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  1. Doing a HAMP mod and not doing a full contract mod I would never do. A HAMP mod is not a full contractual agreement and at the end of the day after making payments a bank can say you didn’t qualify and foreclose. Agreeing to a HAMP mod gives the bank the keys to take you home because in most cases they could not prove the person entitled to enforce to start with. Once you agree to a HAMP mod now they can. Also if all the original Deed was severed and lost and you were able to pay off the home the bank can never send you proof of payoff. In addition once you have recognized fraud why would anyone pay into it that is aiding and abetting and that is a felony.

  2. I have been doing Mod for 2 years and have been very succesful with it in that I have successfuly assist 20 or more homeowners in pre-trial mod to permanent mod.. Citi Mortgage have been in my opinion the most
    cooperative and consistent. Bank of America is by far the worst. All the loans that have not been modify in the last two years have been BOA Borrowers. Chase is second on the list, but in one instance the Servicer for Chase EMC restart a foreclosure sale after 16 Months of pre-trial and permanent Mod with the homeowner not missing any payments….They claim they did not received the 4506T and when we proved that they did, they say the homeowner is not paying as agreed. We submit front and back cancelled checks, but in two days, they managed to get the Judge to resigned the order for foreclosure sale and notifiey the homeowner after the fact. Now they are again considering doing another Mod…

    The one word that best describe this is INCOMPETENT!

  3. I have been aware of the criminal activities by the big banks and would like to be informed of anything on Chase who is really the worst of the lot of them.
    Chase developed the scheme of credit default swops.

    Big suprise there? The predatory “OIL SHIEKS” country club for raping the american public” (Citibank) isn’t helping anyone and has no intention to. They just want you to pay to maintian, insure and protect their asset until it returns to value. Trouble is the lies they induced us all with to start making payments on the trial period are just that, lies and in two years you will be paying over value payments on a dwindling asset. DON’T HELP THESE RAPISTS WHO RECIEVED 100 BILLION DOLLARS OF OUR TAX MONEY TO COME OUT OF THIER PIRACY CLEAN WHILE WE LOSE OUR SHIRTS. Of all the banks there is none as predatory or dishonest as Citibank. In the last twenty years I have headed up groups that cost one bank $250,000,000 for their predatory practices. Cost a major hotel chain $10,000,000 for predatory practices. Kept the owner of one of the worlds largest newspapers from developing sensitive coastal property despite their spending millions on false information and reports to circumvent the peoples desires. NUMBERS ARE THE ONLY DEFENSE AGAINST CORRUPT JUDGES AND COMMISIONS. “WE KNOW” Where Citibank is concerned only numbers will work. Fortunately there are hundreds of thousands of us who they are dealing with in “bad faith” with no intention of helping at all. If you have a JUMBO LOAN they are only looking for a property maintenance contract where you pay them and all the expenses. There is no guarantee of future ownership, principal reduction, what happens when propert values do increase and many other deliberate gray areas and planned lies. Wake up! It is time to act before you lose your home from some scheme by Citi. Look for “SUE CITIBANK.COM AND .ORG” soon.

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