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Wow! Nice to see when your efforts pay off. After only 6 seminars on the Garfield Continuum Seminars, and recruiting on the blogsite, we are pleased to report that new lawyers are joining the network every day. Please give us your feedback on experiences with any of them. Some of these either duplicate or supplement the list that is already up under the Lawyer’s Who Get It page. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR MAKING THIS MOVEMENT A SUCCESS.

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  1. My friend is in foreclosure with a lost note complaint.No Assumption on record and a trust company comes in with the suit.The trust co has no standing.The bank has no permission to do business in the state and Lehman is bk.

    So then the Service company calls her to tell her she is not in foreclosure.

    But there is a pending case open.

    These banksters are just full of every ring aroung the roses trick in the book.

    Look out they will steal your house if you fail to fight.

  2. Cece,

    Not just Wachovia, but all these banks and so-called “lenders” are the biggest bastards on Earth. They will screw you over just because they can, and they’ll get sadistic pleasure out of doing it. They are criminals, and they are evil … every last one of them. Don’t trust anything they tell you, I’ve heard of too many people being lied to by their “lender” … only to find their house got sold out from under them.

    It used to be, the bank didn’t want your house back, but all that seems to have changed for whatever reasons. I have my own theories on that, which I won’t get into here.

    As far as attorneys, most of us are having a very difficult time at best getting one, much less one on contingency or pro-bono. So we’re trying to handle our cases pro-se. It can be done, and here in Calif we have a group of us who’ve pulled together to try and help each other out.

    Email me anytime if you like.

    Steve Cisko
    San Diego, CA.

  3. Oh my GOD wachovia IS the devil !

    they actually calle dme last week and offered me a loan modifications.
    i believed them and gave them all my info.
    they told me they WERE giving it to me.
    now today they called and told me their underwriters are turning down the modification !

    this isnt what they told me !
    so i had a week i couldve bene working on my foreclosure defense and LOST that week becaus ei thought it was guaranteed.

    i am in shock.

    so this is a warning that Wachovia is PRETENDING to offer mods, but then turn them down.

    also i am a woman with a feminine name and am listed as a man on my mortgage doc. wachovia WOULDNT speak to me about my predatory loan even after faxing in drivers license many times.

    i will come out on top i just cant believe how full of crap wachovia is.

    oh an di need a good pro bono in pennsylvania

  4. Hi guys, Steve, Mario and Jose, so comforting to know we have somewhere to meet. You guys are all correct, we need to give back to our communities and share our pleadings, complaints, failures and successes as this is the only way we will beat these greedy beast that have decimated our neighborhoods. We all must support Neil’s web page and help out as much as we can and when we can. We are so pleased to tell you all that we have found relief from this web page and are finally, at last, being represented by a honest, ethical lawyer that we found right here on this blog, thank you Neil for the blessings and we pray that we will be able to give in the upcoming months as we have received so much from this site for which we are, and remain eternally grateful!

    We are so grateful this blog has helped organize lawyers to fight the good fight, and, fight the right fight, at least they can be part of the cure and not the problem as many of the lenders lawyers tend to be throwing salt on the wounds instead of encouraging the lenders to settle.

    Our relief could not have come at a better time as the judge in our case, a judge who according to everyone of his orders issued in civil complaints, (yes, we read them all), rules almost always, in favor of large corporations and business as a rule of thumb. Our judge threatened us that he was going to dismiss our case with prejudice even though he admitted our claims had merit, thus, a TIL claim that would have been litigated….and, while we have learned, we could still file the claim again, and after going thru this now for five very long years, we did not want to have to go thru the months and even years of having to convince the court of appeals of our right to litigate the claim to its end.

    On a much sadder note, it is absolutely repulsive our government has stipulated in the bailouts that NONE….of the monies may be used to assist consumers affected by mortgage fraud and deception in bringing their legitimate defenses and claims against the lenders and the foreclosures. We cannot understand why…..our government would make such an egregious stipulation!

    In our case, we were lied to and deceived…..we never agreed to a payment option loan, NEVER, this never happened…..had we been told that this was the loan they were giving us and that they intended to foreclose devoid of legal reason or default, we would have run the other way but fast! Our case is a case of mortgage fraud however, not even the FBI, would go after our lender, Lehman! We are ill over the fact that Citi has/is receiving our tax dollars when by fact, these greedy pigs have spun a business our of mortgage servicing fraud; what is going on here and why are we rewarding these scummy people!

    Our hearts go out to every person that has lost their home and was not able to save it as, more likely than not, they were also probably victims of mortgage fraud as we were. We were paid at all times in advance and, even after they begun to refuse our payments, we were paid thru 11/07; we note they started refusing our payments in March of 2007 and attempted to fraudulently foreclose 3 times prior to! What made this even worse, was the corrupt bankruptcy court judge aided the slime in stealing our money and would have helped the lender to our home had we not discovered the bankruptcy club, (a corrupt network of judges, trustees and lawyers who are above the law, so they think!). Lucky for us the web has been a great resources and we learned we needed to and did, refuse the gift of discharge that we never wanted anyway and move for immediate dismissal of our bankruptcy case. We wonder how many fell into this abyss….Just writing about this nightmare still sends shivers down my spine! We owe a great amount of gratitude to all participants of this blog and especially Neil for helping us to continue to fight when we had all but lost our hope of ever retaining an honest lawyer in Maryland!

    It is with this sharing of our very good fortune that I will close for now and thank you all for being their for us! Happy Thanksgiving, just remember to give back this year! Your friends in Maryland, Tim and Kathleen

  5. I need a phone call ASAP 781-878-7042 I guarentee you have NEVER seen a case like ours. I am in Massachusetts. I just read an article about Stephen Dibert yesterday and this is exactly what I need. They are trying to tell us the house has been forclosed but you have to hear the story. We are people who pay our mortgage and the bank refuses and files for forclosure. I know its hard to believe but true. I have documents to back everything up. I was in the process of sending my complaint to the OCC, but I need immediate assistance and advice.

  6. Well put, Jose. It’s a good thing what you’re doing there in your community. Keep up the good work, and stay strong.

    San Diego, Calif.

  7. In our community seminars I tell people that they need a little faith and some good old aim.

    Like David and Goliath, David had no chance, he only had his youth, his lack o prejudice, some faith and he aimed well.

    This blog will give you and your lawyers that little bit of faith you need but more important. This blog will give you the necessary aim to beat the viper mortgage servicer and the rapacious and fraud filled corrupt and illegitimate lender and foreclosure vampires.

    To all of us who were losing our homes and those who may be close to the edge, try to educate yourself and assist your attorneys, share this information with all the local non profits who are trying to help those who lack the financial resources.

    The fact that they do not know the ins and outs of the securitization process limits their effectiveness. And as you all know the definition of insanity is to do the same thing all the time expecting different results. Have you stopped to think that if these lending crooks were legitimately trying to help their clients and borrowers, we would have avoided over 5,000,000 foreclosures so far.

    Everyone has a dream, and hope for a better future, in order to make that dream come true you need a plan, a process, the people, the persistence, the patience and the passion.

    Take this wealth of information and fight, remember you need to thank and support Mr. Garfield and everyone behind this information oasis.

    And for all attorneys, it is crucial for all of you to remember that by sharing Mr. Garfield and his team will make your practices prosper beyond belief, I have seen it happen. But please share, your pleadings, your knowledge and insight with other that will benefit the rest of us.

    You will better for it, some shared this info with you, give it forward, pass it on.

    And may god bless you all.

  8. What is happening here is that with all the hard work,dedication and positively correct stratagies are beginning to come to its own on this blog.The blog will take on a life of its own.Many dreams will come through here.

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