her you want his fees reversed back to you!

    I reserve the right to amend my comments on this blog site since I do not have the capability from my Iphone to review without the risk of losing my comments above.

    June Reyno cell 858-361-2399

  4. Florita, email me directly at delchia@verizon.net with your specifics — bank, mortgage broker, servicer, etc. Is your attorney taking you through bankruptcy? Or in court to fight the foreclosurer? You are not alone. I have learned alot through my experience and maybe can give you (or your attorney) some points to stay out the bank’s tricks and traps to get title to your house. Have faith, it will keep you strong and get you through this. Del Chia

  5. To whom it may concern:
    I am in the same boat. I have spent my entire savings just to save my home which I used as a Residential CareFacility for the elderly. I have been working hard to maake it on my own without any help from the government, but when the economy went bad, I might lost everything I work hard for, for 24 years. I just hope the lawyer that’ I have will be able to do something to help me. I trust the LORD, and that’s all I can do.
    Please help me, I am all alone in this fight, I feel like I am losing the fight. THANKS
    Sincerely yours,

  6. Hello All:

    Our newly formed non-profit organization the “National Alliance of Homeowners for Justice” comprising of 5 Board Members is proud to co-sponsor and welcome the Garfield Keiser Foreclosure Defense Team to San Diego bringing homeowners and lawyers together at this event.

    This will be the 1st Kick-Off event in San Diego. I have no doubt that this educational seminar will bring a great sigh of relief to thousands of homeowners facing foreclosure in the San Diego/Los Angeles area. And with it, brings vital knowledge to lawyers that will teach them proven legal strategies for not only protecting homeowners who are desperate for the relief, but establishing legally that they may already own their homes free and clear of all mortgage encumbrances.

    There have been major changes in real property law and foreclosure defense as a result of the “securitization of loans” and third party servicing of mortgages. This will present a huge opportunity for attorneys to enlarge their practices, WIN MORE CASES, and earn substantial fees.

    We hope that EVERYONE IN THEIR RESPECTIVE COMMUNITIES will be planning to attend this vital and timely workshop to help distressed homeowners stay in their homes. If you cannot attend but plan to in the near future, please forward the information to EVERYONE you know giving them a “heads up!” on future events. EVERYONE will definitely benefit from this fast moving program which assimilates the knowledge from a million “hits” from the blog site into a usable format for attorneys and/or their legal assistant attendees.

    In 2010, Thousands of Homeowners Will Demand Their Homes Free and Clear WILL YOU OR A NEIGHBOR BE ONE OF THEM? COME TO THIS WORKSHOP AND BE PREPARED!!


    See that YOU are not alone fighting this mortgage war!
    Don’t walk away, fight and Stay!
    858-361-2399 E-mail: june.reyno@gmail.com

  7. Also remember Everyone Has Civil Rights & Liberties in Criminal Proceedings and making you take down that sign is a violation of your first amendment right not to mention your forth amendment right has been violated as well if the house is still in your name. Plus they would be guilty of defamation of character, slander of title, harassment etc… they did the whole mistrial thing because this is all a ploy to scare you away from what’s rightfully yours that & they already have their hands dirty so they are trying to make your hands look more dirty. Maybe you should go to the Bar with all this attorney misconduct. You know it has become apparent to me why it is close to impossible to as an individual citizen to get any justice in court being a pro se litigant, the judges (who at one point in time were attorneys) had spent so much time in law school as well as sucking up to whoever they had to and get mad that someone walks into their courtroom & demands the right to be heard as an individual citizen when it doesn’t properly comply with their special rules of federal, criminal or civil “procedure”. the judges are supposed to try the law how it is written not how they interpret it, so they happily accept bribery contributions and hand down raw deals to individual citizens because somehow with their big firms and bullying tactics they think that they are better than us and that somehow makes it all justifiable. Just look at some of the CM/ECF policies around that do not accept pro se filings or require a bar license number for registration, they look at themselves as advanced and us as primitive denying us any equality at every turn.plus if you look at the court activity before all this nonsense it was small but now they have plenty of business. look at California alone the ratio of creditor representation (who are passionately aggressive) to debtor representation (who are passively aggressive). I hardly call that equal justice. Justice isn’t blindfolded she’s wearing a ski mask! and that’s not a scale & a book she’s holding it’s a gun & a loot sack! Don’t Count on Obama for anything he’s a double agent working for the ” London Connection”. Just look at his empty promises to bring our troops home the minute after he got elected this was the result (warning this video is devastating) http://action2.bravenewfilms.org/salsa/track.jsp?v=2&c=JD0UpTD3OpwrgnZPZmSTK8ltg7R815JI

  8. If June had a proper lawyer from the start Mr Phillips would have had no work to do on her case, instead he would have had to go beat up on some other defenseless opponent, while he does all the foo fey paperwork passing off trick in front of the busy and co operative Judges. An educated pro se litigant would give you some things to think about, in a foreclosure case..

    June did not have proper lawyers in spite of the fact of her claim to have paid several lawyers. She took on the fight way too long in the battle, she allowed types like Mr Phillips
    to get the upper hand most likely the most common errors occurred and went un addressed, the plaintiff got away with murder, in most cases they have but, in many they have paid dearly and I remain a fighter willing and able to fight for a long time.

    I know bigger fish that Mr Phillips have fried under pressure, take a look at CITIGROUP Vs Accredited in a civil court and also look for accredited in BK at Delaware, study these cases well, follow them I am sure you will find some interest. There you can see what fighting for ones home is like.

    History is happening right before our eyes, CITIGROUP has closed it lending arm for eight days, to re engineer its system and will not resume lending till july 26, now think of this dear sir, CITI ?, Closed wow its on, or something is , is what I have to say. This is one very big pressure poing busting there.

    I love a good fight, but this fight has to be done right from the start to win, the battle is won in small parts one at a time, slowly. It will not be won in one big bash.

  9. Michael Phillips
    Since you are writing to the Superior Court Judge and a ‘former’ Federal Prosecutor in San Diego I think you better have your ‘facts’ to present to them with respect to the Reyno matter.

    These judicial types don’t appreciate ‘malicious’ ramblings.

    Have you gone to the District Attorney and filed an official complaint?

    By the way, are any of the banks or other entities involved in the Reyno matter under criminal grand jury investigation?

  10. To Michael Phillips:

    You forgot to mention the other victims, where bait n’ switch loan documents took place.

    And, that victims that didn’t know that their information and loan was placed into the secondary market for the world to see.

    And, that victims didn’t know that there were forged loan documents.

    And, that victims that didn’t know that their loan was restructured and renegotiated into a pool trust with other mortgages.

    And, that victims didn’t know there were bets placed on whether loans would default or not.

    And, that victims didn’t know that credit default swaps were purchased in hopes of loan defaults.

    And, that victims were paying their loan, while trustees and service providers colluded to manufacture defaults so the banks/wealthy gamblers would win their bets.

    So, Mr. Phillips, please let us know which ‘Superior Court Judge and former Federal Prosecutor’ you are writing to, so that we may submit the other side of this ‘planned’ crisis against the citizens here and in other nations as well.

  11. Dear Mr. Phillips: I don’t have the time to get into a war hear with you. I think most people were like me. Targeted. We sought advice on how to get out of an overheated real estate market in a house that was far from what some of the same kinds of homes were selling for here. Both my husband and I had been seriously injured in 2000, and could not do the work ourselves. We asked our Church Senior Pastors for a real estate agent for professional advice. Well, guess who was the “professional.” He was a con artist, pretending to be independent, on the dole from Wells Fargo, pretending to give us advice on what needed to be done to sell in the market. And he was going to help us coordinate our move as neither my husband or I can lift (now that we have screws in our neck from a careless driver). The size of the “loan” was determined by Lehman Brothers and Wells Fargo: everybody knew, except for us, we were not going to get help to move. We were not risky: Wells Fargo and its “goose-stepping” drones made us risky knowing full well we would default, they would get the equity, and a credit/interest default swap payoff. They never expected repayment — they gave the loan not for payment value, but default value. If you think a few “risky” borrowers brought a global economy to a standstill, then you are naive and easily deceived. This is no different than the S&L crisis: the banks got greedy and made seriously bad bets. And then stuck it to the taxpayer. The only difference here is that these are homes, not commercial buildings where you can pack up your desk and move on to new office space. People are losing everything they have worked their entire lives for so that some bank executives could spend millions decorating their offices with $50,000 trash cans. So please. Go back to your hornets’ nest. This is much more complex than the bad judgment of a relatively few “dead beats.”

  12. Go to Jail Mr. Reyno-In Fact, Prison is where you belong. And my Ignorant friends, who bought her story, shed tears for her, are the very sort of individuals that were passively complicit when they bought houses in an inflated market between, 2003-2005 as the prices were cresting, they are deserving of loosing their houses also. You are either ignorant or a manipulator as Reyno is.

    If you bothered to check Ms. Reyno’s background she took cash out loans on the property to build a real estate empire. Ostensibly, the loans would have required that she as a realtor fabricated income on stated loans. Ms Reyno is a greedy, manipulative nut job. She is a poster child for the greed of American homeowners, not for those innocent who lost their homes.

    Thus, I will be writing a Superior Court Judge and former Federal Prosecutor in San Diego. She needs to be convicted of 18 USC, Wire Fraud and receive at least 18 months of the total 30 years she could receive under the statute.

    Once again there are four classes of homeowners with failed loans, only one deserves to keep their home 1) Greedy people who were intentionally ignorant regarding the inflated market. 2) People who were intentionally ignorant when signing their loan with false information or with the belief that they were actually getting a 1% loan when a bank CD paid 4% 3) Someone who lost their job due to economic crash created by real estate market (deserves help) 4) People who are fiscally irresponsible or do not have the mental capacity to manage their finances.

    Go on keep it up, your going stir up the hornet’s nest (me) and I will get you nailed as an example of those people who attempt to manipulate the current plight of those who are real victims.

  13. I’ve faxed my letter to Obama already. I cut and paste June’s letter, inserted it into mine and vented my issues and also supported June.

    I’m advising not to write the White House using snail mail…they will screen it (anthrax etc.) and it will literally take 4 weeks to get to the White House. Use the fax as it goes direct to White House staff. I get responses from them!

    Let’ go folks!

  14. I agree fax is good. What may also help is if somekind of press release about the effort goes to every news outlet so as to notify others to do the same thing. Maybe we can swamp our representatives with faxes so that start paying attention to the people who got steamrolled by the banks and the truth gets out. Wells Fargo reminds me of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. And their press they send out about themselves and how above all of this they were reminds me of “koolaid.” I would like anyone’s opinion about this — June, have you been interviewed? Would you like to be? Would any of you? Send me a message at delchia@verizon.net.

  15. FAX of White House…other wise letters take 4 weeks to be screened when mailed to White House.

    This is faster and you will get a response

    Fax to President Obama at White House

  16. pro-se: google news of class actions. we are doing exactly what you are saying.

  17. I have contacted june reyno this morning by phone. we are planning to organize all homeowners who are facing foreclosure and in danger of losing their homes to sent letters to our elected politician to intervene this magnitude of foreclosure crisis that all we are facing. remember we are all victims of bank/lenders “FRAUD” we will not allow this giant banks/lenders again to manipulate us. it will be in our terms now. we have to fight until this “FRAUD” expose the banks of their crimes. contact me if you are interested in organizing our fights against foreclosures. bootsaniel1952@yahoo.com

  18. June & Freddie,

    I am heartbroken to read your story.

    I, myself, am fighting a foreclosure and am repulsed by the steady march of the banks, as they goosestep on the homes of everyday Americans.

    I will keep you in my prayers. I would like to send you a small something, in camaraderie & support. Do you have a post office box?

    Lisa E. (Pro Se, Florida)
    Lisa 508 at bellsouth dot net (trying to avoid spam)

  19. You know and forgive me for saying this but, Mr. Garfield seems to know alot about this ordeal. why doesn’t he and his followers due a class action. After all he preaches, he should be able to put a dent on this. Just a thought.

  20. Good luck June. unfortunately, Obama would not be able to help you. He’s a lawyer just like them and more or less everything he’s said till now has not happened. I wouldn’t count on him for anything. Keep fighting on your own. God bless.

  21. Jane,

    They are manufacturing loan defaults in order to win the bets they placed on whether the borrowers would default or not.

  22. Congratulations on taking this step, June and Freddie. I left an outline of a paper I am trying to finish– Banking on Default- Wells Fargo’s Role in the Subprime Crisis (under Due Process, Discovery and Burden of Proof). My family was targeted by Wells Fargo, by affinity fraud, and we have fought tooth and nail. We are losing. I feel like we are grasping at straws –all of the short– there has to be some kind of organizaed pressure we can as a group put directly on the President and Congress to stop this until the investigation is finished before the fruits of all this fraud are allowed to take root and become the status quo. (One Wells Fargo attorney told me “Don’t worry. It will get better.” I don’t think there has been enough public debate on whether we want the national banks to be our primary source for loans. The way things are setting up is it going to soon be an oligopoly. Anyway, if you or anyone out there is interested in organizing, please contact me at delchia@verizon.net. I will do anything you need to support you. Del Chia

  23. God Bless her and good luck dealing with the False Prophet on her case. Obama is more in the pocket of the Banking Lobby than any President in history.

    Good news for Maine homeowners. State of Maine passed emergency law going into effect June 15th, for mandatory foreclosure mediation between the Bank and Mortgagor. We can use this as further leverage as the State is now charging the Foreclosing banks (FNM and FRE) taking and selling homes Transfer tax that they were not previously being charged, and using this money towards mediation programs. Not sure what exactly but any leverage is needed.

    Onward and Upward.
    Dont walk away, fight and Stay!

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