Ohio AG Files Suit AGainst Loan Mod Predator: Be Careful!!!

Ohio AG Files Suit Against Loan Modification Firm For Violations Of State Consumer Statutes; Homeowners Clipped For Upfront Fees Averaging $650
From the Ohio Attorney General’s Office:

The Ohio Attorney General filed a lawsuit [last Friday] to stop a foreclosure rescue business from continuing to victimize consumers throughout the state. The lawsuit, filed in the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, alleges that James R. Van Putten, doing business as “Please Save My Home” in Conneaut, Ohio, violated Ohio’s consumer protection laws by engaging in unfair and deceptive practices. The complaint alleges violations of the Consumer Sales Practices Act, the Telephone Solicitation Sales Act, and Debt Adjusters Act.

Van Putten obtained the names of homeowners in foreclosure from court records and used direct mail to solicit his services. The mailing stated: “Regardless of your present mortgage or loan situation, we will be able to assist you by arranging a repayment plan to bring your loan current” and “Call Today & Save Your Home.”

Van Putten then entered into contracts through which he promised to save the consumers’ homes from foreclosure by obtaining and providing loan modifications, legal representation, and forbearance agreements. Consumers paid, on average, $650 for Van Putten’s services. The Attorney General’s investigation found that consumers did not receive the promised services.
For the press release, the accompanying lawsuit, and copies of the correspondence and contract used by the foreclosure rescue operator (Exhibits A thru D), see Mortgage Rescue Company Sued for Consumer Fraud.

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  1. My name is James Mollette around 8 years ago I did a second mortgage on my house. My first mortgage was through Kentucky Housing a goverment program. CIT group financial is the one that did my second mortgage and American Liberty financial was the broker. when I applied for the loan I told them they had to get permision from Kentucky Housing to do a second mortgage. The broker called me and said I was approved for the loan. About two years later I lost my job. I was unable to pay my loan. Around 3 years later i found out that CIT group had wrote off my loan as bad cradit. In December of 2007 United Mortgage & loan investment, llc said they bought my loan and sued me .Befor my first court date I called them. We came to an agreerment over the phone for a payoff of 40,000.00. I was in Afaghainastian working at the time. I told them that I could not be in court .He told me not to worry about it we had agreement for $40,000. Even if they got a judgement against me.I had a loan company to call for a written payoff he was told it would be around 40,000.00 to 45,000.00 that they had to add lawyer fees and it would take a few days to get the paper work done. When my court day came they got a judgement against me for around $64,000. They broke there agreement with me when I called them back a supervisor told me to kick my son out of collage, kick my wife and my kids out and make them get jobs. He really got nasty. I hired a lawyer to fight this when I got copies of my loan I found out that CIT group & the broker did not get permission from Kentucky Housing to do a second mortgage. I have been trying to fight this in court but everything I have tried the judge has over ruled me. They sold my house on the court house steps I was in Iarq when this happened I didn’t know that they was going to sell my house. The master commissioner advertised my house in the news paper as a 1974 mobile home in fact a house trailer they also took a lot that I bought from the state highway depertment. They combined them together as one. My property tax on my house is $80,000 and $17,000 on my lot. The commissioner appraised both properties for $35,000. I have two seperate deeds for the house and the lot behind it. My loan was on my house only. They have took everything from me. On friday 21 of November 2008 I apealed the appraise vaule, the judge over ruled my apeal. After court I called United Mortgage to let them know about what the commissioner did and how they sold my house. They said they still owned my house that they was the highest bider. Then they told me that they have been talking to Mr. Tramel. Mr. Tramel is the person that bought my house at the court house steps. The commissioner appraisor came to my house around 3 days before the sell. My wife told him that she didn’t know nothing about the sell. When he left he stoped next door at a book store that Mr. Tramel owns. Mr Tramel was the only person that knew what was being auctioned off. Also I found out on Friday the 21st of november that United Mortgage & loan investment, llc is not a mortgage company that they are only a debt collector. I was mislead because I was under the impression that they were a mortgage company.I filed three motion in JOHNSON CIRCUIT COURT they was heard on FEB 06 2009 #1 MOTION TO FILE NEWLY DISCOVERED EVIDENCE #2 NOTICE TO FILE A MOTION UNDER RULE NUMBER 60.02 on mistake that was made on the sale of my house. #3 MOTION TO AMEND THE ORDER TO DISTRIBUTE FUNDS. When the judge called my case I went in front of him to show my evidence I stated my name and started to give him my evidence I handed him some papers, he laid them to the side.Mr Charles K Belhassen The ATTORNEY for Mr. Trammel stated his name and said he was there for Mr Trammel .He said he filed motion to take owner ship of my house. The judge ask me how much time I needed to move.I said that i was there on the motion to show my evidence to keep my house. The judge said motion denide. I ask the judge if I could show my EVIDENCE .He said motion denide.The judge ask how much time I needed to move in.I ask again don`t I get to plead my case .The judge said the qustion is how much time do you need to move in.I said i guest 30 days.Mr. Belhassen said that Mr Trammel would give me plenty of time.The judge said you have 20 days to move in. I ask again don`t I get to plead my case.The judge looked at me and said MOTIONS DENIDE. The Lawyer for the plaintiff ( United Mortgage & loan investment, llc) did`t show up. United Mortgage & loan investment, llc are the ones that I filed my motion againts. United Mortgage & loan investment, llc has got judgements againts me when i wasn`t able to show up for court but when they dont show up they still win.

  2. Does anyone know of legit Mortgage Modification companies?

  3. There are organizations like these ones everywhere.

    There is one here in The Washington DC Metro offering 100% results, they charge $4,000 a pop and they never check documents or anything. I just had a family who lost their home on December 17th, and on the 15th the Modification firm was asking for more money since they had spent additional time on their file. The client went back to get their file and the people of these firm refused to give them copies, allegedly saying those papers and letters were not their property. Also after we checked the alleged attorney involved in this scam we were able to find out he had been disbarred in California and DC and now somehow he is practicing in VA. We have reported the case to the Virginia Bar Association. Let us see what happens.

  4. I’m glad the OH AG is cracking down. Now who wants to go in with me, filing complaints to the CA AG against Citadel International?

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