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Florida Bar Approves Garfield Continuum for 9.5 CLE Credits

Lawyers Workshop Registration Form – November 2, 2009

Homeowners Workshop Registration Form – November 1, 2009

What Lawyers Are Saying About Neil Garfield\’s Seminars


REQUIRED READING: appraisal-fraud-and-industry-standards-described-in-2003-official-white-paper-red-flags-described-in-detail-with-excellent-diagrams-explanations-and-descriptions-of-best-practices

Work and Play in Sunny Clearwater Beach FL

How to Save $$ while attending Garfield Event(s) Clearwater Beach FL November 1-2, 2009

* Reserve Workshop Seat prior to Oct 23, 2009 for Early Bird discount on Registration

* Mention Garfield’s Foreclosure Defense Group when reserving rooms to get special Group Rate of $99

* Check  into flying into  Tampa/St. Petersburg and other airports within a short drive multiple airports in the area 

* Consider Southwest Airlines only $200-$300 for RT


Note: If you are planning to attend it would be wise to book early. Experience has shown us that sometimes a large number of lawyers show up at these workshops intending to register at the door. We don’t want you driving two hours only to find out we don’t have a seat for you.

PURCHASE 600 PAGE ATTORNEY WORKBOOKS: Request to Purchase Lawyers Workshop Handbook-v4 0909








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  1. Neil when are you planning on coming to Santa Monica, if at all?

  2. I have been watching your website over the past few months, and would like to request the help of your participants/readers and professionals. Based on life circumstances, I became aware of unethical misrepresentation, fraud, non-disclosure of business affiliations by several professionals we encountered and worked with when we purchased our home in Florida. The individuals included, the Buyers Agent, “Well” known mortgage company (Broker), Nationally known New Home Builders Sales Representative, Local Real Estate Broker, Appraiser, and Title Company operating as a shell company for a large Worldwide Title Company who has since been ordered to cease and desist the operation of 28 shell companies in Florida 11/2007 and fined $5M from the Office of Insurance Regulation.

    In October 2007 I began to write to several regulatory agencies within the state of Florida including, HUD Inspector General, Florida Real Estate Commission, Department of Professional & Business Regulation (DPBR), I filed a SAR with the FBI Website (I was asked to provide additional information-which I gathered and mailed), Florida Attorney Generals Office-Consumer Protection, U.S. Attorney’s Office-Middle District FL, Economic Fraud Division in Tampa, Florida Association of Realtors, Florida Office of Financial Regulation and the Office of Insurance Regulation.

    In July 2008 I received two letters from two separate divisions of the DPBR stating that our complaint was found to be “legally sufficient” and that investigations were to begin against the realtor (seller) and the appraiser. Since the caseload is overwhelming the realtor to be investigated has not begun yet. With all due respect, although I have spoken with the Investigations Specialist on the phone, the backlog is huge and seems to be going nowhere for now. The complaint against the appraiser was investigated and “probable cause has been found” and a complaint from the DBPR, Division of Real Estate v. the Appraiser was filed on 11/2008. The appraiser has retained an attorney and the case is awaiting a hearing.

    It wasn’t until our family was faced with the need to sell our home that we uncovered a perpetual web of deceit. It seems our home was comped against non-comparable properties and inflated approximately $140K. Therefore we had no alternative but to pull our home off the market 2/2008 as we stood to loose our entire cash down payment. It is my goal to shed light on all parties and make them accountable for their actions. Not only has this happened to our family but records show that other families in our community were also taken for their entire cash down payment. Unfortunately I do not believe they are aware of the games that were being played and I am not legally ready to approach them. I have been searching for a law group or an attorney who is willing to take on this case in a civil suit starting with the appraiser. Can you help? Time is of the essence as there are now time limitations on filings once we became aware of this mess. Please Email me at Your input is appreciated!

  3. Brad handles all of the CLE approvals with the state Bar Associations tip of the fedora to Brad

  4. Way to go, Learned Counsel, getting CA to grant approval of CLE credits for The Garfield Continuum!

    Bodes well.

    Let’s get more folks on board before the game changers change the game!


    PS What happened to the hyperlinks to GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT and NEWS? Please support PRO SE efforts, victories and accomplishments on this blog!

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