Challenge to Arizona Lawyers: Are You There? Millions of dollars to be made, thousands of people to be helped and no Arizona lawyer wants to take the cases

I just completed a seminar in Phoenix where lawyers from several states appeared — except one — Arizona. Did one for homeowners too and we discovered that nobody could find a lawyer who would take cases representing borrowers.

And yet, as I have pointed out repeatedly, there are some lawyers around the country making literally millions of dollars and helping thousands of people in winning, not delaying cases.

Would anyone be willing to forward this post to as many Arizona lawyers as you know? We have referrals to make of hundreds of Arizona cases. Anyone interested? We want nothing as a referral fee or remuneration of any kind.

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  1. I also experienced Arizona to be the worst state when it comes to Consumer law. The judge on this case was simply bias and corrupt, he would look the other way, when I was never served or would refuse to give me a bond, I was entitled to or a deferal of costs; he would be in kuhutz with the corporations to do anything to help them and avoid justice or the law. Countrywide unlawfully filed a Trustee Deed on my property and filed a forcible detainer. Fannie mae purchased the property. They based their claim on a deed of trust, but there is no deed of trust, the deed of trust they referred to was conveyed as security against a seperate Real property. The lawyers for Fannie mae served the wrong party (purposely), made many dishonest statments in court, tried to force a sherrif violate a court order, tried to repatetetly force all of my tenants out of the premises, even though i had a court order, , were actively concealing evidence and facts, comitted the crime of Fraud repeatetly on court papers, it is just a scandal. I am looking for an attorney to take this case and sue for an action to release the false documents filed and damages. Fannie Mae and Countrywide won’t stop at nothing, are greedy, corporate american juppies at their worst. I have everything documented. Please let me know if you are an attorney. I’m also a paralegal and help people with debt collectors. Thanks for any response.

    Check me out on linkelin Andrea Erhart

  2. AL MOrrison: Whoa brother! Let’s talk before you advertise. You are very close to my office. Email to set up some tel conf time.

  3. I am an Arizona attorney working on these issues here in Phoenix. I would like to talk with homeowners who are trying to work with their lender to get relief or who are in the process of losing their home through a Trustee’s Sale.

    Al Morrison
    The Law Offices of Albert J. Morrison
    3145 E. Chandler Blvd.
    Suite 110-133
    Phoenix, AZ 85048

  4. I am doing this type of work in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Please contact me:
    Law Offices of Beth K Findsen, PLLC
    7279 E Adobe Drive Suite 120
    Scottsdale, AZ 85255
    You can check out my background on my Linked In profile:

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  6. Jose…………I really appreciate you………..I have tried every avenue………I had an attorney when I rescinded my loan formally and properly. They never responded………….it took them over 60 days which was a definite TILA violation……….they compelled me to arbitration………..all claims were released under the FTC order………..all disputes regarding all claims were to be resolved before foreclsure occurred…………not…………The FTC won’t help.

  7. Kathi,

    Have you tried calling the Local Bar Association?
    Have you tried the local school of law?

    Have you tried the local court house?

    seek out trial lawyers and civil rights lawyers
    they may better understand your plight, have them read this blog, so the may GET IT!!!

    At the seminar in Santa Monica Mr. Garfield shared a story about a case he tried when he was a few Springs younger. The case had to do with a check that had bounced and the consequences for the bank and Mr. Garfield’s client.

    He was young and had the belief he could win his case and he did. He mentioned and asked the lawyers present to make sure they had an open mind.

    Who knows a new lawyer without any prejudices may very well get it.

    Once you get you case rolling share the good news with everyone you know and may need the information.

    I am actively looking for some for you as well, do not despair.

  8. My wrongful foreclosure occurred in September 2004. I was a member of the FTC and Curry vs. Fairbanks Capital Corporation lawsuit…………Fairbanks violated the court order and foreclosed anyway…………I am entitled to Injunctive Relief under this consent order and it applies to wrongful foreclosure……..
    yet I can’t find anyone to represent me……….my five year statute of limitations expires next month……………..Please contact me……………

  9. If nothing else, insist in court that the lender produce a copy of the Original Promissory Note. Not a copy obtained from the Title Company, and not a Lost-Note Affidavit … which would most likely be a forgery on their part. The Original Note would be bar-coded, and if they cannot produce it, they have no legal standing on your loan, and thus no right to foreclose or sell the property, at least until which time they do produce it. And chances are, they cannot. Stick to your guns on this, make the judge understand you very clearly on this. Don’t back down on this. There are also likely many other things you can find that the Lender did incorrectly, but possession of the Note is easy to assert in court.

  10. Jose……..Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Your help is truly appreciated.
    If no more than them helping me at least file something in court so that I could go the Pro Se route..
    Thank you

  11. I will ask them if they know any one in the State of Arizona.

  12. Is the Law firm of Brown, Brown and Brown able to practice in the state of Arizona?????????

  13. Dear Kathy,

    The law firm of Brown, Brown & Brown did attend the Santa Monica, California Seminar a,d are actively working on the foreclosure defense/offense strategies put forth by Mr. Garfield’s and our seminars are for the local community and are based on what we learned at the Lawyers California seminar, and we must report that we hava had great success so far for all the people who have chosen to fight for their homes.

    It has been a slow and painful process but it has changed for the better based on Mr. Garfield’s material and all the people who collaborate daily.

    I will as soon as it is ready make available som of the material we are using and I have adapted to everyone in this blog, both in English and Spanish.

    I cannot recommend any type of action on the legal arena since I am not an attorney, but as I indicated on my previous entry, I was able to find a group of several law firms of which most of our clients that go through a mortgage analysis and audit have found a good home for their cases.

    Thanks for sharing and telling everyone about this blog the more the better.

  14. Hello my name is Charles Gordon my home was foreclosed in February 2007. I am a victim of predatory lending. It took me a while to review and understand my mortgage documents. After a careful review I found that on the affidavit of merit due document the VP stated that The Fst Nat Bk of Nevada assigned the mortgage to Homecomings Financial Network and it was sent to the county clerk for recording and that a true copy of the assignment and affidavit of recordation is attached. However after visiting the county clerk where mortgages are recorded there is no record of it. Secondly , the chain of transfer is not clear…………The original lender [Berkshire]transferred the loan to The Fst Nat Bk of Arizona- but the assignment to Fst Nat Bk of Nevada is not recorded. In addition the two said banks above in bold have the same address. Finally, Fst Nat Bk of Nevada transferred the mortgage to JP Morgan Chase as Trustee, they commenced the foreclosure sale.

    I am not in the property but my cousin still lives there, however, at the commencement of the foreclosure action she and her husband were not served and JP Morgan tried to evict her 2X but she found a loop hole they did not own the property they transferred the property to The Bk of New York a week after the sale on Feb 15, 2007 and it was recorded on August 1, 2007. But the attorney’s for Steven J Baum continued their illegal eviction attempts.

    These events took place for year. Finally on June 4, 2008 an order to show cause was filed informing the court that JP Morgan did not own the property and a housing court judge dismissed the case without prejudice.

    The Bank of New York Trust has started a case in housing court against me and my cousin. They obtained my cousin’s name through the marshal, the marshal gave her name to Steven J Baum attorney’s and they added it to the proceeding as if they was served in the outset of the foreclosure commencement. They were never served in the foreclosure action In addition, my cousin had a housing court appearance last week and she was basically forced to sign a stipulation to pay rent and vacate on Dec 31, 2008 or she and her husband would be evicted within 5 days.

    I would like to know if there is anyway to overturn the foreclosure judgment in Supreme Court based on the faulty assignments and the fact that as a first time home buyer I was not given due diligence and predatory lending played a big factor in why I went into foreclosure. In addition, my cousin would like to appeal the hosing court judge decision. We have all of our records of everything we filed in court. The attorney’s for Steven J. Baum are really carrying some real vicious feelings against us. I would be willing to give up the claims to the property if they remove the $98,0000 off my credit, they claim I owe; which I know for a fact that calculation is off.

  15. Jose…………is this workshop/seminar taking place in Phoenix??????????If so can you provide me with the pertinent information?????Anyways………..I have attended two of the seminars for the “layman” provided by Mr. Garfield and Mr. Keiser………..and they were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I would just hope that before you start referring these attorneys that one of their requirements should be to have attended Mr. Garfield’s seminars or have some type of advisement from him…………..I highly respect these two soldiers in their battle to help those who are losing their homes………..I have promised them both that I will put the word out every chance that I get……….however I have personally employed four attorneys in the state of Arizona and I still lost my home……….I was a member of the FTC and Curry vs. Fairbanks Capital Corporation Class Action lawsuit and Settlement Agreement…………however they still foreclosed and gave me five days to move………….Injunctive relief under the Settlement Agreement and they still foreclosed????????????

  16. there are lawyers available, people need to search for Civil Rights lawyers, or lawyers with an inclination for consumer rights.

    They are a few but very eager group, insist on the lawyer attend one of Mr. Garfield’s seminars.

    I interviewed 108 lawyers. Now I am currently working with a great law firm, Georgetown School of Law graduates. They have shown to be passionate about their work and have transformed their practice into total foreclosure defense- offense applying Mr. Garfield’s and all other great contributors information posted in this blog as well as their trial experience on the Civil Rights arena.

    They had an open mind and have found as they have told many of their clients, “their calling”.

    I have been organizing seminars every weekend with an average attendance of about 40 families. Next Saturday we will be hosting a seminar for about 100 families, with auditors and lawyers at hand. We need to share and spread the word, it is truly amazing when people learn of how they can defeat the foreclosure trap and overcome the lenders corruption of the system. The lawyers are very motivated seeing their continued success and have seen none of their client lose their homes, and actually score victories and quickly becoming a big, clear and present threat to all the fraud laden foreclosure mills.

    The people, the media and the community are starting to learn and to understand why is so important to fight for the homes and hopes of the victims of this financial pyramid swindle.

    Thanks to all of the people who contribute daily to this blog.

    May god bless you and provide peace and health to all of you and victories to all of those who decidedly choose to fight.

  17. I find it odd that NO counsel exists in the business of juris prudence in Arizona sympathetic to the mission set forth within this web site.

    My question would then – be to what extent, if any, does this absence result from the prior Keating Five escapade (given the current election climate)?

    I hope this is nothing other than an odd coincidence.

    Mor(imer) Gage

  18. Hi,
    Is there any help for Virginians? The foreclosure law in virginia has got to be the worst yet!! Absolutely nothing can stop the foreclosure sale and you don’t even have enough time to plan or defend yourself. Any help and or thoughts about how to STOP a foreclosure in virginia and how to bring lenders to accountability?

    Thanks & Have a Great Day!

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