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  1. Hey Yall!!!…., Check this link out again. Let’s reinterate it until the cows come home. CBS may be our ticket for uncovering this Mortgage Mess with a Homeowners perspective as victims of Foreclosure Fraud. While these goons are opening more store fronts to get their (Ducks) Docs in a row to steal more Homes, by telling owners they will modify their loans and for want? Countrywide is very busy not offering modifications, which is in part of a CA vs. Countrywide settlement, but who wants to go that route? I am still trying to clear my name as an ID Theft victim of a Wall Street IB, it was fifteen months of being homeless with my children, only two months ago we are now bless to have a roof over our heads. Thanksgiving Dinner was great!!! and we are looking forward to watching lots of good movies and Having a wonderful Christmas Dinner together, I never thought a air mattress could feel so good. You see, the goons put all of our belongings in storgage after an unlawful, eviction and violated court orders, I even paid them in full for our belonings, only later they auction everything we own. We are so grateful to make through the storms, but I am not done with my case against these NY Rats, they have been jumping from one garbage truck to another and hiding behind garbage cans in the alley’s of their streets, going to best resturants for a meals, (Puts me in the mind of a Disney movie about Rats), waiting for a ride on the next garbage truck. -Henry P. is the Fox that guards the hen house, give me a break!! Talk about being in the trenches of this Country, a refugee in your on City, your on State. At the time,my situation was no different than the victims of Hurricane Katrina or the Fire victims of Southern California we all lost everything and the Insurance Companies took care of the Banks but not US. The News Media, County Recorders Offices and my elected officials turned on me, not to Speak, See ,or Hear any evil. SENDING OUT AN SOS!!!


    SEE YOU ON THE RADIO MARIO, “Break a leg ” (lol)

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