I recall when I first got the 20 day notice to file an answer. I did not know what an answer was or even how to answer or what to say. I did not know where the courthouse was.

It was a December 10 when my wife told me I needed to do something on this here last day, in the court.

On that sad Morning I had only hours after, having been dispatched from the hospital where I was pumped with  pain killers(Morphine) for weeks on end, my body and wit was not in a proper functional state to, say the least.

I crawled up the court house steps to deliver an answer of any kind, to give myself more time to decide what I should do next.

I knew nothing of what to do; all I knew was that I needed to fight these bad people, to the end and win, somehow.

I was driven by the vision of my wife, kids, dog and cats and many nights when they were all tucked into their rooms in the large home. I wept like a child, in desperation.

I have no words to describe the sadness that had befallen me, it shattered my entire composure as a person, the economy and illness had taken a tool on me to such, an extent that, I was left without a meal to give my family. Not a penny in the bank, but rather it was in the red.

The dog ate white rice and the cats ate nothing.

I had little court exposure and ignorance begot my very being, my life and that of my family was in ruin, completely.

None of my bills were paid, some for months on end.

I am just the fighter that I will not give up especially in the face of an adversary, who stood to confront whilst I was against the wall.

I drew strength from thin air, stopped taking the oxycodine, stood the pain and started to study the Law.

May months passed, where the bank did nothing at all. I managed to recoup an income, consigned a Legal Officer of the court, to put an appearance in for me when the time came.

My, this lawyer called me the day before the summary Judgment to lament he had lost the case as I did not pay the Death Note. My blood boiled instantly.
He had never met a person like me who was willing to fight to the death.

However I was lucky as in some period before that day,I had come across the website of Nails’ franticly I began to print and read the material, fearing it would go away, soon.

When after about two hours the lawyer convinced me I had lost my home. I turned and bluntly told him “I would take yours”.

This was the key that broke the Camels back, he grabbed the complaint from me and literally ducked below his desk reading, after some time and whilst I kept silence, I saw into his mind, he was desperate. He recognized I knew my rights.
Neil had thought me my rights and I was willing and able to assert them in any forum, with a seriousness of a fight to the death.

After about twenty or so minutes, the lawyer said to me, see you in court in the morning. I very humbly nodded to him whiles in tears.

I got up and left his office.

Mr. Garfield empowered me with this knowledge a knowledge I did not get in college (LOL) it turned me into a “horse of a different color”.

I would like to suggest that you some Per Se classes Sir, in as many cities as possible I do not know if the Ghost writing Law will prevent this but my reasons for suggesting this are simple.

I have found that few Lawyers are actually affordable.

I recall speaking to a lawyer in the early days of my foreclosure, when I did not have as much knowledge as, to be able to assert my rights or nor did I know my rights (this is not to say I do know all my rights yet, this blog has thought me millions) the lawyer wanted $70,000.00 and he was serious.

I cited the case in Florida where a homeowner has been in court with Washington Mutual for 11 years.

My opinion is that if people knew their rights (which this blog clearly has put forth, thanks to Neil and the internet) normal people would be able more, to take this fight to the banks, to gain the bravado to face a Judge and opposing well dressed lawyers.

The great many Lawyers I have met are very arrogant people and do not move but with big money, this attitude is remising of the greed that the banks have used to get us here in the first place.

I understand that Neil has or will be publishing a book, which I imagine will be very helpful. I cannot wait to obtain a copy.

However, classes on this subject even addressed in public colleges to confront the courts in and as Per Se would be a powerful knowledge for the people and or us.

The very troubling trinkets of the economy which are beyond our control have destroyed the bread and butter of our livelihood.

We as simple people have done little to deserve this then, we are faced with this very contemptuous court house all on our own, with no recourse and no Legal Help.

It is very unfair of the system to have locked us out in this vile manner. I was able to assert my rights in the face of my lawyer so much so that he understood that I was in no way going to roll over and be taken by my Banksters with, his aid or actions and or inaction.

I read a post here which reminded me of my own feelings that my paid Lawyer was actually in a way working for the other side. He did not crucify the bank when the chance was presented in court.

I think many of the lawyers are skum bags. few of the Officers of the Court are actual advocates of their clients especially in a fight of this style.

I believe it’s a conflict of interest as many of these Legal Officers work for the very banks from time to time in closings or have in the past.

What you do not know will hurt you; this simple statement stuck with me all this time and has been the driving force for my quest for knowledge on this subject.

I have pondered that when my fight is over, what will I do next? As I feel so passionate that I would love to bury the Banksters in a very deep permanent grave or at least help to do so,most likely this is just another one of my arrogant dreams.

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  1. In response to Neil’s Pro Se Heroes: Any person in foreclosure and currently being represented by an attorney, must ask themselves, who, their lawyer is really working for? Them or the lender! We discovered these facts the very painful, expensive and hard way 3 times now and are Pro Se by force.

    All three times we found our lawyers were secretly working for our lenders behind our backs. In fact, we were able to verify this by just following the scent of money and slime….the later being an acquired niche stemming out of our circumstances and necessity.

    Time and time again, we found our highly paid lawyers had conflicts in interest that would, had they been disclosed, prevented them from accepting our money and rendering damming and destructive services.

    We have lost every dime of savings we had and continue to spend money we do not have representing ourselves. Worst though, is we will never again trust a lawyer….excluding Neil!

    We discovered two of our first lawyers were really lenders for our lender; i.e., they lent money for our lender Lehman Brothers and therefore only possessed an interest in causing us to refinance our mortgage to starve off the fraudulent foreclosure action and TILA claims they were hired to represent. In this scam, the lawyers indicated they were at the top of their games and were the guys for our TILA and fraudulent foreclosure case…..all the while when fleecing our savings to the combined sums of 30k in lawyer fees, we were blind and unaware that these very lawyers were, in actuality, settlement agents and lenders for our lender.

    We discovered and stumbled upon these facts when checking out the corrupt bankruptcy judge who was, upon us making our TILA claims known, was mysteriously appointed to our case midway through the bankruptcy and who joined the bench with an obnoxious and arrogant, don’t give a C _ _ _, attitude and a gavel to match. This judge treated us like scum and the dirt not worthy to be under his law partner feet.

    We could not understand how a judge who supposedly represents Consumer Courts, could be so vexatious, pompous and cozy towards the corrupt trustee, our lender and his cronies. We were shaken by this changing of the guards as our first judge was sympathetic to our consumer TILA counterclaims.

    We immediately went to work investigating what appeared to be a corrupt judge only to discover he came to our local U.S. Bankruptcy Courts as a seasoned law partner to the little well known law syndication better know as Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw, Pittman, LLP!

    In the natural progression of doing our investigation, we asked ourselves out of what bowels of human kindness and compassion of this judges heart or hell, and under what circumstances would any…reasonable….person give up a successful law partnership wherein we estimate he was being paid at least, and at a minimum, a half a million dollars a year in law partner salary and bounces; What would compel this successful lawyer to accept a judgeship paying him a mere paltry salary of $ 130,000 to 160,000 per year?

    We thought for sure, out of the goodness of this judges heart we are to believe our beloved judge gave up his expensive lifestyle and went backwards to become, the poorly regarded sector of judges, but why else would this highly skilled lawyer take such a dramatic decrease in annual salary and prestige?

    We investigated his particular areas of practice and discovered he represented large corporations in insolvency planning, counseling and law and had to have been highly paid for his expertise!

    To say the least we were shocked at what our investigation revealed. We went to the courts profile of this judge and learned he came to our U.S. Bankruptcy Courts from the syndication known as Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw, Pittman, LLP and was also a law partner to this firm.

    Bells and whistles went off as this judge was not compassionate but was a self serving snobbey, bully and brut who exuded and oozed of privilege and elitism to which, we mere low ranking commoner citizens are not entitled to and therefore must be denied equal justice and access to the courts.

    This judge oozed the fact we, commoners, were not welcome in his courts doing salacious things like stamping in BOLD PRINT COVERING THE ENTIRE PAGE, STAMPED ON FRONT AND BACK OF HIS ORDERS OF THE DEBTORS, the judge stamped the word DENIED. This judge made it known he distained the public he was hired to serve every step of the way. This judge made known that we, the public for who he was hired to serve, would receive no equitable and blind justice!

    We learned we were going to receive only obnoxious GO HOME, messages from this judge with his orders that were obnoxious, scathing and vexatious at best. This judge, as most BK judges are, was very educated and knew the law however; he was placed in this judgeship to knowingly and with imputes, to deny we commoners our due justice when slamming the courts doors shut in our faces.

    When this judges behavior failed to align with consumer interests; noting this would be the needed “Reason” he would have given up his successful law partnership and the money associated therein to accept a much, much lesser paying job as a judge in a consumer BK court, we then turned to the syndication from which the judge had come from, Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw, Pittman, LLP. It was as simple as going to this law firms web page to discover and reveal the judges true mission and, believe us, it was not one of community interest and compassion for the disadvantaged American public but was a more sinister plan in work here!

    On the law firms own web site, we discovered that this law firm touts and holds its law firm as being “Able to Place and Position Their People, The Right People” in key government agencies, regulatory agencies, courts, judge chambers, clerk of courts offices etc., and were serving up bragging rights about former law partners who were appointed to judgeships and lawyers who came to them with CONTACTS from XYZ government agencies, regulatory agencies, courts etc., and who were otherwise assets, who were strategically placed by this firm and who, in essence, were there to serve further the firm and its representative clients and who are otherwise “Connected” through the right connection!

    Horrified by our discoveries and the fact that this was beginning to sound a little like the mafia, we read on and to our disgust, absolute dismay, shock and horror, we discovered our beloved bk judge’s law firm touted all of our creditors and all OUR LENDERS AND ALL OUR SERVICING COMPANIES as their REPRESENTATIVE CLIENTS!

    We then had the missing piece to the puzzle and everything then made absolute common sense. This judge was appointed to silence our claims. Who were we Pro Se’s with the nerve, need and desire to challenge their lender for his acts of forgery, fraud and theft of funds and equity in their home and fraudulent acts commenced against us.

    We could not help but to conclude, this judge was strategically placed to deny our claims that could amount to large awards against our lender and all his agents, if, our case were allowed to be fully tried. Things were making sense as to why our lawyers appeared to be working for the trustee and the judge ruled and acted with such distained and animosity against us and our claims!

    Even though this judge was presented sufficient evidence by us that there was a problem with the lenders assertions when we presented upon this judge 4, FOUR, THAT IS RIGHT, FOUR, first payment letters for which were issued by two different entities and that instructed us to pay 4, FOUR, that is correct 4, different monthly payments and to send these payments to two different places!

    In the face of this proof, this judge forced us into Chapter 7. This judge was not going to let us challenge the validity of the note and silenced us completely in lieu of our being able to pay our mortgage, and proof contrary. He was there to facilitate and enable the fact the lender was committing a fraud onto the courts and was presented this by clear proof, but, this judge forced us into a Chapter 7 because he wanted to insulate himself from us with the corrupt trustee, who was their to assist further in the fraud when we sought the accounting for the lenders creation of mortgage documents never disclosed or signed by us and were being affirmed as correct fraudulently by the lenders lawyers and thus was, and is, an act treason onto the courts and against us!

    Fact is, as Neil’s site has confirmed, everyone is in on the take with all knowing they were filing fraudulent foreclosure affidavits and knowingly charging sums they were never…..legally owed and due, mishandling our mortgage payments maliciously and intentionally and using the forged notes to accomplish their deeds of fraud with their lawyers furthering the crime by fraudulent affidavits!

    These facts were discovered by anyone who exercised his tribunal requirements in making affidavits and representations unto the courts as Lehman and their lawyers had and continue to this date to do!

    Adding insult to injury, we then discover and find two of our lawyers on the judges former employer under their web site; Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw, Pittman, LLP. They were found in their financial resources pages and were referenced to as lenders for their representative clients. We were numb….this was why both the lawyers took our money and promptly ceased with all communications….wasting our case and claims…NEVER FILING ANYTHING IN ANY COURT OF LAW! This went on for almost two long years…under the watchful eyes of the BK courts!

    We then broke free from our BK shackles to now be faced with yet another corrupt lawyer for who we discovered his law partner was disbarred for fraud in a scheme that entailed his working both sides of a lawsuit. We later discovered he was working for a debt buyer whose clients are big banks and investment banks….ghee do you guys think? No, this could not be….but, it was and is!

    This is why we feel it is so important to research your lawyers work, research the judges for who you are going to be appearing under and we encourage all to read the judges rulings and opinions as this will unveil any bias and who the judge is really working for, you may be surprised!

    We wish our best for Neil and his family, friends and colleagues and hope they continue to get the word out as this is the only way to stop this ring of tyranny and corruption our country has been crippled by.

    God bless you all from us in Maryland!

    Tim, 410-257-5283

  2. But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise: and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the mighty

    Romans 1:27

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