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  1. please furnish me with the bankruptcy case in california and nevada?? about mers has no authority to forclose and citi has no right to collect payments???

  2. @Guy Cominsky

    Looked up the case number referenced in your posting… cannot find anything relevant to MERS or mortgages or anything.
    Please reply with the name of the court and parties involved so a more thorough search can be done. A link to the case would be even better!

    Civil Case Search
    Tue Jul 6 14:10:58 2010
    4 records found

    Search: Civil Case Search 2009 cv 0495 Ohio Page: 1
    Case Title Court Case NOS Date Filed Date Closed

    1 Williams v. Smith ohndce 1:2009-cv-00495 530 03/05/2009
    Williams v. Smith
    2 Baffoe v. Takumi Stamping, Inc. ohsdce 1:2009-cv-00495 442 07/15/2009 10/15/2009
    Baffoe v. Takumi Stamping, Inc.
    3 Hall v. Sheldon et al ohsdce 2:2009-cv-00495 550 06/17/2009
    Hall v. Sheldon et al
    4 Fernung v. Commissioner of Social Security Administration ohsdce 3:2009-cv-00495 863 12/28/2009
    Fernung v. Commissioner of Social Security Administration

  3. Does anyone have a way to contact the author of this document

    kevin_lamson@yahoo.com is no longer working.

  4. I need to know if there are any cases in Michigan specifically Oakland County where MERS lost?

  5. the us district court of southeastern oh in coleen brown vs saxon mortgage said according to usc 1692a6 states any person collecting or attempting to collect any debt owed or due or asserted to be owed or due another to the extent such activity (that is)concerns a debt which was not at default at the time it was obtained by such person–the term debt collector does not include assignee the court dismissed the case on grounds of saxon mortgage lack of standing

  6. I/m writing to you because i refinance my house which was purchase in 2005 for the amt$152.900. for 2 years peanlty my home value went up but since that i have clousure x 2 years i waited , then in 2007 a company FDPOU Mortgage here in deltona fl. i feel that i was convited to a fraud i trusted my broker one of was a friend of mine. i will like to help now i owed the 4 months rent and he wanted me to sign the deed and claim will not damaged my credit. i don’t trust none of the. metroplex inv, gelt fund inv and mr. gries inv. are the same complany first of all they sold my mortgage to one of the without sending me a misive i got last summer a phone call from mr gries on a sat. statying that he was my mortgage owen that do not keep sending my mortgage $ to gelt funding and gave an address i owned him 165.000 i ‘ m paying 20061.12 with 12.999 interest i don’t the value of my home right now is single home georgetown 4/2 garage spaces x 2/ capacity 2090 entire acre. in 2007 i asked him to modify my mortgage to help me out because my daugh lost her job and back them he agreed send a note for me to starting paying 1400 monthly i verbal agreed but then i called him back and asked him to lowed for 1200 which he agreed but the orinally paper work was never signed by me due to the fact that i called his off. mngt and asked her to re-do paper work with corrected amt but never issued. now i lost my job in Feb explained to him and he asked me to avoid foreclosure by signing my deed and i and my husb (disabled) said no to his petition and told him to proceed it with forclosure now this lawyer sent me about a breach has occurred under said note and mortgage due to failure to make the full required monthly payment due 7/1/08. therefore he is asking me for the entire amt from 2008 til now he claims i owed him 20,067.11. this represents the monthly payment for the months of 7/8/9/10/11/12 of 2008 and 1/2/3/4 of 2009. please help me out he called me the day before again asking to sign the deed in lie and that will allowed me stay in the house till is sold. and ocourse i did not agreed with him and i ‘m fighting this war till the end i invest in my house 17,000.00 which represent my kids education. thanks in advance

    the desperate lady asking for her

  7. where do i find that case, do you have link, i am going into a hearing pro se against us bank national association, for a summary judgement request. They have not satisfied any of my defenses. I would like more precedant for the hearing

  8. look up case n: 2009 cvo 0495 portage county ohio
    it’s being handled pro se but has a insider giving him info on how to beat the trustee, mers,sevicers etc

  9. Hi, Mr.Neil

    Please answer this

    Question:-Can a serviser foreclose on the Deed Of Trust.
    Question:- If final hearing was scheduled on 05/06/2009.The debtor was granted the discharge.Can movant submit for entry an order granting relief as to the chapter 7 trustee.
    Question:- Please comment on this order:-
    A preliminary hearing was held on 04/01/2009 on the motion of Indy Mac to enforce a deed of trust against the real property located at ———.The chapter 7 trustee, who has filed a report of no distribution, did not appear.The debtor who filed a prose response to motion, appeared in person.The debtor’s response raises a plethora of arguments.The debtor has, however,raised a possibly meritorious issue as to whether Indy Mac is the real party in interest and whether it has standing to enforce the deed of trust. Resolution of that issue–to the extent it is not mooted by the granting of discharge to the debtor in the interim–will require an evidentiary hearing.It is ,accordingly,
    1. The automatic stay is continued in full force and effect pending the earlier of (a) the granting of discharge to the debtor or (b) the court’s ruling at final hearing—-which shall be an evidentiary hearing at which witness may testify—to be held on 05/06/2009 at 11:00am. If the debtor is granted a discharge, no further hearing shall be held, and the movant may submit for entry an order granting relief as to chapter 7 trustee and determining that the automatic stay has terminated with respect to the enforcement of Deed of Trust against the debtor’s interest in the property, but without prejudice to the debtor’s right to challenge, in any court of appropriate jurisdiction, the movant’s right under applicable non bankruptcy law to enforce the deed of trust.
    2. The clerk will mail a copy of this order , or give electronic notice of its entry to the parties listed below.
    Date 04/09/2009 Sd—
    United Bankruptcy Judge
    Entered on Docket:04/09/2009

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