From FAQ: I have received a five day notice. Do I have to leave?

QUESTION: I have received a five day notice. Do I have to leave?

ANSWER: Technically the answer would be yes, you are being ordered to leave. As a practical matter however, there are several procedural steps that the Trustee or “lender” must take before they can actually remove you from the premises. And of course in most cases, it is my belief that the Trustee or “lender” doesn’t have the authority to tell you to leave because they didn’t have the authority to foreclose your property in the first place. I have seen people delay the process for many months by entering into negotiations for cash for keys, or some other deal. Also there are filings you can make in court contesting the unlawful detainer or eviction action which might include an emergency petition to stay the proceedings because the sale of your property was improper, a sham, and constituted theft of your property (because the lender had already been paid by a third party, etc.). Motions for stay are not usually granted unless you also file an actual claim against the Trustee or lender for your TILA and other claims.

You might be faced with a demand for bond, which sometimes is zero and sometimes is as much as $10,000, but upon payment of a fee you can possibly make arrangements with a fidelity bond company to put the money up.

And there is always the bankruptcy route which if done properly, might challenge the Trustee or lender very effectively, particularly if you show the house as YOUR asset, based upon a disputed claim (and therefore of unknown value) and you show the “lender” has an unsecured creditor for an unliquidated amount that is in dispute.

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  1. I’ve managed to still be in my house 4 1/2 months after the sale date. The lender has already filed an Unlawful Detainer against me, which I managed to beat in court, at least this time around. Email me if you like, I’d be glad to talk to you.


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