Happy Birthday to our Founder – Neil Garfield

Homeowners who have been equipped to fight by this blog


Lawyers That “Get It” who have gained new clients and won cases

Perhaps we might honor this man’s efforts at shining the light of truth on the fraud that is being perpetrated on the American public and his efforts to rally and educate competent lawyers by clicking the link at the top of the front page and filling out the donation form today. There is still much work to do we have only begun the fight.

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Happy Birthday Neil

Co-Editor: Brad Keiser and the Livinglies staff

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  1. Happy birthday, and many more birthday wishes special greetings to neil..

  2. […] Happy Birthday to our Founder – Neil Garfield « Livinglies’sFebruary 20, 1937 Robert Huber, Munich Germany, biochemist, Nobel 1988; February 20, 1937 Roger Penske, auto racer; February 20, 1936 Larry Hovis, Wapito Wash, comedian, Gomer Pyle, Hogan’s Heroes; February 20, 1936 Marj Dusay, [Mahoney], Russell, Kansas, actress, Kate-Bret Maverick; […]

  3. Neil,
    Happy belated birthday! Hope you have many more.God bless you for all your hard work and dedication to this site and to all of the staff that works with you.You have helped me and so many others.Keep up the good work.Best Kim Thomas

  4. Happy belated birthday Neil.
    I need HELP! I have been handling my foreclosure case in Florida, Pro Se.
    I am in urgent need of legal advice, would you please contact me to discuss my case. Time is running out for an action to the Judge’s final order in favor of the Bank. The note is not the original nor does it have a certificate of authentication, the Judge simply says it looks real to him. The mortgage assignment which was produced months later than the filing of the complaint was executed over a month after filing the foreclosure complaint.. The court chooses to overlook these facts,. What can I do, the order was never mailed to me, the Judge has pulled my file from the clerks office, They are hoping I will miss crucial dealines for additional notices which I have a right to file, this has been the process throughout the entire proceedings. They tried to have me default, that did not work, now they are trying to make me miss the filing deadlines. PLEASE ADVISE.

  5. Oh wow, sorry I missed this one – Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday to you 🙂 I know it’s late however I hope it was great – as are you. Thank you, thank you, bless you for this site and your willingness to share the wealth of knowledge you possess.

  6. Happy belated birthday.

  7. Ok….I finally found my posts. Panic is over for now.

  8. Happy birthday….but..I have a COMPLAINT. Since you changed the way your website looks, I can’t find where my posts are. HELP!!! I’m looking for Mortgage Audit. He was going to help me with Flagstar Bank issues.


    And wishing you many more fantastic years to come! 🙂

    Thanks for your guidance, inspirations and leadership.

  10. Happy ( Belated) B-DAY Neil

    Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!! Helping Others.

    Okay, Now throw some training down TEXAS way.

    Judicial Officials are either playing dumb or just plain dumb (getting kick-backs) ! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  11. Happy Birthday Neil!
    Thank you for leading the charge.

  12. A Very Happy Birthday Neil! I sincerely hope that you start feeling better soon! I will forever be in your debt for all the “education” I have received from you and your site.

    Thank you!

  13. Happy Birthday Neil! You are an inspiration to me and countless others. Thanks a million times over for all you are giving in the way of educating and training us who aspire to help others in this mortgage meltdown.

    You are a blessing and I pray that you are abundantly and overwhelmingly blessed for the hope, revelation, wisdom and justice your efforts are releasing.

    Thank you!

    Catherine King

  14. Happy Belanted Birthday to you!! Hope it was celebrated with the upmost love, warmth , and inspiration as you bring those same aspects to the people that view this blog and benefit from your comments this forum has provided. Enjoy, you deserve it!

  15. Happy Birthday, fellow Pisces! Neil, you’re in interesting company!

    Many Happy Returns!


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  16. Happy Birthday! and Thank you for your caring and willingness to share your knowledge with others. You are truly an inspiration to us all.

    Thanks again!!

  17. Happy birthday to you professor. You have educated an army of students who are now taking your cause forward to the chargrin of the powers that be. You ahve given us the confidence to stand up to snubby attorneys and sometimes bankruptcy trustees. Without your classes many of us would have lost our homes by now. Keep up the good work as we are the willing foot soldiers. May God continue to bless you.

  18. Happy Birthday Neil.

    You have been a blessing to many many people and I’m greatful to know you.

  19. h’ppy b’day………………keep up the great work.u have helped ppl to have hope……….GOD BLESS

  20. Happy birthday, Niel! All the best – you deserve it!


  21. happy bday 🙂

    after witnessing lawyers who are selling their clients to the lowest bidder on behalf of a good working relationship with their colleagues, and the selling out of consumer rights to an easy pay check

    Your efforts, your willingness to teach and the glorious attempt to educate us is not being missed.

    Keep up the fight we do need you and we continue sharing your knowledge.

  22. Miriam:

    CNN is correct, 10,000.000 got together one day over drinks and created a scheme to defraud banks. We all somehow new exactly what to write on the application in order to defraud the banks and we also profited from securitizing all these loans.

    People, please come clean and spend all this money. Go pay your houses off and buy a boat, a Ferrari and whatever makes you happy. Go take vacations, call your congressman and tell them that you want to donate excess funds you have. Send CNN and other networks some money to keep the channels open. Call our savior, Mr. Obama and tell him that its not neccessary to spend all this money to bail out the poor little banks WE defrauded and that WE are going to pay for it all; wait a minute….WE just did… oh well, pay some more after all its a crime to defraud our valuable banks. Since lawyers don’t brake the law, they are not in foreclosure. They didn’t defraud the banks the way WE did. What’s next?

  23. Paul and everyone else. Not sure how you all got m y birthday but it was a very pleasant surprise to gt so many good birthday wishes. All my kids and other relatives called me to sing to me. It was the worst music I ever heard — except for next year. 🙂

  24. Neil, you get a one day hiatus for your birthday, and then it’s back to providing the premier/ultimate/trustworthy source of foreclosure defense on the net.

    Happy Birthday!

  25. Happy birthday!!!
    Great site!!!


  26. Happy Birthday Neil! Thanks for everything you’ve done! Roger Rinaldi and Family

  27. Happy Birthday Neil. Wish you and family excellent health and happiness for years and years to come. Gone to your seminar in Napa recently. It was a pleasure to have met you.

  28. Happy Birthday Neil! Hope you are getting well rested and enjoying retirement. Thank you again for everything.

    Dan Edstrom

  29. Happy Birthday Neil and many more to you.

    A true American patriot.

  30. Neil, Thanks for all your time, effort, and dedication. You are the other side of the coin, that shows the HOPE and Justice we all need and deserve.

    Watching TV News last night made me and my husband sick.
    According to CNN greedy homewners are to be blamed for creating this mess when buying houses they could not afford. Every News Channel only mentioned greedy and irresponsible homeowners. No mention whatsoever of the dirty game the banks are playing with our mortgages.
    We have to stand up and let the world know the whole truth about the biggest robbery ever known in the US History ! !
    Thank You Neil for giving us the lknowledge and strength to continue fighting and send the message to those who still don’t get it.

  31. Neil………………In all honesty can words express what you have done???????????I was watching CNN the other night when former President Clinton was speaking…………..His Library or whatever enterprise that he is involved in………..gives degrees in Public Service…………My question is,
    when can we celebrate your Masters and PHD in Public Service????????You have equipped so many…………..informed us…………and continue to guide us…………I nominate you………..as………..Humanitarian of the Year……….

    God’s Speed

    Person of the Year, someone who makes a difference….in the lives of others……things that make you go……….hum…….hum…..hum

  32. Happy Birthday……..Neil……..Mr. Garfield…………..You are the BEST………..Are still getting the rest you need?……….You really need to get fortified………..One Love……………….

  33. Happy Birthday…………….Mr. Garfield…………..You are the BEST…………

  34. Happy Birthday…………….Mr. Garfield…………..You are the BOMB………………….

  35. Happy Birthday…………….Mr. Garfield…………..You are the BOMB………………….

    Downing in Arizona

  36. Happy Birthday and Many Happy returns of the day.


  38. I wish you a happy birthday and hope you have many more to come.

    Hope you had a wonderful day

    Best Wishes as always-

    Lyndsey and Tom

  39. Hi Neil, wish you the very best to you and your dear wife. I am greatful for your knowledge sharing and know that would be impossible without the backing of your wife. Take care my man.

  40. Neil, Happy birthday!

    Thanks to you and Jeff Barnes, I’m writing this note from my home office instead of from a homeless shelter.

    Many blessings to you and your family.

  41. Hi Neil:

    Happy Birthday. You are the best gift to struggling homeowners. You deserve a great gift for what you have and continue to do. May you and yours be blessed.





    Because of you, I am attempting to saved some homeowners from foreclosure in East TN. I have ruffled some feathers and trotted in undisturbed waters! Wish me luck in court – all in your name!! I review your site every night! Awesome ! Keep up the good work to educate us newbies and helping the homeowners!
    Pam H from TN- I wish you many many more!!

  44. May many thousands of blessings rain down upon you and permeate your being .And may love health and prosperity saturate every cell of your body.Happy Birthday Neil !! From James ,Paula Emily and Lilly

  45. Happy Birthday Neil!

    I am a BIG fan of yours, thank you for the information we, the people, need to Fight to save our homes!

    Protecting the american dream of homeownership should remain a focal point of our economic recovery!

    Keep up the good work!

  46. Happy Birthday Neil! I will definitely have to buy you a celebratory libation next time you are here in sunny Florida. Gator

  47. Happy Birthday Mr. Garfield! You’re 29, again… ? You’re crazy as a fox (as I raise a beer, or two, in your honor).

  48. Happy Birthday Mr. Garfield! You’re 29, again… ? You’re crazy as a fox (as I raise a beer in your honor).

  49. Neil,

    Happy birthday, and many happy returns.

    Steve Cisko
    San Diego, CA.

  50. Happy Birthday Neil! Many more!

    If it was not for this site….I’d be homeless right now….probably pushing a shopping cart.

    I continue to learn from your site and fight!



  52. Happy birthday to Neil,Happy birthday to Neil,Happy birthday to Neil,happy birthday to you.Health,wisdom and success are my wishes to you Neil.

  53. Happy birthday!!!!

    Thank you for this great service. May you live a long and happly life.

  54. Mr. Garfield,
    Just want to say that your website has giving me the knowlegde to understand what is really happening to people and more important, the knowledge to fight
    the for what is right. Your seminar was excellent as well. I want to take this opportunity to thank Joseph at the Loan Compliance Advisory Group for the loan audit, and also for guiding me to you.

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