I am inspired to do this out of a profound sense of justice and a sense of calling that tells me I can make a difference — not only to the people whose lives will be tragically disrupted with a stain and stigma that will follow them through the rest of their lives, but also for the economy and national security of our country. We converted from the country that innovated new technology in science, medicine and the arts and made things of real value and did things of real value — to a country that creates funny money and now it is catching up with us. Our standing in the international community is in free-fall.

Our entire standard of living for the typical hard-working American citizen is jeopardized and few people seem to sense the impending disaster. Every civilization has its end and while I am not predicting Armageddon, there is little doubt that unless a massive transfer of wealth occurs putting real value back into the pockets of our citizens our society will continue to operate as though nothing is wrong until we are already over the cliff sinking into the abyss of third world nation status or at least not-so-important. I think the American Experiment is more important than the profits of a few people and the retention of power by those who are paid to look the other way.

I see this as an opportunity to make that statement, even if it hurts a bunch of financial institutions whose centralized power and services are of dubious value. I look forward to speaking with you and would love an invitation to appear via telephone on any radio or TV show.

You have correctly perceived that I am not in this for the money. But the ability of the volunteer system I have developed is being strained to the breaking point. So I am publishing a book on the Homeowner’s War, Publishing Workbooks for Lay People and Lawyers who attend my seminars, taking speaking fees where payment is available, and even considering an infomercial that will promote websites that provide law-cost help with forms, video explanations and even oral argument that could be played to a judge. It is the pro se litigants that are the real soldiers in the war. They are the ones with a stake in the outcome. The lawyers are generally too lazy, too busy or too greedy for up front retainers to see the opportunities here for them. The typical lawyer, just from referrals off my site can earn easily $15,000-$20,000 per month in retainers and more than 3 times that in contingencies or fee recoveries at the end of each case. The problem is they don’t see it even when it is presented in black and white in front of them.

Thus homeowners (57% right now) give up and walk away from homes that I believe they could own free and clear if they would just stand up and fight. I can give them the tools but I am not interested in practicing law anymore and I can’t appear in 20 million cases.

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  1. Michael, I live near Tacoma, WA… and this is my full time gig…

    We should connect… I could use a good soldier to help in the good fight.

    800-552-9313 Ext 111
    Allan Hennessey

  2. Neil,
    I very much would like to have an opportunity to work with you in some way to attempt to turn the tide of the banksters stealing all of the entire wealth of our citizens as they have from me. You’ll recall our conversation. I’m the gentleman from Washington State who did everything right, but lost it all anyway! Unfortunately this includes my wife of 35 years!

    I have subsequently determined to make it my life’s mission to bankrupt the bankers by helping as many others as is possible to win their homes for free by attacking the fraudulent system which has preyed upon us all. You are undoubtedly knowledgeable in all areas of this fraud. I have only the experience of being the victim. But, I do know how to advise others in the “victim” phase of these attacks to enable them to act in an offensive manner, instead of a “knee-jerk” defensive response posture, and I’m aware of the sequence of steps that the so called lawyers for these crooks must take to manipulate the “legal” system to turn their frauds and thefts into legal acts. I can help. I must help. Please contact me at this email address and let me know how I can help you by helping others. I’m still without a home, and can only respond through the public computers at the local library at this time. But, I cannot wait until my own situation improves while so many others may be being forced to ensdure the same things that have destroyed my life and marriage.
    You’re an excellent source of info for those just comimg into the situation whereby they might lose their homes and investment… But, what about someone like myself? My home is gone. My wife is gone. I have no credit and no bank will even allow me an account. So WTF am I supposed to do?

    At your disposal, in Washington, anytime…


  3. I have to wonder how many attorneys out there are “afraid of bucking the system” so to speak. I have a Legal Aid attorney to handle my pending eviction, and she won’t touch the TILA part with a ten foot pole. They all know what’s going on, they just don’t want to be a part of it. And as the saying goes, if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.

  4. Dear Neil; we want to come to your seminar soooooo badly! We are scared to leave our home though as we have read soooo many horror stories about CitiMortgage, Lehman and Aurora Loans Services doing things like changing locks of consumers homes while they were in the hospital or on vacation or gone for the weekend! While we know it is illegal for them/the lenders to do this, they do it anyway and the people who this has happened to, lost everything they owned! We have not been away form our home for more than just a few hours in years or, have we been on a vacation or been home to visit our family in over 5 years for this very fear! We will be more than happy to buy your books and really want to meet you as you have helped us so much over the past 4, short months your blog has been going! We hope and pray you stay up here for awhile as there are so many other consumers like ourselves who are suffering and trapped in their homes and made prisoners as we are being made!

    The web cast and pro se tools talked of above would be an absolute blessing for we pro se’s who are pro se by poverty and force! In our situation, as we have shared with in the past, my mate’s industry has been affected by the mortgage meltdown and she is unable to obtain work at the level of pay needed for us to do anything other than barely get by! In fact, we are not even getting by but going backward every month this drags on, which is what the bank has counted on! The other thing is that we have spent our life savings in paid, corrupt lawyers who took our money but, for who, were really working for our lender or debt buyers, the latter we just learned here of late. We need to be made whole again so we can start our journey to recovery.

    We recommend you add donations area to this site as, while we do not have much money, we would be happy to contribute to your/our cause!

    We know most lawyers are lazy or do not get it or, this is what we have learned in our interviewing hundreds of lawyers over the past 5 long years. They all plugged us for an up front fee of $ 100.00 to $ 150.00 to review our case only to tell us it was not their cup of tea or, worse, they told us lies….we learned the lawyers who knew the law, were lying to us! We learned these facts upon buying the National Consumer Law Library Consumer Professional Law Practice Series and reading these law books cover to cover.

    We tell all persons who we meet or have come in contact as a result of the fraud commenced against our home and once very good credit, that they need to find a good lawyer and we refer them to your web site! If my mate was still working, we could afford a lawyer but tragically she is not and we are tapped out financially therefore causing us to be pro se by force! Had we not rescinded the mortgage, we now cannot even afford a mortgage is how bad it has become for us. We pray daily of being able to find work for my mate so we can at least afford a lawyer. We make too much money to obtain legal aid but not enough to afford a lawyer. The other problem is that we have been screwed over so many times by our local lawyers, or, at least the three conflicted lawyers we obtained to date so, understandably we are now very gun shy and would only accept a lawyer hand picked by you Neil!

    There must be public funds available to aid this site in its mission to help fight the banks and we cannot understand why, some social worker has not discovered this web sit yet and recommended it to the legal aid communities! We tried to do that in our market area but, having worked for a Cap agency in the past and realizing that most of the people who work for these agencies have checkered past or physiological issues themselves, it is not surprising they were not interested in the information being posted by this web blog as most of the workers at these agencies are enablers to the social and economic abuse their clients suffer! They almost revel and take joy in seeing their clients, mostly old, minority and women, get abused, rapped and beaten. The case workers I worked with sat around and made fun of the very clients they were to be helping scoffing all the while that the mentally abused people, brought their problems on themselves, the latter is simply not true as un born babies cannot choose their mothers womb and their parents! Just to share further my experience working for a Cap agency for a year in 1999 to 2000; the gentlemen that ran the homeless shelter for women was exchanging beds for sex and preying on the little old women and men’s insurance policies while the Director of the UCAP, (United Communities Against Poverty), program was gay, (not that we have anything against her being gay as our own sister was gay and we loved her very much), but, she used her position of power to manipulate the agency clients based on her sexual preferences….she even did this to the staff! In the end, the program director was found to not only be using her position as a position of power over the clients and self enriching opportunity, but, she was also stealing money from the agency and was addicted to horse gambling! The program director of the CAP agency possessed multiple degrees in law and was an abused orphan herself however choosing to stay broken in light of obtaining a good education and more than ample opportunity to heal and better herself. The bottom line is both the agency director and the homeless shelter director were caught and fired as a result of my reporting these atrocities to their board of directors along with co-workers and social workers who stepped up to the plate in the end but, we waked away a lot wiser and learned these places employ, more times than not broken people! Oh, we failed to mention that the housing intake coordinator and fulltime social worker for the MD Department of Social Services, was an alcoholic and drank on her part-time job at the Cap agency! We note further that there may….be agencies not afflicted with these issues but doubt it based on this experience and those observations thereto!

    We hope you do set up a web site that maybe for reasonable fees that can be made available to the pro se’s who have no other choice but to go it alone! This is a very forward notion and would be a very badly needed step in the right direction in providing equal access to the courts and justice as this is not happening at this time in history with only the rich being able to obtain justice in this country of America!

    We ask daily in our prayers that God keeps you and your family safe from any harm and that he please take care of you as you remain our modern day hero in this mortgage meltdown mess and to you and your family we salute and applaud your relentless work, dedication and community service, thank you Mr. Garfield! Tim and Kathleen, 410-257-5283!

    P.S. We would even be willing to donate our time to advance this movement in Maryland so, please do not hesitate to ask us if we can in turn be of any help to this site and your very important blog i.e., we would be happy to do mailings, pay for postage, printing, paper, manpower to distribute your message so, please ask or instruct us as we want to be a part of the cure!

  5. I believe than anyone in a position to do so, who stands up for the common citizen who has been wronged, is in fact doing a great justice for us all. Let’s face it, this country is rapidly going to hell, and the players in Washington are too busy playing the political game to give a damn about the rest of us. If they did, we wouldn’t be where we are today. If nothing else, at least Mr. Garfield is helping to expose the underlying crimes that these so-called lenders have perputrated upon us. My hope is that the people in power will take their heads out of the sand and take heed, before it’s too late for all of us.

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