Attempted Shutdown of Predatorix Site Helping Lawyers and Homeowners

I received this message a short while ago: I am not totally familiar with the site, but I am impressed with it. The fact that it is done by a teenager is astonishing. If you can help him, I suggest you do just that, any way you can.


I have received an e-mail that the brilliant teen (Cyrus) who has helped many of us with his website, reports, and documents needs our help and assistance in keeping his website open.  Having gone through this attack myself, we need to show Cyrus and the judge in the case how important Cyrus’ website and reports are not only to us, but to public policy and the people we serve.
His reports and website have been a great help to al of us.  Please send Cyrus an e-mail or better yet, please send a letter showing your support that Cyrus can use before the judge.  We need this site open and we need to stop the attempt by banks and servicers to violate and eliminate our constitutional rights to freedom of speech.  His work on REMICs and trusts as well as servicer misdeeds and investor fraud are important communications for us and this nation.
Please pass on this e-mail to each of your colleagues and the more the better, especially those in legal aid and non-profits!  Here is link to send him an email….


August 2nd, 2008

I, Cyrus Rafizadeh, will be going to court sometime in September 2008 to defend my website, Predatorix, as I have been sued by Wells Fargo and ORIX because they want to shut down my website. Im sure you are thinking, what the heck is a bank and a servicer doing suing a teenager? Obviously he’s on to something they don’t want you to know — their lies/fraud/etc that is. Therefore, I haveREOPENED MY EMAIL.

If you feel that Predatorix (with thousands of hours of my personal time invested in it by researching, reading, writing, and such) has been a valuable resource to you and/or has helped educate the public, please send a brief message using the form below to help support it. Also, if you have been the victim of crooked banks such as Wells Fargo or predatory servicers such as ORIX, and would like for your story to be heard by a judge, this is where it can be told!

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  1. Who is your attorney? Would love to have someone that aggressive in a case I’m thinking about filing. Thx.!

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