Livinglies site is not only for the skeptics enjoyment and those seeking sources of underground legal entertainment. Damn it people it works.

By Maher Soliman 

Living lies recently posted an outstanding (according to our counsel) well prepared Motion to set aside judgment which we used to file after entry of judgment for a UD hearing that did not end up favorable. We filed six motions total to date and we are five for six when filed.


The most recent effort to bring life back into a wrongful foreclosure was a late filing on Friday January 31th 2009. The trustor now holdover was prepared to meet her fate on the following Monday as the sheriffs order to vacate the subject dwelling was scheduled and likely to occour early in the am.  We typically come back to court now no later than one month subsequent to the last court date with the motion. I understand in some circumstances you can file it years after the case has been closed by the courts. 
We filed this one after two weeks subsequent to the courts ruling against. 

The documents were filed with a half hour to go before the court closed. The trustor called to tell us she got the documents filed as were prepared and signed off by counsel last minute.

While driving home the party was calling to inform us of her apprehensions of moving and concerns for coming to grips the party was over. Brenda Michelson from our office  took the livinglies opportunity and chance to the client and was on the phone with the party as she pulled up to the home to find the order to stay the matter was already posted to her door. IT HIT! Needless to say we are going back to court in a few weeks’ and the order to stay is good through February. 

Livinglies site is not only for the skeptics enjoyment and those seeking sources of underground legal entertainment. 

Damn it people it works. 

Respect the courts as lay persons and follow procedures. If this is all new to you get an attorney to just over see you and one like Susan Rabin Esq who is willing to cooperate. That’s all and the rest should fall into place. 

Maher Soliman

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  1. Liliana,

    By chance is your litigation
    in Calif? If so, could I
    get your Attorney’s

    Either way I wish you
    the best, these ARE

    Thank you.

  2. Hi folks, its me again. I would like to start a record of what is possible a won battle already. Regarding my “Loan Modification” with Wells Fargo.

    I contacted a lawyer found on this site and I feel very possitive that he knows what he is doing. According to him, there is nothing to forclose and the las Deed of Trust was recorded in April 2004 I went my self to my County records and that is the last one recorded ever. I refinanced on april 2007. That meas that the house has been paid off and that wells fargo IS NOT the holder of a NOTE because there is NO NOTE and THERE IS NO LOAN TO MODIFY. Like I previously said. I will update you on this but first please wish me luck. Please give moral support.

  3. I received a 1099-A after a property was foreclosed in Florida, I would be very interested in learning further about a potential wrongful foreclosure action. Any one have some suggestions?

  4. BT:
    Check out this link. The debt relief act of 2007 specifically exempts your principal residence. If it is your principal residence you are probably in the clear. There are additional exemptions for other property and you will just have to access you situation.,,id=179414,00.html

  5. I have not read any avenues of defense for the “lenders’ sending out wrong 1099’s or sending out “forgiven” debt IRS docs, and how to fight against this or how to claim wrongful foreclsure defense with these two items…Its one thing to loose a property, then later to get hit with taxes on the debt, for wrongful forreclosure. Please make a post on this topic

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