Give them a copy of your money if they think a copy is sufficient. If they want real money, demand a real note.

Good comment from reader. I would add though that merely having a copy of the note is insufficient for many reasons. Merely having an allonge is insufficient if it was not attached to the note at the time of execution and if it did not stay attached from that time forrward. Merely having an original of the note creates a rebuttable presumption that the holder is a holder in due course. That presumption is immediately rebutted by the presentation of SEC filings showing that the loan was securitized. Many of not most production of an allonge or assignment are created for presentation in court and not at the imte of the “transaction.” These are forgeries or frauds upon the court.

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  1. Better yet just say or send them a letter stating that you would like to pay off the whole so called debt (ask for the amount). then tell them your giving your bank authorization and when the ask for the account number tell them it’s confidential.

  2. what if we give file a “Copy” in our answer …..
    That would get the judges attention …. The secret service would be all over that

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